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  1. not every single defense is and it's no excuse to have below 100 yards
  2. Hopefully Tua is better next year. Right now the offense is a lot worse than under Fitz
  3. He is. He gets open with ease.
  4. Murray isn’t as accurate of a passer and takes too many risks.
  5. Ties rookie Moss with his 4th 100 yard game and still 7 games remaining
  6. Aaron Rodgers would like a word with you.
  7. Playoffs with the 16-0 Steelers would be super intriguing
  8. and BOB traded this monster away LOL
  9. when they aren't offsetting
  10. none of those guys can catch the ball. Fournette is completely useless though, at least Jones is a good runner when he doesn't fumble.
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