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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I simply shake my head reading some things. Have you ever had a broken thumb? It pretty much removes any and all ability to do anything with the injured hand. Just try to the your shoelaces without using one of your thumbs. Possible? Yes. Perfect? No Now, try to imagine catching a football having a broken thumb, try to imagine blocking a very angry player trying to kill your QB. Football fans have become desensitized to the pain every football player deals with.
  2. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Honestly, if you really believe that Finley was all that and a bag of chips, you are mistaken. A fine TE? Sure. HOF? No. I remember many times where he simply ' disappeared during games.. I really liked J-fin, but it's not like he was one injury away from the HOF. Graham is and always was a better TE than Finley in my opinion.
  3. Jordy cut

    Ain't that the truth.
  4. Jordy cut

    I guess that I missed the sarcasm in your post? wow, they let you drink at work?
  5. Jordy cut

    Who's ring of honor? Not in GB. Packers HOF? Yessir!! Ring of Honor? Never in a million years.
  6. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I liked this, but, is there even any $ for mid level FAs or our own? I am sure there is, but I like real numbers...
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Yeah, he's close to signing with two teams as "primary" options.... PFT needs to shut thu.. This means nothing more than there are still 32 options for the guy.
  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I guess I must be ignorant. 31 teams would not part with even a 7th round pick to trade for Houston at 2/32 and no G money. But, everyone believes that these same teams are now going to pay the man ~15M per plus guaranteed and a signing bonus? I just don't see it happening. But, like I said, I must be ignorant.
  9. God, that sounds like a drunken rant.......
  10. This is not really relate to this topic, but I cannot remember ever seeing this discussed in any depth. back when Favre was in his 'hay day', my brother opined that K.Warner was better than BF. I argued until I was blue in the face, my brother stood(still does) by his opinion. Today? I actually have started to agree with my brother. Favre had more talent and was more physically sound, but Warner was a better and smarter QB. It is true. what does this mean? Rodgers has the chance to be truly special. But, Brady is the goat until Rodgers actually gives his everything for a simple first down on a 4th and 1. Brady has done this his entire career with crazy success. Rodgers needs to really step up, and he is probably the most talented QB of all time.. TB has heart. He has proven it time and again. His teammates KNOW it. it is time for Rodgers to step up to the plate.
  11. Also, having a real, or even perceived threat to run the ball on those downs makes everything easier. somthing MM never understood. I also tend to watch wonder if AR understands this. If every team you play against knows you are going to pass on 3rd and short, they will play pass. I want a running game that takes what it wants on 3rd and 1-3.
  12. Don't need to. The Packers only need to target the right guys
  13. I would love to have Barr on this team. Give me someone, any day, that is not intimidated by the persona of an Aaron Rodgers and simply goes about his job. The hit on Rodgers was not cheap. Barr celebrating the injury was. but, it was a clean hit under the rules. Barr is an outstanding football player. Therefore, I want him on my team.
  14. Also, I would love to have 3 road graders in the IOL. It would make 3rd or 4th and 1 much more achievable. the interior of the OL has not been scary for a few years now. Yes, I miss Long and Sitton.
  15. Myself, personally, I believe JG has one more big TE year in him. I think it will be this year if LaFleur can convince Rodgers to use the TE and dump off passes. You know, the passes that create favorable down/distance for the offense. I can see Graham with 50-65/900 and 10 TDs in this offense, maybe more. BUT, it all hinges on Rodgers's being able to 'buy-in' to a new offense instead of trying to chuck it long on 3rd and short....