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  1. I wanted Cam Akers, think he is going to be a stud but other that I can”t be to disappointed with what we got. Not a huge fan of picking who I would of taken after that. Too many variables.
  2. Guess the Rookie's Numbers

    Apparently he has told fans to not buy his jersey yet as it could change when other numbers become available lol
  3. Guess the Rookie's Numbers

    Dotson let twitter chose between 65,68,79......69 won in a landslide lol
  4. Guess the Rookie's Numbers

  5. kurgan's Coach/Film room

    Interested in your rookie breakdowns.
  6. Guess the Rookie's Numbers

    Gentry got given 83 last year. Big Ben asked him to change it because he loved Heath so much didn’t want to pass to a different 83. Be interesting to see how he feels this year.
  7. The Draft: Is it just me?

    What bothered me the most is they focused on the most negative parts of draftee’s lives. Being homeless, raised by grandparents, dad in jail all kinds of stupid ****. Worst one ai saw was a guys dad who killed himself because of the meds he was prescribed. Who needs to know this? Trey Wingo definitely sucked.
  8. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Hawks released Fluker he might be a decent pick up depending on price
  9. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    I quite like him. He definitely makes up his own mind about prospects. Checked out his rankings pre-draft he had CEH as his top rated RB. Jerry Jeudy wasn’t even in his top 5 WR and Okudah was his #3 CB. Might not agree with his rankings but at least he follos his own path unlike most analysts.
  10. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    signed UDFA LB Leo Lewis / Mississippi State DE Calvin Taylor / Kentucky CB James Pierre / Florida Atlantic LB James Lockhart / Baylor FB Spencer Nigh / Auburn C Christian Montano / Tulane CB Trajan Bandy / Miami ILB John Houston / USC
  11. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Rapoport saying dolphins grabbed Benito Jones as udfa
  12. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Trey Edmunds days might be numbered
  13. Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Adeniji gone