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  1. Jim Turner and injuries have a hand in this, but let’s be real. Billy was well-overdrafted and just wasn’t a very good prospect. It’s not surprising to see him bust. He hasn’t even flashed as an average center in the NFL. Ragnow will always be the one that got away.
  2. @VanS Let me as you a question. What’s more likely: Allen was a finished product coming out of Wyoming, OR his game (including accuracy, to at least some extent) has improved since being drafted?
  3. Except he was missing open receivers, not receivers who were lacking quality and draped in coverage. So this argument about easier throws to better receivers has no merit here. The receivers, regardless of talent, are open. Hit them. I’ve had this argument with you before. In 2020 you would point out how well Allen was doing with a below average receiving core, and I would point out, while the quality of receivers isn’t great, guys (like Beasley) are being schemed open consistently. Daboll has been fantastic schematically in recent years. Allen is orchestrating a very creative, efficient
  4. This just isn’t true at all, no matter how many times you say it to try and toot your own horn. Allen had documented accuracy issues his rookie year. It was very noticeable when watching him. There’s nothing about the 2nd half of this video (below) that has to do with his lack of quality receivers. He’s just flat out missing throws he should make. His ball placement has gotten significantly better since. It’s a rare case because you don’t see that kind of growth with accuracy often.
  5. Then that’s where we disagree, because even with his so called separation flaws, he is still a blue chip prospect in my eyes. He threatens all three levels of the field, dominates the catch point, and has rare YAC ability. His game, in conjunction with the rest of his resume in general, makes him well worth a top 5 pick. But that’s just me.
  6. Chase didn’t separate as well as some other prospects, sure. But you gotta remember, the last tape we’ve seen of Chase was when he was 19 years old. 19! And the kid was still dominating future NFL cornerbacks in the best conference in CFB. There is ample reason to think he’s yet to completely develop physically, let alone completely develop the skill-based nuances of the position. He’s very likely to get bigger, stronger, and faster within the next few years, making his separation skills much better and more consistent.
  7. Teven Jenkins or Landon Dickerson are prized picks, depending on Dickerson’s medical of course. It would take about a 4th to move up 5 spots to snag Jenkins. It’s a move I’m okay with making. He can start at RG in year one and kick him out to replace Reiff at RT in year two (if we decide to go that route). Would also be happy sitting tight and taking Humphrey or Eichenberg.
  8. For everyone commenting “RIP Burrow”, “Bengals gonna Bengal”, etc. We’ll be fine.
  9. Teven Jenkins sitting there at 33. Would probably cost about a 4th at this point to move up 6 spots. We also might be okay to sit tight at 38. Lots of lineman left on the board. Fingers crossed day 2 doesn’t start with a run on tackles.
  10. Would that really be a “woah” moment though? Seems like a pretty standard idea at the moment.
  11. True, but Chase is a blue chip prospect in a tier of his own in comparison to Smith and Waddle. Ruggs, Jeudy, and Lamb we’re all pretty much equal and all had their own “limitations” or question marks. Oakland just happened to pick first and preferred the burner of the bunch.
  12. What did he say about Jimmy this time? A month ago he was showering him with praise and made it seem like he’s their QB in 2021. Is this about the “I don’t know if everyone will be alive by Sunday” comment? Because I interpreted that as “everyone is for sale if the price is right”.
  13. Has Shanahan’s and Lynch’s comments really been that overtly about Jones? I feel like I’m missing something.
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