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  1. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Ugh, I can’t believe a veteran poster is this stupid. Literal nonsense. It’s like the SJW crowd of FF is allergic to fact.
  2. Trade Deadline Rumors

    No he doesn’t, for the same reasons Tebow isn’t in the league.
  3. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    I totally understand where they're coming from. David Carr's career was completely derailed playing behind a trash o-line and he was never the same player. He had all the tools, but the beating he took broke him mentally and physically. Not sure if that would happen to Lock, and I think he should play, but I understand the inverse.
  4. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Justin Simmons is the best player on this team right now.
  5. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Lol Fant is a POS.
  6. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    The first down home run ball to the receiver that just ran a deep pattern and half added it back to the huddle is gold.
  7. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Neither back can get into rhythm being switched out every other play. No tempo.
  8. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Should have had nearly two minutes and one timeout to begin this drive. Fangio is pathetic at time management.
  9. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Fangio not using time out is pathetic. Moronic.
  10. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    AJ Johnson must be hurt. Been out the past two series.
  11. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Either Emmanuel is hurt, or they don’t want him to get hurt so they can move him based on how this offense is being ran.
  12. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Our offense can’t score 20 points so let’s face it, it’s over. Might as well trade CHJ to KC at half.
  13. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Anyone remember when Von used to be a game changing player? That’s gone.
  14. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

  15. Random Thoughts

    Charged with attempted murder. I work a street down from where he shot that woman. Was pretty crazy seeing the police response. I thought it would be a domestic incident but apparently he was high on cocaine and hiding from the Russian Mafia. CTE defense incoming.