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  1. Vikings fans hate Defilipo. I haven't been impressed watching the Vikings offense this year either. I'll admit I didn't pay any attention to him before his year though
  2. You must not like reading entire posts
  3. I'm happy for McCarthy. Now he can go to a team where he is appreciated by his players and their fans. He was unfairly treated here lately
  4. TNF GDT: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

    So if I'm stopping my momentum and you run into me, it's not going to prevent me from stopping, therefore making me continue my momentum?
  5. TNF GDT: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

    If he didn't make contact Adams stays in bounds? Seems pretty obvious
  6. MKE Bucks Thread (53-18) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Does anybody smarter than me know if we can get all of our big guys signed long term after this year? With Bledsoe, Brogdon and Middleton expiring at the end of the year, it seems unrealistic that we will be able to bring all 3 back. If so, how?
  7. Ravens Trade for Packers RB/WR Ty Montgomery

    If they released him there's a good chance the Patriots would have picked him up with their need at RB and with us versing them this weekend. It would have been a double bonus for them. At least the Packers got to choose where he goes by trading him
  8. I watched the wrong guy. Happy to see that gets such a rise out of you.
  9. I thought they said it was against Clark. Wasn't watching Clay
  10. We got bailed out there. I didn't see a penalty anywhere
  11. NLDS: Brewers vs. Rockies

    Ya, I was pissed at Braun until I saw that Eddie was most likely telling him to go
  12. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - ISWT

    We gotta get the story on Jeffress. He wasn't available for some reason.
  13. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - ISWT

    Pretty sure Yelich's last 9 ABs he's 2-2 with 2 HRs and 7 BBs
  14. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - ISWT

    Davies can't be blamed there. He pitched great in the first. Lots of very weak contact
  15. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - ISWT

    Brebbia is such a ******. Throw the ball