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  1. Redskins ink DE Matthew Ioannidis to 3-year, $21.75M extension

    This guy is arguably our best dline man which is saying a lot considering we have Allen and Payne as well. A steal in the draft and a deal with the extension.
  2. Matt Ioannidis Extended (3 year, $21.75M)

    I've been asking for this for some time. Excellent move!!!
  3. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    The Skins have started out 3-2 the past 3 seasons.
  4. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    Besides 2 prime time games,all 1:00. I love 1:00 games🙃
  5. Redskins 2019 Schedule

    What we know so far Week 1 @PHI 2 vs DAL 3 vs CHI (MNF) 4 @ NYG 5 vs NE 6 @MIA 7 vs SF 8 @MIN (TNF) 9 @ BUF 10 BYE 11 vs NYJ 12 vs DET 13@ CAR 14 @GB 15 vs PHI 16 vs NYG 17 @DAL
  6. Us Peele 2019 SPOILERS!!

    Great movie. Fun and original. CHUD DVD cameo in the beginning 😀
  7. It appears Landon Collins will wear #36

    He is going to wear #20.
  8. Landon Collins to Washington

    Me likey😊
  9. That would be wonderful!!
  10. Redskins Top Draft Need?

    2 1sts for Mack is looking like a pretty fair deal now. He can change a defense that has a few good player on it.
  11. Things other than Redskins

    Meh,1 rush for 14 yards and 1 catch for 6 yards...
  12. Charges Against Reuben Foster Dropped

    Loving it!
  13. The Redskins need to draft a QB in every draft

    So settle with mediocrity? I'd rather pick high than in the middle every season. Kirk wasn't the guy,so we let him walk. Allen wanted Smith (bad move) and Gruden was cool with McCoy(good move to secure a higher pick and possibly get a qb). Settling for mediocrity is a sure fire way to never accomplish the ultimate goal. Cousins would likely have us between 7-9 and 9-7this season so it's not as if we lost anything.
  14. The Redskins need to draft a QB in every draft

    He isn't capable of winning meaningful games,not a franchise guy.
  15. Week 17: #FireBruceAllen - Just Lose - GDT Iggles

    Kerrigan needs 2 sacks to have a career high,also would like to see AP do some damage. We will lose however.