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  1. Cardinals trade DeAndre Hopkins + for David Johnson +

    Yep the whole organization has bought into BOBs crap.
  2. FFMD II '20 - Houston Texans Front Office

    I’d consider giving you watson but you have to make O’Brian your head coach and GM the next 10 years.
  3. FFMD II '20 - Houston Texans Front Office

    Is this with roster as of today or from the beginning of the off season? fire BOB right away and hire Dabo
  4. Texans sign DT Tim Jernigan

    I like it. Not game changing but solid low risk.
  5. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    Clowney out here dropping his asking price to 17-18 million. So only about 5 million over paid 😂
  6. 2020 Draft

    Terrell Lewis says the Texans really like him. He's rated at 59, and is considered the 3rd best OLB by espn. That fits right in with an area of need, and is right where our 2nd 2nd round pick comes in. I wouldn't hate it. He had 6 sacks last season coming off a torn ACL. He could be a very good player for us rushing the passer.
  7. 2020 Draft

    I meant with our 1st pick at 40
  8. 2020 Draft

    A guy I have seen in many drafts being there late 1st, early 2nd is AJ Terrell CB from Clemson. I am a hard no on him, as he got torched in the national championship game, which I think tells hes not ready for the big time.
  9. 2020 Draft

    Mcshay has us taking Justin Madubuike at 40. I would love this. Dude is a good player who is still growing and learning the position. I think hes a 3-4 end or a DT when we are in nickel. He also has us taking Jeff Gladney CB, TCU in the 2nd round. I dont know about him. Guess you can never have enough young CBs
  10. 2020 Stupidity Virus Outbreak

    Here’s to the upcoming Dre Kirkpatrick signing.
  11. Possible Extensions for Watson, Tunsil

    I’d burn the two 1st round picks before I paid Tunsil over 20 million a season. we can make him play for 10 million this year and franchise tag him next year and make him sit out. He’d lose more money than he’d make.
  12. Possible Extensions for Watson, Tunsil

    I bet he walks away with 20 per season. We offered 18.5 and he probably asked for 25. I don’t see him walking away from 20
  13. 2020 Draft

    I think this years draft will be an interesting case study. Very few pro days or personal work outs. The combine and game film is all there is. I think that could make things better, as they say “film don’t lie” could be way worse too.
  14. Texans and injuries

    Every team deals with injuries, but it seems like EVERYONE on the Texans gets hurt. Think about our 1st round picks the last 10 years JJ Watt - missed several seasons Whitney Mercilius- missed a huge chunk of a season clowney - missed basically 2 seasons Kevin Johnson - a million concussions Will Fuller - made of glass watson - turn ACL as a rookie Howard - missed half his rookie season Hopkins is the only durable 1st round pick we’ve had in 10 years. look at some other guys who have been to IR Nick Martin Donta Foreman Duke Ejiofor Warring Dylan cole Fiedo derek newton Even our kicker got a year on IR Seriously, what is it about us? Is it overusing IR to keep players? Is it poor medical staff? Is it poor drafting? Is it random bad luck?