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  1. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    Fromm might go really early. NFL execs are drooling over his tools and potential
  2. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    Trade Zeke Trade Dak Draft or trade up for Tua, herbert or Fromm Extend Jaylon Extend Cooper Extend Byron Put some more quality pieces with the addes cap room around the rookie QB and you are going to the SB in 2021.
  3. I will blame and sue you if it goes wrong.
  4. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    no that was Clayborn. Jarrett had 3 sacks in the SB 51 though
  5. Trubisky shouldn't get any votes tbh.
  6. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    you aren't wrong about your assessment in general but you named the wrong names at the bottom.
  7. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    van Noy should be 81 or 82 imo. The other 2 I'm fine with.
  8. winning as Super Bowl and conference winning. This year will be big in terms of projection.
  9. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    also where is Shaq Mason? That dude is an absolute wall.
  10. Went is 23-17 in his career. it remains to be seen if he is a winning quarterback
  11. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    QB: Wentz should be 85 or 86. Brees 95. RB: Chubb 88 Barkley 97 Kamara 93 TE: Kittle 94 Howard 88 OL: Mason 92 Frederick 92 DL: Hicks 93 Clark 86 LB: Tel. Smith 83, Leonard 87 CB: Howard 88, Sherman 85, Humphrey 89 S: Derwin 91 biggest changes I would make at first look. Sherman being a 93 appears to the worst rating to me.
  12. Clowney Franchise Tag

    so he might not play at all this year?
  13. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    longterm? Derwin Jamal Eddie still 3rd