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  1. His deal is only 4 million guaranteed so he must have incentives that push him to 6. We can cut him after camp and it only costs us an extra 2 million versus what he was scheduled to make if we cut him in the first place. It’s a 2 million dollar risk that he can be a decent RB next year.
  2. The Johnson deal isn’t terrible. It’s just 2 million more in guaranteed money and drops his cap hit 3-4 million. I’d like to see what incentives his deal has since over a million is not guaranteed. johnson is mainly viewed in such a bad light because of the trade he was involved in but he had 1,005 yards and 8 TDs rush/receive last year. Not too shabby. RB is still a need in the draft.
  3. If this is mocking his faith, then I apologize. It’s just not something ever used in sports to describe someone other than a minister who has gotten into the business.
  4. Y’all constantly attacking Easterbys faith is disgusting but since a mod is in on it I guess it’s allowed.
  5. Kemba walker and two 1sts for Oladipo and Tucker. Celtics get better and get off that terrible Walker deal. It costs them to do so.
  6. I don’t think he has the liquid assets available to pay the money he would owe if he just doesn’t show up.
  7. We are gonna have potentially 40 million in cap space this off season. I suspect we sign a lot of small 1 year deals unless we really are gonna trade Watson. If we trade Watson, I bet we just go really young, tank next year and look to be a full rebuild. If we can get 3 or 4 1sts for Watson and draft a young QB, the new head coach in 2023 will have a solid foundation to work with.
  8. I figured you would be excited about Nick Martin getting cut
  9. Christian Wood and PJ Tucker to the celtics for Jalen Brown and Robert Williams
  10. Watson can not afford to sit out the season. It’s not gonna happen, especially now that the league doesn’t allow fines to be forgiven
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