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  1. I don't get why they are so adamant on making Wilk a RT. He was a pretty good guard and looks like one playing tackle. The biggest thing he has going for him right now is his age. At 26 with as much starting experience as he has had, he would be an ideal back up. We'll see if he's able to come back for back up money though.
  2. Alim McNeill looks like an interesting Dlineman as well in the 2nd round.
  3. So Paton served as the right hand man for Rick Spielman who is known for trading down in the draft. If Paton follows suit and ends up trading down to say Pick 15-20 or so. Who would your early targets be right now? I would advocate for Kwity Paye (as athletic as they come. Reminds me of Danielle Hunter, where he didn't have as much production coming out), Christian Barmore (Still so young and has shown ability to take over a game), Jaycee Horn (Aqib Talib esque that can match up with TEs if needed?), and Zaven Collins (Better AJ). It's almost a shame we have invested so much into the O-Li
  4. I think thats always the question with aging players who also have had recent injuries. Is it a possibility? Sure... but also, it has been a few years since he has been a great corner with additional injuries since then along with PED use. If he was to sign for a 1 year and 1 mil? yeah, worth the risk. But 1 year 12 mil, not worth that risk. Personally, I think he is best as a #3 corner where the #2 is a strong slot player. I doubt he'll want to play for #3 corner money and isn't a special teams player either.
  5. In a pinch, I guess... but if you're in a pinch it probably means you don't have any great options anyways. I wouldn't expect him to shut down his guy or anything. He won't be a sieve but won't be a difference maker either. I'd say at this point he's an average #2 corner where his best matchup is against bigger WRs. It's also a little difficult to judge this past season for him. He got injured week 1, came back for a week then was out for a concussion, then was suspended. At age 29, did he have bad luck this year, or is it a sign of his regression. In this case, I'm feeling its the latte
  6. Little bit of both. IMO he'd be fine as a #2 but no longer is a #1 corner. Had a high price tag with no dead cap along with an upcoming 4 game suspension next year.
  7. I'm hoping he takes a pay cut to stay. I like Casey and think he'd be a great mentor for our younger players while also being a productive player himself.
  8. We can agree to disagree although I don't necessarily disagree with a lot of what you say either. The nfl is interesting given it didn't used to follow college trends quite as much as it does now. I think with the way the game is being officiated now is making it much much closer to what the college game is. Here is an article about Nick Saban basically admitting offense wins in the college game. I'll leave it at that though and we can get the topic back on track of college prospects. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30177093/alabama-crimson-tide-nick-saban-concede
  9. KCs run game actually was pretty successful. They should have stuck with that much longer than they did, especially against 2/3 high safeties.
  10. I don't disagree with TB not being the reason why they won that specific game but my point is, in order to build a team that can consistently have the opportunity to even be in the game, let alone win it, you need a top QB. That's not to say you can't win one without a top QB, but they are going to be far fewer in between. I'm also not saying Watson is going to come in and instantly turn us into contenders right away. But he will definitely give us the opportunity to be contenders in the future. Vs drafting an unknown, if he doesn't turn out, you're set back 3 years, then draft another unknown
  11. Of course that team is stacked... I’m not saying it isn’t. And definitely if Mahomes was TBs QB it would have been a worse blowout. Not sure what you’re disagreeing with me on...
  12. I mean... Their D-line is composed of JPP (FA) - Suh (FA) - Vea (1st rd pick) - Barrett (FA). If anything, they invested much more in their linebackers and defensive backs. Linebackers are White (1st rd pick) - David (2nd rd pick). Corners are David (2nd rd pick) - Murphy (2nd rd) - Dean (3rd rd). Safeties are Whitehead (4th rd) and Winfield Jr (2nd). More so, its telling that this team missed the playoffs last year at 7-9, good for 3rd in their division, without Brady. Even if we give away the next 2 years of draft, Watson will be 27 and in his prime. By that time we can util
  13. You can even see it now in the NBA too with Michael Jordan and his 7 championships vs Lebron and his current 4.
  14. Don't think this needs its own thread so I'll put it here: We've hired Christian Parker as our new DB coach. Posted his bio below. Seems to have a strong resume of having worked with top defensive units. https://www.packers.com/team/coaches-roster/christian-parker https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/11522/christian-parker-has-chance-to-be-outstanding-coach
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