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  1. Grizmo's 2019 Mock Draft

    Ed Oliver is consistently mocked between pick 5 and 14. With the depth on Dline in this draft, it's not crazy to think teams will consider taking other players in the first and take advantage of the depth of the position. Harry is one of about 8 other WR's who are ranked in the first two rounds and in various orders. Depending on team's boards, Harry could definitely be there in the 2nd. Warring is in a cluster of TE's too. You have Hockenson, Fant, Smith Jr., Sternberger, Knox, Smith, Oliver, Moreau, Wilson, and Raymond. I don't see 11 TE's going in the first three rounds... Warring definitely has a chance to be there in the early 5th. Saying Ford and Simmons will be drafted barely different than the spots I have them at isn't saying anything...If i'm off by 2/3rds of a round or more, then sure. If you have them rated that differently then I can see why you would think they're not good value. But 8-10 picks more isn't considered a reach at all, I just value Ford a tad more than you do. As Royal_VT said, mocks "generally fall under wishful thinking". I'm going to mock up my ideal scenario, not my 4th best case scenario... With all that said, what do you like/not like about the players i've selected for our team and their fit? Let's have some discussion.
  2. Grizmo's 2019 Mock Draft

    Love is a baller who I think would fit in along side CHJ on the outside with Callahan in the slot and Jackson at safety. Being on a 4 year deal, he'll have his contract end around the same time Callahan, Jackson and potentially CHJ on a new deal would be up. I dont think you can ever have too many corners and having Love compete with Yiadom would be great for both their developments and also give us insurance for potentially if any injuries come up (both callahan and jackson have multiple seasons of having missed games). If not at the tail end of the 2nd round, I would look for David Long in the middle rounds. We can agree to disagree on Ford. I do agree he is on the heavier side and I would prefer him to go down to 320 from 330, but even at 330 he was in the top 5 of 3 cone drill and top 10 in the 20 yard shuttle. Additionally, he definitely isnt in the same tier as Nelson, but I like him better than Frank Ragnow, Billy Price, Will Hernandez, Braden Smith, James Daniels and Connor Williams who went in the top 2 rounds last year. Risner is ok imo. I like him, but I like Ford much better. Garrett is close due to his athleticism but I want to see McGovern there and see what he can do.
  3. Grizmo's 2019 Mock Draft

    Here are my mock drafts for this year, one (A) assuming we stay put and another (B) with trades. Mock Draft A Round 1 #10: Ed Oliver (DL) Ed Oliver played all across the Houston defensive line. That is a feature Fangio has mentioned he expects of all of his D-lineman. With all of our D-line starters up for free agency after this year, Oliver would project to secure one slot and bring back an interior pass rush we have missed since Malik Jackson. Added, he's great against the run. I would love to see what Kollar can do with a talent like Oliver and see if he can coach him up to be our Aaron Donald. Round 2 #41: N'Keal Harry (WR) Harry isn't sudden. He's not incredibly agile. He's not an Emmanuel Sanders type of player. But he does have sneaky long speed and great hands similar to Deandre Hopkins. Sutton and Harry would form a tough combination. We would still need a quick route runner for the slot, but his passion and feistiness would elevate our offenses intensity. Round 3 #71: Chuma Edoga (OT) As a former 5* recruit, he is athletic and smooth and can be nasty as well. What has him falling is his height (6'3) and that he doesn't show high effort throughout the entirety of the play, being content with initial wins vs his opponent. He is hit or miss in looking for work besides his initial counterpart. If he can have a fire lit under him, he can be a steal though as he is exactly the kind of swing tackle to develop with potential to become a starter. Round 4 #125: Justin Hollins (OLB) Following FA, we have Miller, Chubb and a player who flashed but was also on the Practice Squad basically all year in Holland. With Ray and Barrett gone, we need another edge player to help keep our all star OLB's fresh. Hollins has speed (4.5 40 time) and size (6'5 248lbs) to try to develop into an impact player. Round 5 #148: Kahale Warring (TE) Solid all around player with surprising acceleration and really good blocking skills. He looks pretty good and I'm surprised he's not being talked about a little more but that helps this mock out as he falls to us. Round 5 #156: Terez Hall (ILB) Hall reminds me of a poor mans Deion Jones as he is undersized, aggressive and powerful. Where he falls short is his instincts aren't quite where you want them as he doesn't work his way down the line and show some patience, rather shooting the first hole he can. This leads to openings in the running game. Hall has the makings of a great special teams player at the very least with upside to be a solid role player with Reggie Herring's tutelage. Round 6 #182: Albert Huggins (DL) Played well in the championship game. Worth a flier to see if he is a good player just stuck behind a couple of 1st rounders. Round 7 #237: Jimmy Moreland (CB) Very undersized at 5' 10 175lbs but had elite production and played well in the all star games. Mock Draft B Trade: #10 (Dwayne Haskins) to the NYG for #17, #95, 2020 second round pick After selecting Devin White at pick #6, the Giants trade up for Dwayne Haskins. Not only do we get an additional mid round pick this year but we gain some ammunition next year should we decide to pursue a QB in the 2020 draft. Round 1 #17: Cody Ford (OG/OT) Ford imo is underrated and i'm not sure why besides maybe his height? He is powerful, nasty, and finishes blocks as he shows high effort. Although he is 330lbs he is sneaky athletic for that size. While he might fit at tackle in a power scheme, he likely would not have the necessary athleticism there in a zone scheme. With McGovern shifting to center this year, we have a need at guard and Ford is up there with the best of them. (I'd argue second best IOL prospect in the past two years after Nelson). The two main ways to aid our QB's is with a stellar line and defense. Round 2 #41: Jeffery Simmons (DL) Getting that future second implies we are future focused for our team. We have a solid group of D-line starters this year but next year is a different story. Simmons should be healthy by next year and projected to be a Fletcher Cox type player pre-injury. Barring a crazy run, we likely aren't Superbowl contenders this year so taking a potential pro-bowler at a needed position is a no brainer. Trade: Broncos give: Rnd 3 #71 and Rnd 4 #125 New Orleans give: Round 2 #62 Why would NO trade? They don't have a 1st or 3rd or 4th round pick and could use an extra pick in the middle rounds. Round 2 #62: Julian Love (CB) Julian Love's getting his hands on balls. 16 PBU this past year and 20 PBU's the year before. He's a good tackler and plays with passion. Every corner this year has flaws and Julian does as well as he does not possess top end speed but he has the instincts to put himself is solid position. Round 3 #95: Parris Campbell (WR) Campbell is a world class athlete but he is 100% a project as the majority of his catches were on crossers or screens. He reminds me of Cordarrelle Patterson in the ways he has succeeded thus far. He's a two time captain though so that gives me faith that he is willing to work to continue to improve his route running and become more than a gadget player. Ideally he would be available in the 4th but I highly doubt it due to his athleticism which is special enough to take a chance on now. Round 5 #148: Kahale Warring (TE) Solid all around player with surprising acceleration and really good blocking skills. He looks pretty good and I'm surprised he's not being talked about a little more but that helps this mock out as he falls to us. Round 5 #156: Terez Hall (ILB) Hall reminds me of a poor mans Deion Jones as he is undersized, aggressive and powerful. Where he falls short is his instincts aren't quite where you want them as he doesn't work his way down the line and show some patience, rather shooting the first hole he can. This leads to openings in the running game. Hall has the makings of a great special teams player at the very least with upside to be a solid role player with Reggie Herring's tutelage. Round 6 #182: Cody Thompson (WR) Thompson isn't the fastest or most agile receiver as he plays similar to Chris Hogan or Adam Theilen. He does have a high IQ and is all around solid with athleticism as his biggest weakness. Round 7 #237: Jimmy Moreland (CB) Very undersized at 5' 10 175lbs but had elite production and played well in the all star games.
  4. Draft Prospects

    Campbell is definitely an interesting prospect but he is incredibly raw. His route running needs A LOT of work. I wouldn't take him before our 3rd round pick and ideally with our 4th rounder but not sure he lasts that long. He does have special athleticism though.
  5. Draft Prospects

    Pre-Comine, my top 15 draft preferences are: 1: Nick Bosa (OLB) - I know, we have Miller and Chubb but Von's contract lasts 3 more years and you never pass up elite talent. Bosa and Chubb in 2-3 years would keep our elite pass rush. 2: Quinnen Williams (DE) - Elite talent at 5T 3: Ed Oliver (DE) - Potential to be a true difference maker as a 3T. Size is overstated I believe. We'll see after the combine though. Regardless, he plays bigger than his size and can continue to get bigger. His get off and athleticism is top notch though. Bill Kollar working with him would be unfair. 4: Greedy Williams (CB) - True ball hawk. Can put on weight in the next year or two and will need to be coached to be more physical, but from a coverage/potential standpoint he can be a perennial pro-bowler. 5: Jonah Williams (T) - Issues of length are exaggerated. Can bring stability to our RT position as he has everything besides nastiness. Foot speed, hand placement, etc. 6: Jawan Taylor (T) - More of the prototypical size and nastiness while being a very athletic player as well. I see him some what like Cordy Glenn. 7: Trade Down 8: Cody Ford (T/OG) - Would need to continue to lose a little bit of weight and get under 330lbs. Has the possibility to stick at RT but possibly would have to move to Guard where he can excel as well. 9: DK Metcalf (WR) - I know, we took two WR's last year. But Sanders will be out after this year. Sutton already has shown he can be an amazing jump ball receiver but I see him as a great #2. Metcalf has everything you would want, Injury concerns being the only question. Hence a target after a trade down. 10: Byron Murphy (CB) - At minimum he will be an amazing slot CB which is a starter in todays nfl. Size is the only question though has he is physical and has great cover skills. 11: Devon White (ILB) - Im not as high on his as others and the position is one where great players can be found later in the draft. He does have potential though to be amazing if things come together as he has prototypical size and speed. Lacks awareness as he is new to the position though. 12: Kyler Murray (QB) - If Murray was 6'2 there would be no question he's the number 1 pick in the draft. He has arm strength and best pure accuracy in the draft. His size is definitely a cause for concern but after a trade down, he would be worth the risk. Worst case scenario is he leaves for baseball after 2 years of a failed experiment and we're in the position for taking another QB in the 2021 draft (hint hint Lawrence hint). 13: Andre Dillard (LT) - Dillard is the closest to a pure LT there is in this draft but he comes from a spread scheme which leads to lots of questions. Worth the potential though. 14: Jeffery Simmons (DT) - Aside from injury and possible character concerns (although there has been glowing reviews of him since college) he is an elite talent that we can wait for since we wont be super bowl contenders this year. 15: Drew Lock (QB) - I'm not the biggest Lock fan, but similar to the Murray explanation, he will have two years to show us he can be a great player, if not we'll be in position to draft a QB in 2021. You miss all the shots you don't take and at option 15, this is a risk worth taking. The one caveat that I can't control for is desire/passion for football. I place that incredibly highly in prospects but I won't have the information that teams do on that front. So depending on how the team views that passion, I could see these being rearranged pretty significantly. Top 10 I value potential to be a true difference maker in the league. A possible top 10 player at the position. After that, I want to build a team that would allow a future young QB to have a successful supporting cast (think Texans pre-Watson). We'll see how the combine and more research changes things but i'll probably update this one, maybe two more times before the draft. Bonus! Round two targets depending on round 1 outcome: Jerry Tillery (DE) - 5T Dalton Risner (RT) Kelvin Harmon (WR) Julian Love (CB) Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (SS) Other players I like: Germaine Pratt (ILB) Rodney Anderson (RB) Taylor Rapp (SS)
  6. 2019 NFL Draft General Discussion

    Extremely small sample size but I just watched the LSU vs Auburn game, focusing on Devin White and I was extremely underwhelmed. He looks to have good size and great speed but constantly over ran plays, tackled high, misdiagnosed plays, and is mediocre as a blitzer. I heard he had a good game vs Georgia so ill check that out before I write him off, but was looking forward to a great linebacker coming out this year.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    My very amateur and limited analysis of Dwayne Haskins is: Positives: Arm Strength Very quick release Ball placement Able to thread the needle and make all the throws NFL body (6'3 220lbs) Negatives: One read then check down Movement in pocket (gets to the end of his drop and doesn't climb the pocket) Accuracy suffers under even a little pressure He would really benefit from another year at the college level but he has a lot of tools to really like.
  8. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    that's not johnathan hankins :'(
  9. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    You talking about draft pick cheap? Ok, we traded up for Lynch, Ray, And Latimer.
  10. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    What?... We spent tons of money on Manning, Ward, Talib, Ware, Stewart and Sanders. That's not including extensions to Harris, DT, Anderson and Von. We went to two superbowls and won one... Our team got picked apart and Our FAs given large deals. That's what happens when you're a successful team. We're in the position we're in because of poor drafting, not because of being cheap.
  11. I think that's too far. I don't like the depth of this draft too much. I think there are going to be good starters but few pro bowlers. Furthest id want to trade down is 15 but would want picks in next year's draft.
  12. He played very well against TCU twice, Ohio State, and Georgia. Those are top 20 defenses that he went 1249 yards, 12 TDs and 1 int with a 69% completion percentage in. It's a tough question but id lean towards Rosen. He's an extremely talented passer. My hesitations towards him though is his attitude and rumors of how he isn't a good teammate. Also, his injury history is being overlooked. Feels a bit like Sam Bradford in that respect.
  13. What I mean by #1 is that every single quarterback coming into the league has questions over whether or not they can transfer to the NFL. I would rather take a chance on a guy like Mayfield who excelled in his scheme and against some great defenses even though it's not in a pro scheme. As opposed to someone who might have played in a pro style scheme But not able to have quite the success as youd like to see. Or someone like Allen where the talk is that his team was poor. Great quarterbacks elevate their teammates play.
  14. Probably not a popular idea but at #5 I hope we go either: 1.) Baker Mayfield I really really like this kid. Questions about his play are purely speculative. He has succeeded in the scheme he was put in at the highest level possible in college football. I like his fire, and the fact that he has worked as a walk on twice in order to be in the position he's in. His work ethic shouldn't be in question the way it is. 2.) Quenton Nelson He is probably the best Guard prospect to come out in a really really long time. I think he has Steve Hutchinson potential. Not only is he physically imposing, but reports are that he is incredibly smart. I know the position isn't as highly coveted, but the eagles showed how far a good line can go. Bolles - Nelson - Paradis - Leary - ? is beginning to look formidable. IMO he his the safest pick in this draft and a surefire all-pro. At the very least a pro bowler in year 1. With how unpredictable the draft can be, I would rather take a surefire stud and a slightly lower positional value, than chance missing completely. 3.) Trade down. Our roster isn't nearly as deep as it used to be. We have holes and depth issues pretty much everywhere throughout the roster except at safety. If we can money ball a little bit this year, we can set ourselves up for the next few years very well. A trade down from 5 to 15 with Arizona should net us an extra 2nd this year and 1st next year. That will give us a lot of valuable resources to re-tool our team. We can then target someone like Roquan Smith or a RT.
  15. Maybe you can have the other people who wanted to participate but couldn't/didn't create rankings and decide a winner? People like Eagles, and councilor? I liked writing up best offense, best defense, best team short term, best team long term, overall best team, best coaches, best special teams, etc.