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  1. Apparently this could eliminate his guaranteed money next year, potentially giving us an out if we haven't been satisfied with his play or someone else becomes available.
  2. Agreed. I'd also add, they should have clustered games together and create mini bubbles with a quarantine So our scheduled for example should have looked something like: Bubble (4 teams) Vs AFC West (Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders) 2 weeks bye Bubble (8 teams) vs NFC South East (Tampa, Panthers, Saints, Falcons) 2 weeks bye Bubble (8 teams) vs AFC East (Bills, Patriots, Dolphins, Jets) 2 weeks bye vs Steelers and Titans. (these wouldn't be a bubble and would look most like the system does now since these games for everyone look different. These games are the ones I would have removed to make space for the extra bye weeks)
  3. I know the chances of this happening are incredibly slim, but what would be the disadvantage of drafting Kyle Pitts and running a 2 TE set offense?... especially given the speed Fant has. It would create unpredictablity of run or pass each play, keep defenses either in big personnel to defend the run creating mismatches for our TEs and WRs on the outside against often single high safety looks. Or if team go smaller to defend our receiving threats, it would allow us to run down their throats... I get that spread offenses are the thing right now, I’m just waiting for a coach to take advantage of the plethora of TE skill in and coming into the league. Add to the fact that they are cheaper overall than WRs and add to the run game as well as the pass. Ideally I think this offense would work best with a very mobile QB like Cam, Russ, Jackson and Allen, where you can have play designs with 3 WR and 2 TE and still have a running threat.
  4. With ARod as your #2, definitely would look to trade one of them... ARod has a better run game and defense so that could open things up to bigger fluctuations. Dak has lots of receiving weapons and a poor defense with a decimated O-line, most likely affecting Zeke more than anyone else imo. Up to you, but I would think you could get pretty good value from either of them.
  5. So far, imo, it's a clear cut top 3/4 draft prospects for us next year. Trevor Lawrence -> Penei Sewell -> Micah Parsons -> Justin Fields
  6. I know its early, and thus far I've been a supporter of Shurmer given his offenses have succeeded enough for him to get two HC gigs and I'm hoping for long term stability, BUT aren't screens to backs, bubble screens, and draw plays good ways to throw defenses off balance when they get blitz happy? I don't think I saw a single one of those yesterday...
  7. I think we were all on that train... Unfortunately, this season has just exposed how much talent we lack literally everywhere on the field. Our best players are simply above average across the league, and we have few of those at that.
  8. Steve Smith was a great great player and much more physical and better in contested catches than I expect from Hamler. Hamler was compared to Hollywood Brown and I think that's probably as close to a perfect comparison that there is.
  9. Not so similarly, I love KJ Hamlers, attitude on the field. Watching the Hawks vs Pats Monday night game made me realize we are missing those "dogs" on our team. The get in your face, talk smack, and really get in the head of your opponents type of players. While I love and appreciate the Luck type of guys, I want to see the physicality and passion that winning teams have. Unfortunately, maybe thats why we havent seen much of that with us, is cuz we're missing the winning...
  10. I put some blame on Lock too. He should be noticing the coverage and should be helping his line identify which way to shift. It's too tall of an ask for the center to be able to see that all. To go even further, this is on the whole offensive line and QB to communicate and make sure they're in the right call and protection.
  11. Love this and thanks for sharing! Especially loving the still shots showing important issues. I'm somewhat surprised to see Lock's lack of understanding of how to manipulate the pocket given how few sacks he has taken throughout his 6 games (5 for those counting). Typically I would associate drifting and poor pocket awareness with high sack totals and riskier passes but so far he has limited both. Might be a small sample size and he just has gotten lucky but curious what your assessment is of why the difference between the two. Also, I'm sure you are looking at so many things on any given play, but would love to hear about how Fant's blocking has looked. On Defense, it seems Ojemudia had a fantastic game and curious if that was true via all-22 film. Next year we are really going to need our young Dlineman to develop as Harris is a FA and Casey is only getting older so also wondering how Dre'mont Jones looked, specifically against the run. Lastly, I know Simmons has gotten lots of flack for the game, but in my mind, I saw Jewell biting too hard on PA and not getting back deep enough to eliminate passing lanes. His run defense looked solid but i wouldn't be ready to call him our long term starter. He did seem to fill the Todd Davis role pretty well at a fraction of the price though.
  12. I'm actually more ok with the switch to Shurmer, mostly because I think he'll ultimately be able to provide better continuity long term. Scangs, if he did well, would almost definitely be poached for a HC gig, whereas Shurmer has multiple failed HC jobs that I doubt he would get another shot any time soon. It's been YEARS since Lock has had a consistent offensive coordinator which gives me hope he can pick up a new offense relatively quickly but I would love to see what he can do with some level of comfort before a brand new year. Thus far through college and NFL he has been getting the Alex Smith treatment which doesn't set up anyone for success.
  13. Looks fun, but too immersive for how much time I have right now... Thanks for the thought tho!
  14. Not gonna lie.. a lot of those are really tough to watch now a days. Some great clean hard hits (is there anything more satisfying than the Dumerville Brady sack?!) in there but also a good amount of cringy CTE inducing ones.
  15. ^ I think its more of trying to get all the different players some experience together in case anyone misses time. If Cush was exclusively working with the ones and then contracts COVID, having a new center who has never practiced with lock or the starting unit would be much more detrimental. This season is really going to test depth of rosters and I think it's smart to rotate players around. With that said, I do hope in the next week or two that we settle on a starting unit and give them a few weeks of practicing together to gel further before the start of the season.
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