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  1. Rosen vs Murray

    Where or what is the correlation between size and vulnerability to injury, for any position? He’s been adept and willing to avoid contact at the collegiate level, and I don’t see how that wouldn’t translate just because the NFL has better athletes. People are acting like he’s RGIII 2.0, when his tape in regards to escapability and willingness to protect oneself says otherwise.
  2. Rosen vs Murray

    I guess it depends on why you have your reservations. What’s your beef?
  3. Rosen vs Murray

    Because of his size? He’ll be fine.
  4. Rosen vs Murray

    I don’t think anyone is a guarantee, but I have confidence his game will translate.
  5. Rosen vs Murray

    I don’t understand how people don’t like Murray’s game.
  6. Why are interior OL and RTs so underrated?

    There's a guy I've completely forgot about until now.
  7. Remove preseason matches?

    Right. I think you nailed the fundamental function of the preseason - for fringe players to compete for the final few roster spots and put out tape for other teams for if they get cut. So in that respect the starters really aren't at risk of injury because they're not playing until the final few drives of the final game.
  8. JPP fractures neck; potentially out for the season

    Nothing good happens at 5am.
  9. Taylor vs Lewis

    That feels like a lateral move IMO. I'm happy we didn't.
  10. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2019 - Cardinals at 1

    This is the guy who worries me maybe the most. Ya just know he's going to be one of the better noses in the league in Baltimore's system.
  11. Raiders trade Kicker Eddy Piniero to Bears

    Misses game-winning kick...
  12. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    I’ll give it a B or B- for the Bengals. I liked the Jonah pick. I don’t think he’s a guy who’s going to perform at an all-pro level, but will remain an above-average mainstay with the team for the next 10+ years. PrattI and Sample will prove to be solid, unspectacular starters - nothing that moves the needle. Wren is where this draft could really boom. If he puts his game together he could be the best player period from this class. I liked the value in that pick as well. Jordan has a chance to develop into a starter down the line at a position group that’s now crowded. The Finley pick could be really interesting in a few years. He’s got Dalton (albeit with the upside of the unknown) written all over him, but will be paid a fraction of the cost an nearly a decade younger. I think the Anderson pick could potentially be the best of the bunch if he can stay healthy. All in all, it was solid. The Sample pick really soured it for me.
  13. 2019 NFL season predictions

    Why does everyone think we’re going to win 3 games?
  14. Free Agency

    Brown is a knucklehead. We've been preaching character, I don't think we wanted to dip into that well.
  15. My top 3 best and worst drafts.

    Fair enough. I would agree with that.