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  1. Bagley will be okay but Doncic is going to be special. Bagley will probably always suck defensively and is kind of a tweener, he needs to improve his skill-set and expand his range.
  2. I definitely think Luka will be a better player long-term but he was the "can't miss" European wing that dominated at a young age in the Euro League before Luka was.
  3. He was Luka before Luka as a prospect, not as hyped though.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Same was said for Myles Garrett and look how that turned out. Don't get cute with the pick, we desperately need to improve our pass rush, take the best pass rusher and best DL prospect in the draft.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    If Bosa is on the board and we pass on him, fire our entire front office.
  6. George Hill was one of the better 3&D PG's in the league in Utah for a second round playoff team in the West and shot like 40% from 3 on 2 makes per game. Rodney Hood was another key contributor to that Utah team and was averaging 16 ppg in Utah before he got traded. We'll see what happens though, I don't really like the Lakers team around LeBron, you guys need more shooting and a legitimate #2 option. The talent level on the Lakers team is probably roughly the same as that Cavaliers team last year, if it's better, it's only slightly better. And that Cavaliers team was 4-12 against West playoff teams. I think the Lakers will make the playoffs, I just don't think they'll be a great team or that GS is the only team that can beat them in the postseason.
  7. They won those series but to suggest that having LeBron on your team means only the Warriors can beat you in the postseason is just not true. I don't agree that the Lakers are more talented or better coached. Walton has won 61 games in two seasons including a 28-71 record against teams .500 or better and were 15-37 against those teams last season. Kevin Love is better than anyone on their roster and other than LeBron they added a bunch of meh vets that can't shoot and aren't really effective offensively off the ball. The Western Conference is much tougher and the Lakers are hoping that their young players take a MAJOR leap playing with LeBron. Other than Irving what other player has really made a huge leap playing next to LeBron? The Cavaliers with probably just as much talent and just as good coaching needed 7 games to beat teams that probably wouldn't have even made the playoffs in the West. Does that Indiana team make it? Does Boston make it without Irving and Hayward? I'm a LeBron fan but Lakers fans are suddenly expecting guys like Kuzma and Ingram to become legit #2/#3 options for an elite team and I just don't see it.
  8. They were 4-12 against Western playoff teams.
  9. The Cavaliers went 7 games against Victor Oladipo and Jayson Tatum last year.
  10. That's where I have them as well. LeBron is my favorite player ever but this is probably one of the worst teams he has had around him in his career in terms of fit and he's out West with a very young and inexperienced coach. Ball, Rondo, Ingram, Stephenson, Beasley, and McGee are all below average to terrible three point shooters and will be in the rotation and will play a lot of minutes for them. People seem to forget that Cleveland got the 4th seed last year and was a game away from losing to Indiana and Boston with a rookie leading them in the playoffs with LeBron playing 82 games and having arguably the best season of his career.
  11. MMA Thread

    https://twitter.com/Deankodri/status/1048815595033124870 At the end you can see the dude in the black and someone else in Khabib's camp punching Danis in the back of the head. There's also another video showing one of Khabib's managers taunting Danis which lead Danis to push him and that's why Khabib jumped over the gate and went after him. Linked here: https://twitter.com/MIKERUSSELLMMA/status/1049717134346121219
  12. I think the Lakers are a fringe playoff team, they lack shooting, defense, and rim protection.
  13. MMA Thread

    It's all over, look at the angle that shows it outside the cage, you clearly see the dude in the black that was trying to jump the cage sucker punch Danis.
  14. MMA Thread

    He never called Khabib a terrorist though, he called his manager a terrorist, which was true. His manager was a member of a terrorist organization and turned into an informant to avoid prosecution. He was caught on a plane on 9/11 traveling from Egypt to NYC carrying 5 passports and turned on the organization.