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  1. The difference between 4 and 5 in this draft is much greater than some 2nd round picks.
  2. In the old CBA if a player was being traded in a sign and trade, the team sending out the player could not send out any other assets.
  3. I’ll give Giannis credit for staying with the team that drafted him and winning a title. Not many guys will do that.
  4. Someone clarify, did they change the rule that said that a player in a sign and trade could not be paired with other assets? I’ve seen all kinds of mega trades on so many sites that involve 3 players, picks and a guy getting signed and traded. That used to be against the rules, did that get changed in the newest CBA?
  5. Giannis can average whatever he wants but they can’t give him the ball late in the game. besides I’m not saying Giannis isn’t better than Middleton, I’m saying Middleton is the guy who just closed out the game and he gets zero credit. It’s all Giannis Giannis Giannis and without Middleton they don’t get past the hawks.
  6. I’m talking about while Giannis was missing games in the conference finals
  7. He was watching from the bench while middleton got him here
  8. The only person more incompetent than the refs has been Chris Paul. Dude is never gonna win a ring. middleton is the reason the bucks are gonna win a ring but Giannis will get all the credit.
  9. I want green too. If this playoffs have taught us anything it’s that explosive offensive players can still carry a team, just look at Booker and Trae Young. It’s not the 80s or 2000s, it’s a wing players game right now. We don’t need two Christian woods on the roster.
  10. I’m taking Suggs or Green at number 2. If we want a big to pair with Wood let’s just keep Olynck. If we take Mobley, we need to trade Wood. You can’t win in the modern league with two bigs.
  11. I don’t want Mobley on the rockets. I want Suggs.
  12. I’ve been out of signal all day. Glad to see we got the 2nd pick. Lets not be stupid with it.
  13. That’s not the same as me saying I didn’t want him to get the bonus. That was me finding something positive in getting bounced.
  14. I can’t imagine I didn’t want the rockets in the western conference finals.
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