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  1. His press conference, he comes off as extremely personable. Also sounds like he already has a staff hired? or Maybe I misinterpreted and he was referring to the whole team in Green Bay? Edit: nvm, listened to that part again and misinterpreted. He was talking about Green Bay.
  2. I want to hear how he plans on picking his staff. I hope is another interview process for each coordinator position and not just bringing people he knows. Although, I am intrigued by Ejiro Evero for DC.
  3. One thing that gets forgotten about McD is he also had a stint with the Rams in 2011 as an offensive coordinator/qb coach and they went 2-14 that year with the worst offense in the league. I am hoping the Raiders bring him on as HC. Can't wait to beat him over and over year in year out and watch it all unravel.
  4. I'll be watching how linebacker Channing Tatum Tindall performs at the Senior Bowl on Feb 4th. While I'm a little skeptical of a non starter on a stacked team, he shows some insane tools and is a great special teams player. He is incredibly fast and shows rare burst. Seems to be a great blitzer and solid tackler. At this point, I'm looking at him with one of our 3rds. Couldnt find any cut ups of just him but here's a highlight video just to see his potential: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jczZs0PGpqU
  5. 1.) Have to be there to have a chance. 2.) Any given Sunday. Did the Giants expect to beat the Patriots in either of the years they won the Super Bowl?
  6. That would be the dream... Edit: to be clear, CJ Stroud would be the dream, not necessarily selling the farm although the context of what that means depends for me. Most teams trade future draft picks to select the QB they want in the draft. That is hedging future capitol where IF that QB is successful, you have less resources to add to the team around him. I would love for us to trade current capitol in a season that is likely a lost one (unless Rodgers or Wilson come here) to mitigate that future cost. It's why I was in favor of trading down in last years draft and why I'm in favo
  7. Last night was almost capped off a perfect weekend of knocking Brady and Mahomes out of the playoffs. At this point, I think the team that has the best shot to keep KC from another championship is the Rams. They have the D-Line to be able to create havoc while playing coverage behind it. At this point, the next 8 years or so feels like just hoping Mahomes career turns out more like Rodgers than Brady's. And mostly that's because of the **** people KC employs more so than Mahomes himself.
  8. Only change I'd be in favor of is a 5-10 minute break before OT begins
  9. A little disappointed Callahan didn't make it to the final interviews but very glad there even is a second round. We get such a small sample size of information about these candidates that makes it hard to be completely convinced they're the best possible HC. I trust Paton's process much more given who he is including in the interviews (pretty comprehensive group), number of interviews, and having a second round to finalize/confirm initial assumptions. There are some big name potential OC candidates that I hope we end up taking a strong look at. Pep Hamilton, Ken Dorsey, and Mike McDanie
  10. He had a monster game too... He's not peak Von, but he just might be 90% of that which is still exceptional.
  11. The only thing giving me a sliver of hope is the fact that Mahomes salary is going to rise the next to years by a good margin and they have a lot of starters going into FA this year too. But man... what that team has been able to do the last few years is insane.
  12. Josh Allen was absolutely amazing today… can’t believe the bills went prevent with 13 seconds left and 3 time outs. They did prevent poorly at that. Smh.
  13. I would be so thrilled if we got Ken Dorsey for OC…
  14. I hope they do a second round. They did 10 interviews really quickly. Let’s get down to our top 3 and go at it again to make the right decision. Enough of these coaching turnovers.
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