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  1. Just to recap: Rockets have 8 losses Blown 16 point lead to the Bucks Blown 14 point lead to the Nets Down 59-18 in a blow out loss to the Heat Respectable loss to the Nuggets up 5 on the clippers with 1 minute left: loss Blown out at home by the Mavericks, trailed by double digits entire game DunkGate plus blown 22 point lead to the Spurs Wide open game winning 3 with 1 second left to the Kings 1 out of 8 losses where you aren't left wondering what the heck happened. It's mind blowing. We've had injuries, but still....mind blowing. MDA is about 10 years too late to be coaching in the NBA
  2. i did too....how pathetic is that? MDA literally told them "Give him the 3 but dont let him fool you for an easy 2"
  3. it doesnt matter if we need to brick a made dunk.....be up 8 with 45 seconds left....lead by 22...leave 1 second on the clock...we will find a way to lose any game at any time. With just a little better coaching, we probably have an extra 4 wins this season. I will not shed a tear when Mike Dantoni takes his butt to the house after this season. Such refreshing news to hear that hes finished after this year.
  4. the rockets can find a way to lose to any team in any way.....such pathetic coaching to give up an open 3 with 1 second left
  5. Houston v Denver

    It’s sad that we beat the chiefs and patriots and are still going to finish behind them because of losses to the Panthers and Broncos and their baby QBs.
  6. Houston v Denver

    That’s a theme this season. Same thing happened against the Ravens. We were cheated out of a bad pass interference no call. Clear evidence on replay but was upheld. We fell apart after that and were smoked. our coach doesn’t have control of the lockeroom. No one respects him and how can they. He lacks basic football knowledge
  7. Houston v Denver

    We have a bunch of 1st round picks in the secondary and rookie QBs do whatever they want to us. you can’t go beyond your coaches ability to lead.
  8. Houston v Denver

    The titans are gonna win our division and we are gonna miss the playoffs
  9. Houston v Denver

    I love Watson. Dude never quits.
  10. Houston v Denver

    If you are keeping track, Hopkins just went over 1,000 on the season. Watson keeping alive the possibility of passing 10,000 by week 17
  11. Houston v Denver

    Perfect ending
  12. Houston v Denver

    Probably just playing for stats now but if we can get a TD in about 2 minutes and be down 14 with 8 left, we still have a chance for the impossible
  13. Houston v Denver

    At least Watson doesn’t have quit in him
  14. Houston v Denver

    No but that playoff experience is good
  15. Houston v Denver

    I mean 35 was way round big to overcome but if you are trying to make a come back in the 4th but you cherish those time outs when you