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  1. Thankfully my teaser survived. Whenever I see teams score last second I always think of the betting repercussions felt around the world. I also got very lucky last night and dropped $50 on Cam Newton to score twice at +1200 odds. One of my bigger hauls.
  2. Struggled? Not sure what you were watching last night. And the interception was completely on Greg Olsen. That’s not a blemish on Russ’ game at all.
  3. After watching both Chargers games to start the season, going back to Tyrod would be a big mistake.
  4. Blows my mind that Cam Newton was a free agent for so long.
  5. Absolutely brutal call on 3rd and 8.
  6. Russ is on Mahomes' level. I don't care what anyone says.
  7. If this front office and coaching staff is at all competent they would realize that protecting Burrow is paramount, and that the protection they need isn’t going to come from in house. There’s no upside to trotting the combination of Johnson, Hart and Price out there. They need outside help at the right guard and tackle spot. There really isn’t an excuse (outside of money) to not look for an upgrade elsewhere. Larry Warford is a quality guard still unsigned. Jared Veldheer (or literally anyone else) is an upgrade at right tackle. Make it happen. Protecting Burrow is paramount. If you need to shell out some extra bucks to make that happen, so be it. The future of the franchise literally depends on it. If we stay on this path he is going to get killed or damaged.
  8. Talk about a false narrative. You are really underestimating just how impressive it is for a rookie to be playing this well early. Especially considering the shortened offseason and lack of preseason action. All the traits that made him the first overall pick are transitioning to the next level quicker than even most Bengal/Burrow fans would have hoped. He’s far more advanced than the average rookie. It’s not just the media praising him, it’s everyone including the media. There’s no ulterior motive, he’s just been that impressive. And honestly, if he was playing like crap, the narrative would be he’s a product of Joe Brady’s system QB at LSU. The media would tear him apart. The team is 0-2, not just Burrow. He threw the game winning TD that was called back against LAC. And threw three TDs against CLE when his defense couldn’t get a stop to save their lives.
  9. @N4L Thinking of teasing 49ers spread with the under. SF -1 , under 47.5 Yay or nay?
  10. Nice. I really wish you could parlay single game props with Bet365. I can see why they don’t offer it though. What betting app is that?
  11. Apparently Auden Tate isn’t happy with being a healthy scratch last night. His agent as expressed his displeasure with the team. Honestly though, Tate showed well last year and fits Burrow perfectly. There were a number of incomplete back shoulder throws thrown last night that Tate has routinely hauled in. Sit Ross. Start Tate. Especially in the redzone (where we continue to struggle under ZT).
  12. They haven’t played the Bengals line yet. Big confidence booster.
  13. Just to add onto this: 4. John Ross is not good at football. I’m no longer pretending like there is potential there. I can’t really remember watching a more unnatural receiver from memory. He’s constantly either fighting the football, oblivious to the throw, or makes a mental error leading to a lost down. Every ball his way seems to fall incomplete. Unless Burrow/Dalton hits him in the chest, chances are it’s a lost cause. I get he’s our only speed receiver and provides at least the theoretical threat of going deep, but there’s no way he’s the third best receiving option on the team. Higgins looked to have overtaken him in the 2nd half last night. I look forward to watching him develop because he looked much better. 5. Lou Anarumo needs to be on a short leash. I understand that Geno, Daniels, and Waynes are sidelined, but he appeared to get flat out out-coached last night. The defense looks unprepared.
  14. If we had a competent offensive line I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think we could be 2-0, even with the defensive deficiencies. I was starting to think after week 1 maybe this defense won’t be a bottom 5 unit, but alas (same thing happened last year @ Seattle). Hopefully Geno and Daniels provide something when they return.
  15. Yeah, it’s not a pretty slate of pass rushers. But according to PFF Burrow will have the 3rd easiest schedule remaining starting next week. So we have that going for us, which is nice.
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