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  1. Week 7 GDT: Chiefs vs Broncos part deux

    Nice hit by Nelson, considering he was of balance. Just had to square up and drop his shoulder. I like the grit. Hope Sanders is okay.
  2. Week 7 GDT: Chiefs vs Broncos part deux

    Kareem Hunt is a MAN.
  3. Trade Deadline Thread

    Watch Vietch ship a 6th or 7th rounder their way to reunite him with Andy Reid again. Imagine him in the slot in this Chiefs offense, lol.
  4. Week 7 GDT: Chiefs vs Broncos part deux

    Arrowhead is gonna be SOOOOOO LOOOOUUUUDDDD this week.
  5. Roster moves

    It'll be interesting to see what we do at center now. Also, while it sucks that Smith got injured, I'm really excited to see what DoD can do from here on out.
  6. Week 7 GDT: Cin @ KC

    Nnadi is earning more and more snaps by the week, too. I'm telling you, these defensive rookies all fill a need on our roster. Even Watts flashed a bunch before he got injured. DoD is probably my favorite pick, though. Reports out if camp said he struggled with trusting his instincts at first, but that didn't show on tape at all this week. If he can keep that up, he single-handedly solves our problems with RBs in the passing game. I can't wait to see this class continue to develop. I'm super excited about it.
  7. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Mahomes has a chance to make history and with him being young, feeding his ego can only be a good thing for his development. Plus, our defense really is that bad. Note: Hunt's day looks like it's over.
  8. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    That's just painful.
  9. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    I had very high expectations for him and I drafted him as my starter, but I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't expecting this. The dude isn't human.
  10. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Sadly enough, I can totally see that being a thing.
  11. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Cheetah making up for his drop. All is forgiven, haha. Kareem carried that drive.
  12. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    He was drafted as a nickel package player with the potential to fill-in for Berry in a Lobo sort of role. I don't ever see him being a 3-down player, but his ability in space and in coverage is very exciting. Back to the game; Tyreek?!?! Damn. That's a super rare drop. Ouch.
  13. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    DORIAN O'DANIEL SIGHTING!!!! HELL YES!!! I love that kid. I freakin' LOVE him.
  14. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Lol..."Burfict has had a pretty solid night" Heh. Sure.
  15. Week 7 SNF - Bengals @ Chiefs

    Queue the "fire Marvin Lewis" rhetoric.