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  1. yeah hard to buy that a QB who doesn't miss the playoffs will now. Not only that. That QB has won 4 of the last 7 titles. Lost in SB and AFC title game 2 of the 3 times he did not. Pretty confident that he is 5 of 7 if Gordon and AB remain on that 2019 NE team. Are the chances really that low that the Bucs will make the SB again? No. I'm thinking the Packers get to the SB but it's probably stupid to bet against TB.
  2. It's a solid argument. I think Baker is top 12. Brady is 1-3. I'd take Baker for the longterm although Browns could be SB favorites with their OL and weapons with TB. I think Baker will still improve and move into top 7 territory but that's just talking about that. I would be iffy on giving Baker a 35 million per year deal. The Browns could end up like the Vikings in a couple of years. Their window is really for the next 3-4 years imo.
  3. Get the defense to average and you have a legit chance but 2021 defensive DVOA projections don't look too favorable for the Browns.
  4. Wilson ahead of Lawrence is shocking.
  5. Mario Manningham, Wes Welker/Asante Samuel brick hands, David Tyree
  6. Bucs will almost certainly go all in in 2021.
  7. some team employee should hook the QB up with a rich super model before giving out the 2nd contract.
  8. Baker and see where it leads you. Too early to tell how good he can be.
  9. They'll get to the postseason. Beyond that, who knows. If Mahomes didn't have Reid, Hill and Kelce he would not be viewed any different than Watson on a terrible Houston team.
  10. No. This is a players league like any other league. Besides that BB the GM was never great, for sure not in the last 7 years. BB the coach is elite regardless of the results in the future.
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