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  1. Putting The D Back in Dallas

    Hahahaha, I think the name is great. It's so bad, it's good.
  2. Jones - A Shutdown Corner?

    With Byron's speed, size, and explosiveness, I thought he'd make a great safety. But he never seemed to have the ability to process what was going on in front of him quickly enough to take advantage of those qualities. But what he's always been able to do is stick on a receiver like glue. Not surprised the transition has gone well for him. He's looking great. If I were the Cowboys, I'd try to re-sign him now. The price tag is only going up.
  3. GDT: Week 2 - Cowboys vs Giants - Loser misses playoffs

    I really think this is a case of having 3 other really good cornerbacks, so our 4th good one doesn't get to play.
  4. Potential Trades? Jourdan Lewis?

    I agree with the first sentence. The second sentence... not so sure.
  5. Potential Trades? Jourdan Lewis?

    I wonder if Seattle would have interest. Would be really great to get Earl Thomas without giving up a 2nd round draft pick.
  6. What do you want in a Head-Coach?

    No Tedford quarterback had succeeded before Aaron Rodgers, either. I think it would be foolish to completely write off someone who is a very important and valued part of perhaps the greatest organization professional sports has ever seen, simply because some of his colleagues didn't work out elsewhere. There are so many other factors that determined their success, or lack thereof, after leaving New England.
  7. Gregory suffered a relapse

    I'm guessing that where there is smoke, there is fire. There probably is something happening with Gregory that we don't know the full extent of. Who knows if he'll be suspended or not. But the incompleteness of Schefter's and La Confora's reports is embarrassing and is irresponsible journalism.
  8. What do you want in a Head-Coach?

    I would definitely lean offensively minded for the next head coach. What I want more than anything is a coaching staff that doesn't get left in the dust. The top teams are constantly evolving, analytically focused, make great adjustments, and put their players in positions to succeed. I actually think we've done a pretty great job with roster building, which is the biggest reason we have been competitive. Often times, the guys wearing the star have been more talented than the guys wearing the other logos, and it's led to a lot of wins. But when things go wrong, or players get injured, we can't adjust. It gets ugly. I am very open to the idea of a Lincoln Riley. I also think a guy like Josh McDaniels could be a star at his next destination if he were willing to have less control over roster composition (could be a nice marriage with Will McClay).
  9. Gregory suffered a relapse

    I think it is so bad, that it might just be good. Haven't decided yet.
  10. 1) Yeah, but I kind of think that this is the NFL. And we have some pretty decent depth in some areas. LB, RB, DE, CB, plus Looney and Fleming. 2) Rush and White are certainly ready to get us a good draft pick, which, in my mind, is better than a vet leading us to 7-9. 3) Yup. So pumped for Byron and Chidobe. Best CB duo for us since at least '09. 4) I'd agree 5) Yeah, too bad he's getting cut... 6) Yup! How good RG looks already is unreal. Dude could make the Pro Bowl if he doesn't get suspended. LBNL) ET would be such a difference maker for this defense. I really hope this happens, but I'm not antsy. Earl could fly into Dallas today and start tomorrow in this defense.
  11. I never said the line was perfect at this point. But if you did this for every line in the NFL, you'd find a huge number of retreads and guys who were "passed up... (at least) twice" by every NFL team. Things aren't amazing, but they aren't dire. Especially with Martin expected to start week 1.
  12. Cowboys fans have gotten spoiled. There is such a lack of OL talent in the NFL, there are a lot of teams that would trade their lines for that group of 5. Plus, Martin will be back for the season opener. We'll have to adjust, certainly. But that group isn't nearly bad enough to be an excuse for underperformance from Dak or Zeke.
  13. Taco vs. Crawford

    His career high was 5 sacks, which came while he played DT. 6-7 was probably unrealistic regardless, but the move to DT shouldn't hurt his sack total.
  14. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Lol When something smells with the Cowboys, it’s best to prepare yourself for the worst.
  15. Taco vs. Crawford

    I think they'll be neck and neck. Crawford will play more snaps, Taco will have a higher sack rate, and both will end up with close to 5 sacks.