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  1. It's tough to rank OLs without knowing everything what they have to do.
  2. and he keeps getting away with it. Glad the Patriots showed morals and let the cheater go.
  3. Gilmore, Hightower, McCourty, Trent Brown, Sony Michel, James White, Cam Newton
  4. He is not in the roster plans most likely. Patriots need speed and he doesn't have it. He is a major bust. Thank god Caserio is gone
  5. yep don't think there are more than 5-6 DL worthy of a roster spot anyway
  6. Bentley was the one guy I had hope in. And he has been meh, like a 5th round pick plays but he is still around. On the other hand the 2 6th round OL we picked last year I thought were terrible. Funny thing is they are the complete opposite.
  7. was he another Caserio guy? I wouldn't be shocked.
  8. I like the last 2 draft classes. If they stack on one more next year they can make a serious run. I like Kyle Dugger to be the guy who shocks the most people.
  9. QB (2) C.Newton, M.Jones RB (6) D.Harris, S.Michel, J.White, R.Stevenson, B.Bolden, J.Johnson WR (6) N.Agholor, J.Meyers, K.Bourne, G.Olszewski, M.Slater, T.Nixon TE (4) J.Smith, H.Henry, D.Asiasi, D.Keene C (2) D.Andrews, T.Karras G (2) S.Mason, M.Onwenu T (4) I.Wynn, T.Brown, J.Herron, Y.Cajuste DE (2) D.Wise, H.Anderson DT (4) L.Guy, D.Godchaux, C.Barmore, B.Cowart ILB(2) D.Hightower, J.Bentley OLB(6) M.Judon, K.VanNoy, C.Winovich, J.Uche, R.Perkins, A.Jennings CB (6) S.Gilmore, J.Jackson, J.Jones, J.Mills, M.Bryant, J.Bethel SS (2) K.Dugger, A.Phillips FS (2) D
  10. As much as I love Gilmore, he is not a top 5 corner to me. In fact, I believe Jackson is. Howard, Jackson, Ramsey, Alexander, White no order
  11. 1. Butler interception 2. Hightower forced fumble against Matt Ryan 3. SB 51 coin toss 4. Vinatieri kick against OAK 5. Gronkowski converting on a 3rd and 10 on an overhead pass at the side against KC in the 4th quarter, AFCCG 2018.
  12. I do like Tampa's roster but I don't think it's as good as everyone thinks it is.
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