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  1. Turkey Week - NFL notes / Dallas offensive output

    I don't believe anyone is pretending anything about Dak Prescott, except for the people pretending that he's Quincy Carter.
  2. Turkey Week - NFL notes / Dallas offensive output

    It's not like we played the Bills and Raiders the last two weeks. We all understand that the Cowboys aren't a top-3 team in the NFL. I'm pessimistic about this coaching staff and quarterback myself, and I still find the level of negativity around our current state to be astounding.
  3. Turkey Week - NFL notes / Dallas offensive output

    By lowly teams you mean the last two NFC Super Bowl representatives, including the one we beat this week with the #6 offense in the NFL? Just want to make sure we are on the same page with what constitutes a "lowly" team.
  4. Dak

    We are middle of the pack in points per drive and top-10 in interceptions per drive. The raw totals for things like yardage look bad because we are bottom 5 in total drives. We are not some well-oiled, super efficient offense. Obviously. But certainly the efficiency numbers have been far more indicative of our success (and all teams across the NFL) than the raw bulk numbers. Which is why discussing Dak's passing yardage per game is pretty useless.
  5. Amari Cooper has fixed Dak!

    For sure they have forgotten. Some Quincy numbers from his time in Dallas: 16.75 points per game 5/31 games we failed to score a single touchdown as a team 29/36 TD/INT ratio 188 average passing yards per game 70.0 Quarterback Rating And he was probably the second best QB we had between Aikman and Romo.
  6. The Garrett and Linhan Hot Seat Thread

    It’s pretty insane.
  7. Amari Cooper has fixed Dak!

    Qunicy 2.0 now has 12 game winning drives. Quincy 1.0 had 18 total victories.
  8. 2018 Playoffs

    FiveThirtyEight gives us a 46% chance of making the playoffs after Sunday's win. Seems like you would probably bump that up above 50% given Alex Smith's injury. It's not hard to imagine a scenario where we win enough games to get the Wild Card. But it is hard to imagine a scenario where winning that number of games doesn't also result in winning the NFC East.
  9. GB's and Clappers: Dallas at Dirty Birds

    I can’t believe LVE, the guy looks more and more like a star every week. Lance Lenoir shouldn’t have been allowed back on the team charter.
  10. GDT: Boys in bird hunting season v Falcons

    So I guess we are the NFC East favorites now... wow.
  11. GDT: Boys in bird hunting season v Falcons

    Lol Plan9: I’m Gandhi Rest if forum: Yeah, no, basically here are a million reasons why you aren’t Gandhi. Plan9: None of that has to do with my rapidly impending baldness and the fact that I’m a dude. I know a bald dude when I see one. And both Gandhi and I are bald dudes.
  12. GDT: Boys in bird hunting season v Falcons

    You are just a hater. Dak Record: 26-15 TD/INT: 56/22 Completion Percentage: 65% QB Rating: 94.4 Quincy Record: 18-16 TD/INT: 32/37 Completion Percentage: 56.5% QB Rating: 71.7
  13. GDT: Boys in bird hunting season v Falcons

    Lol, if you think Dak and Quincy are equivalent, you have serious memory issues from the Quincy years.
  14. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    This, more than anything, is the main reason I'd opt to sign our own players first.
  15. Amari Cooper has fixed Dak!

    But we didn't trade away a franchise QB... We traded away a first round pick that ~95/100 times will result in something other than a franchise QB (either a different position, or a bust at QB).