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  1. Lance just makes a ton of sense, maybe the most sense if you believe what Shanahan has said about QB's in his press conferences since he arrived in SF. Also, what he's said about Josh Allen and the Alex Smith/Mahomes situation. The Shanahan's requesting Lance to work with John Beck is no small thing either. Beck has worked with Jimmy, Mullens, and Beathard... I also keep coming back to this, I do not think that Kyle wants a rookie starting this year. This is still a very loaded team. Go back and read up about the struggles that Matt Ryan had in 2015. He had to learn how to play QB
  2. Since it took Matt Ryan a year to get used to Shanny's offense, I wouldn't feel too optimistic about next season. Mac took about 10 out of 600 snaps from under center, hard to trust him with this loaded team at this moment.....
  3. Yep, I agree with you. That's where I think he will settle in the league rankings if we draft him. Not very inspiring considered the draft capitol used to draft him.(if it happens)
  4. I listened to Cowherd last week talk about Alabama players and he made a pretty good point. He said that a lot of them peak in college, then go to the NFL and have average at best careers. I kind of buy that. If the niners do draft Jones, how good do you think he could get? I think what you see now is what your going to get. It's also concerning since I do not think he is ready to be a day 1 starter. The way the niners play fake and the lack of snaps under center are things that need to be addressed.
  5. What an absolute rollercoaster career he had. No matter how bad he was at times, I will remember him for the saints playoff game where he threw the TD to Vernon at the end. He's one of the players I respect the most. Glad he was able to play a few games after the bad leg injury.
  6. There's really no validity behind anyone's claims. This would be the 1st time in the ShanaLynch era there has been a leak like this. There was the McGlinchy pick tip a week before the pick, but this is a little different.
  7. If he is your second ranked QB, you put out Mac Jones smoke and let Field's draft stock drop hoping the Jets don't take him. That's what i'd do.... That would be funny if that is what's happening right now.
  8. I hear it too. Also, Justin's body language is kind of weird. He gets done with the throw, looks genuinely happy to go fist bump Scangarello, then stops smiling right before looking at the camera. That is pretty weird.
  9. Interesting listen from the Haberman & Middlekauff podcast about John Beck. At around the 1:10 mark, Middlekauff says that he was told the Shanahans(plural) told Lance to go work with John Beck. They also get into how important personal relationships are with this regime. Some things I'm not too sure about, but some of the things they say do make sense a bit.
  10. Something to note as well, the Jets haven't committed yet on going to the Ohio state pro day. I think they were at the last one, but if they could go and help run the workout of a prospect they were looking at, I think they'd make that trip. They still might go, but if they don't, that should be a huge sign they are locked on Wilson.
  11. If Shanny is a genius, top 3 offensive minded coach in the game, he drafts the best QB talent he can get that has MVP potential then coaches to his talents and coaches to make him better.
  12. I could see the trade up for a RB especially how this team is about trading up for players they fall in love with. This coaching staff has shown they can turn UDFA RBs into good plug and play RBs. I am interested to see what they could do with a top level RB talent. Remember the early McVay-Gurley days before his knee crapped out? Niners could not stop him....
  13. Why do you think Kyle and John went to the Alabama pro day? They wanted to watch some Alabama QB throw to their new RB. In all seriousness, with the reports that they would have taken Clyde Edwards-Helaire at 31 last year, I could see them trading up for Harris or Etienne. They'll need to surround their new Schaub/Kirk with all the offense talent they can get.
  14. This is what I'm trying to do right now. I can accept Mac the player, the trade up for him is the part I struggle with. Betting so much of the future on a limited QB who might have a ceiling of a top 8-15 QB is a tough pill to swallow. They are taking a big swing with the trade. Take a big swing with a QB that has top 5 in the NFL potential...
  15. This should be your copy/paste response about this topic for the next month, spot on. I've seen a lot more push back from the media this morning about the 49ers and Mac. I might have to shut off everything NFL until the draft to keep my sanity.
  16. I understand where your coming from and agree somewhat with what you say. Why does the rookie have to start week 1 though? I don't care if they traded 5 first round picks for him, if he's not at a stage where he is better than Jimmy, get his butt on the bench. The name of the game is to win a super bowl. If Kyle thinks Jimmy is the best option at the start of the season than it should be a no brainer. No matter which QB is drafted, they will take some time to get used to this offense. Zach Wilson might be the most ready to step into Shanny's offense, but even he could use some time sitti
  17. They are trying to win a super bowl. That's why you keep Jimmy around. In my opinion, any rookie we draft will not give them the best chance of winning for a good portion of the season. Every single rookie QB we could draft at #3 need some work, even Mac(sorry Simms). If the cost of watching competitive/winning football next season is keeping Jimmy's cap number and not getting a second/third round pick, that's fine with me.
  18. Shanny was calling designed QB runs at the end of the season with Beathard.... Maybe it was because CJ was "tough" or maybe he was testing stuff out for something in the future........ Either way I thought it was odd at the time. He does have it in the playbook, but needs the right QB for it.
  19. This is exactly how I feel. If the niners draft him, it feels like the traded 2 1st and a 3rd for a rookie QB contract. I think Mac is going to be in the top 5-15 QB range with us. Picking a QB in the top 3 we should swing for higher than that. I do think we should have a playoff team most of the time with Mac and we will watch competitive football games for quite a few years. Good thing I have a month to talk myself into thinking it's a great idea...
  20. If they draft Jones, I wont be disappointed with the player, just the trade. To me, giving up all the prime draft capitol is supposed to be for an elite QB prospect. I don't see that with Jones. Of the 5 other QB prospects at the top, at least Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, and Lance can say they were the best players on their offense....
  21. Guess I haven't seen those comparisons. I have seen the Cousins and sometimes Ryan comparison which would be an upgrade if he gets to those levels. IMO no one should be comparing Jones to the greatest QB of all time... If he's the next Brady, why isn't he going #1? I'm not against the niners taking Jones BTW. If that's Shanny's guy, get him.
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