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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    Smokin’ Joe. 100%.
  2. Which Saints QB?

    Am I out of the Saints loop or is the obvious answer Drew Brees?
  3. Draft Talk 2020

    @BayRaider Just to add onto this, Burrow will make the line look much better than it is. Unlike Dalton, he has the ability to make plays under pressure, escape collapsing pockets, avoid rushers, and keep the play going off script. Same thing with Watson in Houston. It takes pressure off the OL and keeps the offense rolling.
  4. Bengals hire Al Golden, LB coach

    Still waiting on Bill Callahan.
  5. My ideal offseason before the draft

    Cincinnati just operates differently. We don't really see it as a rebuild. If we did, we would have offloaded guys like Atkins and Green at the deadline. The way we see it, we've got enough pieces in place to remain competitive with good QB play. AJ still has a ton of value if he can remain healthy. His play hasn't dropped off at all. In fact, he looked at his peak in 2018 before the injuries hit.
  6. My ideal offseason before the draft

    He's still not going to take half the money Julio made. Julio is the bar AJ and his agent will reference in negotiations. See the @BillsGuy82 post above. Not true. They have expressed to wish to resign him. AJ wants to retire a Bengal if the money is right. He'll be tagged without an agreement in place. We aren't letting him go for nothing. I really don't think so. He's not going to sign for that little. Not only would Cincinnati gladly pay that price, but I can't imagine AJ leaving Cincinnati for less money when he's explicitly stated he wants to retire a Bengal. If he's going to leave Cincinnati, it will be because the money isn't what he wants. Meaning he'll sign elsewhere for more, not less. Like I said, I find it hard to imagine he takes a permanent back up job in Buffalo; especially on a two-year deal. I think there's a better chance he lands in unsettled QB destinations like Chicago, Indianapolis, Carolina, or LAC. The price isn't right either. You're underrating his market. If Brissett can sign for $15 million annually, so can Andy. He's a better QB than Bridgewater.
  7. My ideal offseason before the draft

    Not really, there are reasons to keep him. First of all, we have the money to spend. Secondly, he's expressed the wish to stay loyal to the team that drafted him, and the team has expressed every intention to resign him. And lastly, keeping Green means giving Burrow a legitimate #1 weapon in an offense that needs one; he will be a key element in developing him as an NFL passer, regardless of his age or the direction of the franchise. Like I said, the team will tag him if they can't come to an agreement on numbers.
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    This puts me at ease, though. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28499580/joe-burrow-dad-says-qb-happy-challenge-bengals
  9. Draft Talk 2020

    Passing on Burrow in any capacity will be the breaking point for me and probably the rest of the fanbase. I would literally denounce my fandom and follow another team. I have no connections to Cincinnati, so it's not like I have some demographic or family ties to remain loyal.
  10. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    I would literally choose a new team to root for, and I'm not joking.
  11. My ideal offseason before the draft

    Green isn't leaving. If we can't reach a long term deal before the deadline, he will be franchise tagged. Also, no way he signs for that little money. Julio Jones just signed a 3-year, $66 million dollar contract extension. Green isn't settling in Buffalo for half of that. It's very unlikely Dalton will settle for a back up role. He's much more likely to sign to a team where he at least has a chance to earn the starting role. And like Green, that's far too little money for him to be taking. Just my two cents, from a Bengals fan.
  12. The Make No Sense Mock, Bengals don't click...

    Yes it would be.
  13. Bengals hire Al Golden, LB coach

    Former head coach of Temple and Miami U. Never heard of him. Pretty uninspiring hire. I wonder how/why the Bengals brought him in.
  14. Trevor Lawrence vs Joe Burrow

    Not really. Especially not compared to Lawrence; Joe had 12 more rushing attempts on the year. 17 more than Mayfield during his Heisman campaign. Regardless, it's not something he has to rely on, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was phased out of his game more once he turns pro. It's not something to worry about. Not going to lie, I never once thought that to be the case when analyzing Joe this past year. He protects himself by sliding and going out of bounds when he has to.
  15. Draft Talk 2020

    No, I just find it hilarious you think it’s a fireable offense. We also don’t know forsure if the field was at fault for the injury, regardless of what the players commented on. It wasn’t a non contact injury, it happened after colliding with Kirkpatrick. Feel free to post it then. I understand it very well. I never specified the combine. The Bengals medical staff evaluated his shoulder and thought it wasn’t something that needed repairing. It looks like they were wrong, but that has nothing to do with Zac. You’re probably right. But again, I highly doubt Zac makes that executive decision. You’re responses are exhausting to read. The negativity really zaps the life out of you. Literally everything is subject to a complaint.