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  1. Would love to do a full breakdown video but don't have the time. I watched every game from 2020 at least once though, and a couple 2019 games, and here are some more takeaways - - Improvement from 2019 (first games as a starter since freshman year in HS!) to 2020 is vast. You see some quality traits in 2019, but in 2020 his pocket presence, accuracy, and decision making are all dramatically improved. Good sign for more improvement coming with more experience. - I believe Arians offense is a perfect fit for him and pretty similar to Mullen's actually. Pushed the ball downfield more
  2. Thanks appreciate the back and forth, looking forward to more discussion on him to pass the time until preseason hah Im glad someone else is seeing what Im seeing. Footwork/mechanics is his biggest issue, which I think comes with his inexperience, but I feel like it's one of the easier QB traits to learn. He has so many traits though that are missing from prospects. It is funny that Dak Prescott came from the same system with Dan Mullen and was underrated as well coming out of college, it's like Mullen is able to get great production out of raw QBs and somehow that's held against the pros
  3. Ok I'll admit, I did NOT like this pick at first at all. All these reports about him having weak arm strength, comparing him to Mason Rudolph, etc etc got to me. Finally watched a game myself, starting with his first in 2020 vs Ole Miss.. and I feel like im taking crazy pills. He looks legit. Then I made the mistake of looking in the Youtube comment section and these armchair scouts are making the same 'weak arm' comments that I've seen before. I'm just not seeing it. I do think he has to work on his mechanics and his consistency there, and he has to get a lot better a blitz reads/pickup
  4. I think you kind of nailed it in that he's the Anti-Winston.. he doesn't have the physical gifts that Jameis had but he seems to have the mental components down. I'm not sure he's a guy thats going to lead you to a Super Bowl ala Matt Ryan, but he can be a guy that can get you to the playoffs ala "prime" Andy Dalton or Matt Schaub. Im not a QB expert AT ALL but just from watching some tape my takeaways: + Tough, not afraid to run up the middle at all + Does not get rattled in the pocket. Keeps composure under pressure and even when taking a hit I've seen him still make completion
  5. I agree in wanting more IDL depth too, but I think it tells us something about who we have.. 1. The coaching staff is higher on Khalil Davis than we know. He hasn't had much PT yet, but he was a high potential pick and he might be showing that potential in practice. 2. Gholston is turning 30 this summer, but he just came off a career year and looks to be in his prime. Suh was still very good last year and doesn't show many signs of slowing down. Vea is Vea, and McLendon is good insurance for him. Nacho seems like someone the coaching staff really likes too and with everyone mentione
  6. Joe Tryon, EDGE, Washington Player Arch: Robert Quinn Personally, would have preferred Barmore or Levi O here, but I can see why they went edge. It's a more valuable position and a position that takes longer to get acclimated to in the pros. Tryon only has one year starting experience and put up 8 sacks, pretty impressive for someone who's still learning the position. I trust our coaching staff to make a 10+ sack/yr guy out of him. Kyle Trask, QB, Florida Player Arch: Matt Cassel / Matt Schaub My least favorite pick in the draft.. it is the most valuable position in the league though
  7. What about Elijah Moore to the Jags? Urban loves his speedy wideouts (Percy, Scary Terry, Paris, etc etc) and he’d compliment the guys they have pretty well Either that, or Amari in the 3rd
  8. I think our FO has earned all of our trust at this point, excited to see how he develops. Only one season starting, but 8 sacks and 12.5 TFL as a sophomore is impressive. Only Azeez and Rousseau have matched that kind of production as a SOPH. Comparable athletic profiles: Joe Tryon | 6'5, 259 - 4.68 40 (1.64 split) - 34" arms, 82 3/4" wing - 35" VJ, 4.36 SS, 7.18 3C Robert Quinn | 6'4, 265 - 4.60 40 (1.64 split) - 34" arms - 34" VJ, 4.31 SS, 6.99 3C Carl Lawson | 6'2, 261 - 4.67 40 (1.60 split) - 31 1/2" arms - 33" VJ, 4.62 SS, 7.46 3C TJ Watt | 6'4, 252 - 4.69
  9. Im thinking interior for our 2nd rounder, whoever is BPA out of IOL or IDL I'd be great with: Christian Barmore | Doubt he drops, but I think he's going to be a difference maker Levi Onwuzurike | Would be cool to have 3 Huskies in the front 7 plus he's a damn good pass rusher Daviyon Nixon | Disruptive, incredible length, would love for him to learn behind Suh for a year Teven Jenkins | Another one that I doubt drops more, but too much talent/versatility to pass on at 64 Quinn Meinerz | Straight mauler and could be our future at OC or RG Dillon Radunz | More of a projection beca
  10. Tried to do a 7 but ran out of time, bravo to y’all that could finish one https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P39vXsf79u-MVa40IUUOgULjnI2r026YfppRvHCNUJc
  11. Yeah as a Bucs fan, this is pretty spot on. Super excited for TJ and he’s probably why we haven’t pushed to re-sign AB this offseason as much as the other guys. Also we tend to not give rookies much playing time on offense, and then the 2nd year turn them loose i.e. Godwin, RoJo, Scotty, Cappa, etc I mean just look at the play that sent us to the super bowl vs GB. Whether you think it was a PI or not, he was in the game in that situation and one of the first reads.
  12. Were you on the draftcountdown forum back in the day?
  13. Been trying to think outside of the box on our first couple picks. Arians gave the first idea of what they're thinking saying they want to add speed to the defense. We know Bowles likes to move pieces around too, so someone versatile would be nice. Joseph Ossai is one of the first names that jumps out. His future is as a pass rusher, but he does have experience dropping into coverage and played some Jack in a 4-3 at Texas. He's wont be the future Lavonte replacement, but he could get some extra snaps as a rookie because of his versatility and with Bowles getting creative. Jayson Oweh is
  14. Hope its intentional for testing, and not long term effects from COVID still. He came in about 1/2" shorter and 10-lb lighter than Justin Jefferson, with the same arm length and hands. Just jumped within a couple of inches short of JJ's numbers for VJ and BJ too. So not quite the athlete that Jefferson is, but still solid for a guy that people were worried about how he'd test. I think the numbers with his sophomore tape is enough to get him into the late 1st.
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