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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I agree, but for me it would mean moving on from Spriggs. Keep Bulaga as the backup swing tackle.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    Not to mention, I would be very interested to see him coach against BB twice a year for as long as BB remains in NE.
  3. Wildcard Playoff Round

    Even crazy is right once in a while......... :-)
  4. Wildcard Playoff Round

    Also, it doesn't hurt that he seems to have the entire team backing him. The Eagles players seem to absolutely believe in him. For me, this outweighs whatever talent superiority that CW supposedly has. You cannot win the games if you are on the bench.
  5. Wildcard Playoff Round

    Almost impossible, no? but, I never thought CW was that great to begin with. For me NF >CW
  6. Wildcard Playoff Round

    Foles is the new Kurt Warner.... i love the guy, all he does is find ways to win in the playoffs.. i can see the Eagles playing in the SB again because of him, only because of him. so, yes, I believe in Nick. Once ridiculed as a bust.. I am rooting for him.
  7. Wildcard Playoff Round

    I'm sorry, but if Foles is able to do it, then it is well earned.Dude is lights out in the playoffs. Absolutely clutch. i want me some Foles. I love the forgotten underdog story. it still doesn't make him better than Eli. And Rodgers is better than both of them combined. foles = perfect storm. did you watch that Eagles defense last night? strange, Wentz is "their" QB, but, it is for Foles that they really play for and believe in. Pederson is great,
  8. #1. I really think the Packers would really like to keep Pettine on the staff. Honestly, the man did a lot of really good things early in the season. However, injuries and playing rookies was the undoing of the defense. #2. I think the Packers hire an offensive minded coach that will be willing to keep Pettine on the staff. #3. I believe the entire S and C staff is going to be replaced. #4. I will call my shot here. If the Packers hire MCD, he replaces the s&c trainers, brings in a new oc and retains Pettine...... This team can win 12 games next year if they stay fairly healthy. I don't believe the Packers are as talent defficient as most here. I believe it is a coaching and availability issue. Just my ,02 cents edit: and replace Zook. I am tired of being zooked.
  9. Call your shot: Veteran Cuts Edition

    The Patriots. He is exactly the type of reclamation project that BB is famous for. Daniels would flourish there.
  10. Kelley, How? I live in Germany and have not heard or read anything about this..
  11. Oh, and I think Goff is a much better QB than Wilson.
  12. Leisher's 2019 Mock draft 10-25-18

    Not hating, but... If the Packers somehow end up with 7 picks in the first two rounds of the draft I will be in shock. i am not sure if that has ever happened for any team in the history of the draft...
  13. Enjoy it while you can. as soon as the Rams have to pay Goff his real value it will be difficult to maintain. Prime example being the Seahawks.. what is the difference between the Rams and the Seahawks of 3-5 years ago? nothing, except that I actually like the Rams, always have. One of my favorites, right after the Browns and way after my Packers.
  14. Bold Predictions

    I was wrong about Callahan. number 1 of your four...??
  15. While I share your optimism regarding the defense, they are still horse**** until they prove different in actual games. I have high hopes for Kizer, but give me a break about Hundley. I would not want him on the local high school team. I actually like Boyle better than both of them. Winning 10 games without Rodgers is quite improbable in my opinion. but, again, it is only this mans opinion.