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  1. Dillard has a PFF rating of 70 this year. That’s not a bust.
  2. Better than what we are currently getting out of him
  3. Sad to see him gone, he’s been a staple of this team for a long time but this is the right move. Greenard is showing some flashes and could be a long term answer.
  4. After watching the pre season, it’s obvious of a few things: Gordon is never gonna be healthy silas still doesn’t know what he’s doing Wood and KPJ are still really bad on defense green and Sengun might be really good someday, but it’s gonna be a struggle this season. Eric Gordon should be traded. He’s got 2/38 million deal currently, which isn’t that bad. House is really cheap as well. A contender could really use those 2 players. we should embrace the suckage for another year. Run with this rotation KPJ Green\Brooks tate/Christopher Wood/K
  5. Westbrook finally yields to another star and shots 36% from 3 the rockets finish with the worst record in the league again Giannis gets hurt and misses significant time the bulls become the 4 seed and get bounced round 1 the warriors miss the playoffs no head coaches get fired
  6. Davis Mills might legit be better than anyone in next years draft class
  7. Honestly, I’d go defense with the entire draft. We can get a QB after tanking again next year
  8. I hope not. We need to take something else in the top 5 and maybe get a QB in round 2
  9. Idk. Depends on whether we legit keep our vets like Gordon, Theis, and House or whether we go young.
  10. If the pre season is any indication, this is gonna be a fun 30 win season that hopefully leads to a top 3 pick.
  11. We are tanking in a draft without a QB. Mills will be the QB next year.
  12. If we go QB at the top of the draft then I’d bring in a new coaching staff. If we are gonna do something else, we should wait on a new coach. Always bring in a new coach when he can draft any QB he wants. I’m not really sold on any of the QBs in this draft.
  13. So do we give Culley and this staff two years and try to get back to back top picks or do we make a change after this year?
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