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  1. Bold Predictions

    I was wrong about Callahan. number 1 of your four...??
  2. While I share your optimism regarding the defense, they are still horse**** until they prove different in actual games. I have high hopes for Kizer, but give me a break about Hundley. I would not want him on the local high school team. I actually like Boyle better than both of them. Winning 10 games without Rodgers is quite improbable in my opinion. but, again, it is only this mans opinion.
  3. Thank you, no. why would you want to tear your offense apart for one player? Yeah, I also think Mack is crazy good, but I am not tearing the team apart for him.
  4. Actually, it is about respect. 16 will be on the roster in September solely because AR trusts him.
  5. Maybe 8, but to say they win 10 easily without him is just plain ignorance. but the OP is a known AR hater.....
  6. Really? We barely won 7 games without Rodgers last year. Why do you believe this is a 10 win team without him now?
  7. By whom? You? Or the players and staff? i put no faith in reporters. so, you?
  8. I am not picking on you. But, MM has always said that they value football players over everything else. Position does not matter. i am completely torn on whether Davis is making the team or not. Personally, he can go home. but, like the rest of you, I do not work in an NFL front office. Probably because my opinions are only that, opinions.... if davis is on the opening day roster, the guys that really know will know why. as fans, we can only guess
  9. 1. No, they want their playmakers on the field 2.. No, I want to see my playmakers on the field more drama? No 4. No players will still take the time to develop, we are not yet robotical 5. Perhaps, no comment because it is a hard game..
  10. Thoughts on the Offseason

    One question, are you a lawyer??
  11. Thoughts on the Offseason

    I am reading all of it now. This will,probably save me the money buying the book.
  12. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Too long for me to read on a Saturday afternoon(for me). when will it go into publication? i will buy it.....
  13. Maybe, maybe not. forget it. I just reread the comment and I don't understand the point being attempted to be made. sometimes, I have the same problem with Scoremore's posts. He seems to sometimes use his own personal shorthand while posting...👀😃😃😂
  14. And why? i cannot make up my mind. Either Bahktiari or Daniels, for different reasons. Daniels for his intensity/ no prisoners attitude. Bahktiari for his genuineness and absolute ability. both are great team leaders for different reasons. i have to go with Bahk, he is the epitome of a pro at LT. but, I love Daniels as well. Who is your choice? p.s. Rodgers is not an acceptable answer. He is excluded from this discussion. thanks, 66