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  1. Peterson tied for 1st in forced missed tackles

    He was really just remarkable to watch last year. Every time I thought he was going to be tackled he would just keep going. Really hope he gets enough carries this season to continue his historic run.
  2. Vander Esch or Lane Johnson because of the Trent Williams "situation"
  3. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    Desmond Harrison has been claimed off waivers by AZ. Az has been killing it with the waiver wire this off-season.
  4. Redskins and Scherff working on contract extension

    With the new CBS coming up,sign him now. It'll be a deal when contracts sky rocket. That and this is always the case,people go crazy talking about overpaying ,yet it's the way of the market. This will never change. You will always have to pay for good/great players. There is no overpaying,just people saying guys are overpaid.
  5. Redskins Sign ILB Bostic

    Jon Bostic,a solid ILB considering we need someone who can contribute. Should definitely make the team.
  6. The Leader We Need

    Definitely a natural born leader. Love the guy. Think he is going to step up into elite category this season.
  7. Twitter Workout Stuff (Foster down, cart out)

    That's not what Buffalo thought.
  8. Twitter Workout Stuff (Foster down, cart out)

    Chiefs just changed to a 4-3,Ragland doesn't fit the scheme. Would love to get him .
  9. Twitter Workout Stuff (Foster down, cart out)

    I'd be all for trading a 6th for Reggie Ragland.
  10. Twitter Workout Stuff (Foster down, cart out)

    That sucks,our most talented ILB likely out for the season.😣
  11. Around the NFC East

    Kerrigan>D-Law. Lawrence is good, not elite. Not implying Kerrigan is elite,just stating DLaw definitely isnt.
  12. Around the NFC East

    Can't believe we traded with them so they could draft him. SMH
  13. 11-5 here we come baby!

    Who you calling regular?😙
  14. 11-5 here we come baby!

    Is there not an option to delete posts?
  15. 11-5 here we come baby!