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  1. I'd consider it very comparable as Hopkins averaged 79 catches,1,120 yards and 6 TD's per season over his pre Watson/Kyler years, while Adams was on pace for something like 91 catches, 1,086yds and 10 TDs in his time with Hundley. Hopkins has 2015 and the wider snapshot over those first four years which does play to his advantage, but on average with bad QB play they have played very similar.
  2. Adams managed that too with Brett Hundley (who Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and everyone else seemed entirely unable to catch balls from, probably because he was awful), though true that it has to be said Hopkins has done the same for longer.
  3. As a GB fan, I would very much appreciate you guys firing Zimmer.
  4. I'll throw in behind this. It was very, very clear to a lot of GB fans in his last few years that the entire game plan was basically "hope Aaron wins us this one again", and any of his early innovations were completely gone. This was glaringly obvious when GB had to play without Rodgers, where they barely squeaked into a 5-9 record against mostly awful competition. 2017 was a real low point and showed a coach who really didn't know what he was doing any more (we weren't just bad, we were utterly incoherent), with coming within a 4th quarter/OT comeback of losing to what really has to be the wo
  5. Green Bay AJ Dillon - looked very impressive late on after not getting much playing time due to injuries, covid, and Jones/Williams being such a good combo for much of the year. Jones is likely to play at WR a good bit and especially if Rodgers goes I expect to see more dependency on the running game. Even with Rodgers the packers liked to run it last year quite a bit. Also possibly Josiah Deguera who got IR'd after 3 games but looked very impressive in that short time, who would be blocking for Dillon and Jones quite a bit. Kamal Martin - also missed a good amount of time last year
  6. Benjamin's drop-off was pretty remarkable after his first two years,in those he looked like a guy who still had a lot of room for improvement but who could go on to be quite special if he did, and someone who could pull out a good career in the 50-70 catch a season club even if not. As a te/wr he might be able to get back to that 50-70 level in the right setup, but I would not hold my breath by any means. Tebow may do well to get past being a special teams/trick player. Though his toxic fanbase from his days at QB are likely gone/quietened down which could help. He struck me as a very g
  7. The pats got hammered far more than most by opt outs ifi recall, and in some very important spots, so I can't agree that things were largely equal there. But yeah... with cam under center they're not going far even in the division I reckon. I don't think I've ever seen a QB fall of inthe way that he has, it's been almost kind of incredible (and sad) to watch.
  8. The vast, vast majority of the time I would agree. However I would put Barkley in with the extremely rare exceptions along with McCaffrey from all the ways they can scare a defense and force them to change tact. If Barkley avoided injuries and didn't even develop but just carried on at his rookie form, he would be on (admittedly very early) track for a HOF career. That said specifically for the Giants on that pick you may be right as a RB taken that high should mean you have other premium positions in order (or none available at them that high in the draft), which the giants did not at t
  9. I'm in Ireland so don't get much of any news on college football and could just never get into it - not because of the differences, but because the game times can often be highly restrictive with my schedule... so thanks for the info re Jones. I think it kind of nails what I have seen of him too - a guy who has not hit the ground running and who just seems to have a very low upside for where he was taken. I'm usually quite supportive of sticking with a QB for a while to let them develop, but there are also times when the 'it factor' just isn't there. An example of someone with tonnes of
  10. So you're saying Rodgers and everyone else in league history bar possibly Marino would have played worse than Brady's 3 (should have been 4 were Will Redmond not utterly useless) interception NFC championship game, despite all the talent on that Bucs offense? Just how otherworldly do you think Green Bay's defense is!?
  11. Belichick is on 6 in his 21 years in NE while reaching another 3, while Noll had 4 in 22 years at Pittsburgh and didn't reach any others. And as you accidentally noted, Belichick managed this in the FA and salary cap era where it is universally accepted as much harder to sustain success. The last paragraph is just lol. The pick that Joe Montana went in in 1978 had been stripped from the Steelers... because of cheating. And that's before going into Terry Bradshaw admission of them being early pioneers of roiding. Glass houses, buddy.
  12. Eh, Brady Belichick era Patriots are above the Noll era Steelers to be honest.
  13. To be fair to the Browns, they've been doing a really good job on the roster front for a dew years now - it just may not have been immediately noticeable due to the absurdly low talent base they had to rise themselves up from, and also due to Hue Jackson very likely being the worst head coach in NFL history (2nd worst ever win ratio at 0.205 after a guy from the 30s before even getting into the scapegoating and drama).
  14. You can count the number of starting QBs who could have ran that 3rd and 8 in on one hand, to be fair. Not going for it on 4th with the league MVP for as big a fan I have been of MLF is also one of the rost play calls I have seen in my 18 years watching the sport. I'm not saying Rodgers was perfect in the game, but he was the noticeably better of the two qbs that day, and his team still lost. Switch them over just before kick off, and the Bucs would have won by a wider margin.
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