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  1. Davis was dominate, no doubt. But I dont think I have ever seen the media crown a guy MVP before the season starts. its absolutely incredible the MVP attention hes getting before yesterdays game and now. Its not undeserved, but usually the media pretends to let some of the season play out first.
  2. fun fact: no team has won an NBA championship in the last 5 months without starting the season 0-1
  3. Rockets going for that 8 seed. Need to get the warriors before CP3 breaks down.
  4. Rockets getting destroyed. It’s hard to even hate. The pelicans are playing beautiful basketball. Niko might be 1st all NBA. Davis will win MVP and Randle has already wrapped up 6th man of the year
  5. Official Sunshine Thread 2018

    Hal was activated. We have 3 weeks to move him to the roster. It’s amazing for him. Super happy that he’s back from a team stand point he gives us another option in the secondary. He was a decent Saftey. He can allow us to swing Jackson outside, slide Badger into the nickle and play Reid and Hal at safety
  6. The official FF Wolfpit Fantasy Basketball league

    If I am going to stay engaged in a long term keeper league, i wanted my guy with me. plus Beal helps with points, but not much else, and i felt like i got a 2 for 1 deal when i traded Giannis so I had the guys. I basically traded Giannis, Middleton, Beal and Dwight Howards for Kevin Love, John Wall, James Harden and Kyle Anderson I think looking overall I did just fine, until Love and Wall get hurt, but thats besides the point.
  7. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    i thought he got an injury settlement because he couldnt play anymore?
  8. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    our line would end APs twilight years quickly
  9. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    we do have ervin on the roster too. I am not sure Pope is any better than him
  10. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    RB is not really a need. Miller and Blue are fine, we dont need to look to the waiver wire. Foreman will most likely never be a good RB now. We definitely need to go RB in the 3rd or 4th round at the latest.
  11. The official FF Wolfpit Fantasy Basketball league

    fair by me lol
  12. Official Houston Rockets Thread: Where Tucker >>> Butler

    We could possibly trade Knight and a 2019 1st to the Kings for Randolph. Waive him. Do not pick up the option for Chriss. we will enter the off season under the tax. Otherwise, we are going to be way over the tax. alternatively, we could try and convince the Kings to take Knight and a 1st for say Yogi, which saves us 11 million this season and according to spotrac, will get us out of the tax all together. Its worth a 1st round pick to not be in danger of the repeater tax for a while.
  13. The official FF Wolfpit Fantasy Basketball league

    The only reason to veto a trade should be if someone is tanking the season and giving players away.
  14. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    They can have Clowney for PP
  15. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    Bad News: They said Kevin Johnson might be able to return this season