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  1. I mean a star player for a big school. Name me one player from a big school that end up never even declaring for the draft. Not some no name 4th string QB from Rensselaer or Rice. Pretty much everyone who plays college football and got there from a scholarship has plans for the nfl I found this list and most of them are simply that they washed out of the nfl, had other aspirations or had medical issues and were from 30 years ago http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000360987/article/10-college-football-legends-who-never-played-a-down-in-nfl Name me one star player from a big school who never joined the nfl draft and choose a normal life. Even mediocre college players at least give it a shot. Name me one college player who didn't even come to the draft
  2. college players don't deserve payment. They simply aren't good enough. Only 1 percent of them will make it big in the nfl, even star athletes. You think this deserves payment? Plus they are already paying them with free education and housing. I do agree colleges should discourage taking easy classes. If colleges were to pay players they wouldn't have a football team any more OR they'd eliminate scholarships all together. Even then what about other athletic programs like golfing, tennis, track and field, swim team and whatever other sports there are? Hell most of those sports I mentioned the players need to pay for their own equipment
  3. and sometimes talent just isn't enough. In fact the nfl is far more technical than anything else and having raw talent isn't enough. Most teams hope they can add the technical side to the raw talent but it is still selfish of colleges not to best prepare student athletes for their careers. After all isn't that what college is suppose to do? Best prepare you for your desired profession? and don't use the not everyone on college rosters wants to go pro because the players that are on the field are basically always planning on going pro. Name me on college star who quit football after college in favor of another profession sparing injuries
  4. but there are other factors when deciding on a college for athletics like the facilities and media coverage not to mention academics and campuses or even which school has better talent around you Vanderbilt may run a pro style offense but nearly everything else is trumped miserably by Alabama
  5. I understand that coaches and the athletic administration are paid to bring notoriety their school but to me this seems extremely selfish To most cfb players this is their future and are banking on this. It'd be like if business majors didn't actually teach students how to operate a business. Let's be real college athletics may as well be a major in itself and most student athletes (especially at higher schools) and they are doing them a major disservice by not getting their STUDENT athletes nfl ready If schools are willing to spend as much on sports and football as they do for education they should treat it as such

    How were the last ones too much? And there jerseys have literally nothing to them? Let's say they used the same style number font instead of the ones they used what would make them unique? It feels like the popular opinion is everyone in the nfl should look exactly the same outside of colors

    Eh so what you spilled ketchup on your 200 dollar suit it's just clothes I want my team to look cool when I watch them. I'm tired of this excuse. I'm a big uniform buff and I don't care how good the jags are those jerseys will never be good

    I just don't get the love for these. They are so boring and plain not to mention the giant numbers look ridiculous. The old uniforms were fine without the two tone helmet and most of all unique

    I hate the new jaguars uniforms. They are so bland and boring. Literally nothing about them are unique and a total waste. The cards shows just change the helmet and theyd be perfect
  10. Well I’ve lived in Florida for a long time and black is one of favorite colors and I can assure you this isn’t true even then teal is jsut is much more iconic for the jagaurs and it just feels like they switched to black becuase black jerseys sell more and let’s them hype up games where we wear teal EDIT: Also because black absorbs light it heats up to making it hotter
  11. Because it’s hot. It’s VERY hot especially early on in the year. Pretty much all the southern teams that don’t play in a dome wear their white uniforms for the first half of the season (Dallas only does it because of how iconic they are but they use to play in an outdoor field) when black was alternates they were used for prime time games at night when it was cooler. Wearing black in the sunlight turns you into a skillet
  12. So a few weeks ago the jags revealed their new simplified look. I decided to wait a while to let the new look grow on me and see it in person. Now I was in the minority that I really liked our old uniforms. Sure they were a bit busy but I thought they were good in concept just very tough execution and was hoping to build off that. Especially since Khan and TC talked about tradition but these just don’t look anything traditional for the jags. Anyway onto the discussion of the uniforms Helmet: hands down the best part of the set and maybe the best helmet in the league they went back to a simple gloss black with the logo. No gimmicky two tone helmets just a simple black helmet. I know many people wanted a satin/matte black helmet but honestly the glossy helmet looks way better. And I love the teal JAX on the crown. My only criticisms is that the Jaguar logo is miscolored for some reason having the darker gold on top though not sure if that was intention or lighting and the teal number stickers on the back are kind of hard to see. Another point which isn’t really the helmet’s fault but it look very out of place with the minimal design of the rest of the set especially with a very detailed logo Jersey: now again I know I’m in the minority but I felt the old jerseys had a great solid foundation but was kind of busy. If they removed the reflective designs on the sleeves, added a design to the sleeves (preferably an updated crawling jaguar), make teal the primary and maybe move the JAGS patch elsewhere (again didn’t mind it but I know many hated it) and you’d have a great look. But they decided to make it as simplistic as possible. This honestly feels like such a knee jerk reaction to the previous set and went form one extreme to another. First they heavily marketed the teal yet now the white and black jerseys have even LESS teal than their previous set. Next the entire thing is just bare bones. The sleeves had no designs besides these weird colored cuffs (though they look surprisingly better on loose sleeves) and the tiny jaguar head on the heart which looks awkward. I know people hate patches on jerseys but I like them mostly but here it doesn’t work because the logo isn’t circular. They changed the numbers slightly to be more standard which disappoints me because the old font was really great and the new one just looks very dull. I also can’t lie the 2’s and 5’s look weird to me and font fit the other numbers which when most of your important players are wearing those numbers it’s a problem. I also feel having no colored trim was a mistake since the white numbers on teal looks super washed. I’ve seen people complain black numbers looked too muddy on teal but honestly the white numbers with trim look washed out. It’s also weird how the numbers have bezels on them but their the color of the jersey. It’s nice on the white jersey but on black and teal they are slightly lighter colored. The black jerseys are actually my favorite since I feel the teal cuffs and white numbers work the best here. As I said the white numbers feel washed out in the teal and the white has literally no color in them. It really disappoints me they removed the gold as it worked great as a trim and our worst uniform set was the Reebok ones that hadn’t no gold. Again I don’t get how these are traditional for the jagaurs when they use to have gold trim. Overall there just isn’t much to talk about the jerseys they fine for what they are but they’re not without their quirks Pants: there’s nothing to see here. It’s just a solid color which I feel is a huge mistake. Even a logo on the hip or sides would make it look much better so overall as a jags fan I give them a ‘Meh’. It feels very colliegate and was kind of a missed opportunity. I feel the biggest issue is the jags won’t embrace their identity like what other teams do. They should embrace the teal and gold, exotic animal theme and being a subtropical team. Using black in Florida is so backwards and makes no sense. I do think they’ll add on to them in the coming years maybe add some gold trim and rework the cuffs. But overall they could’ve been better especially after what Miami revealed. I really want them to simply make an updated version of their classic look