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  1. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Taking Chubb at #5 is the equivalent of taking Tyson Jackson #3 overall. You're going to get a solid player that can be a contributor for 10 years, but that's never going to live up to their draft status. I think Chubb has a higher ceiling than Jackson, but I don't see a generational type player, does everything well but doesn't excel in any one area.
  2. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    That was a thoroughly disappointing performance, but it's exactly what this team is-mediocre, at best. The game couldn't have started any better with the blocked punt, one play and touchdown. We all knew that our offense wasn't going to set the world on fire, but I think people underestimated how much this defense is going to struggle throughout the year, as Baltimore cut through them like a hot knife through butter to tie the game and dominate the second and third quarters. I honestly thought after the opening touchdown Denver had a good chance to win and win convincingly, but our secondary is BAD (including CHJ at times), and our front 7 is poor. Wolfe has never been an elite player, and Peko seems to be the only person playing with passion. We also couldn't get pressure on a statue, aside from one or two cleanup sacks. I've been saying it all along, but Keenum is closer to the QB that got benched in LA than the QB that performed well last season in Minnesota. He just doesn't have the physical tools to be an elite player at his position, and that was exposed yesterday. You can't put the game in his hands and expect to win. It's that simple. If this team gets down by double digits, it's over. I thought Musgrave did a poor job yesterday of calling plays to ease the burden on Case and allow him simple, short throws to give WRs an opportunity for YAC. His turnovers and sacks come from Musgrave asking him to do too much with football, and Keenums own timidness to make a mistake, which he did anyways. Garrett Bolles is just not a good player, plain and simple, and will be nothing more than an average player in this league. I know T Suggs is one of the best to ever do it, but at 36 years old if you can't handle him one-on-one, especially when you're praised for your mean streak and agility, you're not ready to be an above-average player in this league. To top it off, he'd tackle him and look up like "what'd I do?" I may catch heat for this but to me Bradley Chubb was a wasted pick at #5. He's a rich-mans Robert Ayers. He's a good player at the point-of-attack, but he'll never be an elite pass rusher, and is being forced to play out of position in our 3-4. The big problem with not drafting a QB when you have two (and possibly three if you wanted to move up for Darnold), that are elite prospects at #5 is that Keenum is good enough to let you wallow in mediocrity (7-9, 8-8) to the point where you won't have the opportunity to draft an elite QB prospect without mortgaging the farm. You're not going to win championships, but you're not bad enough to have high draft capital to rebuild your team like you did after last year. That's a huge problem, and the reason that Elway is going to be unemployed in 2020. The lack of forethought to see the make-up of this roster and realize that you aren't talented enough to compete in the next 2-3 years is reason enough to draft the QBOTF. We didn't, and we'll pay the price of being a meddling team for the next 3-5 seasons barring an unforeseen signing a la Manning, or lightning in a bottle (mid-round QBOTF). With all that said, the main change that needs to be made is parting ways with Vance ASAP, and I mean yesterday. The man doesn't have the makeup of an NFL head coach. You can see it in the play on the field and the players on the sideline. A real coach would've let Joe Woods walk and taken ownership of his staff and VJ doesn't do that. I know Elway's ego won't let him admit he made a mistake, hence why VJ is still here, but if he wants to keep his job change is needed and needed now.
  3. N’Keal Harry best WR prospect since...?

    Yes, Viska is a better and more versatile prospect. Can do everything. Has track speed, can run the ball with power, can outbody and muscle smaller corners. Dude is Tavon Austin but built like an H-Back.
  4. N’Keal Harry best WR prospect since...?

    Yeah, he's a better player and more versatile. Will be the one of the top receivers in next years draft.
  5. N’Keal Harry best WR prospect since...?

    Not even the best prospect in the Pac-12. Laviska Shenault from Colorado is the best WR in the country.
  6. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 2: 9/8/2018)

    The only answer here is the best WR in CFB...Laviska Shenault from Colorado. Dude is a nightmare for defensive coordinators.
  7. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    I'll post a brief synopsis of my thoughts including the good and the bad here The Good: Our receiving Corps: DT and Sanders looked like the players of old. Yes, DT dropped a couple of balls, but we're used to this. Clearly he's lost a step speed-wise as evidenced by the screen pass he caught at the two and would've taken 98 yards in his prime, but he's still a matchup nightmare due to his size and ability to create space. Sanders looked phenomenal, don't really have anything to add, and Sutton flashed with the ball in his hands. Our TEs: We knocked this group consistently but they actually had a decent game and opened up significant holes in the run game and caught the balls thrown their way. I was surprised at how much time LaCosse got, and clearly Musgrave is planning to rotate players through consistently. The O-line: One the hole, minus a handful of running plays and the one sack played a tremendous game, one of the best in recent memory. Pass Rush: Ungodly, need I say more? The inside pressure was surprising and Shelby Harris should be locked up. He's good Phil Lindsay: I'll be honest and say I didn't think that this guy would be on the roster, but he may be the best RB on the team. I loved the creativity to get him the ball in space and matched up on LBs and Safety's. He'll never be an every down guy, but we may have a formidable punch between him and Freeman moving forward. The Bad: We asked Keenum to do too much: My one knock on the offensive gameplan was how much we asked Keenum to do. Yes, he looked like a Pro Bowler at times, and at others looked like the guy that got benched in STL as two of those INTs were just head scratching throws. Yes, Seattle is one of the worst teams in the NFL, but we can't ask Keenum to do some of the things we did yesterday against the better teams on our schedule. Cover TEs: Again, we just simply can't cover TEs. It's honestly frustrating that we cannot find a player to do this. Yes, I get that Cravens was brought in for this reason, but I'm one of the people that didn't think he deserved to make this team due to his inability to get on the field and lack of passion for the game. Miscommunications: Yes, it's the first game of the year and these things are expected, but come on secondary. That big play to Lockett, and I'll have to re-watch it again, but it looked like CHJ thought he had help over the top but the safety on the play was out of position leading to a big play. Again, something that needs to be cleaned up if we want to compete with the better teams on our schedule. Devontae Booker: I honestly don't know why this guy is on the team. Would have much rather they released him and Poached Kapri Bibbs back off the Washington PS. He's terrible, has no vision, and really isn't that good in pass protection and the lone sack surrendered should be contributed to him. I'll have more thoughts when I have a chance to re-watch the game, but I am more optimistic on the season moving forward if we can clean up some of the above mentioned items.
  8. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    I'm not a huge fan of either. BSN puts out decent articles but their videos and podcasts just aren't good. Ryan is a good writer, and he should stick to that, because off the cuff he's not very funny, knowledgeable or fluid. I mainly have a few different follows on Twitter for Broncos news and editorials, but for the most part I come here. I've been following this site since '04 and used to post on the old forum, but it's a far cry from where it used to be.
  9. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    BSN is trash. Like literally I don't understand why people follow their coverage. As to this idea, I don't hate it, but it's not great. Fullbacks are battering rams, minor tweaks to a shoulder, knee, ankle whatever and your ST are screwed.
  10. Broncos vs Bears preseason gameday

    His skill set is is closer to Robert Ayers than it is to any elite pass rusher. He's got a good burst and can set the edge, but he's being wasted playing OLB in the 3-4. Like Champ and others have said he doesn't have the wiggle to be an elite pass rusher in the NFL.
  11. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Dennis and Mac are expendable? Not sure if serious...
  12. Barry (HBO)

    It's different than a lot of the shows listed, but still awesome in it's own way. Imagine a dark comedy version of Dexter. Henry Winkler is amazing, easily his best role in years, and the supporting cast is good, especially Noho Hank.
  13. Training Camp Thread

    At least Mac had initial success to fallback on. Vance has done little to garner any support from fans, media, etc that he's capable of doing the job. The funny thing to me is that everyone talked about him being a great players coach, but the product on the field shows he does little to nothing to inspire these men to fight for him. Seems like kind of a big deal.
  14. MMA Thread

    No she would get starched by an amateur male fighter. Every single thing that makes her special for women's MMA goes out the window. Speed, power, strength etc would become a disadvantage. Get this whack stuff outta here.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    IMO Elway may be on his way out if this team wins less than 9 games this year. The post-Manning sample size is enough to see that his approach hasn't worked, and a new vision is necessary.