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  1. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    It would probably be good for them in the long run. Grab Ed Oliver and keep stacking the talent.
  2. Football's Future Top 100 -- #8

    No AJ Green yet?
  3. 2018 OTA Talk

    I really like them. But the socks need to go.
  4. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Can't say I agree, but like anything it's possible. Our offense was damn near worst in the league last season, with the additions on the offensive line I can't see it being any worse. Then there is the addition of John Ross, and the fact that our guys have an offseason with the new offensive coordinator that was inserted after Week 3 last season (the coordinator to start the year was historically abysmal). There is no where to go but up since we finished so poorly. Our defense is actually still very good. It's hard to climb defensive rankings when your offense can't sustain a drive. I think we finished top 10 in passing yards allowed, sacks, passing TDs conceded. And that was without William Jackson III starting. I think we flirt with a Wildcard. But hey, we get overlooked every year.
  5. Rams give Brandin Cooks 5 year extension

    That adjustment and catch though by Watkins. Holy.
  6. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Where do you see their demise?
  7. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Don't think they sell Courtois without his replacement in the fold.
  8. Most overrated player on your team?

    Especially given his price tag.
  9. Cowboys DE Randy Gregory Reinstated

    He’s been stealing from the Cowboys ever since.
  10. COUNTDOWN: Greatest WR of All Time

    Chaz Schilens..
  11. Most overrated player on your team?

    This is a family forum, no need for explicits.
  12. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Say what you want but we will not finish with the first overall pick unless Dalton tears his knee Week 3 and Matt Barkley starts the remaining 13 games.
  13. Do you consider A.J. Green a top-5 wide receiver?

    Source? This is the first I've heard of this and I haven't missed a game of his since his rookie season.
  14. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    Aaaaaaaand I'm done.