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  1. Yes, you've coached 1000s of kids and I agree that you're no novice when it comes to this but you still ain't coaching the Bears. That's MY point. I'm willing to wait and watch which way the waves break before heading into deep water which also seems to be the way Nagy and Pace are playing it and even if I strongly disagreed what good would it do? It's gonna be played out their way not yours and not mine. That's all I'm trying to point out.
  2. ???? ARob and Mooney ain't exactly chopped liver and out of the rest we should be able to expect at least one guy to rise to the occasion. Then we deal with WRs for 2022 in 2022 in FA and/or the Draft. Warner's deal is now posted on Spotrac and OTC: https://overthecap.com/player/fred-warner/6955/ His big numbers don't hit 'til year 3 (2023) and after. By then the cap should be somewhat over $220 mil and climbing again. As far as the Bears are concerned we'll have shed ourselves of some of the higher cap guys we have now. Some as early as 2022. As long as Nagy can prove his
  3. I'm not sure even GB knows what he is or isn't right now. He wasn't even on the active roster in 2020. As of this moment the Packers QB room is staffed by Love and Blake Bortles and if they believed that either of them were capable of sustaining their winning ways they would not be as desperate as they seem to be to make sure Rodgers returns to take them to a Super Bowl in 2022.
  4. Sorry brother but your impatience to "get on with it with Fields" is showing again (did it ever stop) even when you know that Nagy isn't gonna back off of his "plan" that Dalton will get the #1 reps in camps and start the season. It's like hoping TFG stops lying. That ain't ever gonna happen. I guess you could always hope for Dalton to get injured in camp or preseason but it appears that's the only way that Fields is gonna get his shot before Dalton does. It's Nagy's *** whose in the sling so if it proves to be the wrong approach maybe we get a new HC for Fields in 2022. Frankly I
  5. Wood can't grade next season until he has the stats from this season anymore than I can analyze and project a stocks upside potential until I see it's most recent balance sheet and quarterly earnings statement. To do otherwise would be raw speculation which has been my whole point. Were Wood grading JAX's QBs he would be primarily grading Minshew based on his previous stats while commenting on what he believed Lawrence might be able to add just as he did with the Bears and Fields. Ya' can't analyze stats and info that doesn't yet exist can ya'? Definite disagreement on the "click b
  6. I don't even see him as a "low end starter" but admittedly that's a somewhat subjective option which is why I grade him higher than Wood did. He's a very capable and experienced QB whose had the misfortune to play for some bad teams during his career in Cincy and also end up a starter in Dallas will little prior prep at a time when injuries decimate their offense. I believe he's better than his stats indicate but not a top ten guy either.
  7. I have a higher estimation of Dalton than this. He's held his own when playing on some pretty bad teams and won when he's played on good teams. He's not the guy whose gonna make everyone around him better but his skill set is a far better match than Foles and his ability to actually read a defense and make the correct decisions it several levels higher than Trubisky. I don't see us getting blown out of games when Dalton is starting.
  8. Wood is strictly a numbers and stats guy. Most analyticals are. He has always backed his positions with those numbers and stats because they represent the true facts to him which he uses in his analyses. So for him it's all about quantifying his analysis whereas others may take a much different approach which in many cases may be deceptive. IMHO the analysis he did on the Bears lack of big plays and it's impact on their offense and scoring is IMHO spot on. For you and others who may be more willing to qualify your opinions you simply see things from a different perspective. I
  9. I dunno. It's all a bit subjective isn't it? For all we know Rodgers only get an 8.5 for his MVP because it was Brady who beat him in the NFCC Game and won the Super Bowl.
  10. I thought Brett Kollman's video breakdown of how and why the Bears offense struggled with Trubisky and Foles as QB was interesting and well done. I would also agree with him that the skills Fields brings with him should "fix" those problems or many of them at any rate. Now the questions is how much better at running this offense can Dalton be than either Trubisky or Foles and the answer to that should be a prime indicator of how soon we'll see Fields starting. I happen to believe Dalton will play better than either Trubisky or Foles could but if he's lacking in any ability at all to
  11. I don't know that a majority of us agree with it as much as many have simply settled in with the knowledge that Dalton will get the majority of the #1 reps in camps and will start the season as the #1. We've been told this all along so why get an ulcer over it? This is apparently a joint decision of Pace and Nagy and it's their butts on the line if they're wrong about it. We can't change this so for my part I'm gonna sit back hoping Dalton has a career year for himself and resurrects his career.
  12. I would suggest that you have your mother write a "sternly worded letter" to GMcC telling him so. 🤣
  13. What's most important to note here is that the guaranteed $$$ is only $40.5 mil. That's less than half the total value of his deal so without even looking at it's structure yet this tells me SF has a pretty good back door built in after year two or three when his guaranteed $$$ has been paid. Fred Warner and the 49ers have agreed on a five-year, $95 million extension, with $40.5 million guaranteed, according to ESPN. This will make him the highest-paid inside linebacker in the NFL. IMHO the way deals like this need to be viewed is it's a $40.5 mil contract with an opportunity to ear
  14. As Wood points out in his QB grading he's doing so based solely on past performance and Dalton's production hasn't been all that strong for the last five seasons. Given the situations he's been in playing for Cincy and Dallas I might be a little kinder to him because I believe he's still capable of being a slightly above average NFL QB. But all that would do is push the QB grade up a point to a 4-4.5. The production to grade much higher just hasn't been there. Is it possible that playing in this offense Dalton could bounce back and have a career year? Yeah, and he may need to do just
  15. Yes. I have seen grades of F and Incomplete given to teams and even individual players, position groups, and drafts. Happens all the time. My brother you and I are not gonna come to an agreement on this one and I can't describe it any better than I have. Peace.
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