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  1. I also love what I can absolutely guarantee is their hindsight on the AJ Dillon pick. There's no way they have a go at some of the things they did and were not doing so on that one last year. Also, if Bakh and Jenkins were fully healthy we have probably got the deepest line in the league right now (though there way be some cha ges before next season), it's actually a little obscene.
  2. Whatever about changing the OT rules, doing it just for the playoffs is silly and kind of dumb - it would effectively be admitting to run u g deficient rules just because it's not a playoff game. With the one exception of having to continue after OT ends if it's a tie because ties are not an option, the rules for the playoffs and normal season should be the same.
  3. Yeah I'm not in the NFL media circuit here in Ireland, but he's always struck me as being very likeable and not really much of a primadonna etc (possibly due to being used to pro sports and all that comes with it since the day he was born even if his dad wasn't an all star). Also seems highly team focused, and though it's an eye popping total figure as best I understand it his contract is quite team friendly.
  4. I know they lost yesterday, but funny enough Tom Brady's team's caps literally have skulls on them.
  5. Fully grown men bringing individual signs to games always mystifies me. Just comes over as a desperate plea for attention from the camera man.
  6. You know how patronizing is sounds when commentators say "we should really appreciate this"? Nah, feck that. We really gotta appreciate having been able to see this!
  7. There's no way there has ever been a better 4th quarter than this. Pretty great first three, too.
  8. Ah here, stop the fecking lights will you! HOW!?
  9. That is the craziest last 2 misn of a playoff game I have ever seen.
  10. That'll happen when the show format is is to manufacture drama by having two guys magi ally disagree on just about every topic, all the time, no matter what. That and PTI are about the fakest things in TV, complete and utter cringe stuff.
  11. There's a difference between having a beleo average special teams unit, and a possibly historically awful one across the board. It doesn't absolve the offense of being terrible yesterday, but the fact is they directly cost us 10 points in a 13-10 loss. And every single person paying attention knew it was likely coming at some point in the playoffs, and had been saying so for months.
  12. Holy Christ... https://www.si.com/nfl/packers/news/packers-finish-in-familiar-spot-in-gosselins-special-teams-rankings "The Packers have been consistently bad on special teams, finishing 20th or worse in six of the past eight seasons. That includes ranking 29th in 2020, 26th in 2019, 32nd in 2018, 29th in 2016 and 32nd in 2014. They have not fielded a top-10 unit since 2007. So, Green Bay finishing last isn’t exactly out of the ordinary. [...] Green Bay was all-around bad. The Packers finished 32nd in average starting field position following a kickoff, 26th in opponent sta
  13. On Rodgers, it's not so much a "he needs to go - now!" situation as I feel it's kind of just done at this point. If he doesn't get traded, I wouldn't be surprised to see him retire. For all his talking of "not giving a f---" anyone who listens to McAfee knows he's quite sensitive and thin skinned. And he's going to get absolutely ridden in the press for many, many months to come.
  14. As a packers fan who has always been a big fan of him, he deserves it. You run your mouth and put that big a target on yourself, then play victim for weeks on end for being caught lying about breaking league rules, if you don't back it up you deserve no sympathy.
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