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  1. Possibilities for new coaches

    What if we poached a young and upcoming coach from a rival team? The Atlanta Falcons have a great core of WR and I think we should look at their WR coach/assistant coach, Raheem Morris. He even has experience on the defensive side of the ball as he was previously the Falcons and Redskins DB coach before he switched over to the WRs.
  2. ? Week 4: 2-1 Bucs vs 2-1 Bears

    As others have mentioned in this thread, we match up pretty well to the Bears. Not really scared of Mitch and that passing attack and if we have Vea in there our run defense should be solid. What I am worried about - the short passing game to Cohen and Gabriel - if those guys get in space and our tackling woes continue they could cause a lot of trouble It'll be interesting to see how we use OJ Howard this game.. I think we have him help with Mack on passing plays as Juice has been pretty good as a blocker this year. Might see ever more two TE sets and have Brate running more routes, or Auclair/Cross helping with Mack and OJ doing his thing in the receiving game. Worried about that Hicks/Goldman combo too.. that right side of the line has struggled this year and they could give us some trouble. Our best matchup on offense will be with Mike Evans going up against Fuller.. Mike has been pretty good so far this year but I feel like he's on the verge of a BIG game and think this could be it.
  3. The un-HYPEd Thread

    We had a hundred things that went wrong last night and should have lead to us being blown out and give up and not fight back but somehow we did - we made it a game with a chance to win It might be cliche to say, but we were one play away from winning that game If Godwin holds onto one of the TD passes he dropped, its a different game If Dotson picks up the free rusher in the redzone and Fitz doesnt throw that INT, its a different game If DeSean's punt return isn't called back, thats more time on the clock and its a different game If Beau or Vea are playing, those lanes in the middle aren't open on that final drive and we have another chance If Whitehead was starting over Conte as he should for the rest of the season, we don't make Vance McDonald look like Gronk on a roid rage You could go on and on but 'ifs' are worthless the next day We saw Fitzpatrick fight back after maybe the worst half of football in his life We saw his team rally around him and never give up We saw our defensive line fight like we haven't seen them fight in years, despite the holding calls Jason Pierre-Paul was the MVP of the game for me. He looked about as good as I've ever seen him play.. 2 sacks, 3 TFL, 4 QB hits, a handful of pressures and some run stops. That performance was something we haven't seen for a long long time from the edge spot. Jordan Whitehead looked good. He's going to be a player and an immediate upgrade over Conte if the coaches will just give up on him already. Justin Evans and that interception.. thats the type of playmaking we need. After that FR for a TD in the Saints' game, this seems more like a trend then a fluke with him being around the ball. Godwin, Evans and DeSean all with 3 TDs on the season now through 3 games.. there's only 12 players in the league right now with 3 TDs so far and we have 1/4 of them - pretty amazing It's a hard loss to accept because we could have easily been 3-0.. but if you think about it we could've easily lost 51-13 too if this team didn't fight back We'll take the first loss and bounce back strong and angry against Chicago next week.. THE HYPE IS STILL ALIVE
  4. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Patrick Mahomes set the record for most TDs in the first three games of the season with 13 Congrats on having the record for one day before Fitzmagic shatters the record along with Steeler's nations hearts tonight
  5. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Have to choose between these options for two flex spots Full PPR Lamar Miller vs the Giants Jordan Howard vs the Cardinals Keenan Allen vs the Rams Phillip Lindsay vs the Ravens Kenny Golladay vs the Patriots Scared of the Rams D, so skittish on Keenan.. Lindsay and Golladay are the smaller names but have been coming up big the first two weeks
  6. Much of the offseason was focused on improving our defensive line on all fronts.. we brought in new starters at 3 of the 4 positions, we signed vets to improve depth, we invested our first pick in Vea, and we hired one of the most respected defensive line coaches in the league. All for good reason too. Last year, our defense was torched and one of the main reasons was we couldn't generate pressure. We ranked 29th with only 74 QB hits all year (Eagles lead the league with 115 for comparison). We ranked dead last with only 22 sacks (Steelers lead the league with 56 for comparison). We ranked dead last with only 71 tackles for loss all year. It's a bit early to make any conclusions so far, but after the first couple of games going up against two of the top offensive lines in football, I am encouraged. Our 17 QB Hits is third in the league and would put us on pace to eclipse the Eagles total from last year. To add to this to put in perspective the talent added around McCoy.. after the first two games this year, we've had 3 players (excluding Gerald) with multiple QB hits in a single game. It wasn't until Week 10 last year that we had 3 players not named McCoy with multiple QB hits in a game. Our 4 sacks is not eye popping, but as mentioned earlier this was going up against two of the top offensive lines. It wouldn't surprise me if we nearly doubled last years total by the end of the year. In case you forgot how historically bad we were last year.. we only had ONE SACK going into week 5. Kwon seems revitalized and is benefiting from the improved line too. He already has 4 TFL, compared to 7.5 TFL all of last year over 12 games. He's already eclipsed his sack and FF totals (0 sacks and 1 FF vs 1 sack and 2 FF). Look for this trend to continue - his fast and aggressive play style works so much better when the dline occupies blockers and gives him room to roam free. All in all, it is early in the season and our defense has still given up plenty of yards/points.. but in my opinion we are trending in the right direction. Give this group some time to get key pieces healthy (Grimes, Beckwith, Vea, Unrein) and get some chemistry, and we could be looking at a completely different team.
  7. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Brent Grimes AND Vita Vea back at practice today! Both are going to be huge additions to our starting lineup.. get Grimes back on team's #1s and our other CBs wont feel as much pressure. Get Vea in the middle of our new d-line and see how this group plays together at full strength. Every guy down there is going to command attention and we should keep building on all those QB hits we put on Foles last week.
  8. The un-HYPEd Thread

    A little defensive HYPE PFF (I know, I know) had two players from our SECONDARY on their team of the week.. Ryan Smith with a grade of 88.6 and Justin Evans with a grade of 88.9! Once Grimes gets back and we have Carlton, MJ, and a new and improved Smith covering teams 2s and 3s we should be looking a lot better. That Evans and Whitehead combo was looking nice too..
  9. ? Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    Precedence would say this is going to be a shootout with the way these offenses and defenses have been playing, and right now I like our chances at winning in a shootout The Steelers had a hell of a time covering perhaps the only receiving core that's on par with our unit.. Kelce (109 yards, 2 TDs), Watkins (100 yards), and Tyreek (90 yards, 1 TD) last week and it doesn't get any easier this week for them.. I can see OJ having his best game of the season while Pittsburgh focuses on covering DeSean deep. Mike Evans should feast, and if they want to double him I could see Godwin breaking out with some more targets. The difference I think is going to be who wins the turnover battle and gets more possessions in result.. that Justin Evans TD really made the difference in the Saints game and we need another big play like that this week. Their o-line struggled the first game but did better against the Chiefs.. the results were night and day, with Ben getting sacked 4 times the first game and throwing 3 picks vs him only getting sacked once and throwing no interceptions last week. Big test for our new look line to see if we can get consistent pressure and change the game. I'd love for this game to be RoJo's debut.. with the focus on our passing game he should see some lanes and have a chance to prove himself finally. I'm still waiting to see him fly down the field on a wheel route like he did in preseason too.
  10. The un-HYPEd Thread

    DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT? Grimes out, VHIII out, screw it we'll go with the rooks. A couple flukey TOs that'd normally kill us? Even MORE injuries to the secondary? We STILL came out with the title belt. Have we talked about DeSean Jackson? The NFL's leading in receiving yards? Or Jason Pierre-Paul, the man who racked up a sack, 4 QB hits, TFL, run stops, emotional wreckage of Nick Foles? How many times did we see Foles in the grass today? I don't think we've got to a QB like that since Jameis had to pay for crab legs. Was that Kwon Alexander living in the backfield with three tackles for loss and the sack+forced fumble combo? Did you see our guys swarming in for group tackles, never letting up? Fitzmagic with 9 TDs on the season, and who's he going up against next? A team that is the only team that couldn't beat the Browns since 2015.. a team that just gave up 6 TDs to a 22 year old kid. Whats that mean for us next week?! I can't do the math but I'm sure Fitz can.
  11. The un-HYPEd Thread

    I know we have the game thread for real discussion and all, but I don't know about yall but sometimes I let my homerism get the best of me and think a little less than rational.. sometimes those thoughts come true (see: last weekend) so maybe we can talk some more greatness into reality. Let's start out with the NFL's OPOY, the leader in the MVP race, YOUR current NFL leader in passer rating.. the one and only Fitzmagic Now, I know the Eagles have this great defensive line that could pressure him, and that might be an issue for some teams, but we got the mf'ing stick carriers leading the way for Fitz. Cox and Bennett don't want anything with that Marpet + Jensen combo. Donovan is trying to get paid, he's not letting anyone get close enough to even smells Fitz' beard oil. Don't even have to talk on Dotson you know what he's about.. Let's get to our weapons. The most lethal group in the league.. you got Mike Evans not only towering over every DB in the league, but you got him leaving last year's best rookie CB face planted in the grass trying to keep up with him. You got Chris Godwin breaking out, with team's 3rd and 4th CBs trying to cover him.. pleaaase your #1 can't touch him. You got OJ Howard taking the top off the defense as a damn TE, hell he's faster than some of our WRs. Then you got DE-SEAN JACK-SON, Mr. 100% catch rate, Mr. 30 yards per catch, Mr. Who's Gonna Catch Me? Who's supposed to be assigned to him? Jalen Mills aka Mr. 4.61 40 yard dash Oh I forgot to mention, he's going up against the team that drafted him, then CUT him. DeSean doesn't seem like the type that forgets. Then we have our Peyton Barber, the easiest player to cheer for in the NFL, ready to break out following Marpet and Jensen's blocks. Rumor has it that Ronald Jones is going to make his debut this week too.. give him a crease to slip through and he's going to join the 50+ yard TD club with DeSean and Mike. What about our defense though? The one that gave up a few yards and points to one of the best QBs off all time, one of the best receivers in the league, and maybe the most dangerous RB in the league? Yeah we don't have to worry about all that this week. We have Nick Foles, who only managed 117 yards on 34 attempts (!) last week. His top WR is Nelson Agholor, who managed 33 yards on 8 catches last week. Just wait until Fitz and Co. put up a quick 14 points and Foles has to go into catch up mode.. we'll be seeing TO's forced by all of our rookie CBs. Carlton has the height and wingspan to catch that overthown ball going over Mike Wallace's head. MJ Stewart will be looking like Ronde blitzing off the corner. Maybe even Mike Smith smartens up and puts Justin Evans in coverage on Ertz and we see him pick off an underthrown attempt. Did we talk about our DLINE yet? JPP against his old and familiar division rival. Vinny Curry up against the team that JUST cut him. Beau Allen up against the team that didn't want to pay him. You think these guys have some motivation this week? Gerald McCoy is going to be surrounded by the most talented and the hungriest group he's ever played with this week. So who's with me? Who's ready to wake the league up and take down the champs?
  12. Vernon Hargreaves placed on IR

    I'm not as concerned about this week honestly.. Foles can look very pedestrian if he doesn't have the weapons surrounding him. The losses of Alshon and Torrey are bigger than you'd think and puts less stress on the defense. Still holding out hope for Grimes to return this week.. but either way I think Carlton can be solid against Mike Wallace on the outside, and MJ Stewart can hopefully hold his own against Agholor out of the slot. My biggest worry is covering Ertz and Sproles/Clement out of the backfield.. Conte couldn't cover a 38 year old Ben Watson last week and Kamara tore us up receiving.
  13. ? Week One: Bucs (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    Some ramblings from week 1.. A lot of encouraging takeaways from week 1, but still some concerns with the defense after giving up 40 points and the game coming down to a 'last person with the ball wins' contest. There are some silver linings still with the defense though.. The defensive line did put some more pressure on Brees even if the stats don't show it. The Saints do have an elite offensive line with Ramczyk and Armstead as bookends and Warford and Unger on the inside so it was a tough first matchup to begin with. We're talking about a line that only gave up 20 sacks all of last year, good for 2nd in the league while also leading a top 5 running game. To hold them to under 50 yards total rushing, even in a shootout with limited carries, is a positive sign for our line. Vea will be a huge addition for the line going forward and helping to generate more pressure. Right now, the offensive line can focus on JPP/Curry/McCoy and not have to worry about that 4th defender on the inside.. Vea will command attention when he returns. The defensive line is much like the offensive line, it takes time together to build chemistry and work off one another. That said.. Alvin Kamara destroyed us. I see him as an elite talent though and it makes it a bit easier to swallow, especially with how the Saints play in the dome. Same with Michael Thomas. He beat Carlton Davis quite a bit but going up against a top 5 WR, with a top 5 QB, who have one of the biggest home field advantages, your first game as a pro.. if anyone ever deserved a pass on the stats he gave up it's Davis this week. I believe the return of Beckwith will be big for this defense too. The first drive when Kamara beat Alexander to the whole on 3rd & 2 and then trucked him.. a better LB could shoot that gap for a stop and force a FG. The way Beckwith was playing last year I believe he could be that type of LB to make that play. Getting Grimes back in the game too will be big. Ryan Smith continues to show he's one of our worst rotational players on D and the downgrade to him getting major playtime when our top CB is out is huge. Those three key defensive starters we had out could have made the difference for a couple TDs. The offense.. not enough can be said of how they played. The offensive line looked much improved and didn't allow a single sack on Fitzpatrick. They were huge in giving him time and letting the big plays develop down the field. Opened up some nice lanes for Barber too. There's going to be some big runs to the left with Donovan/Marpet/Jensen clearing the way. Ryan Jensen's demeanor out there jumped out, he's a tough SOB that doesn't take **** and backs up his teammates. I like to compare the addition of Jensen to the addition of Alex Mack to the Falcon's line a couple years back.. that addition, along with Shannan's offense, led the Falcons to explode to a record-setting offense. I think we showed that same kind of potential yesterday with our new look line & play caller. The preseason hype with Chris Godwin and OJ Howard seems warranted. Godwin had that spectacular one handed catch and a big TD grab against TIGHT coverage on a 3rd down. OJ made a couple of big catches and his blocking seems improved. The amount of weapons on offense is outstanding so they're limited in targets, but I have full confidence we're going to see some big games from those two this year. Their presence will be huge for the offense as it's going to be tough to dedicate two guys to Mike/DeSean having to worry about the young guys too. Also shootout to Adam Humphries and that catch and run before the end of the half. The penalty was warranted and did help spring him, but impressive play nonetheless. Good to see Big Play Hump carry over to the regular season. A bit nit-picky since we did have a record-setting offensive day for the franchise.. but I think we'd all like to see what RoJo and Watson could do out there. It's disappointing that Jones can't even get on the gameday roster, especially after hyping him up so much with a post-draft analysis, but I get it with Jacquizz being a safer bet as a #2 back and Shaun Wilson adding more special teams value. Maybe it was intended as a wakeup call for him for motivation so we'll see how he responds. Eventually we need to just throw him into the fire in a real game with the first team and see how he performs. He's too explosive of a player and showed way too much on film in college for me to be down on him until then. Justin Watson also looked nice in preseason and I would've liked to see him out there over Martino, but either way we wouldn't have seen much of him. All in all, to walk into the dome and beat the Saint's on their home opener is huge, particularly for our confidence level going forward. Three elite talents got the best of our defense but they did just enough to get the W. There's a long season ahead of us but it's hard not to be excited for it after that showing.
  14. A Deeper Dive : A Ronald Jones II Report

    Speaking of his 2016 UCLA tape, one run just gave a great indicator of his speed. On 3rd and 1 from the opponents 41 yard line, Jones II finds the hole to the right and is off to the races. What's cool for Bucs fans is that this run was pretty much a straight dash from the end zone from the 50 yard line with none other than Fabian Moreau (4.35 40-yard at the combine with a 1.51 10-yard split) starting pretty much dead even with him. We didn't get a good 40-yard dash from him after he pulled his hammy so I guess this is as good as its going to get... The race starts here After 10 yards, RoJo has a yard on him, probably due to having more initial momentum with the run After 30 yards, RoJo has barely given up any ground, if any After 40 yards, Moreau finally decides to make the lounge but he's just not close enough, gets his hands on RoJo but he walks into the end zone Full run here for reference I know this is not a perfect way to test timed speed and there's a **** ton of other factors in play here, but its some good reassurance on his athleticism after not getting all the combine numbers
  15. A Deeper Dive : A Ronald Jones II Report

    Hah thanks I tried to make it count, to be fair I’m always lurking and been around long before the forum change Agreed, and I was probably too passive in my criticism here, but I did highlight it a couple times here where I thought he didn’t make the best decisions. Part of me wants to say it was because of poor line play and him wanting to get to holes before they closed, but that may be just making excuses for him. Was more of an issue in 2017 then 2016 when he had a better line, watching his 2016 UCLA tape now and the first couple runs I already saw him showing more patience than usual. I don’t think it’s a killer issue either way if the line plays well, we just can’t expect him to be Bell or Hunt. Guys like Gurley and DeMarco Murray had similar issues coming out and have still found success.