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  1. Lions will still be a 5-6 win team unless Goff overachieves. It's a great strategy though. Build the trenches, then rookie QB, then load up via FA. The Lions will compete in 23 if they hit on the QB.
  2. impossible to say without seeing Lawrence in the NFL. He could easily break Herbert's TD number from 2020.
  3. SB: Bucs vs Bills, Bucs win MVP: Josh Allen, BUF OPOY: Dalvin Cook, MIN DPOY: Nick Bosa, SF OROY: Trevor Lawrence, JAX DROY: Patrick Surtain, DEN COY: Urban Meyer, JAX
  4. If Oweh is Clowney, that's a really good Ravens pick
  5. Mac starts game 4 when Cam has a horrible game and throws 3 picks
  6. Mac Jones A+ - well considering I think they got one of the 2 QBs that will be hit and they didn't need to trade up, great pick Christian Barmore A- The trade up was expensive but Barmore can be a dominant defensive tackle Ronnie Perkins A - an absolute steal at 96 and gives the Patriots serious juice off the edge along with Judon, van Noy, Uche and Winovich. Rhamondre Stevenson B - a solid bruiser with light feet. The value was fine and NE loses White and Michel next season. Cameron McGrone A+ - a steal. Likely a redshirt in 2021 but in the 5th round getting a potential qu
  7. Based on what? Brady threw 50 TDs and 15 picks and took over the worst franchise in the NFL without a playoff appearance in like 13 years. Of course he was the reason the Bucs were good and ultimately won the SB. Not sure how that's even a discussion.
  8. TB will push towards 35 PPG. Bringing everyone back and were 3rd in the league in the scoring at 31 PPG with a new QB without a proper offseason. We could see 2007 NE all over again.
  9. Minnesota will be elite on offense, people are sleeping on them.
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