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  1. Around the NFL 2019

    We are all in. Do it.
  2. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Final pre season game. MDA always builds minutes up in the pre season. Starts around 20 and by the last game he has guys at a a few minutes less than they normally play
  3. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Rockets gave up 133 and still won by double digits, I don’t know whether to smile, shake my head or just stop watching the NBA
  4. Rookie Reports

    I forgot about Newton and Hal. The other guys though weren’t that good.
  5. Deshaun Watson - MY QB

    Watson was my favorite player ever in college. I would have traded anything to draft him. Dude just has the “it” factor. I screamed like a little girl when we drafted him. He’s going to win us a super bowl eventually and I’m so excited.
  6. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Westbrook on the rockets is going to be an absolute disaster
  7. Around the NFL 2019

    I don’t really understand how all that works. I thought it was solely based on the contract guys signed and not anything else.
  8. Around the NFL 2019

    I had read that we wouldn’t get anything for Kareem. That would be a steal if we could get another 3rd. Give us 4 picks in top 3 rounds to address some issues.
  9. Around the NFL 2019

    So just for clarity here are the picks we have over the next two years 2020 2nd round pick Seattle 3rd round pick projected comp 3rd round pick 4th round pick Miami 4th round pick 5th round pick 7th round pick 2021 3rd round pick 4th round pick 5th round pick 6th round pick Miami 6th round pick 7th round pick so we have some draft Capitol still in 2020 and will be really thin in 2021
  10. Around the NFL 2019

    Correction we are probably giving them our 3rd and actually will have two 4ths
  11. Around the NFL 2019

    We don’t have a 4th, we have that in the Duke Johnson trade
  12. Around the NFL 2019

    It’s all irrelevant now but a rental is what we need. CB is a concern for me moving forward. We aren’t going to have the money to pay a true number 1 CB. My hope is that we resign Roby 3/30 type deal otherwise we are going to be thin. We have a 2nd round pick we can use on a CB but that’s dangerous to trust next year. if Lonnie Johnson doesn’t develop into a true starting level CB we are gonna be in a mess when Tunsil and Watson are taking up 40 million in cap space
  13. Rookie Reports

    Howard’s rookie season is being cut way short. He’s expected back at some point but will likely miss 6 or more games. lonnie Johnson has struggled but he’s getting better each week. Made two big plays for us on a key 4th quarter stop against the chiefs. Scharping was a beast at sealing the edge on several big runs. He’s gonna probably be a long term starter Omenihu has a pff grade better than JJ Watt. He’s obviously playing limited snaps but he’s a lock to be a key player on D for years going forward, especially in pass rushing. Gillaspia continues to be one of our best 7th round picks ever. He’s never gonna be a world beater but he’s solid in everything he does. we are going to need Warring to step up next season and be a good player to make up for the loss of draft picks. crawford is a fringe roster guy and probably won’t be any more.
  14. Around the NFL 2019

    He’s got a better pff grade than any cb on our roster
  15. Around the NFL 2019

    Marcus Peters was just traded for a 5th round pick. We should have jumped on that deal at least we won’t be seeing Jalen Ramsey anymore.