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  1. From JP Finlay "Got more info on Taylor Heinicke’s two-year, $4.75 million deal that includes $1.5M guaranteed with a $1M signing bonus, per source. His cap hit in 2021 is $1,593,750 and in 2022 is $2.75M."
  2. I doubt he'd do it if there was a chance his team would lose.
  3. 2 to 3 beers and an Adderall.. He wouldn't even feel the beers. Wrong place,wrong time. He's done
  4. This. I think it was Chris Russell who said don't be so negative,his drafts are better than people are saying.
  5. We didn't lose the game because of the QB the o line,LBers DBs...sure. Taylor played excellent.
  6. They run it on 1st down every time...
  7. I'm going to watch Wawa fights on YouTube...
  8. I'll never understand the love for Leonard Williams . He had one good season...Ionaddis is better and he was a 5th rounder. I'm glad the Skins drafted Scherff over Williams. We would have likely traded or let Williams walk the way he played his entire career with the Jets.
  9. Arthur Blank has said he will allow the new GM to trade Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Just figured it's worth mentioning
  10. If we go to the Super Bowl I'm going to purchase a Carvel ice cream cake.
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