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  1. Yep he didn't have to jump, he took himself out of the endzone
  2. Sorry I'm not sure. I can't remember a penalty being called on the other team during a Browns game
  3. So what's the excuse for Rashard Higgins not playing this week
  4. Agreed. Neither have shown much in the preseason but Coley's competition for a spot has played much better than Devalve's. Coley making the team would be much more surprising, with both of their base cap numbers looking similar to me, but Then again I have no idea how thr salary cap works sometimes haha.
  5. Sad to hear Lamar Miller likely tore his ACL, never want to see a guy go down with a serious injury like that. On a happier note the a Duke Johnson pick just went from a 99% change if being a 3rd rounder to a 99.9% chance.
  6. I think OT is the biggest need. We have 3 options that are questionable at best. Robinson has high level talent and played fairly well for us last year but has a much longer history as a disappointment and needs to show long-term that last year was who he really is. Hubbard is a rotational OT at best in my opinion and Harrison is long term project that is probably at least 1 season away from being quality starter if we're lucky. 2nd I choose OG. Until Corbett shows he's a capable starter on the field I'm not confident in him holding the position down. 3rd would be LB. We drafted 2 but neither screams plug and play starter and both of our returning locks for starter could be gone in the next year or 2. Joe because we won't be able to give him a huge contact with everyone else we need to sign and Christian because his production hasn't been great the past couple of years. I'd add a 4th spot for sold backup QB. If baker went down for a long period of time I could see our win total drop from 10-12 to 5-7 and some of our bigger personalities not being happy.
  7. I never said the East was stronger. You said having Lebron would give the Lakers home court advantage if they played in the East. Given the Lakers record vs the East that's highly unlikely. If anything playing vs the East more would likely mean a worse record for the Lakers. You're the one moving goalposts, not me. At this point we should just drop it since it has nothing to do with the Cavs.
  8. That has nothing to do with the Lakers this year.
  9. It's not semantics. They have a much better winning percentage vs the West. There's no reason to believe if they played more games vs the East they'd suddenly start winning vs them at a much higher rate. There's no reason to think they'd make the playoffs in that East this year giving the facts.
  10. I'm saying the Lakers have a much better winning percentage vs the West than the East. You know, because facts.
  11. There's a lot of ways to go with these picks, but this would make me as happy as any scenario I can think of, short of someone falling a round. The only issue I see is that would mean our entire secondary would be up for new contracts at the same time, if I understand rookie contracts correctly.
  12. The Lakers are 10-18 vs the East and 21-23 vs the West. Playing in the East would almost certainly mean more losses not less.
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