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  1. Yeah but you can still do other things with sports like coaching. If a school is giving free college for sports I think they should either put a much larger emphasis on academics or not have scholarships to begin with especially since colleges do use the nfl as a selling point Also transferring colleges is a pain and discouraged

    Can you explain why simple means goods? Is there such thing as too simple? What if every team decided to be Penn State how would you feel?

    Why do people think classic means boring and good? What is there to like about it? It literally looks like practical jerseys

    no i hated them.They are so boring and generic. Simple uniforms work with old school teams not a very young expansion team. The last uniforms were cool and unique. These look like the Blaine Gabbert uniforms. In fact if you hate the reebok uniforms but love these why exactly? They are the same

    And add gold trim, some designs on the pants and you know a decent number font that isn't gigantic. They look like the Carolina panthers

    I'm not arguing it's called a debate

    If you had to choose between having every nfl team a generic black and white uniform set or the most gaudy and unique **** ever what would you take?

    Why did you send me this? They're not good uniforms. Simple doesn't mean good. The numbers are too big and look goofy and embrace literally nothing about the jaguars Teal and gold is our colors yet they're barely featured. In fact they represent Jacksonville extremely well (teal ocean and golden beaches). These aren't bold at all. Bold means daring and adventurous. What about these is either thing? Like do you want every team to look like Penn State? Being simple doesn't mean good Look at he Jaguar first uniforms? Do these look simple to you? What is traditional about the btw uniforms? You must think the Browns uniforms are amazing https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/miami-dolphins-jacksonville-jaguars-unveil-underwhelming-new-uniforms/amp

    But the thing is every uniform is dated in some way. Classic uniforms are considered old school and if we're honest if they were made exactly like that today it'd look cheap... exhibit A. I mean everyone loves the Jaguars first uniforms and they are extremely 90s. The Bears custom number font is very 60s. People love the Vikings throwbacks despite the amount of problems from inconsistent shade of purple with the helmet and jerseys to yellow on white striping. People criticize the Seahawks uniforms as being inconsistent with colors but love the Cowboys and Giants uniforms. I saw this one guy analyze nfl uniforms and he consistently criticize teams with excessive logos on the sleeves like the panthers and patriots but loved the Falcons old uniforms for having that. Hell he criticized the Falcons for having a black helmet because it shallows out the logo but loved the old falcon helmet where the falcon is shallowed out even more since it is all black. It just feels like people praise anything old simply because it is old no matter how bad. One person described the old falcons logo as perfect despite being awful in every way. I still see people say that University of Hawaii and the Denver Nuggets should wear their rainbow uniforms full time https://www.nba.com/nuggets/gallery/rainbow-jersey-102416 These new uniforms are no different. They are still chasing a trend of retro design and minimalism. For example many corporate logos are much more simple and flat This is no difference (that is another issue I have it clashes with the logo). There is no way to truly transcend cultural trend. Every uniform will dated elements but it looks silly when the youngest nfl team tries to be 'old school'. Imagine the Colts announcing new uniforms and making it reflective blue with color changing helmets. It'd look silly even if it looks good because that is not the colts. How is this any different? Is there any simple uniforms you hate and any complex ones you like?

    Not really but they get an excuse. Plus again they own their color scheme of silver and black. The jaguar aren't owning their colors and are doing the opposite going with the most generic look of black and white Even then I don't want every team to be the raiders. Only the raiders can pull it off purely because of their color scheme (even then I kind of hate their white jerseys)

    I hate the Giants, they look cheap and lack consistency with the white. But I do love Raiders and Packers but that is because they are old school teams with the jaguars it just looks silly especially when they say they are more 'traditional' for a 20 year old team whose first uniform set was anything but traditional. Custom number font, teal and gold, double trim. Honestly the previous set had more in common with the classic set than these do. Custom sharp number font, double gold and black trim, teal numbers on the white. The Jags first set wasn't exactly 'traditional' now was it? The issue I have with the new uniforms is they are generic. What about them are unique? What about them say Jaguars? With the raiders and packers they own their brand and colors. The Raiders are one of the few nfl teams that nukes white from their home uniforms and it looks amazing. I want the jaguars to own that aspect. I want them to own the fact they are a young franchise making history not act like they are a founding member. Another problem I have with the new ones is they feel too hard to be 'retro-modern'. It feels like they go half way and when you go half way it makes doesn't look good. The tiny jaguar head looks unfinished, the teal cuffs is pointless, the lack of trim makes it look cheap and the numbers are too big and goofy looking. Most of all it is just generic. People criticize the Texans for looking generic but not this? It just feels like people here think old is better. For example everyone hated the 49ers 90s uniforms because of the shadow drop and criticize the Brown's uniform for having shadow drop but love the Rangers' and Lakers' old school uniforms? I even see people praise the Vikings old school uniforms but criticize the packers uniforms for having white and yellow stripes together but the Vikings are fine? If the Jaguars were a founding nfl team and always had this look I'd accept it and respect it like the Giants but they aren't and I just can't I don't hate plain uniforms I love the Raiders, Vikings and Packers uniforms. I also hate stupid *** gaudy **** like the Bucs but I don't want everyone to be generic and samey. Name me 10 unique things about the jags new set. It is one thing to be clean and another to look generic. BTW I thought the old set looked cleaner than the new ones because I can read the numbers better and the JAGS patch is more appropriate than just the logo It just feels like if we had it your way every team would look the same. Is there any modern 'crazy' uniform that you like and any old school ones you hate? Do you think every plain uniform looks good?
  12. I mean a star player for a big school. Name me one player from a big school that end up never even declaring for the draft. Not some no name 4th string QB from Rensselaer or Rice. Pretty much everyone who plays college football and got there from a scholarship has plans for the nfl I found this list and most of them are simply that they washed out of the nfl, had other aspirations or had medical issues and were from 30 years ago http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000360987/article/10-college-football-legends-who-never-played-a-down-in-nfl Name me one star player from a big school who never joined the nfl draft and choose a normal life. Even mediocre college players at least give it a shot. Name me one college player who didn't even come to the draft
  13. college players don't deserve payment. They simply aren't good enough. Only 1 percent of them will make it big in the nfl, even star athletes. You think this deserves payment? Plus they are already paying them with free education and housing. I do agree colleges should discourage taking easy classes. If colleges were to pay players they wouldn't have a football team any more OR they'd eliminate scholarships all together. Even then what about other athletic programs like golfing, tennis, track and field, swim team and whatever other sports there are? Hell most of those sports I mentioned the players need to pay for their own equipment
  14. and sometimes talent just isn't enough. In fact the nfl is far more technical than anything else and having raw talent isn't enough. Most teams hope they can add the technical side to the raw talent but it is still selfish of colleges not to best prepare student athletes for their careers. After all isn't that what college is suppose to do? Best prepare you for your desired profession? and don't use the not everyone on college rosters wants to go pro because the players that are on the field are basically always planning on going pro. Name me on college star who quit football after college in favor of another profession sparing injuries
  15. but there are other factors when deciding on a college for athletics like the facilities and media coverage not to mention academics and campuses or even which school has better talent around you Vanderbilt may run a pro style offense but nearly everything else is trumped miserably by Alabama