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  1. Seemed like a guy that deferred too much with the early round picks. Guys like Crosby, Renfrow, Mullens, Hobbs, etc are guys you'd hear him talk about during draft coverage. About as bad a time as you could have as a first time GM, but I have no terrible things to say about him.
  2. He found some real later round gems that are already contributing. From guys like Crosby & Renfrow to Hobbs and Deablo. Gruden made the 1st round picks who have ultimately been busts, outside of Jacobs and Miller. Free agents didnt pan out either.
  3. Theres actually people who think Carr had a better year than Gannon's MVP season.
  4. Carr forcing it into Zay as much as possible.
  5. Had to wait for Tirico to describe wh caught it because camera operator screwed up.
  6. So much cushion. Just throwing near Trufant.
  7. Another bad draft pick screwing this team.
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