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  1. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    I played against TC in high school. Based on his QB play, he'd make Klay Kubiak look like Joe Montana on steroids. Can't speak to his coaching ability, but this wreaks of nepotism.
  2. So I want to Move...

    It has one of the best economy's in the country, and a lot of companies are moving their headquarters there due to ample access to top talent, and a decent tax rate (this will change though- Thanks Californians!). When I drive into Denver from Boulder for work I always count the amount of cranes due to the growth over the past 10 years. Denver is nice- but it isn't without problems that plague every other metropolitan area you'd want to live in. It's getting expensive, there is still rampant homelessness and it's only gotten worse as we've passed more lenient policies around them, and traffic can be a nightmare due to an old infrastructure that can't handle the growth and population boom. Growing up in Boulder (and still living here) I always talk about wanting to move somewhere, but every time I go somewhere I think the same thing: "this is nice, but it isn't as nice as home".
  3. So I want to Move...

    Nope, Colorado is full. But in all seriousness look at some places around Colorado's front range. There are still some affordable pockets of Denver that are up-and-coming West of the city, or, up North near Fort Collins. Colorado Springs is also beautiful but can be a sort of culture shock for some. It's got the perfect climate and all 4 seasons, winters are mild compared to NY, and there's a lot to do.
  4. 2019 Transfer Thread

    CU should be an obvious landing spot for him with Mel Tucker taking over as head coach and their obvious need for a back with experience.
  5. So I want to Move...

    A lot of people talking about California forget that 95% of the state is actually a crap hole. Yes, there are great places around the coast, but the bulk of places people live are horrible (inland empire, Bakersfield, etc). ' Also, Cwood, please point to a listing near Laguna with 2bds and 2 baths for $185K. It's either condemned, or a fake listing. I've spent time in Southern CA, Bay area, and Sacramento. Also, people forget that although Texas has no state income tax, their property taxes and others are MUCH higher to make up for the revenue difference of no state income tax. Whatever you do, don't move to Colorado. It's horrible, there's nothing to do, you never see the sun and the people are trash.
  6. Christmas Gift Ideas

    Here's the situation, in the span of about two weeks I have Christmas (25th), my girlfriends birthday (30th), and our one year anniversary (Jan 9th) and I am running really low on gift ideas. The big gift I'm planning on surprising her with is a week long trip to CA during spring break to drive down the PCH starting in SF and ending in San Diego, but I'm running really low on other smaller items and she isn't helpful when I ask her what she wants. I know the smart thing to do would probably be break up with her and see if we can get back together after Valentines Day, but let's face it, I'm not a smart guy, and I love her. So far she said she wants some Korean skin care face masks and that's it. I've thought about getting her a subscription box to either a women's fashion outlet or a makeup line, but it seems like that kills a lot of the thought involved and I may as well get her a gift card. I've reached out to her parents for potential ideas, as well as her friends, but I'm trying to do this as autonomously as possible. So far I'm thinking about getting her a few matching Calvin Klein underwear sets (Instagram tells me these are super hot right now), some apple air pods (because let's be honest, who needs sound quality when you can be trendy), and making some sort of cliche coupon book full of romantic acts and chores that I can do. Other than that, I'm stumped. Do you all have any input on gifts you've gotten your significant other that they've liked and may not have broken the bank? Aside from the trip, which I'm probably going to use my credit card points on, I'd like to keep all of these below $1000.
  7. Colorado fires Mike MacIntyre

    People forget that Bieniemy was the OC for CU under Embree, and we all know how that worked out. I think one name that should be mentioned is Jim McElwain. Had success at another Colorado school and for a time at Florida. would most likely be inexpensive. Helfrich is the name I like, but wouldn't be surprised if CU missed on a few of their main targets.
  8. Colorado fires Mike MacIntyre

    Colorado could easily be a big name program in the country again. They have THE BEST STADIUM in college football, and have upgraded their facilities tremendously. It should be an easy sell to college recruits. I also think that it's a job that would really excite a hot coordinator. You have the best WR/athlete in the country, most likely a senior QB coming back, and you have one of the best recruiting classes of MM tenure coming in. O-line will be markedly better, and the defense should to. Whoever takes over could easily inherit an 8-10 win team next year.
  9. Denver Nuggets Thread

    Love this Nuggets team. If it wasn't for the Warriors, I'd say they may be legit contenders. Jokic hasn't even played to his potential offensively, but he's so nasty with the ball it's almost like having a 7 foot point guard. Barton coming back will help a ton, but at this point, IT may never see the court.
  10. Broncos VS Texans GDT

    LOL. If Elway drafted Kyler Murray at all, let alone with a first round pick, I'd be leading the mob in Cherry Hills with my pitch fork and torch.
  11. MMA Thread

    I know that Cormier only took this fight because he thinks it's an easy pay day, but the more I think about it, the more I can see Lewis upsetting him, and god it would be glorious. I know that DC is one of the best to ever do it, but for some reason I would love to watch him come to on his back at MSG with a pantless Black Beast standing over him.
  12. Ben Allbright who is usually fairly in touch thinks the Broncos are done. Just not getting offers as it seems teams are content to sit tight. We'll see what happens, but my guess is we may be done.
  13. I thought Elway got good value when Ray was drafted, but I never saw him as more than a Robert Ayers type, and we all now how well that worked out. It's also my main concern with Bradley Chubb. I don't doubt that he'll be a solid player for this team, but not a player that lives up to his top 5 draft billing. Hopefully I'm wrong, though.
  14. Broncos finalizing trade Demaryius Thomas to Texans for 4th rounder

    With Elway's draft record, their crop will be another long list of people that aren't in the league entering their third year.
  15. Ben Allbright on Twitter saying Shane Ray may be moved. God I hope so, just another bust in Elway's long list of misses.