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  1. The drive to start the 2nd half needs to be productive.
  2. This defense and especially Gilmore have really struggled against a bad offense.
  3. Hope the defense stands up tall again. Coming up empty after the Edelman catch is disappointing.
  4. was just putting on the game. didn't realize they just scored
  5. Michel will play according to Schefter. Gronk and Mason won't.
  6. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    Gordon seems capable of averaging 1,300 and 8-10 TDs when at 100% imo. Easily Gordon.
  7. Yeah Gronk is hardly a factor anymore. Michel back would be more important. If Ryan is on Edelman, Gordon should have a field day against Butler...
  8. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Another blowout in the making
  9. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    The Steelers pass rush has come alive
  10. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    you could say the same about Bell.
  11. Bentley & Burkhead to IR

    I think they both will. Dawson for Crossen/Hollister and Burkhead for Barner seems to make sense.
  12. Week 10 Pick em

    Panthers @ Steelers Redskins @ Buccaneers Cardinals @ Chiefs Bills @ Jets Jaguars @ Colts Lions @ Bears Saints @ Bengals Patriots @ Titans Falcons @ Browns Chargers @ Raiders Seahawks @ Rams Dolphins @ Packers Cowboys @ Eagles Giants @ 49ers
  13. I guess yards per game allowed which is not a good measurement.