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  1. Has anyone ever gotten more credit and media love than Hayward for a 2 for 7 shooting game in which he put up 6/5/4 numbers and wasn’t a lock down defender?
  2. I mean we all hate him because we can’t win a super bowl with him, so if we did, it would be a love fest. I straight make out with the butt chin.
  3. I am in no way scared of us winning the super bowl and it giving bob a free pass for 16 years. Heck I’ll take that trade any day of the week. As much as I don’t like BOB, if he gets us a super bowl ring, he can stay for life. All I want is that ring.
  4. I saw this one online and I have to say that some people seem to be overvaluing Westbrook by a lot but the deal was Houston trades Westbrook and Covington Indiana trades: Brogdon, Turner, Lamb, McDerrmott and a 1st round pick. I like it for the rockets for sure. Turner is the type of center we need. Brogden struggles from 3 a bit this year but is a career 38% shooter, and becomes our 6th man. McDerrmott basically comes in for 15-20 minutes a night to just shoot 3s and hide on defense. Lamb gives us depth. we would need an actual offense though because we wouldn’t have anyone that could run iso point while harden was out and going forward harden needs to be down to about 34 minutes a game. Idk why the pacers would do this unless they do hire MDA. Westbrook gives him an all nba PG to run his offense, Covington is an amazing pick up for anyone. idk how good a Westbrook/Oladipo/Warren/Covington/Sabonis line up could be though.
  5. I think we got 32 free throws in a entire playoff game once. Didn’t break 20 in most of them. This idea that Houston gets all these bad calls is fake news
  6. And Giannis was a double double machine who won defensive player of the year. You get no MVP votes from me when you have two 1st team all nba players together
  7. 32 free throws in a half? What a joke this league is.
  8. I have lakers in a sweep, but I think if the nuggets want a chance in this series, they need to lose game 1. No sense in pissing off the lakers like the blazers and rockets did.
  9. I still think that Harden had a case to win it last year, but this year it was clearly Giannis and it should have been unanimous. Lebron gets no street creds from me for getting a 2nd 1st team all nba player on his roster.
  10. i think Murray is fine. He was decent enough in week 1 that i am not mad about his contract. its not like we had other options.
  11. Watson is the real deal. The league should fear him getting a real coaching staff someday.
  12. I read somewhere that John Reid played the 3rd most snaps for our CBs. He scored high in pff and looked good too. I am hoping that he’s gonna be that diamond in the rough for us. If he can turn into a solid starter, this draft class might produce 3 starters on defense. That would be great. I’m looking forward to seeing him against the ravens
  13. The league has moved the draft to November 18, possibly starting free agency on November 20 and potentially launching the season Christmas. I would suspect that short of a schedule and the pandemic will have a huge effect on free agency and the trade market. Probably every guy with a big player option will opt in and sit out free agency. Players will probably either sign one year deals or they will all lock up 4 year deals if its looking like money will be scarce the next off season. championship contenders will probably be able to stock their rosters with 1 year deals more than ever before.
  14. We looked so terrible week 1 that we aren’t even game of the week on CBS at 3:00 this Sunday. You would think two division winners would be better than Chiefs vs Chargers blow out. at least I’ve got RedZone to watch most of it on. With only 3 games, I’ll get to watch a good portion. I switch back and forth between dish and direct every 2 years to get the new customer pricing, which means next year, I’ll get free Sunday ticket. Probably best.
  15. Harden is worth too much money to trade. He brings in the revenue even without championships. He keeps us on national TV, he keeps fans in the stands. We’ve won at least 1 playoff series in 4 straight seasons, have the longest playoff streak in the league and are represented at all star weekend. it doesn’t make sense from a business or basketball sense to trade harden
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