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  1. Stills and Cobb are out. Coutee and a Coulter should get a run
  2. Watson was named AFC offensive player of the week. Dude was a beast. It’s amazing how good he is when the offense isn’t stubbornly trying to establish the run despite our inability to run. watson is gonna win an MVP someday and possibly a super bowl ring.
  3. Oh those 4, it’s easily Giannis. Those other guys all have rings. Giannis is chasing that. I’d argue that Harden should be top of this list. He’s getting older. Giannis has years left to compete for the ship, hardens window is closing really quickly.
  4. Our offense is a RB away from having a very solid roster. You can argue interior offensive line is a mess but honestly with better coaching I think that’s gonna be fine.
  5. Cunningham has been a major disappointment this season. But at least he leads the NFL in tackles. That’s something for all that money. im hopeful that the right coaching staff will get the most out of our overpaid defensive guys. if I was a betting man, I’d say the following guys are released this off season JJ Watt mckinney Dunn those 3 moves save 24 million dollars trading Roby saves us I believe 9 million. just leaves us needing lots of defensive help late in the draft
  6. We won’t hire either. Probably Jeff Fisher.
  7. Watson hasn’t thrown an INT in 5 straight games. On pace for 32 TDs. Man the right coach can make him an MVP
  8. Fuller now has a career high in receiving yards. cooks is gonna be really close to 1000 yards this year no Tunsil and we allowed 0 sacks. That was huge.
  9. Baltimore, KC and Green Bay were the only games this season we didn’t have a chance in late. this is a terrible defense but a top rate passing offense.
  10. Isn’t it amazing that we have a 2:1 pass to rush ratio and we do really well and the play calling was closer to 3:1. That’s what we need to do. man as bad as our roster seems, with good coaching we could be 5-5 or maybe even 6-4 right now. someone can lead this team to the playoffs next year.
  11. Everyone else is out of money unless he likes New York
  12. He would have to take 12 million a year maximum salary
  13. Make it a lotto protected 1st and I’m in
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