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  1. not sure why anyone listens to that guy. Reliable Denver reporter said the complete opposite within minutes. It's laughable how bad he is.
  2. Seattle, draft Denver, trade Miami, trade Detroit, no Tampa Bay, no Atlanta, no New Orleans, no Philadelphia, draft New York, no Houston, draft Washington, trade Pittsburgh, trade Carolina, draft Deshaun Watson, MIA Russell Wilson, PIT Aaron Rodgers, DEN Tua Tagovailoa, WFT
  3. what would even a return look like considering nobody knows when he is allowed to play again? This seems complicated. But Houston would probably be happy to move forward in the rebuild.
  4. I don't see any hype, maybe he works out, maybe he doesn't. But it's obvious that the Panthers and Broncos will both need to look for a new QB again.
  5. 141 actually, Lamar averaged 150 over his first 4 starts. Rookie QBs are expected to suck. Fields could easily have a major turnaround in 1-2 years.


    not sure he moves the needle. Not even sure what's going on with Watson at this point, I think you try and trade for Wilson or Rodgers.
  7. I mean he has been mostly in that range after his MVP year in 14. Last year was an outlier but LaFleur has him playing at a much higher level than McCarthy in his last couple of years. I think he improves into the 4-6 range as the season goes on and he gets his All-Pro tackle back but regression was always coming.
  8. Cardinals are 2nd in DVOA. And undefeated. I have zero problem with them being called the best team right now.
  9. The impact just isn't there overall. He has no chance of winning MVP.
  10. should we fade the Packers?
  11. Rams could keep this going for 5 years but I don't think it's likely. Too much is going to change in that amount of time. Ramsey might only turn 27 next months but cornerbacks don't age well. I give Donald a better chance to be great longer even though he is older. You never know what's going to happen see Giants 07/11 and Ravens with Flacco but I think the next 2 years are the Rams best chances for the foreseeable future.
  12. 14th in EPA and 16th in DVOA is solid given the injuries. If he can get into the top 7-10 in the back half of the season, Bucs are set.
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