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  1. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    Clowney isn’t going anywhere. He will sign and play for us this year. With the division being open, we might as well go all in on this season as best we can and at least have a tough D
  2. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    I still don’t believe we are going to trade Clowney, despite the reports. We need to load up on D at this point and go win the division. Surprise LT play could mean the difference this year for our team. I’m not too concerned about RB. It’s become the most overrated position in football. There are very few irreplaceable RBs in the league as we saw with the Steelers last year. It’s all about the line and the scheme. Really wish we had drafted Williams though. The jags and titans could each rebound if they get good QB play but I don’t buy Foles at all and by the time the titans make a switch from Mariota to Tannehill it will be too late.
  3. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    BOB actually said that even though we lost Miller we have decent depth at RB....
  4. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    We are probably the best team in the division now
  5. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    I know it’s pre season but this has been a beat down of epic proportions
  6. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    He’s only in his 3rd year. We have him tied up another 4 years if we want.
  7. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    Would anyone be upset if we went 3-13 got the top pick and got rid of BOB?
  8. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    He was cut by the terrible Browns and has lingered around our practice squad. He’s not the answer
  9. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    We just didn’t take this game serious at all. As bad as Kalil has looked at least we can say our starting left side didn’t play. Our two rookies, Fulton and Henderson have been our 4 best linemen. Idk what to do with LT. Johnson isn’t the answer there.
  10. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    Our first team D wasn’t terrible. Roby has good coverage on that first TD. The line is a hot mess. I’m not sure Watson survives the year.
  11. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    Am I allowed to be negative or is that going to upset anyone?
  12. Clowney gets Franchise Tag

    I think Clowney will ultimately report next week and play this season. At least I hope so. We don’t have time to replace him. Unless we get a starting LT out of the deal, I’d keep him.
  13. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    Typical Greg Pop. He’s already playing mind games with people.
  14. Preseason Week 3 Texans vs Cowboys

    The most interesting thing about this week will come Sunday or Monday when we find out whether Clowney decides to report. That’s big news.