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  1. Mike Daniels released

    So, you would rather pay for an overpaid OB than Mike Daniels. Sorry, that is one of the stupidest things I have ever read in this forum.. mathews has not provided 1/10 of w hat Daniels has over the last few years. ii am happy that my favorite player (52) is gone, he added almost nothing over the last 4-5 years.
  2. Random Packer News & Notes

    Actually, yes. well, maaayyyybbeee nooooot
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    I am so happy that none of my 9 brothers are like Rodgerss' brother. yeah, I have(had) 9 Brothers. I am so happy that they only wish me the best. their wivesb .... A different story... i hate "extenended" family.. I am so happy that none of my 9 brothers are like Rodgerss' brother. yeah, I have(had) 9 Brothers. I am so happy that they only wish me the best. their wivesb.... A different story... I am so happy that none of my 9 brothers are like Rodgerss' brother.
  4. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I agree with you. The wonderlic has nothing to do with actual intelligence. It has to do with speed of comprehension and fast decision making. I score a regular 34 on it in the allotted time, a 50 when I have just 2 extra minutes. I don’t consider myself overly intelligent. I cannot imagine taking the test while being dyslexic.
  5. 2019 Packers Schedule

    But, I will add to it...... Lions as well. The Lions may win this disfunctional division...
  6. 2019 Packers Schedule

    I agree
  7. 2019 Packers Schedule

    I like this. Win your home games and split on the road. I like that there are this many home games in the books before other teams have enough tape to study. the biggest part of the season will be the last 3 weeks, all divisional games, all likely for the division title. I love it.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think the Packers "miss" on the 12 pick. Hit a pro-bowler with 30. And draft a real difference maker at 44, possibly HOFer. "miss" = a guy that ends up playing around 10 years in the league at a productive level, but a miss because everyone expects a God at pick 12. But, fans will be unhappy because (so and so had a 3 year HOF career) they want to be so. That said, I have no idea who these guys are at these pick. Heck, I live in Ficken Germany and it's what I like to do. Honestly, I think there will be a lot of disappointed wannabe GM's regarding the pick at 12. I just hope and trust the Packers get it right. And, I am more excited about picks 30 and 44.
  9. Maybe, but, I give the credit to BB.
  10. And they all know and accept it as part of winning Super Bowls. They also know their jobs and do them. "Just do your job" I really dislike the Patriots, but, I do respect the hell out of them. Very well run org.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I am really vexed by the draft as well as with draft discussions. i remember as a kid we would choose 2 captains and the rest of us would stand there waiting to be chosen. as a child I was pretty big(tall) and a little geeky. But I could ball with the best of them. My opinion is that for fans the draft is a popularity contest. i was never Mr. Popular growing up. Even though I ended up being King for Homecoming, it was more about never quitting. I have 9 brothers, one still holds HS records almost 60 years later as a wrestler. I was never allowed to quit, it was beaten out of me at a very age. for those that care, I went on to a halfway productive football career. Heck, I even played on the same teams in LaCrosse as B. schroeder. My only hope is that the Packers draft based on what they see and can evaluate. Not on popularity.
  12. Exposing the NFL's market inefficiency

    And I give you Denver with a had Manning. The Ravens with Dilfer. He!!, even the Bears last season with truepicksky. But, the point is, eventually, you need that QB to be able to win for you in crunch time. none of the above could. Not really.
  13. So, I decided to add a bit of levity

    By the way, I think my Beerbelly is HOF worthy...
  14. 40 time.......6.5, 2.9 when chasing an ******* trying to 'get' with my daughter. verticle.......10 3 cone .........7 10 yard ....... 0.9 225 reps......33, may be an exaggeration... But not by much ability to protect my daughter from *******s... 100 procentile. common guys, let's be honest, none of us are even 20% of what these guys are as athletes. Who are we to say someone sucks based on numbers?? i have no idea who the GBP will draft.... but, I hope after seeing my impressive numbers that they will consider me..... πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I simply shake my head reading some things. Have you ever had a broken thumb? It pretty much removes any and all ability to do anything with the injured hand. Just try to the your shoelaces without using one of your thumbs. Possible? Yes. Perfect? No Now, try to imagine catching a football having a broken thumb, try to imagine blocking a very angry player trying to kill your QB. Football fans have become desensitized to the pain every football player deals with.