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  1. Got more balls than you ever will. Don’t even have stones to @ someone. Weak.
  2. Apologies. I’ll remove myself, but they’ve hanged up on me for differing opinions on a team.
  3. Naw, I’m a Buff. But, Mines is a top DII program, better than 99.9% of this site could do.
  4. This is rich. I had the balls to compete. If your takes are a metaphor for your life, send me your gofundme and I’ll see what I can do. Not much, suspect.
  5. Did this comment make you feel better? I miss the days of you getting cuck’d. If you cared about that as much as OSU maybe your life would’ve turned out better...
  6. Honestly, talking to anyone from Ohio is exhausting. I’ll need a two martini dinner now, thank you, sir!
  7. Coming from a Rams fan, this is great. Nix is worth $129M more than Goff you low life 😭
  8. I played football at a P5 school, and you can barely play with yourself tbh.
  9. I know, it’s overrun with delusional OSU fans that can’t do basic math, let alone analyze football.
  10. It’s true, people from Ohio shouldn’t have rights. Ohio State couldnt move the ball on Auburn. Overrated every year thanks to the Big was 10 schedule.
  11. No. Ohio State couldn’t move the ball on Auburn. Crazy people from Ohio, and this is why their state shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
  12. Auburn would beat Ohio State by two TDs tbh. No big 10 team should be in the playoff.
  13. Laugh all you want. Bama beats OSU 42-17 or something like that. With their running game, they could easily control 2/3 of the TOP. OSU couldn’t stop them.
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