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  1. He can do so much more on 3rd down than rushing on the edge. He can blitz up the middle, he can show blitz and drop, he can spy a mobile QB. I don’t think you want to pigeonhole him.
  2. Yeah, I think you may have misunderstood me. He’s looking to be a total stud, and what he did today was awesome. But I think you aren’t maximizing his potential impact by turning him into a full time DE.
  3. There were two players that really leveled up today and played better than you could have possibly hoped, and they were Steele and Kearse. Big time performances stepping in for injured starters. Wish we could get some of that from the backup DEs.
  4. I would not make him a permanent DE. Let’s not forget, that was a backup RT he was beating up, and he also had some issues with contain. Parsons has potential to be a true Queen on the chessboard, which is rare in the NFL. He can have a bigger impact if you treat him that way.
  5. Meh, I’ll own it. Of course I had reasons not to like him. He has proven me swiftly and convincingly wrong. He’s already a legit NFL linebacker and pass rusher.
  6. The Bucs racked up so many yards on the ground because they broke open a big lead. They didn’t break open a big lead because they ran for a bunch of yards. Correlation =/= causation Having a good run game to close out victories is important. But you have to be able to get the lead in the first place.
  7. It would be very on-brand for Jaylon to be the guy.
  8. I would have called us heavy favorites for this game on Friday morning. No longer feel that way. We’re going to need Dak and Kellen to drag this dying corpse of a roster into the bye week, and hopefully we can get some reinforcements then.
  9. Gallimore, Tank, D Wilson, La’El, Gallup, Gregory, Kelvin Joseph all missing week 2. That’s a big yikes.
  10. The scouts look at everybody. What you hope is that our decision makers decide to draft one of them.
  11. I would love this if we’re picking in the 20s-30s
  12. I think if you are in the drug program, they can test you whenever they want to. So I think this would imply that La’El had previously tested positive. But 10 tests a month over 18 months is absolutely insane.
  13. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/cowboys-lael-collins-hopeful-suspension-could-be-lifted-continues-to-fight-for-further-appeal/ This is pretty wild if true… 1) Why the heck has he been drug tested 180 times over a year and a half. What kind of insane program is that? 2) He supposedly missed 7 tests over that period of time, often with mitigating circumstances. This seems like a real load of you-know-what.
  14. Man… It will be malpractice to do anything other than replace him with Zach Martin over the next 5 games, but I’m guessing we’re about to get a big dose of Nsekhe.
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