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  1. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    How about 3-7 with your 2nd string QB?
  2. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    You "What have you done for me lately" people sure like to ignore the most recent examples which are applicable to this discussion. How many coaching changes have been made since 2013, how many coaches which once were considered good have seen the game pass them by? Anyway, we won 2 out of 8 possible games in 2013. That is pathetic. If this is the best example that you can think of, you prove my point.
  3. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    The coaching staff has proven several times that they are completely incompetent when Rodgers has been removed from the equation. So they suddenly become good when Rodgers is back, he's just not executing? Great theory.. Here's a thought- if no QB can execute your system, especially the most skilled in the league- then maybe the problem is the system....
  4. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Want Rodgers' QB rating to go up? Get him a better coach, one who can succeed withouta QB who has the best skill set of any in the history of the league. Look at the QBs with higher QB ratings: Drew Brees - Has possibly the best offensive coach in the league Jared Goff- also a contender for best offensive coach in the league, and much better supporting cast than Rodgers Chargers- Better skill players all the way around. Allen better than any GB receiver, actually spent top picks on talented offensive skill players in Gordon and Williams Chiefs- Superior coaching and skill players, no contest Falcon- Julio Jones, Ridley, and a running game. Again, no contest Buccaneers- Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson... Vikings- much better receivers. Bears- Much better coaching. QB looked terrible with a bad coordinator like Rodgers has Seahawks- Reasonable comparison. But QB rating is virtually identical, and Rodgers can't run right now. This is why we all want to see Rodgers with a better coaching, since it is much easier to produce now with a good OC. His backups have a 79 QB rating under the guidance if McCarthy, which is bottom of the barrel and terms for getting canned.
  5. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    As I said, you are nitpicking. You have to look at the overall performance, not just a few plays. If you nitpick a few of his plays, you'll have to do the same for every player on the team. 100 QB rating on a bum knee, he is not the problem
  6. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    You are definitely exaggerating this. You can look at the film of any game and see a few plays where the QBs didn't hit an open receiver. He put us in scoring position 3 times in that first half, no matter how poor he played, and did the same at the end of the Vikings game. He can't overcome a kicker constantly leaving points on the field. He's hitting under 70 percent of his kicks, and we are blaming a QB with an efficiency rating of 100?! The defense was left in poor positions, sure, but is it too much to ask for them to make a stop or two? Tennessee has one of the worst performing offenses in the league right now, more INTs than TDs, yet they are ranked 4th in points allowed because the buckle down in the red zone , while we allow a TD on 63 percent of the opponent's trips. You can't completely leave them blameless
  7. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Look at our W/L record when Rodgers was out, yet the superior Bahk and Clark were playing.... I know, I know. Hundley was hitting all of the throws in practice and in pre-season, but then....a big 'ole witch come out and cast a voody spell on him!! The receivers was open, he just couldn't throws no balls no more! This is your theory, so here is an alternative theory.. McCarthy has a scheme which is very easy to defend, and also increases the opportunities for defenses to make plays on the ball. It takes a QB with incredible anticipation and precision to not only exceed in these conditions consistently, but to excel. Which is why the offense becomes a TO machine without Rodgers. Rodgers has a QB rating of 100 and only 2 TOs in our 3 losses/ties, while the defense is giving up over 30 PPG. If you aren't going to go for the low hanging fruit which is the defense, find someone else to blame. Bahk and Clark have one job to do. Rodgers has to execute an offense which looks like utter garbage without him , while the defense is giving up 30 points. The issues go far beyond him holding the ball too long or missing a couple of throws.
  8. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Rodgers doesn't have anyone like Gronk, Cooks, or Dion Lewis to make his job easy. Why are you putting that directly on him? His supporting cast sure didn't look very good last year when he was out.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Um, what? Brady got an MVP with 32 TDs with a better supporting cast and coach. 10/1 and on Pace for 5k yards while hurt is exceptional. He's got a 100 QB rating during our 3 losses/ties , while the defense is giving up 30+. There's no way that you can nitpick so that those losses are on him.
  10. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Where were all of these open receivers last year? It's the same system, most of the same players. Hundley just can't hit the side of a barn obviously, if an average QB can have a 10/1 TD/INT ratio and 100 QB rating.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    So your opinion is better than actual data and conclusions drawn by people who analyze every single player in the league? If there were some way to dissect his stats and prove they were inflated relative to his actual performance, PFF would have done so. You all are just nitpicking.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    "When Aaron Rodgers is on the field, Aaron Rodgers continues to do good football things. He’s throwing the ball downfield more frequently than he did a season ago, and he’s been very effective when doing so. Rodgers owns a top-five grade when throwing to both the intermediate and deep levels, and he’s done so while continuing to be one of the league’s best at taking care of the ball with just two turnover-worthy plays." https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-ranking-all-32-starting-quarterbacks-in-the-nfl-through-week-5 Hmm, actual stats and analytical data rip the arguments of the whiners to shreds.
  13. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    And is someone really pointing out Rodgers' YPA and blaming him? 2 of his starting targets averaged under 10 YPC last year, another runs like a 4.7, and Adams is good but a 11-12 YPC guy . He can't make his receivers faster and more of a downfield threat. But I'm sure this is conveniently ignored in another attempt to bash Rodgers.
  14. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Is nobody going to blame the amount of points given up in our losses/ties? Excluding the game against an inept Buffalo offense, we are giving up 28.5 PPG, and it's not like there is 1 horrible game skewing that. Rodgers has a total of 4 TOs during that time. Our QB having an average of 1 TO during those games is no excuse for a defense giving up that many points. Giving up 30+ points to Washington and Detroit is pretty terrible, no matter the number of TOs. Other defenses have performed better in worse situations.
  15. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    It's quite simple. No top 10 defenses since the SB, won 3 out of 10 without him last year, 2 out of 8 in 2013, yet they go to the playoffs every year that he is healthy even half of the season. Am I missing something?