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  1. The Travel Thread

    That's walkable with enough alcohol and a pretty cheap uber ride. Definitely more dive bars and a younger crowd toward Lauderdale Beach. It's Florida so formal attire can include a short sleeve button down and flip-flops. Run a quick Yelp search for whatever you're in the mood for. Not a huge Cuban scene in that area, but definitely decent pizza and Italian.
  2. Random Thoughts

    Denver has to have some of the worst sports media in the country. Like, obscenely bad. I can't listen anymore and I don't understand why decent guys like Troy Renck whore themselves out to the Big Al and Dmac's of the world.
  3. MMA Thread

    For the most part I agree with you, but DC is very hitable and Lesnar has sledgehammers for fists and would definitely have a punchers chance. A lot of it depends on Brock's comfort getting hit, and how much time he's spent training with his limited WWE commitments. My guess not much, but who else is there at heavyweight that can draw? Curtis Blaydes? Volkov? Lewis? No one wants to spend money to watch that fight.
  4. MMA Thread

    He also was moving toward the punch on the break, circling out to his left. Similar to the shot that Overeem caught him with and he was able to recover from. Props to DC for pouring it on and finishing the fight. He still isn't better than Jones on any planet, but he's a likable guy who works his *** off and by all accounts earned this moment.
  5. The Travel Thread

    What are you into? Spent a ton of time down that way. Lots of ritzy restaurants and clubs. How much time will you have?
  6. Best position player in MLB: #5

    I grew up outside of Philly and watched Rolen the majority of his career. Beltre and Longoria too. Nolan is the best defensive third baseman I've seen play. Glad to see you're still as condescending as when the old site was up.
  7. Best position player in MLB: #5

    His splits aren't crazy, and he may be the best defensive third baseman (if not infielder) I've ever seen play the game.
  8. Best position player in MLB: #5

    Nolan Arenado continues to be the most undervalued player in baseball. If he played in a large market, he would be a top 4 position player hands down.

    I like this draft, but I can't love it. I think staying pat at 5 and taking Chubb was a good move. To get the consensus best defensive player in the draft at 5 is a win. My big concern with him is scheme fit. He doesn't strike me as a stand up edge player and would be better suited for a 4-3 front. I think we will get creative and play him both inside and out, but he has a similar build to DeMarcus Walker who struggled to transition (though Chubb has much higher upside due to his instincts and athleticism). I hate the Sutton pick. Not because I don't think we got good value and that he won't be a good player, I just don't see him playing a huge role next year and that there were players on the board that would have a great impact at a position of need. One of the big-bodied receiving tight ends or Christian Kirk would have been ideal, especially to maximize Keenum's skill set. I think after that Elway did a good job of picking low ceiling high floor players. Guys like Freeman and Jewell had tremendous production in college, but both are average to below average NFL athletes. They'll be good football players, but I don't think either will have a tremendous impact. I would've much preferred to trade back into the end of the 2nd and taken a guy like Guice that has all-pro upside. The real reason I can't give this draft a grade higher than a B- is the the fact we failed to acknowledge our biggest weakness, the offensive line. I think trading back and taking a guy like Wynn or Hernandez at 22, and then doubling up at #40 would've set this team up for greater long term success. Really, I only see one "starter" from this draft.