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  1. I was just watching an interview with him and as they were talking about his stats I realize he is criminally underrated/under appreciated. Since entering the league he has 71.5 sacks. In the last 4 years he is 2nd only to Von Miller in Sacks. Since entering the league he has the most forced fumbles with 22. The guy is a beast no matter how you slice it. Very humble and great locker room guy. Dare I say he has a career year now that we finally(seemingly) have a legitimate defensive line? He's definitely my favorite player on the team.
  2. Halloween

    I love the Halloween franchise. I love nostalgia and Halloween does it for me even though Friday the 13th is my favorite slasher franchise.
  3. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    Of course,just not top 100 last season based on lack of playing time and no real production in the few games he played.
  4. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    Nope,Watt made the list this year.
  5. Redskins sign Payne & other draft picks

    No need to point out his religion 😛
  6. Apparently We Found an OG in Free Agency...

    Someone mat have very well traded down in front of us to grab Hernandez knowing we needed a guard. I'm happy with the Payne pick.
  7. Your 53 man roster predictions

    Hogs haven had Trey Quinn as a lock to make the 53 based on being a polished route runner.
  8. 2018 Free Agency

    Id sign him. I've always been a fan,even with the 50/50 play. He could have a redeeming year and then next year we could grab a comp pick.
  9. I like the Payne pick. They stuck to their board and got who they wanted.
  10. AJ Francis the definition of a Punk

    I posted the same sentiments in the 53 man roster thread. Doc nailed it,if you're truly offended by it,fair enough,but don't play for the team with a smile on your face then act like a donkey when you get cut because you aren't any good.
  11. Your 53 man roster predictions

    I wasn't too sure where to post this,but AJ Francis is a joke, good luck making the Giants 53 man roster,idiot! http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23392925/new-york-giants-dt-aj-francis-says-washington-redskins-logo-racist "When the team you were on didn't appreciate you but the team you played against actually pays attention to the film," and added in the hashtags he was looking forward to playing the Redskins twice next season. He then added, "#AndYourLogoIsRacist."
  12. Terrell McClain has been released

    Great move!!! Can't wait to see our new D Line in action!

    Loving this draft😎
  14. He's wearing 95. I tried to post the pic of him holding his new jersey,but I don't know how.😩

    What time does the 4th round start?