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  1. Cowboys off season - Can Training Camp start already?

    That is complete overkill. What on Earth could fill up so many pages on something like this?
  2. Cowboys off season - Can Training Camp start already?

    Yeah, the worst case scenario is what? He gets hurt and we are in the exact same position we are now. Best case we get a really good player and locker room guy at a position of need. Yes please.
  3. NFL Top 100 - Zack Martin Checks In At #71

    Delanie Walker was #72. Bahahahaha
  4. Cowboys off season - Can Training Camp start already?

    This would be a really good addition.
  5. NFL Top 100 - Zack Martin Checks In At #71

    The guy with a clear HOF trajectory at #71 is clearly absurd.
  6. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    “Anyone can have a good season. But a good play? Only legends can do that.”
  7. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    Being the #2 TE in yards and receptions behind only Tony Gonzales the year before wasn’t enough to convince you?
  8. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    I will never forget Jason Witten coming back after 1 week and playing with his jaw wired shut. He's been an all-timer since he was a rookie. Really going to miss that guy.
  9. All or Nothing - Dallas Cowboys

    I'm 5 episodes into this thing now, here are some thoughts: 1) As someone who consumes nearly 100% of all legitimate Cowboys reporting and media (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this board), this has been a really great watch. I was a little bit worried that it might be watered down for the least-common-denominator fans, and while there is some of that, there is also a lot of insight and visibility into things we'd never get to see. I highly recommend this for people to watch. 2) It's hard not to love Dak. The guy is a leader. I know he isn't perfect yet, but I really hope he can take the next step in his career this year. 3) The Atlanta game, my god. I forgot how egregious the lack of adjustments were. They knew Chaz was going to be the starter all week, he was getting absolutely smoked, and they gave him no help. If you want to make a list of indictments on this staff on offense, that game has to be #1. 4) Losing Tyron and Lee was brutal. We went from completely dominating KC, to getting our doors blown off by Atlanta. Those two guys turned our team from a really good one to a really bad one. Has to make you feel better about this season. If healthy, we are really good. Even if we aren't healthy, we seem to have the depth to withstand it. 5) Jason Witten is a huge loss for the locker room.
  10. Guess the Top 53

    No Cole Beasley or Tyrone Crawford? Bold call.
  11. 2.50 Connor Gonna Guard #HookEm

    Most analysts seem to think he projects better at guard, with more than a few saying he has all-pro potential inside.
  12. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    I think you could make a pretty good case that these 4 recent ones, Tony, Jason, Ware, and Dez are the best 4.
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - News/Rumors/Selections

    I completely agree. In the past, we always had a top-heavy roster, where guys 1-10 were as good as anyone in the league, but guys 11-53 were really sub par. That lack of depth always killed us towards the end of the season. Now we are basically only thin at safety. And the only real talent question mark we have is with our pass catchers. Other than that, we are pretty good and deep across the board. It’s awesome. Have to feel pretty good about where the roster is right now.
  14. Guess the Top 53

    IMO, Taco's quickest path to making an impact is to have him line up as a defensive tackle as a pass rusher. We've seen long-armed guys like Justin Tuck and Greg Hardy just punk slow-footed and short-armed guards. I think that's the model we should look at for Taco.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    I think this will probably be something that might become an issue. I believe Mike Fisher stayed that Gregory and his representatives believe that he still accrued the year. Could be a battle, I suppose.