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  1. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Anderson is still the best 3 point shooting PF in the league.
  2. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Nic Batum
  3. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    He really is the only thing we have. Unless we are taking on a bad contract and sending out anderson
  4. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Why would the rockets do that?
  5. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Steve Kyler is reporting the Rockets are exploring trade for a lotto pick. How the heck would that happen?
  6. Jadeveon Clowney contract

    we can franchise him up to two times, so we could have him for 3 more years regardless of what he wants. but if we are going to go tat route, we can probably save money by just signing him to a big deal, because those two years on franchise tag will be expensive.
  7. 2018 Expansion Draft - Texans

    QB Branden Weeden OT Kendall Lamb DE Brandon Dunn DE Joel Heath RB Tyler Ervin because they all suck
  8. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Interesting idea to get the IC Belt off of Rollins. I would like to see him lose the rematch because of Drew, and then the two of them compete the next week on raw for one of the spots in the 6 pack challenge for the belt. Rollins vs Lesnar at Summer Slam would be great.....then have Stroman add himself to the match via MITB
  9. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    THe reason people say it takes a year is because they need to add more talent around them, which they can do via the exceptions each year, and different vets coming on the market that will be willing to ring chase for the min. but I agree that LBJ/PG/Leonard would be right up there with the warriors for the best team in the league.
  10. Where is Lebron going?

    i agree that he can, and he will get a max deal, but just like Houston will be stuck with CP3 as an old man, someone will have an even older Lebron
  11. Where is Lebron going?

    Honestly, Lebron needs to cash in on a 4 year max deal this off season. He turns 34 this year. I know its the great lebron James, but the longer he waits, the more hesitant teams are going to be to lock him up long term. I am sure someone will sign him to a deal that pays 40 year old Lebron 50 million, but they will regret that.
  12. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Yes they could do that trade of Thabo, Burks and #21 for Love, but they would have to give up bird rights to Favors, Exum and Neto to do so. Which means the most they would be able to offer any of those guys is the MLE. Alternately they could resign Favors or Exum, go over the cap and then trade Burks and pick #21 along with Thabo/Jerebko/Udoh who all have non guaranteed deals. They only need to get to within 5 million of Love's salary to make it work. so the trade can be worked out, but it doesnt make sense for the cavs unless they just want cap relief.
  13. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    If PG resigns with the Thunder, i wonder if we can get them to send up melo for Ryan Anderson and a 1st round pick. It will save them a ton of money in lux tax to be able to cut about 7 million in salary, and then next year they just have to flip his expiring deal. They are looking at a HUGE tax bill if PG resigns. Plus Ryan Anderson probably fits their team better than Melo. They could then use the stretch provision if they couldnt flip him and actually have a chance to get under the tax line in 2019. I guess it just depends on what PG does, how much they value Melo and how much they are willing to do in order to get the tax bill lowered. A max deal for PG with the current roster, will be a tax bill of between 40-50 million dollars. Thats a lot for a small market team.
  14. Dwight Howard (finally) gets traded to Brooklyn

    I dont get what the Hornets are doing, unless they plan to sell everyone and go into full tank. Dwight isnt the force he once was, but he started 81 games, played 30 minutes per game and averaged 16.6/12.5 for them. he is still a legit high end rebounder and starting center. I wont be surprised to see Walker traded and MKG heck at this rate, maybe they will take Ryan anderson for Nic Batum.
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Big Cass can go to other outfits and win titles I really wish they would let Miz have a run with the title on smackdown. We know Rusev isnt beating Styles, but Miz would be perfect. Then DB beating Miz at Mania would be the biggest pop ever.