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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    Some places are talking about N’Keal Harry as a second day pick. I highly doubt that will happen, but if he gets to us in the 2nd round, that would be a great pick. He would be such a great asset for us in the red zone. I think if you honestly compared him to DeAndre Hopkins as a prospect, you’d say they were pretty similar, with Harry being a little bigger. Hopkins has obviously maximized his potential, but that’s the kind of upside you have with Harry, IMO.
  2. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Ugh, that sounds miserable. Also, Kansas City wen't 12-4 and traded up for Mahommes. If we are insistent on moving on from Dak, I'd rather go that path. Make Dak play out his rookie contract with this playoff caliber team, then trade up for a guy in 2020.
  3. Cowboys OC Search - The Moore You Know

    I would agree with this. Romo is highly competitive. If he did leave to go coach, when he returned to TV he'd start a bidding war unmatched in sports broadcasting history. Remember, he was a risk when CBS hired him for that money. Imagine what he'd get paid as the GOAT. That said, he is not going to come back as an OC. Some team is going to have to take a chance on him as a head coach if they want him.
  4. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Clearly he is going to be our future. If I was a GM of the Cowboys, I think I would pay him. He is improving and might look even better with a new OC. We are in good cap position with a young team that is winning games, and we are unlikely to be in a position to draft a better prospect at any point in the near future.
  5. Dak - Grown Man

    We obviously need to utilize Dak’s legs, but Nick Eatman is, in fact, a total hack and the analysis that Dak “just can’t do it” as a passer is both silly and shallow.

    Am I the only one who didn’t even realize this guy was our TE coach? We never heard about him... at least not compared to a guy like Sanjay Lal or Kellen Moore. When did he become a rising star? Unless they think he’s the next Sean McVay, I would prefer some fresh blood.

    But I thought the Cowboys were happy with losing to the Rams and weren’t going to make any changes and we made money so nothing else matters?
  8. Season Recap

    I personally love the access that we get as fans. And also... everyone has a war room camera now.
  9. Another Important Vote!

    I was ready to burn it. The board spoke!
  10. Gearing up for next season

    He was drafted with Dak. Still has another year on his contract.
  11. Gearing up for next season

    How so?
  12. Season Recap

    Not sure if your are trolling or not at this point, but this line of logic is too ridiculous to continue debating.
  13. The Linehan Watch - FINAL DECISION: TERMINATED

    Dan Campbell would be an interesting name.
  14. Season Recap

    You used the fact that we had a war room camera as evidence Jerry cares more about money than winning...
  15. Season Recap

    Call them careless, if you’d like. None of this has anything to do with your original argument.