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  1. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty adamant predraft that Taylor was a pretty average back. He never looked like someone who could create his own yards.
  2. Too depressed to start looking at this. Too Soon. It’s like getting dumped and told to go on Tinder the next day.
  3. Jordan has not played well. He’s still young, but doesn’t look like a longterm starter. Spain has played pretty well, though. Sewell-Thuney?-Hopkins-Spain-J. Williams Make it happen.
  4. Burrow has been getting killed in the pocket, not as a runner. Two different things, IMO.
  5. He has. Mostly due to the terrible OL play, partly due to Burrow’s “Kobe” mentality, or willingness to sacrifice everything (including his body) in the name of winning. It’s something he needs to clean up. It’s not uncommon for young QBs have this mentality of invincibility (or any young person in any field, for that matter). He will learn eventually as he matures. Burrow is a tough dude. Going down is against his instincts at the moment. Having said that, he has improved already. He has been protecting himself much more over the past month compared to the start of the year. He is a good athlete. He doesn’t rely on his legs, so this doesn’t really matter. This doesn’t make sense, nor is it true. Pocket presence is pocket presence. Supporting cast has little to do with it. Burrow’s pocket presence was great at LSU, and it has transitioned very well to the NFL. You have been watching too many Johnny Manziel clips. This doesn’t apply to Joe Burrow.
  6. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now. This take is so objectively wrong it’s not even funny. Any respected draft analysis worth their salt praised Burrow’s pocket awareness, and ability to feel pressure and evade the rush. He has an intrinsic six-sense few pros have. It’s literally one of his best traits as a player. Out of all of Burrow’s criticisms, this ain’t it. You can really tell who actually watches Burrow play, and who goes by worthless narratives substantiated by absolutely nothing.
  7. “DK Metcalf is the best 2nd year WR”. AJ Brown: “Let me throw my hat into the ring”.
  8. The OL has been playing pretty well recently. They kept him mostly clean today. Bad luck.
  9. That’s the downside to having a QB that can create like Wilson. The offense is going to have to endure those big negative plays.
  10. Why are we throwing the word “elite” around with Burrow? Some people/media seem to think he’s one of, if not the best, young QBs right now and moving forward. How is that considered elite status?
  11. I mean, define “great”. The media hype surrounding Joe is getting pretty lively at the moment, but I don’t think anyone is pushing him as the next Mahomes (or at least they shouldn’t be). He’s being touted as one of the best young QBs in the NFL, and justifiably so. He’s extremely advanced for a rookie and is showcasing all the qualities that made him special as a prospect. There’s no reason to think with more experience he couldn’t be neck and neck with someone like Deshaun Watson in that second group of QBs for the foreseeable future. And if Herbert maintains his path he will be on that tier, too. I like having you around, Van. Your opinions are fun and engaging. But you have to admit, you have a major bias against prospects with non-elite athletic traits. And it hampers you’re ability to see the prospects that don’t fit that mold yet still play at a high level in this league. Burrow is that guy, and he will continue to be whether you get on board or not.
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