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  1. Sad news about about Day. Conwell was already riddled with guilt.
  2. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    We'll see of it actually turns things around. Or maybe he just sinks with the ship.
  3. Around The League V.2

    Or Josh Allen (4 sacks).
  4. NLDS: Nationals vs Dodgers

    Playoff Kershaw back. Kenta mowed the side tho.
  5. DC Movie Universe

    It's this New52 continuity they're going with. Animation is bland and some of the voice acting is dry. I will say the death and return of Superman movies were pretty good. The Red Son first looks are promising too.
  6. NLDS: Nationals vs Dodgers

    Start of game 3 looked discouraging, but offense finally woke up last inning.
  7. DC Movie Universe

    He gave lil to no hints in MoS. Just some stuff he's saying and doing to keep the cult followers buzzing.
  8. Birds of Prey

    He's having a good time making this movie with the woman he had an affair with (Winstead).
  9. Joker getting origin film

    Beautiful film. Felt a lil underwhelming but there were plenty of tense moments. Honestly wasnt a cb movie with the unimportant references. Just a push by Phillips to the studio to make it. Very good nonetheless.
  10. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    I went out for pizza and the Bears dropped 14 points while I was gone. Team is shortening my lifespan.
  11. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    Close this out!!!
  12. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    JJ the Jet plane!
  13. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    Beautiful throw and snag.
  14. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    That's what caused the ball to come loose.