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  1. At least Cam already knew the feeling of having crappy receivers to throw to.
  2. One of the main reasons why sustaining success in the NFL is just so difficult. It's just so random in terms of injuries. Now the biggest strength of SF from last year, the DL, suddenly looks pedestrian.
  3. When will we learn how to draft wide receivers? It's beyond laughable at this point.
  4. Wilson is the best player in the NFL. I thought they would score everytime they had the feeling. Never had this feeling before, not against Rodgers, Mahomes or Jackson.
  5. I think they would have last year if they had this type of Cam Newton. Right now it's just a lack of talent in a lot of different areas.
  6. I think it was very catchable.
  7. Need the defense to stand up tall against Wilson now. Will be tough
  8. yeah Adams is extremely explosive to make that play there
  9. Wentz strikes me more and more as the guy Dak was supposed to be. A guy who can be good if everything around him fits but if not everything goes down hill suddenly.
  10. SBLIII

    Week 2 HEROES

    Allen is really improving. I like what I'm seeing. Not yet there saying top 10 QB but he is really making it his offense now.
  11. is there any logical explanation why they didn't jump on the ball before it traveled 10 yards?
  12. a quality deep threat would make such a difference on this team. Really have to get one next year
  13. Not a bad game from NE. We can't get off the field though.
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