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  1. He can overcome some pressure, but not to that extent; no one can. He was pressured on 54% of his drop backs in total, which I would wager was the highest % of his career. It got to the point where he was bailing out of pockets prematurely. You could replay this game 10 times over, I think the results generally remain the same.
  2. Last nights game was great example of how important OL play is. Not even the best QB in the league can overcome poor protection, no matter how good his weapons are.
  3. Not the first analyst I’ve seen to be incredibly high on Chase. Jeremiah has him at 2 on his initial big board. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-s-top-50-2021-nfl-draft-prospect-rankings-1-0
  4. Jeremiah usually is pretty reliable and has a good feel for how league circles view prospects. If Slater proves he’s worthy of the selection I have no problem taking him there. Tough to see any OL-needy team pass on Sewell though.
  5. And I’d be more than happy with that.
  6. Damn, coaches move up quick in the world these days. It felt like only yesterday DeMeco was thumping inside for Houston.
  7. Yeah, that’s nice and all but I don’t buy it. From what I’ve seen Mixon is better and more talented. With Frank Pollack coming back this year, I would imagine this will no longer be “argued” (Mixon lead the AFC in rushing under Pollack in only 14 games).
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