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  1. so I was looking at the Packs team stats for 2020 and something looked off to me https://www.espn.com/nfl/team/stats/_/name/gb/green-bay-packers Rodgers gets credit for throwing for 4299 yards last year ... but 2267 of those were yards after the catch so Rodgers actually threw for 2032 yards which for 372 completions brings his yards per pass average down to 5.47 He was efficient, but hardly a miraculous year by a QB ... Love should be just fine in this offense now that it's balanced with a good run game
  2. If he can continue his development and bring that to the pros, I will be mighty happy having him be a contributing member of the Green Machine
  3. drafted a guy named Michael Carter earlier in the draft in this round they drafted a guy named Michael Carter II not related, just same name
  4. so if this is going to be the Fangio / Staley D, I'd have to ask ... which guys played the Star for the 9rs when Fangio was there ... which guys for Chi when Fangio was there ... which guys for the Rams when Staley was there ... should give a pretty good indicator of the position/player types needed for what Barry was referring to
  5. Vikings don't have fans, only sympathizers who share their pain
  6. I hear ya ... game tape is always a better gauge of a man's talents than the stats off one day of doing drills in underwear
  7. looks like Cincy had their pro day yesterday and Hudson didn't do so well RAS'wise https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=19413
  8. Northeastern Minnesota by Canada and Lake Superior here's some various pics off Google ... if my attempt at linking pics works ...
  9. Many moons ago in the glory days of youth I spent a week or so on the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters in Quetico Provincial Park. Gorgeous scenery and excellent fishing ... I recommend going for sure.
  10. figuratively, not literally ... Cecil was a whole lot of fun to watch fly around wrecking people
  11. Chuck Cecil wore 26 ... I like where this may lead Savage to
  12. ahh, the amusement of Fanspeak's simulator ... getting my hopes up with weeks to wait yet ... 12: R1P12 DL ED OLIVER HOUSTON 30: R1P30 S NASIR ADDERLEY DELAWARE 44: R2P12 RB JOSH JACOBS ALABAMA 75: R3P11 EDGE ANTHONY NELSON IOWA 114: R4P12 TE JOSH OLIVER SAN JOSE STATE 118: R4P16 WR TERRY MCLAURIN OHIO STATE 150: R5P12 S DARNELL SAVAGE MARYLAND
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