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  1. Time to access where we are at. We’ve had about as good a rebuilding year as a team can have. We’ve discovered 4 guys that are young and have serious potential. Wood, Porter, Tate, and Martin Jr. all have a place in our future. We were also able to secure the worst record which maximizes our odds in the lotto, worst we can do is 5th(which would send our pick to the thunder). The good news is that there are 4 good players in this draft so anywhere in the top 4 would be amazing. we also appear to have the blazers pick nearly wrapped up as it’s only lotto protected. We have a pick swap
  2. Just looking at Woods story, I would say that because we made him rich and took a chance on him, he will be faithful to us and resigns
  3. Wood is wrapped up for the next 2 seasons and then we have plenty of cap space to resign him him for another 4 years. He’s definitely gonna be in our plans the 5-8 seasons.
  4. The plan is to tank. He’s a perfect fit.
  5. The aggies had the best line in the nation and no one was high on the 4 seniors. These guys can all play.
  6. Everyone should keep in mind that In 1-2 years we are bringing in a brand new coaching staff that won’t keep any of these players anyway.
  7. I just love having a dude named Nico on the team. Gonna be one of the few guys we call by his first name.
  8. A 5th round guy isn’t solving anything.
  9. Next year, I wouldn’t even be hurt if we decided to go CB with our 1st and 2nd round picks. We have to address the secondary at some point.
  10. Lost in all this is the fact that WE DONT HAVE A COACH. So it really doesn’t matter who we draft, they won’t develop.
  11. Seems like a “maybe we can develop him and trade for a 2nd in the future” pick. He’s not gonna get a chance to start and we will be picking top 3 next year so we are going QB. Not sure why we took him.
  12. We should trade back in the 3rd and pick up some more picks
  13. The 49ers gave up 3 picks for a D2 QB.
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