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  1. You’re drastically overrating his ability as a receiver, and it has nothing to do with development. He’s just not very good and horribly inconsistent. His effort is routinely lackluster, he fights the ball more than any receiver I can remember in recent memory, and had poor feel for the game in general. Nice prospect, bad pro. It’s this same “fresh start” mentality for bad first round picks that sees them picked up and dropped by 2-3 more teams before eventually being phased out of the league entirely. But sure, blame us.
  2. For a guy who’s calling card is being a “culture guy”, I don’t remember our locker room culture being this bad in decades. Multiple team captains are voicing frustration, Bengals legends are being zapped of playing time, and at least one player has formerly requested a trade. What the heck is going on? Has he lost the locker room? Is he on the verge of losing the locker room? Does ZT need to go? Does Anarumo need to go? What does ZT’s leash look like? Does he remain the Bengals HC beyond this year?
  3. John Ross has formerly requested a trade, per his agent. If we can get anything for him, I say take it. He’s nothing but a symbol of speed at this point. Only a matter of time before Dunlap and Atkins seek trades, as well. This team is falling apart.
  4. Prime AJ, yeah. But he’s been doing that passive, wait-for-the-ball routine for years now. It drives me nuts. Worst case scenario you need to draw the PI there.
  5. Weather impacting the game in a huge way.
  6. AJ Green. Last we saw of him in 2018 he was still the same elite receiver showing no signs of slowing down and dominating the opposition. This year, whether due to injury, age, or both, he has completely fallen off a cliff. His legs look completely dead. He’s struggling mightily to create any separation and his effort has been uncharacteristically lacklustre on some plays. It’s really sad to see. Luckily we didn’t sign him to an extension this past offseason, and I can’t see us offering him anything now, barring some unforeseen turnaround. I can’t even see us fetching much in return at the trade deadline, if we decide to go that route. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have the skillset to transition to and succeed in the slot a la Larry Fitzgerald. His game was dependent on his burst, long speed, and winning on the perimeter. At this rate I can see him retiring early.
  7. Well, no. You still need competent quarterback play to win the division.
  8. Dalton was been “Tannehill” before. Look no further than his 2015 season. With a top notch supporting cast he can look like an MVP candidate. I still think the Cowboys can win the division with Dalton at the helm.
  9. I usually rewatch the condensed game on DAZN, but I just can’t bring myself to do it this week. That was awful.
  10. To be honest, the DB made a great play to dislodge the ball. Also, it was raining pretty heavily. The ball was slicker than usual. Not what I’d call routine.
  11. Arians should have went for it on 4th and 1 instead of kicking the FG to go up two, especially with how well Ronald Jones ran the all game.
  12. Meh. The penalties were awful and killed things for me.
  13. A hefty fine makes the most sense, probably along with a draft pick if the league wants to show how serious this is. A first rounder is a bit much. I think a 3rd is justifiable and fair. As for the games, I don't like the idea of forfeiting. It's not fair to the other players who have done nothing wrong. Play the games at a later date.
  14. Even still, he still makes those blunder worthy plays that him keep out of Mahomes’ league.
  15. That’s exactly right. Is he producing at an elite level? Sure. But that doesn’t make him an elite player, especially with such a minuscule sample size. The issue with Allen has always been consistency. Let’s see this continue before he announce him anything.
  16. In the end, does it matter? Neither are winning it. Neither will likely be finalists.
  17. Elite means he’s on Russ’ and Mahomes’ level. I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to concede Allen is equal to them after 4 games.
  18. He claimed Josh Allen was elite last year. He wasn’t. Nor is he elite this year.
  19. I remember watching numerous games last year and coming away impressed with how well he schemes receivers open. I distinctly remember because people were saying Josh Allen was producing with subpar receivers, yet every time I watched Bills games (which was quite a bit) Bills receivers were getting open fine under Daboll.
  20. Depends if you consider positional value or not. Boyd is arguably a better slot receiver than Burrow is a QB. Jessie Bates is arguably a better free safety than Burrow is a QB. Mixon might arguably be a better RB than Burrow is a QB. But that’s about it.
  21. How have I not seen one mention of Brian Daboll? He’s been brilliant these past two seasons and deserves tremendous credit for Allen’s growth.
  22. Burrow might already be the best player on the team.
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