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  1. Not the registering. When he clicked on Washingtonadmirals.com it sent him to WFT.com
  2. Did anyone else see this? How could it not be the admirals? https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2022/01/05/is-the-washington-football-teams-new-name-the-admirals/amp/
  3. Beast of a player. He now has a career high in sacks with 3 games to go.
  4. Such silly rules,these men are healthy as horses 🐎 🙄
  5. Who are the ends we gave available besides Toney? Maybe Allen at end and get more Wise and Settle in?
  6. I agree 100% with I always want them to win when I'm watching no matter what I say during the week.
  7. Dude is a BALLER!!!! Crazy to do what he is doing.
  8. To be fair, he had one great one that they called unnecessary roughness.
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