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  1. That makes me happy about Nahshon. Sincerely. I hate it when we have picks that show up and immediately it’s like, yeah, these guys can’t play.
  2. Heard a lot of the rookies looked gassed. Pretty normal day 1 stuff, though.
  3. I say this as perhaps the biggest hater of the Nahshon pick... For ~98% of players, RAS is an already iffy (but interesting) measure of athletic ability, that should be taken with a reasonable dose of salt and only used as one data point. When you really get to the fringes, 2+ standard deviations, on the size component (extra small or extra large), RAS becomes virtually unusable. That said, being a 6-4 corner makes you an outlier for a reason. Because it’s really hard at the position to have success in the NFL at that size/length.
  4. Interesting. Hill definitely showed progression, especially as a penetrator. But he was also moved off the ball in the run game very easily. And now he’s recovering from an Achilles injury rather than continuing to progress. By the end of his rookie year, I felt like Gallimore was actually an upgrade to what Hill had shown earlier in the season. Certainly not perfect, but providing a lot of big plays. He played the 14th most snaps on defense, and had the 8th most splash plays according to Sturm. I guess my feeling is that they’d be roughly equivalent coming into this season, bu
  5. I think the reason that we really feel this way is that they tend to surprise us when we aren’t expecting much. So 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Sounds like their plan is not turning him into a 1T long run. I get it. Makes me think Trysten Hill could be on the roster bubble.
  7. Hines is an interesting one. By all account, one of the better UDFA linebackers. Between him, Gifford, and Bernard, you’ve got 3 rosterable guys, and maybe no spots for any of them.
  8. 0-2 in tight games, and the season isn’t over. But 0-2 and being utterly outclassed? Things would get ugly very, very quick.
  9. They have confirmed Parsons will be starting at Mike. Also, the way you have this laid out makes it seem like the LEO is Quinn’s SAM. It’s not. It’s Quinn’s RDE.
  10. Yeah, if. at Tampa followed by at LA is a rough start for a bad defense implementing a new system. If we start 0-2, give up 900 yards combined to two offenses, and Dak looks rusty... for sure there is potential for the wheels to come off. I think we’ll be ok. But the potential is there.
  11. The schedule looks extremely favorable, if you can get through week 2 without the wheels falling off.
  12. Feel like he’d be big from a culture/lockerroom/how-to-be-a-pro standpoint. Our defense could use some of that. I’m less excited about him as a player.
  13. Probably not after drafting Micah. And especially knowing what a steal they got at linebacker with Cox at #115. I probably wouldn’t have gone that direction, as much as I love JOK. They absolutely had to get a cornerback ready to start day 1, and if they felt like Joseph was the last one of those guys, then I don’t hate the decision-making. But with Joseph and Adebo on the board, I would have been aggressive. Small trade up for Moehrig, followed by a trade up for Joseph or Adebo (I know Adebo fell, but you can’t sit and wait in that scenario). Leave the draft with Parsons, Moehrig, A
  14. I have mixed feelings. Like, would Adebo #75 or Melifonwu at #99 have made me feel better than Nahshon? And the answer is, yeah, I would probably feel better. While drafting them presents a similar conundrum, at least they are normal-sized and widely regarded as top-100 guys. To be clear, my #1 beef is with the eval (6-4 corner with mediocre tape and athleticism), my #2 beef is with the process of letting your DC play pick-a-player again, and my #3 beef is making that pick given current roster construction. Guys like Adebo and Melifonwu only have #3 as an issue for me, making them a lot m
  15. None of the three are ideally suited for the slot. Joseph can probably do it, but you aren’t maximizing his skillset there. If you wanted to set yourself up for nickel, Molden makes more sense. Also, while re-sign Lewis? It’s all irrelevant, because he’s a long shot to be a good player. But even if he is, it forces a square peg into a round hole.
  16. Quick grades now that I’ve had the chance to watch everyone: 12) Micah Parsons - C+ I’ve documented my thoughts on Parsons pretty thoroughly. In the long run, I don’t think you win making big bets on raw players with character concerns who play non-premium positions. But certainly on an idiosyncratic basis, Micah has potential to become an exception to that rule. We’ll have to see how it plays out. Early in his career, he’ll be used a lot as a blitzer/DPR, while learning how to be a true linebacker. I’d guess he’ll probably have a nice highlight reel of splash plays by the end of his ro
  17. After the draft, Will McClay said Simi Fehoko has “it”. After watching him more this morning, I agree. We are the beneficiaries of a deep WR class on this one. Really good in jump ball situations and has surprising speed to get behind corners. Needs to be crisper with his routes to get separation earlier in the play. As a rookie, he’ll probably be limited to fly routes and WR screens as a result, but he has the potential to be much more. Overall, I think he’s a clear candidate to replace Michael Gallup in 2022. Will be very surprised if he doesn’t make the final roster. I thi
  18. Lee was practically ready to be a linebacker coach the moment he entered the NFL. You are asking to have a bad time comparing the two. Micah may very well become an All-Pro. But it won’t be by becoming a better version of Sean Lee.
  19. I agree. I think Dorance will make the roster. I just meant it won’t completely shock me if they move on, either for someone currently on the roster or by signing/trading for someone after cut downs. Goodwin and Brown, though, I think are in the Cowboys’ plans all the way.
  20. Yeah, I think you’d be likely to lose a lot of money betting against Goodwin and Brown to make the team. I’m not quite as sold on Armstrong making the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s DE3 this year, but I also won’t be surprised if he’s passed by Basham and Gholston on the depth chart. It will be an interesting battle to watch. But he’s not going to be a Cowboy in 2022, so I could see them being inclined to ride with the other guys if it’s close.
  21. Following up on this... Micah Parsons said they told him to plan on playing MLB/WLB, with some designated pass rusher stuff. I don’t think LEO is a fair designation for him at this point.
  22. Micah Parsons has physical gifts that Sean Lee didn’t quite have, and hopefully his body can hold up the way Lee’s couldn’t. But he will never be Sean Lee at his peak. That guy was a linebacker savant.
  23. Hilarious, really leaning into this everybody-hates-me thing. I kinda love it.
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