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  1. After our playoff run last year, Bowles was getting the praise he deserves and people were worried about losing him to another team. After a rough few games for our defense, I've seen way too many overreactions, too much criticism of Bowles. He's not perfect and shouldn't be immune from criticism, but there's people straight up calling for his job. Considering we've missed one starting CB for every game, another starting CB for 2.5 games now, ANOTHER starting CB out for 2 games, a starting S for 2 games, our other starting S for the season opener, our HoF LB for 1.5 games so far, a
  2. Idk if thats completely fair to Bowles. I think he's proven himself in the playoffs. Given the competition we've faced early on, and the injuries we've had in the secondary, I don't think it's anywhere near time to panic on him. Yes, we're on pace for a historically bad pass defense and it's been disappointing to watch, but you gotta look at the context. 1. We've faced Matt Stafford (MVP favorite) and Dak Prescott (who's already setting yardage records). We're not going to see QBs like them, or weapons like Kupp+Co or Amari+CD+Co very much this season. 2. We're leading the le
  3. Whitehead back is huge with SMB out. With Carlton and Dean on the boundaries we should see plenty of AWJ, Edwards and Whitehead on the field at the same time with one of them playing nickel.
  4. We had no business winning that game with the turnovers and penalties. Still, when we were clicking, we were mf'ing clicking. Lets not forget last year we went 1-3 in primetime games, barely beating the Giants in our 1 win. So already an improvement there this year. Hell Yeah - In a twist fit for M. Night, special teams might have won us the game today. Between a big Mickens return, some great punts, and a game winning FG.. our weakest unit last year actually pulled through in primetime. - Tom MF'n Brady. Looked better than ever. Obviously the two INTs were not on him. He could h
  5. I think we have room for both and will keep both. NT is too important of a position for our D, and Vea ideally plays 60-70% of snaps a game. It might come down to whether we carry 3 or 4 TEs (Hudson) or keep O'Connor + McLendon for more front 7 depth. O'Connor is also pretty versatile and can play DE or Edge for Bowles. I think we go with front 7 depth because those guys rotate out more and need to stay fresh, and we can keep a couple guys like Hudson, Adams, McElory on the PS if we need to replace a TE. The ILB battle is interesting too.. if we keep both rookies in Britt/Stuard as
  6. I think Trask was fine considering who he was playing with. Showed nice ball placement down the field. Let him run with at least the 2s (Scotty, TJ, Darden) and his stats are going to look a lot better.
  7. For the Bucs, 6th round pick Khalil Davis Super athletic IDL who played very little last year, but rookies rarely do get much time under our staff. Coaches and players praised him in practice though, and after the FO ignored adding depth to the DL this year that might mean it’s a bit more than coachspeak.
  8. Would love to do a full breakdown video but don't have the time. I watched every game from 2020 at least once though, and a couple 2019 games, and here are some more takeaways - - Improvement from 2019 (first games as a starter since freshman year in HS!) to 2020 is vast. You see some quality traits in 2019, but in 2020 his pocket presence, accuracy, and decision making are all dramatically improved. Good sign for more improvement coming with more experience. - I believe Arians offense is a perfect fit for him and pretty similar to Mullen's actually. Pushed the ball downfield more
  9. Thanks appreciate the back and forth, looking forward to more discussion on him to pass the time until preseason hah Im glad someone else is seeing what Im seeing. Footwork/mechanics is his biggest issue, which I think comes with his inexperience, but I feel like it's one of the easier QB traits to learn. He has so many traits though that are missing from prospects. It is funny that Dak Prescott came from the same system with Dan Mullen and was underrated as well coming out of college, it's like Mullen is able to get great production out of raw QBs and somehow that's held against the pros
  10. Ok I'll admit, I did NOT like this pick at first at all. All these reports about him having weak arm strength, comparing him to Mason Rudolph, etc etc got to me. Finally watched a game myself, starting with his first in 2020 vs Ole Miss.. and I feel like im taking crazy pills. He looks legit. Then I made the mistake of looking in the Youtube comment section and these armchair scouts are making the same 'weak arm' comments that I've seen before. I'm just not seeing it. I do think he has to work on his mechanics and his consistency there, and he has to get a lot better a blitz reads/pickup
  11. I think you kind of nailed it in that he's the Anti-Winston.. he doesn't have the physical gifts that Jameis had but he seems to have the mental components down. I'm not sure he's a guy thats going to lead you to a Super Bowl ala Matt Ryan, but he can be a guy that can get you to the playoffs ala "prime" Andy Dalton or Matt Schaub. Im not a QB expert AT ALL but just from watching some tape my takeaways: + Tough, not afraid to run up the middle at all + Does not get rattled in the pocket. Keeps composure under pressure and even when taking a hit I've seen him still make completion
  12. I agree in wanting more IDL depth too, but I think it tells us something about who we have.. 1. The coaching staff is higher on Khalil Davis than we know. He hasn't had much PT yet, but he was a high potential pick and he might be showing that potential in practice. 2. Gholston is turning 30 this summer, but he just came off a career year and looks to be in his prime. Suh was still very good last year and doesn't show many signs of slowing down. Vea is Vea, and McLendon is good insurance for him. Nacho seems like someone the coaching staff really likes too and with everyone mentione
  13. Joe Tryon, EDGE, Washington Player Arch: Robert Quinn Personally, would have preferred Barmore or Levi O here, but I can see why they went edge. It's a more valuable position and a position that takes longer to get acclimated to in the pros. Tryon only has one year starting experience and put up 8 sacks, pretty impressive for someone who's still learning the position. I trust our coaching staff to make a 10+ sack/yr guy out of him. Kyle Trask, QB, Florida Player Arch: Matt Cassel / Matt Schaub My least favorite pick in the draft.. it is the most valuable position in the league though
  14. What about Elijah Moore to the Jags? Urban loves his speedy wideouts (Percy, Scary Terry, Paris, etc etc) and he’d compliment the guys they have pretty well Either that, or Amari in the 3rd
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