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  1. Everybody can get injured. I'd rather risk it let him play to his full potential than limit him. You have to hope the guy learns to pick his spots and with experience to not get hit that much and get down or out of bounds etc. He is averaging 11-12 rushes per game right now, I think this will go down some in the coming years but it will always be an element of his. If you give him around 8 rushes per game and 27-30 pass attempts I think that's sustainable.
  2. Notable Stats and Observations

  3. Browns fans already in their feelings again, sweet.
  4. Dallas has a questionable defense but on the other hand a tremendous offense. Maybe best in the league. I agree that Zeke is the difference is the game but I like our chances against him actually. Dak can scramble but he is clearly a first throw type QB. He has been terrific this season but our major strength is pass defense so I like that. Our offense is not great and won't be this season. Wynn will help though. I look for a rather low scoring affair with the defense creating 1-2 crucial turnovers. DAL 17 NE 24
  5. Unsung Hero So Far

    Bailey is trending or already is towards best punter in football. He is absolutely outstanding.
  6. if he can hold his block 1-2 seconds longer than Newhouse it already pushes us from a top 15 passing attack to a top 10 passing offense at least which is huge.
  7. Lamar in college was already a better thrower than Vick ever was. Hard cold truth.
  8. Patriots activate LT Isaiah Wynn

    Not seeing Newhouse out there feels better than a SB win
  9. Jackson runs circles around Vick.
  10. Alabama missing the playoffs

    There is literally no way for Alabama to make it in at this point. At least 1 major upset in the Big 12 and Pac 12 would need to happen. And LSU would have to beat Georgia as well.
  11. Getting info on this coaching search has been extremely difficult. Only thing that we know is that the rumors about Bob Stoops were false. Other than that who knows. But it seems this is a positive thing.
  12. Help in November: An early mock draft

    QB or OL. I don't think Brady is here next season. And we need a center and/or another OT. Cannon won't be here long and no idea what Cajuste will do.
  13. How good is Carson Wentz

    top 12-ish. He is good, not great.