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  1. All it takes is the right QB, man. If you’re a team that doesn’t have one, good luck competing in this league.
  2. Put him on the “Could be good, has lots to prove” tier. I will say this, we often give rookies the benefit of the doubt and a few years to develop before writing them off as busts. I really think the same should be said for first time HC’s, especially young ones. There is so much to learn and experience from being a HC there is no way they are finished products after 16 games.
  3. Would I rank him in the top 30? Probably not. Would I love him on my team? Absolutely. Dude’s a baller.
  4. The Titans running on early downs isn’t indicative of bad play calling. That is their strength, that is what they do and who they are. The Bengals just did a good job of containing it. I don’t think deviating from the run and putting it in Tannehill’s hands was/is a better idea, either.
  5. Bro, how are you gonna say we lose by +30 and walk it back 24 hours later. Lmao
  6. I gotta say, after we got the playoff draught monkey off our back, the rest has been gravy and so enjoyable. Let’s do this thing.
  7. How I see the game playing out: The Chiefs offense will get theirs, no doubt. They should move the ball well, as they do, and get into scoring position quite a bit and putting up points. The goal for Cincinnati will be to make plays on 3rd down and limit their drives to just field goals. And maybe capitalize on a Mahomes mistake or two (see Week 17, 2 dropped INTs). On the offensive side for the Bengals, we should be able to move the ball just fine. I do not expect the disaster we saw last week versus Tennessee’s dominant front. While Chris Jones and co. will make plays and apply pr
  8. At this point I want the Bengals to lose just so Burrow doesn’t get sacked 14 times in the Super Bowl.
  9. I mean, how can you not overhype the Chiefs after that ending? That, compounded with the Chiefs being at Arrowhead and our struggles last week, I understand the -7 line. I more so think the public is underestimating the Bengals. We are a rock solid, well-coached, legit football team from top to bottom. Offense, defense, and special teams - all phases make plays when called upon. The defense especially has been underrated, probably because there aren’t any standout stars or probowlers. And to top it all off, we’re gritty as hell. No matter what type of game it is, shootout or grind-it-out,
  10. No matter who we would face in the NFC, Burrow would get murdered. Imagine Donald lining up over Adeniji or Carman?
  11. I guess we will have to wait and see. Out of curiosity what is you final score prediction, if we’re losing by 30+?
  12. This just isn’t how football works. I don’t know what else to say. You should know better.
  13. You mean the same Bengals defense that held the Chiefs to 3 second half points in Week 17? While also dropping two INTs? I’m not delusional, the Chiefs O is going to get theirs - that’s what they do. But our defense is competent enough to keep things competitive for our offense.
  14. Remember to hold onto your receipts! Also, didn’t you predict the Titans to roll us by 17?
  15. Riding high, are we? It would be a shame if this post came back to haunt you.
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