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  1. Has he blown all his money? Why would he subject himself to this? Just enjoy retired life, bro.
  2. Agreed with all. I know not to underestimate the stupidity of NFL teams, but if either of those guys make it to #24, there will be a lot of front offices kicking themselves over passing on them. I’m not going to hold my breath yet.
  3. Average OL get massively overpaid in FA. If there’s a good deal out there, I’d be interested. But I think draft is the way to go.
  4. Gallup may have to sign a 1 year deal with us. Going to be tough sledding in FA for him, with the knee injury. And a 1 year prove-it deal on a new team is a tough situation. But I agree, we won’t go into the draft without WR3 already on the team. I also think the safety market will present opportunities, like it did last year. So they’ll either re-sign Kazee or Hooker, or nab one from this crop. Other than that, not a whole lot appealing.
  5. With Quinn returning, I’ll be surprised if we spend a bunch of premium picks on defensive players. If I had to guess, we’ll use a top-100 pick on a linebacker, and the rest will be offense.
  6. Anyone have ESPN+ want to give us a breakdown of their top 50 free agent list?
  7. I don’t think you just cut an above average offensive tackle on a good contract. If you really think it’s time to move on, should have a strong trade market.
  8. Huge news. Obviously we are still likely to have some regression on forced turnovers. But continuity here is huge for Dallas, and it’s massive for Micah’s continued development.
  9. I love what Dan Quinn has done here. Top shelf DC. But if NYG thinks Dan Quinn is the solution to what ails them… 🤷🏻‍♂️ Does not worry me at all to have him in the division. Chicago would be a bummer.
  10. He wasn’t used a lot, you are right. But he certainly had the size, athleticism, etc. Cowboys themselves said they had him graded as the highest rated pass rusher. The point I’m trying to make is that, when teams go looking for the next Micah, potential at edge rusher is going to be a big part of that. Dean can occasionally be a really effective pressure player, but doesn’t have the size to live on the edge the way Micah can. Teams aren’t going to look at him and think “maybe he can be the next Micah”.
  11. Teams were concerned about JOK’s back, iirc. I hope he does fall. But man, if your defensive coordinator can’t figure out how to use this guy, find a new DC. I can see teams searching for the next Micah, but I don’t think they’ll look at Dean that way. Just such different players, and not nearly the potential as an edge rusher.
  12. Unless something weird shows up in his injury screenings, I don’t think the NFL is dumb enough to let Nakobe Dean slide to #24. Clear NFL star, IMO. If teams let him being a little undersized deter them… we should run to the podium.
  13. “Windows” are such a misused concept in a league where two years is a lifetime and 3 years is an eternity. Your window is as long as you have a good QB. A good GM/owner doesn’t set it up to tank future seasons with that QB. There are a million ways to improve your roster in the short term without handing out terrible contracts and overpaying in trades.
  14. The Saints have made some really bad personnel moves of late and will be paying the piper long after Payton is gone. Our talent acquisition game has been really good lately… would hate to lose that to a short-term-minded coach who demands control of personnel. This feels like, not a great idea.
  15. So close to building @plan9misfit ‘s dream coaching staff of HC Sean Payton and DC Mike Zimmer. Bring in Greg Ellis for DL coach, please.
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