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  1. Ramsey won't be locking Adams out, but could limit him - and that's where the other options come in. Most important is if LA can collapse the interior quickly, because while I absolutely love what Lafleur has been doing his one Achilles heel is having a plan b for that scenario (losses TB, SFx2 last year and LAC last year all had this problem). The system is great but the plays take a little bit to develop, and if it gets caved in on quickly that will spell huge trouble for the packers. Either way, the difference in the QB department may be too much for LA, especially banged up. G
  2. The backup Lt is going to be Billy Turner, who has been playing really well at rt/rg all year (and Lt last week vs the bears and Khalil mack) so while he's no bakhtiari GB are much better set there than most teams wouk be in this scenario.
  3. They'd be better off renaming MVP before opoy in my opinion.
  4. I kind of think of "career year" as "a year almost anyone could be proud to put up" personally, a bit like a decade ago how "elite" meant "very good but not necessarily great or elite".
  5. Pardon me, but damn it man, after I worked so so hard to avoid the comparison! 😉 Don't know what the rules on accusing someone of trolling are, but I will say we are likely looking at a 'performance artist' who has too much spare time on their hands and has to cherish these 'on stage' moments whenever, where ever, and my God however, they can get them.
  6. Just to be clear here, we are talking about Patrick mahomes - one of the most universally liked people in the entire sport (hence the silly money marketing deals) and one of the average neutrals absolute favourites to watch? That is the same Patrick Mahomes you are trying to claim is hated around the league?
  7. Jenkins-Patrick-Linsley-Turner-Wagner It's obviously a devastating injury that will be hard to overcome, but the line above could still get it done if Rodgers and the skill positions are playing well. The backups (Nijman, Runyan, Braden and Stepaniak) have Les than 100 combined career snaps as well, so an experienced FA really needs to be signed asap or they could be one more injury away from collapse (if they can do it without Bakhtiari in the first place, that is).
  8. I would say GB, but if Donald had a monster game then LA could quite easily do it as fast, internal pressure and collapsing of the pocket has proven a way to stop the Packers that Lafleur does not yet appear to have an answer for whatsoever. I love the guy, but this happened with SF(x2) and LAC last year, plus TB/MIN this year, and when it does happen is extremely disheartening to watch as a Packers fan.
  9. I'm really going to miss him and Williams as a combo, best we've had since Green/Davenport, fantastic system fits and comments to each other, and just a pair of pretty classy guys. I split time between Dublin and Toronto with my other half's family being from Niagara, so kind of have to have a soft spot for Buffalo too. Josh Allen completely proved me wrong and funny enough, reminds me of Brett Favre quite a bit this year.
  10. As a GB fan, I would actually still shade NO ahead, despite GB beating them in NO earlier in the year. Head to head I quite like the matchup from a Packers perspective too, but if I were to have to bet on either of them to beat any other playoff team at random, I would go with NO by a nose. Pretty good ratings all in all, though I might have Miami a little lower (talent limitations; Flores surely deserves coach of the year) and shimmy a few others in that tier around by a spot here or there.
  11. I've been banging the "Jones is underrated" drum since he was a rookie and almost wanted to slap some Packers fans that somehow only seemed to realise this last year. But it still has to be Cook. He shades it on a play-to-play basis (albeit closer than some might think), but the volume he takes at his size (and ability to deliver on it into the 4th as if he were 30lbs heavier) really is something quite incredible. He's in a coin toss for best in the league not named Derrick Henry with 2 or 3 others like McCaffrey and Chubb.
  12. In defense of Henry there, last week against the Brown's was his first non 100 yard game in about 8 or 9, and they showed him as having 50+ on the ground for some obscene number of consecutive games last night. I wouldnt have him right up there, but that deserves an honourable mention and should Rodgers and mahomes somehow implode over the last 3, he may have a small window to try and steal it at the death. Unlikely, but not impossible.
  13. Billy86


    I might shade it to Henry in sheer consistency, but Kelce or Davante Adams could easily overtake him with a strong last 3 games. Adams is currently on 91 catches for 1,144 yards and 14 TDs. He also has the 2nd highest catch percentage of any WR or TE at 75.7%, one of the highest of anyone above about 40 catches, the most yards per game, most receptions per game, and most TDs per game. Only Kelce and Hopkins are also ahead of him for first downs. He has missed two games though which counts against him, but on current pace could nip ahead of the other two yet. Dalvin Cook shoukd be r
  14. Mike McCarthy has been well and truly exposed this year. It was obvious to GN fans that he simply let the game pass him by years ago, but this is just brutal. They were 2-4 before Dak went down with those wins being narrow ones to the Falcons still under Dan Quinn and the Giants before they remembered what a defense is. Since then they have gone 1-5 despite having Andy Dalton for most of those games. None of this is really too surprising, and Zeke having the worst year of his career was sealed before the ink had dried on McCarthys contract, but I was more below-average-to-poor than
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