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  1. General Talk Thread

    they are going to. Have made 4 SBs in different decades so I see no reason why they shouldn't this decade. Question just is if we are talking about the next 2-3 years or 7-9 years.
  2. FFMD II New England Patriots Front Office

    His drafting has been really poor the last couple of years. And the reality is that without a great QB he will need to hit on those picks or he will be gone. Because you can't win without talent and all the Hightowers, Edelmans and McCourtys will be gone in 1-2 years. The Kraft family won't accept losing seasons so Belichick would probably just 'retire'. He probably wouldn't want to coach a bad team at his age anyway. So it's really easy. You hit on the picks and you are likely a good team again in 2021 or 2022. If you still miss this year and next year you are likely looking at a completely new GM, coach, everything.
  3. General Talk Thread

    doesn't make a whole lot of sense but that's 'fan logic'. TB was easier to hate on because he was a player but now people suddenly like him and say how great he is and was because he isn't in NE anymore LOL.
  4. Offseason Thread

    one of the dumbest trades in Patriots history.
  5. Jarrett Stidham

    He is good but I like the North Dakota State QB more.
  6. Pick 230 - Dustin Woodard - C - Memphis

    It really was not.
  7. can't really expect anything from day 3. Never watch that day. Getting a good player is like below 3% chance.
  8. think we'll finally have a legit pass rush off the edge again. All on rookie contracts, too. So you get 3-4 years of cheap production.
  9. Jarrett Stidham

    realistically, agree. But who knows, nobody seen him play a game. He could be a world beater for all we know or completely terrible. I think he will be about average. Not because he doesn't have talent but because the weapons aren't good. Anything from average or better likely locks him in for the forseeable future. Below that you are likely looking at a first round QB. Circumstances are decent. You aren't winning a ton if he sucks. 8 wins the absolute ceiling, more like 6 imo. So you are already drafting top 10-12 in that case. Not all that many QB needy teams so you can move up easily or just stay where you are and get a premium QB talent. From the early looks, there are 3 very very good QB talents in next years draft. Yeah, Lawrence is probably not someone we can get because nobody will trade out of the top spot but if we get the kid from North Dakota State that would make me extremely happy as well.
  10. I guess he is a backup as OG3 or OG4 depending if Thuney stays. Not a good athlete but knows how to play. Needed some more OL depth.
  11. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    If Belichick makes it to the SB it's his greatest achievement without a doubt and one of the greatest in NFL history. Would be a much, much greater achievement than TB winning the SB.
  12. Too Early 2020 Season Prediction Thread

    I don't have any predictions but as always the playoffs will be full of surprise teams. Nothing like this past year or the year before and so on. I could see the Broncos being the surprise team of the season while other 11-12 win teams fall off and just win 6-8 games despite people thinking every good team from last year will be good again (except the Patriots for obvious reasons).
  13. Official GDT - 2020 NFL Draft

    B+/B draft grade from me. Happy we filled needs with quality prospects and did not draft a QB just to draft one.
  14. if he is as good as Bailey good pick