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  1. Redskins Working Out Kickers

    Hopkins is banged up. They've brought in 5 guys including Forbath, Blair Walsh and Agyago.(sp?)
  2. Redskins Waive Holsey

    I don't like the move. Also let go of Mack Brown from the practice squad and signed Casey Dunn to the PS. I think with Norman likely gone next season we will need Holsey.
  3. Where’s Adonis?

    He's been on special teams. Guess they like what they see in front of him so far,which is great. We can cut or restructure Norman next season. Hail yo the Youth!
  4. Geron Christian tears LCL, done for season

    We need bodies. Change of scenery theory as well. Sua Filo or whatever his name is ,looked pretty good for the cowboys and he was dumped by the titans this preseason. We could maybe luck out and get future depth with the ex giant.
  5. Geron Christian tears LCL, done for season

    We need to take a look at the guard that the giants cut.
  6. Let's extend them both. Why wait? The Greek could be the best member of our d line,which speaks volumes about the guy. Scherff is an obvious one as well. Sign him why he's on IR.
  7. Norman: Feels like our true fans are on the road

    Yep. The Skins had a huge turnout of fans yesterday and none of us booed. Every time I watch a home game at some point,even if winning, you'll hear the boo birds come out. Supporting your team helps more than booing them,win or lose.
  8. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Great game to be out. The offense performed just as good without 4 starters as they usually do. Not sure what people are complaining about. We should have given up at least 30 points. Holding them to 3 is something to be proud of and shows us that we can beat high scoring offenses. Even though we aren't playing anymore good offenses this season. I don't expect us winning a super bowl thise season,but when you can win without most of your starters, that's a good sign. The great teams in the league are healthy and would probably fall apart with half of their roster. Defense wins championships.
  9. Stacy McGee Activated from PUP

    Chargers just signed Lanier to their practice sqaud.😣
  10. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    I'll be at this game Sunday. Can't wait! I love tailgating. We always do oysters,steaks and brats. Not sure what to expect, but I hope to see a few Fitzpatrick picks.
  11. I like the optimism. If our d can step up and Smith can muster up a halfway decent offense I think we can win 4 more. I really hope we can at least split with Philly. The offense line scares me though. I really want AP to get 1000 yards this season. I'll be at the Tampa game Sunday. I have a feeling DJax is going to request a bomb.
  12. Redskins Sign OL Austin Howard

    Bowanko was Moses's teammate in college. Maybe come chemistry there. Cooper is very talented and still relatively young,maybe he can get something going here.
  13. Richardson, Scherff, and Lauvao to IR

    Not much behind him. Crowder is injured,Doctson stinks, Michael Floyd is never going to do anything and I think the same goes for Brian Quick. I think Harris, Bryant and Quinn could be a serviceable unit. Any remotely decent oline guys available?
  14. Richardson, Scherff, and Lauvao to IR

    Time to sign Bryant?
  15. Week 9: Atlanta Falcons GDT

    Gruden should have went for it on 4th and 4 while we were down 14. What a *****!