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  1. It was a very weird QB draft that year. You forgot pick #32 - Lamar Jackson.
  2. One other great thing about this trade? The front office has a better track record with 5th round picks than they do with 4th rounders... We should swap every year.
  3. Sad thing is, this might be Lynch's best 4th round pick..... Punter > IR'd player > Joe Williams
  4. Neither is drafting an OT in the 1st round....
  5. If they did have interest in him, it wouldn't be good for anyone to know about it. It would be more helpful if everyone thought they didn't.
  6. Would his college charges affect his discipline? Would this act like a 2nd offense?
  7. They brought him back to test out the new medical staff...
  8. It's the type of player we target....
  9. Maybe that's why they wont go after Earl. He didn't tear his ACL, he broke his leg.
  10. It's Nick Bosa, but the niners will take any Bosa they can get.
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