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  1. Guess I haven't seen those comparisons. I have seen the Cousins and sometimes Ryan comparison which would be an upgrade if he gets to those levels. IMO no one should be comparing Jones to the greatest QB of all time... If he's the next Brady, why isn't he going #1? I'm not against the niners taking Jones BTW. If that's Shanny's guy, get him.
  2. I don't think you trade 12, 2 future 1sts, and a 3rd for Jones. I can understand why a lot of people would think that based on the QBs Shanny has worked with though. But this move is made to get the BEST QB prospect that they can get. I'm not sure how much Mac Jones elevates the offense to a new level. Anyone remember the changes that Shanny added at the end of the season this year when Beathard started? He was calling more QB designed runs. My initial thoughts were of Trey Lance. What it really told me is that Shanny will adjust to the skill set of the QB. This move screams Jimmy
  3. Isn't the cap supposed to go up a decent amount because of the new TV deal coming plus the 17 game schedule? That might kick in at the perfect time(when Bosa is due his contract).
  4. They have to do something. I don't believe they can/will run it back with Jimmy and some late round QB. I know John and Kyle inked new deals last off season, but i'd imagine they do feel a little pressure to start producing consistently. If they run it back with Jimmy/project QB and the same thing that happened in 2020 happens in 2021, they should be held accountable. I don't believe they will let this happen. I expect the 49ers to be aggressive about addressing the QB room in some way this off season.
  5. When I read that tweet from Grant, the 1st thing I thought was that a broken clock is right twice a day. Hopefully this is one of those times...
  6. That is true, but we haven't seen that Jimmy since... Even last year, something was off. It's like he has to learn how to play QB again from the waist down.
  7. It was a very weird QB draft that year. You forgot pick #32 - Lamar Jackson.
  8. One other great thing about this trade? The front office has a better track record with 5th round picks than they do with 4th rounders... We should swap every year.
  9. Sad thing is, this might be Lynch's best 4th round pick..... Punter > IR'd player > Joe Williams
  10. Neither is drafting an OT in the 1st round....
  11. If they did have interest in him, it wouldn't be good for anyone to know about it. It would be more helpful if everyone thought they didn't.
  12. Would his college charges affect his discipline? Would this act like a 2nd offense?
  13. They brought him back to test out the new medical staff...
  14. It's the type of player we target....
  15. Maybe that's why they wont go after Earl. He didn't tear his ACL, he broke his leg.
  16. It's Nick Bosa, but the niners will take any Bosa they can get.
  17. Maybe this will be the 1st SB with a punter getting MVP.
  18. You're right about that, the top offense is now sitting at home. It did get them to the AFC championship with a not so good defense though. The 2nd and 4th ranked offenses are also still playing. The point is the league has shifted from great def/good offenses being the way to win to good def(at creating turnovers)/great offenses. Think about the superbowl last year. That was 2 great offenses going at it making it a high scoring game. A defensive turnover decided the outcome though. That's why the niners getting an edge rusher is so key this offseason. That doesn't mean they should
  19. The top 3 defenses made the playoffs this year. They are now sitting at home watching the SB just like everyone else....
  20. Colts vs Chiefs could be a very fun game to watch. Can't wait.
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