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  1. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Kinkhabwala seems to be taking a lot of pot shots at the Steelers lately
  2. no talent/ no excuse

    My mistake I thought the thread title was in reference to your thread posting topics.
  3. I think your odds are about 0.000000000000000000001%
  4. I'd try and get Z Smith off the Ravens, hurt a division rival and improve our rush. I might try and take a punt on Eli Harold as well. Preston Smith is another who stands out as a Steelers type FA move.
  5. Trade Brown for what?

    Arians couldn't of loved AB that much he pushed to have him one of the final cuts his rookie season
  6. Trade Brown for what?

    For me the bottom line is he quit on his team mates, I've been as big an AB fan as anyone over the years but first and foremost I'm a Steelers fan he put himself above the team. Now with his stupid antics today, posting himself with Harrison, unfollowing the team and following the niners, he's just going to bring the same kind of drama we endured this year with Bell. Get what you can for him and move on.
  7. Trade Brown for what?

    He's become a cancer. He quit on his team and then he turns to James Harrison when the Tomlin presser is on? Quit on your team mates and then go to another guy who had issues with Tomlin to cause more drama. I really don't care what the cap hit is I'd get rid of him.
  8. Steelers vs. Saints GDT

    I don't have much of an issue with the fake punt play it was a gutsy call that didn't come off. The Ridley play was just bad though, I'm not even talking about the fumble that run play was just a stupid call to begin with. You give Ben the ball and trust him to find a guy open.
  9. boswell

    Apparently he deleted his twitter because some fans went back and dug up some old tweets he made with homophobic references and tried to use it against him. Some people need to get a life
  10. boswell

    He's had 9 attempts over his career of FG 50+. He's made 7 out of 9. How exactly is that always struggled?
  11. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Dhb wr steelers
  12. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Jack doyle te colts havent checked if hes gone if he is just give me Xavier grimble lol
  13. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    I will have c keenum qb denver
  14. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Wwhichock can have rb t montgomery pack Wr t ginn jr saints
  15. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(COMPLETE)

    Taywan Taylor wr titans