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  1. 2019 NFL Draft General Discussion

    Extremely small sample size but I just watched the LSU vs Auburn game, focusing on Devin White and I was extremely underwhelmed. He looks to have good size and great speed but constantly over ran plays, tackled high, misdiagnosed plays, and is mediocre as a blitzer. I heard he had a good game vs Georgia so ill check that out before I write him off, but was looking forward to a great linebacker coming out this year.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    My very amateur and limited analysis of Dwayne Haskins is: Positives: Arm Strength Very quick release Ball placement Able to thread the needle and make all the throws NFL body (6'3 220lbs) Negatives: One read then check down Movement in pocket (gets to the end of his drop and doesn't climb the pocket) Accuracy suffers under even a little pressure He would really benefit from another year at the college level but he has a lot of tools to really like.
  3. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    that's not johnathan hankins :'(
  4. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    You talking about draft pick cheap? Ok, we traded up for Lynch, Ray, And Latimer.
  5. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    What?... We spent tons of money on Manning, Ward, Talib, Ware, Stewart and Sanders. That's not including extensions to Harris, DT, Anderson and Von. We went to two superbowls and won one... Our team got picked apart and Our FAs given large deals. That's what happens when you're a successful team. We're in the position we're in because of poor drafting, not because of being cheap.
  6. I think that's too far. I don't like the depth of this draft too much. I think there are going to be good starters but few pro bowlers. Furthest id want to trade down is 15 but would want picks in next year's draft.
  7. He played very well against TCU twice, Ohio State, and Georgia. Those are top 20 defenses that he went 1249 yards, 12 TDs and 1 int with a 69% completion percentage in. It's a tough question but id lean towards Rosen. He's an extremely talented passer. My hesitations towards him though is his attitude and rumors of how he isn't a good teammate. Also, his injury history is being overlooked. Feels a bit like Sam Bradford in that respect.
  8. What I mean by #1 is that every single quarterback coming into the league has questions over whether or not they can transfer to the NFL. I would rather take a chance on a guy like Mayfield who excelled in his scheme and against some great defenses even though it's not in a pro scheme. As opposed to someone who might have played in a pro style scheme But not able to have quite the success as youd like to see. Or someone like Allen where the talk is that his team was poor. Great quarterbacks elevate their teammates play.
  9. Probably not a popular idea but at #5 I hope we go either: 1.) Baker Mayfield I really really like this kid. Questions about his play are purely speculative. He has succeeded in the scheme he was put in at the highest level possible in college football. I like his fire, and the fact that he has worked as a walk on twice in order to be in the position he's in. His work ethic shouldn't be in question the way it is. 2.) Quenton Nelson He is probably the best Guard prospect to come out in a really really long time. I think he has Steve Hutchinson potential. Not only is he physically imposing, but reports are that he is incredibly smart. I know the position isn't as highly coveted, but the eagles showed how far a good line can go. Bolles - Nelson - Paradis - Leary - ? is beginning to look formidable. IMO he his the safest pick in this draft and a surefire all-pro. At the very least a pro bowler in year 1. With how unpredictable the draft can be, I would rather take a surefire stud and a slightly lower positional value, than chance missing completely. 3.) Trade down. Our roster isn't nearly as deep as it used to be. We have holes and depth issues pretty much everywhere throughout the roster except at safety. If we can money ball a little bit this year, we can set ourselves up for the next few years very well. A trade down from 5 to 15 with Arizona should net us an extra 2nd this year and 1st next year. That will give us a lot of valuable resources to re-tool our team. We can then target someone like Roquan Smith or a RT.
  10. Maybe you can have the other people who wanted to participate but couldn't/didn't create rankings and decide a winner? People like Eagles, and councilor? I liked writing up best offense, best defense, best team short term, best team long term, overall best team, best coaches, best special teams, etc.
  11. I think I have 3 more picks? Anthony Brown (CB) Andy Janovich (FB) Justin Simmons (S)
  12. Lastly: Casey Kreiter (LS) Jamison Crowder (WR/Returner) Rodney McLeod (S)
  13. Grizmo's By Round Evaluation: Round 1: Best Pick: waffles7 - Khalil Mack, OLB/DE - Didn't really know who to put here, everyone is a stud. Mack is a pass rusher and young though so I guess him? "Worst" Pick: BringinDaPain - Luke Kuechly, MLB - Don't get me wrong. I like the player (hard not to in the first round) but MLB is not a position that makes enough of a difference imo. And while he is an amazing player, he hasn't finished either of the past two seasons so there are some concerns over long term health. Round 2: Best Pick: winitall - Tyron Smith, OT - Again, round 2, players are still studs. Protecting the QB is priority #1 and Smith is top 3 and still only 26. Worst Pick: ny92jefferies - Tom Brady, QB - In a format like this, Brady will give you a 2 maybe 3 year window. There are too many talented young players to pick him there imo. Although I guess it would depend on how the rest of the team is built. Round 3: Best Pick: waffles7 - Mike Evans, WR HM: Antonio Brown - I didnt realize how thin top end WR's are now a days. Evans is a huge target and again, very young. Will help out any QB. Worst Pick: BringinDaPain - Laremy Tunsil, LT - I said protecting QB is priority #1 but Tunsil hasn't really played LT too much. Projecting players this early is risky. He can always become a great player but again, too big of a risk this early. Round 4: Best Pick: CaribouLou - Chris Harris, Jr., CB HM: Rob Gronkowski Round 4 for a top 3 CB who only recently turned 28? First steal so far imo. Worst Pick: BringinDaPain - Trai Turner, OG Again, good player but way too early for a position that doesn't impact the game as much as others. Better interior lineman out there too Round 5: Best Pick: NickChowaniec - Xavier Rhodes, CB Again, young #1 corner. Position is thin, good value. All players this round seemed appropriate imo Worst Pick: Dont have a worst pick. Great selections this round. Round 6: Best Pick: jonnguy2015 - David Bakhtari, OT I was so sad I couldn't get him. He's a young, pass blocking dominate, tackle. This late is steal #2 Worst Pick: ny92jefferies - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB He's a good player but 31 and isn't a starter on his own team, playing mostly in the slot. Too early imo Round 7: Best Pick: CaribouLou - Taylor Lewan, OT Young, upper tier 2 LT. Gotta protect the QB Worst Pick: ny92jefferies - Devonta Freeman, RB Not really any bad picks this round. Only chose this pick because RB's are devalued. But he's a good player Round 8: Best Pick: CaribouLou - Ndamukong Suh, DT He is the most talented player this round. Still a top 3 DT but he is getting up there in age Worst Pick: CrashMan10 - Jordan Reed, TE Not because I dont like the guy, he's a huge threat at TE, but he has never finished a season, starting no more than 8 games a season. Round 9: Best Pick: Epochalypse - Damon Harrison, DT I know he isnt the best pass rusher, but he is DOMINATE against the run. His presence will create lots of 2nd and 3rd and longs for your defense. Worst Pick: None. Maybe one of the middle linebackers because of injury concerns? but they're great players and worth a selection here (Kendricks and Shazier) Round 10: Best Pick: waffles7 - Jameis Winston, QB QB position is the most important and Winston, flaws and all, is a top 3 young QB in the game (under 25). Worst Pick: CaribouLou - Devon McCourty, S Just because of age. He's about to be 31. How many more years does he have to play at a high level? imo around 2-3. Round 11: Best Pick: CaribouLou - Josh Norman, CB HM: AJ Bouye Norman is a #1 zone corner. I love AJ Bouye and was hoping to get him as he is still young and great in man2man. Worst Pick: BringinDaPain - Logan Ryan, CB Much better corners available. At best Ryan is a #2 corner. Round 12: Best Pick: Epochalypse - Casey Heyward, CB HM: TY Hilton Great corner, biggest question is health as he has not finished a season yet. Worst Pick: BringinDaPain - Star Lotulelei, DT HM: Bradley Roby Star has been mediocre compared to other DT's in the league. Taking him here was a huge reach. I love Roby but he's currently a #3 corner while current #1 corners are available Round 13: Best Pick: winitall -Taylor Decker, OT He displayed strong pass blocking skills and is very young Worst Pick: CrashMan10 - Ricky Wagner, OT He's a good player, but tackles get overrated when they hit FA and he is one of those imo. Round 14: Best Pick: CrashMan10 - Brandon Scherff, OG I think he was #1 on everyones big board at the time of this selection. Young and a very very good player already. Worst Pick: None. Maybe Marcus Cannon d/t age? Round 15: Best Pick: waffles7 - Jamie Collins, OLB Dynamic and Versatile Worst Pick: jonnguy2015 - Jason Garrett, HC HM: Marcell Dareus It's not too long ago he was on the hot seat. I don't think he elevates his players and isn't worth being the second HC taken in the draft. Dareus, despite all of his talent appears to have too much off the field baggage imo. Not too bad of a spot for him i suppose though given his talent. Round 16: Best Pick: jonnguy2015 - Mike Daniels, DL An impact lineman even if stats don't show it Worst Pick: None Round 17: Best Pick: jonnguy2015 - Carlos Dunlap, DE Been underrated his whole career. Solid against the pass and run and can get his hands up to bat passes Worst Pick: CrashMan10 - Jabrill Peppers, S A man without a position and overrated athleticism Round 18: Best Pick: winitall - Matt Ryan, QB How did you all let the reigning MVP fall this far?? Worst Pick: None Round 19: Best Pick: jonnguy2015 - Reshad Jones, S A top 5 SS. Not sure how he fell this far either. I know I overlooked him Worst Pick: BringinDaPain - Jonathan Cyprien, S Solid run defender, but not much more Round 20: Best Pick: winitall - Dak Prescott, QB Worst Pick: None Last of the top 3 young QB's (under 25). Not sure how he lasted this long either. Round 21: Best Pick: jonnguy2015 - Justin Tucker, K Best special teamer and is still very young. Worst Pick: None Round 22: Best Pick: NickChowaniec - Sammy Watkins, WR If and its a big if, he can stay healthy, he's a #1 receiver. Worst Pick: waffles7 - Martavis Bryant, WR Not a fan of players with off field issues and have been out of the game for a year. Round 23: Best Pick: CaribouLou - Ryan Kerrigan, OLB Very underrated player and him lasting this long is representative of that Worst Pick: waffles7 - Vernon Hargraves, CB QB's completed 70% of their passes his way
  14. I'll have me: Andrew Whitworth (OT) Quinton Spain (OG) Andrew Villanueva (OT)
  15. I'm just messing around. Luckily this is almost over and you can focus on real life.