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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Clarence Hill literally couldn’t have been more wrong on the DeMarcus Lawrence negotiations if he’d just randomly guessed what was happening every morning when he woke up. So I think we’ll probably tune out anything he has to say about the contracts for Amari, Dak, and Zeke.
  2. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    This is per Clarence Hill who is consistently one of the worst writers for insider information. He either has bad Cowboys sources, or he makes stuff up. I wouldn’t take anything he says as an accurate representation of what is going on. ~$30M makes sense, and we’ve been saying that on here for months. I don’t think you can trust Hill enough to gain any real info on whether there will be a 2 or 3 in the front of his APY, though.
  3. Ranking the (B)East - WR (Overall)

    Hilarious the OBJ isn’t going to win this poll.
  4. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    I am not suggesting it is clean, just cleaner. With trading, I agree that complicates things, but not any more so than with any other board setup. I do see the possibility that a position being wiped out or falling could change your tune. At which point, the conversation can start, “Look, we agreed Thornhill gives us more marginal utility at #58, but is it possible based on how few DTs are left, and how many safeties are left, that we’ll maximize our total benefit from this draft by drafting Hill?” That frames the debate so much more cleanly, IMO, and in most scenarios, you wouldn’t even have to have that debate. Honestly, I see the value of the other board setups as well. It just really surprises me that they don’t have a pretty strong stacked ranking going into the draft.
  5. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    -But Gregory wasn’t off our draft board. So if they constructed their board the way I am suggesting, we would have had him appropriately slotted, and he’d be the top remaining player at the time of our selection. -If A, B, and C are gone, you pick D, because you’ve already debated his merits against E and F before the draft and determined he was more valuable to you. Or you trade out. -I understand that they mock out lots of scenarios. But when you wind up on the clock, why is there still a debate between Trysten Hill and Juan Thornhill and whoever else was in that range on their board. What could possibly happen in the first 57 picks that would make Juan or another player jump Trysten? There’s nothing that would change that.
  6. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    Why is Gregory an exception to what I am saying? They should have had him on a list above players they would draft over him and below players they wouldn’t. Eventually, you have to make a decision on one player over others. You can create that pecking order before the draft. Obviously once you make a pick yourself, you have to readjust your board for other players at that position. But pick #58, for example, you could certainly create a list in the order you would draft them in. If we would take Trysten Hill over Kyler Murray, then Trysten Hill should be above Murray on the list. How does anything other teams do in the first #57 picks influence your pecking order?
  7. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    Why does it change? If you would pick player A over player B, and player B over player C, when could it possibly happen that you would pick player C over player A? What could cause the pecking order to change so wildly?
  8. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    I get everything you said in your post and agree with it. My question is on this last part, why not have this debate decided before the draft? You could create a clear pecking order, where everyone has time to discuss and give input. Why wait until you have the pressure of the clock to decide on yellow #20 vs green #25?
  9. Cowboys Full Draft - How do you feel?

    I will never understand the way NFL teams operate their boards. Teams would argue that you make decisions based on some measure of marginal and total utility. Which I get, and would actually very much agree with as an asset building strategy. But I do not understand why they don’t have a board like that in the draft room. It’s a complicated discussion to debate between a player of need vs. a superior player vs. a player who plays a more important position, etc. So why, then, do they wait until they are on the clock to debate it? That high pressure environment is not conducive to quality analysis decision making.
  10. 3.90 Connor McGovern C/G, Penn State

    Mike Fisher reporting that Cowboys had a higher grade on Connor McGregor than Trysten Hill and Juan Thornhill. Wow.
  11. 3.90 Connor McGovern C/G, Penn State

    La'El Collins' arms are only 1/4" longer than CW's.
  12. 3.90 Connor McGovern C/G, Penn State

    Not sure if this is directed at me or just rhetorical. But I agree, I like the pick.
  13. Pick 128: Tony Pollard / RB / Memphis

    I agree. I assume Pollard will get all the jet sweep packages.
  14. 3.90 Connor McGovern C/G, Penn State

    We don’t need the cap relief this season, and it’s very possible we could get a 3rd round comp pick in return for letting him walk in addition to one more year of quality service. You want to trade him and throw the rookie in there. But most rookies aren’t Zach Martin. Give the guy a chance to develop, embrace the depth and flexibility it gives us, and then enjoy the pick in 2021. Any conversation for a Collins trade would need to start at a second round pick. Even at that, it would be questionable.
  15. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    Going to have to spend some time on this later, but I imagine with the addition of Hill and Wise, that Covington is a prime candidate to be Deonte Thompsoned. He’s costing us a comp pick next season at the moment.