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  1. Absolutely. The defense was good, and the AFC SB opponent flawed. With a coach who could scheme like LaFluer, the lack of receiving talent would have been a lesser issue
  2. Green Bay always makes changes to personnel years later than they should. Capers, McCarthy, Thompson were all showing significant decline prior to being canned. Pettine is the latest tragedy due to a complacent FO.
  3. They drafted a raw, high-upside player at an appropriate time in the 4th round. A 1st round QB should be expected to start right away in today's NFL, or require a year's development at worst. So Patriot is a term coined by and is exclusive to New England?
  4. Unfortunately, being a very flawed prospect and being passed over by many teams for that reason doesn't count as being pushed down. I guess Deguara was pushed down as well, even though he was viewed as a 6th round prospect.
  5. Because everyone should hold their organization to standards of one with a 32% winning percentage since 2010.
  6. Love wasn't pushed to the end of the first. Other teams ahead of them just wanted contributors instead of developmental QBs with their 1st round pick and there were many teams who viewed him as a mid-round prospect. There will be plenty of flawed traits-based QB available within reach after this year.
  7. After the initial disappointment of not addressing another need, I think everyone is in agreement that Dillon is going to be a beast.
  8. I was probably drinking when I wrote that and backed myself into a corner (not the first time). I probably bought into the pre draft narrative too much about him and thought some team would get a steal in round 4 or 5. After using the 1st and 4th pick, I think they could have used a "steal" in round 2 or 3. But I see your point, that the board is unpredictable. At least they got two players with a very low possibility of disappointing, as opposed to a DL or someone almost sure to do just that
  9. NE addressed 3 positions before they even made the moves that you are speaking of. Adding a RB and HB earlier than they were anticipated to go isn't really the problem, it's making those moves and absolutely no others during the first 4 rounds which could benefit the team next year or really for a while. It's taking things a bit too far out of context if you're simply looking at similar positions drafted by other teams, without looking at what they did with their other picks. That's why GB's draft is universally viewed in such a negative light, because they got very little value out of the draft.
  10. Dillon is good, I don't understand the Henry comparison or Cosell's need to constantly undermine Henry (he does the same on TN sports radio). They aren't that similar. I like to complain, but it honestly was a good pick and I can see how he'll make the offense harder to deal with.
  11. A defense which gives up 300 rushing yards in a playoff game isn't taking anyone to a championship.
  12. If you never try to improve on the issues which kept you from the previous SB, you'll never make another one. GB doesn't, and that's why they haven't. Not simply because of how difficult it is, but because of how complacent and satisfied they were with the non-results that they were getting
  13. Wow, so we're already putting Love in the HOF? We only have 2 of the SBs during that same span, maybe there's more to a team that a HOF QB?
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