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  1. Not to mention even with all of that, that team needed some incredibly timely plays that, if played 100 times over, wouldn't happen again. Ex. Jamal Charles fumble return TD, Browns taking 3 straight sacks in OT, Toussant (PIT) fumble (the only fumble in his career) etc etc.
  2. Very curious who and how many we keep on the roster at corner this year; We have kept 6 corners the past two years. Looking at our current roster, the locks have to be Fuller, Darby, Callahan, Surtain II (4). That leaves two more spots between Ojemudia, Bassey, Dawson Jr, Motley, Vincent Jr, McCain III (6). If practice squad rules from last year continue this year, where we can protect a certain number of players each week, maybe that allows us to make sure we keep some of our depth. If I had to bet right now, I'd say we keep Ojemudia and Vincent Jr but it'll be a very interesting competition!
  3. https://www.milehighreport.com/22451001/difference-between-zone-and-gap-scheme This was a nice article explaining running plays and schemes
  4. The kid has the worst footwork I’ve ever seen and fumbles and insane amount of times. He feels like a QB version of Trindon Holiday. He needs to make a huge leap to be a real prospect IMO but those traits are really nice.
  5. I'm viewing it as preparing for losing Patrick next year. I think the players we got have more special teams value as well.
  6. Thanks, I checked it out, but it doesn't discuss benefits/disadvantages the way I'm hoping. Lock isn't the only one whose stance last year was left foot forward. Rodgers does as well, and so does Tom Brady. So why are they not late on throws the way Lock was? It can't be just the stance. On the contrary, Mahomes and Wilson have their left foot back the way Tim Jenkins advocates to do. So it's not like there is one "correct" stance. There are successful players who do both, and as Peyton did, had a square stance. Edit: Found what I was looking for, although it doesn't address the square s
  7. Any coaches out there that can give me insight/point in the direction to learn more about QB footwork? Read that one of the changes Drew has taken is that rather than having his right foot forward in shotgun, to mimicking Manning's square stance. Wondering what the advantages/disadvantages are of left foot, square, right foot forward are.
  8. So with PS2 signing his contract, does that completely take out the possibility of him being included in any trade for the foreseeable future?
  9. I honestly think the 2/3rd majority are the ones that are happy about the 17 game schedule and hoping for 18. They potentially get more playing time, expanded rosters gives them more job security, increased wages, etc. I don't like it, especially without the 2nd bye week but given preseason games are being cut (which i'm in the minority who hopes it's not cut less than 3 games), this actually seems like a middle ground they were ok with. Definitely would have been nice to get a little more concussions from the owners for it, but again, leverage is key and the owners likely knew most players we
  10. The issue when talking about how good/bad the NFLPA is, is that they are responsible for an incredibly large range of players. Fans focus on the top 22 players on the roster and forget that they are only 1/3rd of nfl rosters. Many of the decisions being made show how much sway the other 2/3rds of the roster has on decisions being made. The players themselves are incredibly divided and the average career length (somewhere around 3-4 years) makes it incredibly difficult to create leverage. PS2's response of why he was at minicamp is a perfect example of that.
  11. I don't think either @Broncofan, @BroncoBruin, or @ClockWorkOrange are being inconsistent in their arguments... They're just polar opposite perspectives on how to build/run a team and i don't think either of you are going to convince the other otherwise.
  12. Broncos releasing DaeSean Hamilton. Interesting it's happening now and not giving him a chance to build up a trade market during the preseason...
  13. I like Xavien Howard as a good ceiling comp for him.
  14. Mannerisms and relative style, I can see it. But comparing anyone who isn't an athletic marvel to Champ is setting them up for disappointment. Champ ran a 4.28 40, and had a 3.79 second shuttle at the combine. That's INSANE and what really helped Champ be the HOF corner he was. Not to say PS2 wont/cant be great, but that's an extremely high bar.
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