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  1. Which is shocking to me because Love was a 1st round pick that wasn't even good enough to be the backup last year. He didn't dress one game.... That might be an overreaction but it's something I can't get over. It might be a little soon to put the green and yellow eggs in the Love basket.
  2. Any trade up targets you guys are targeting?
  3. I've enjoyed the silence of Jed York but his trolling today has been great.
  4. 1- Fields, 5- Lance, 10- Mac, 12- Rodgers, 16- Lawrence, 1-Wilson.... what a troll lol
  5. There is so much excitement for Fields, Lance, and Rodgers - even though that's the most unlikely to me. I would feel so sorry for Mac if the niners drafted him tonight. None of the hate would be his fault... this would be the worst situation for him imo.
  6. Im sitting at work watching pro Mac stuff so I'm mentally prepared and stuff like this keeps popping up...
  7. This is a quote from Kyle right after the trade. If you believe what he said, out of Mac and Lance, who does this sound like to you?
  8. If this were true, I could get behind a Minshew + Lance combo to start the season. This rumor makes it sound like they'd settle for Mac which is dumb.
  9. N4L in Feb 2022 wearing his custom McCorkle jersey watching him win the 49ers #6. I'm a glass is half full guy.
  10. Yea, it's pretty much been like this for me. I was super happy at the trade. Super depressed about Mac. Now I think everything is funny right now. I feel I am ready for whatever happens on Thursday. This is important because I live in Bears country and it's not to often a Bear fan can make fun of me. Still trying brainwashing myself with pro Mac stuff all week.
  11. The tweets to Michael Lombardi would be epic.
  12. My biggest takeaway was how they talk about Jimmy. No way he is the week 1 starter right?
  13. The difference in arm strength is pretty big though. If Mac had a good NFL arm, I'd be a little more accepting of him. I just wish some of his passes had more velocity. I find this fascinating now. You either believe what ShanaLynch has said about Jimmy, what they want in QBs, Josh Allen, copying from the Alex/Mahomes situation or you don't. You believe them? - Lance You don't? - Mac
  14. There is something very wrong with this whole draft process if I'm agreeing with Kawakami a lot. His latest article is pretty much about how much Garops changes the pick. This is what he says about Jones: He says that if they want to keep Garops, it's Lance or Fields. His prediction is Fields. This is an interesting discussion though. Is the media all saying Jones because they are sure Shanny wants Garoppolo gone right now? I'm not sure that is 100% true. They supposedly got Jed's approval to pay Garop and the 3rd overall pick. Why throw that out there if you don't have to. I also
  15. The year of scrubbed twitter posts in an election year along with the "nobama" pic probably have something to do with that though.
  16. Yea, I've completely given in. My plan for next week is to go to work, not do my job, and watch nothing but pro Mac Jones things to get me to feel better about it. Others should do the same.(maybe not neglecting their job though) One of the concerning things to me either way is, if it is Jones, the niners have a titanic size leak somewhere.
  17. It should be all of them honestly. If Shanahan cannot take the most talented QB and make it work, I have overrated him as a coach...
  18. Agreed 100%, one of the reasons they made this move was because Jimmy is hardly available. Whoever they draft, Mac included, should be nothing but an expensive backup at the start of the season. Much of the offense is rhythm and timing. Taking the snap under center, doing the drop, and getting the ball out. Mac is going to have a decent amount to learn when he took less than 2% of his snaps from center. Not only does he have to learn how to do the drops added with the timing, he has to learn a new way to use play action that he never did before.
  19. Remember, the 1st year that Shanny and Matt Ryan had together, the Falcons went 6-10 and Ryan was averaging an interception a game. Even if the niners take Mac, they shouldn't be so quick on getting rid of Jimmy.
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