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  1. Quote: According to the folks at Over The Cap, the Chiefs have just over $6.2 million in cap space remaining for the 2020 season. https://www.google.com/amp/s/chiefswire.usatoday.com/2020/07/07/kansas-city-chiefs-salary-cap-update-patrick-mahomes-extension/amp/ This is the best news I've woken up to all year.
  2. Very well said, J. I think we have 4 safeties who will all see playing time. In essence, I see Thornhill and Mathieu being weird versions of nickel corner/safety hybrids for us with Watts/Lucas filling in for some deep coverage. If we don't have a fair amount of 3 safety personnel sets, I'll be surprised. Because of that, after some careful cautious thought, I'm not nearly as concerned about our secondary as I was a month ago.
  3. The only pick I'm kinda iffy on is Fenton, personally. Our first 3 picks will most likely be either starters or part of a rotation immediately and I'm a big fan of Darwin's game. Dude can squat 3 of me and he weighs less than 200 lbs. He may be small but he plays like he's a 220 lb back. He reminds me of Darren Sproles but with more lateral quickness. Fenton and Allegretti both look like developmental guys to me. Overall, I don't think this draft could've ended up much better for us in light of the Tyreek Hill debacle. I'd rate it a solid B. I'm still surprised we didn't go for Andy Isabella over Mecole. I like them both but I thought Big Red would've liked Isabella more.
  4. Lol, very true. My stance remains the same, though. At this point, I'm glad we have Veach instead of Dorsey now.
  5. Fair point. I'd counter with saying no player can help you win if they're suspended or incarcerated.
  6. I see Thornhill being as a guy who can be an Aqib Talib type player for us. For teams with a good TE, I expect him to be shadowing him the entire game. For games where that's not needed, I see Watts getting more playing time at FS, at least until Thornhill's ready to push for more playing time. But, that would mean that he's our nickel corner when the opposing team's slot WR is a bigger guy. I think that means that we'll mostly be playing a rotation of Breeland/Fuller/Ward as our starting corners and I feel like that's a definite upgrade over what we had at the beginning of last year.
  7. Allegretti apparently trained with Olin Kreutz. I found that interesting. He's a juggernaut, mauling type of interior O-lineman and he's primarily played center throughout high school and college from what I can tell. He's also a long snapper and has played some LG and RG. I just watched a few interviews with him; he's very articulate, seems very smart, down to earth and straight forward. I like this kid. He pancakes anyone you put in front of him but his footwork and hand placement is inconsistent and he's not a guy you want working in space a ton, based on the little college film I could find.
  8. Dorsey doesn't seem to care about off the field issues at all. If you think about it, he drafted Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, brought in OBJ and now has drafted Greedy Williams and Mack Wilson, both of whom are being said to have attitude problems. Dorsey may be great at bringing in talent but once you factor in the cap hell and PR nightmare the players he acquired have caused for us, I'm glad he's gone. I'm really liking what Veach has done in this draft so far and the only questionable contract I've seen him ink was for Sammie Watkins.
  9. Oruwariye is the best fit for Spags' defense if we could somehow trade up and decide to take a corner. Mack, though? He's a 3-4 thumper and that's about it. I don't trust him not to overrun plays or to drop back in coverage, even on shallow routes. On tape, he looks like he's all instinct and no brain.
  10. I'm usually not big on player interview vids but I highly recommend the one linked below to everyone for anyone who has the urge to cite Clark's past as a concern. Once you watch it, you'll understand why his past truly is his past.
  11. We don't have a 4th or 5th round pick but have 2 6th rounders and 1 early 7th rounder. I expect an O-lineman to be taken with at least one of those picks. More specifically, one who has at least some experience at center.
  12. My take: This is Spags' Strahan in KC. Chris Jones is an upgrade over what he had in NY with Justin Tuck, too. Then, once you factor in Nnadi/Saunders and a rotation of Okafor/Ogbah/Speaks, that's one hell of a D-line. In my humble opinion, we have fully transitioned to a solid 4-3 in one off-season, which I didn't think could be done. Say what you want about the compensation, but there's no way we could've obtained a guy of Clark's caliber at #29 OR packaging all the picks to trade up in this draft. No one in this draft offers the kind of upgrade Clark does and he's only 25 years old. I know I'm a minority in this opinion, but I freaking LOVE this move.
  13. Depends on the team fits and who's willing to take risks on DK's injury bug IMO.
  14. I'm thinking they'll have some competition with the Chiefs after this whole Tyreek Hill thing.
  15. Just spit-balling here but after this trade, the Chiefs now have $15M in cap space to spend if they'd like. Le'veon Bell maybe? I like our RBs the way they are but Bell is an intriguing thought.
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