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  1. And/Or get Gaethje vs Oliveira for eliminator.
  2. Was strongly considering betting on Chandler and Poirier myself. Too many sleeping on iron Mike. Explosive athlete that should be in the title talk soon.
  3. Mullen might benefit from a guy like Milus, but we have absolute dreadful talent outside of him. Abram and Arnette look like lost causes.
  4. This is the guy I was thinking they'd hire. His defenses weren't anything special with the Chargers. Minuscule upgrade over Guenther i guess, but the staff might be promising.
  5. As much as I like Foster, he'd be good trade bait.
  6. Gruden on the hot seat. No question. God awful playcalling, Terrible draft choices, etc.
  7. Defense looks so stupid. Like watching the Stooges trying to play football.
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