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  1. Boling Retires

    What causes blood clots anyway? And I assume strenuous exercise makes this condition worse? Really unlucky for a really solid player. It's a shame. He's been one of the only reliable facets of our line for almost a decade.
  2. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Mostly I agree. But it's hard to respect someone as a leader if they're incompetent at what they do, even if he does what you just listed.
  3. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Yep, but we just lost another tackle option. What was the medical issue that forced him to retire?
  4. Yes. I said he was already top 5 before his first game last year and people gave me grief.
  5. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    What's the issue here? It's a serious matter that requires that type of thoroughness. I'm sure they broke for lunch at some point. I can't imagine Hill was locked in a room with a lamp forced in his face for 8 hours straight.
  6. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    I think news of a long term injury will break eventually.
  7. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Just a swift kick in the nads.
  8. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    That's a lot of former first round picks.
  9. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    We're going to surprise some people, that's for sure.
  10. Free Agency

  11. Free Agency

    Yeah, but I still hope we do. We are in desperate need of a another interior pass rusher. I don't think there's another player on the roster who can reliably play effective snaps alongside Geno in the nickel. That's a ton of of potentially ineffective snaps at arguably any teams most important unit. If we can't rush the passer we're going to be in for a bad time.
  12. Free Agency

    I think the only chance we have is to outbid them, which is unlikely.
  13. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    John Ross will have every opportunity. He just needs to stay healthy. It's hard to call Jessie Bates a break out candidate because he's already played so well as a rookie, but he'll gain more name recognition at the end of this season if he continues his trajectory.
  14. Offensive Line Projection

    Any chance Boling's injury isn't all that bad and they for some reason want to play Boling at RT and Glenn at LG?
  15. Offensive Line Projection

    Starting Bobby Hart is a mistake any way you put it. Why is this team so hard-headed when it comes to obvious personnel decisions? I can't imagine a scenario where preaching putting your 5 best lineman on the field includes Hart.