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  1. Bye all......maybe see you after Sunday's game.
  2. Missing Goldman is turning out to be huge because as you posted none of the guys you listed are two gap NT types. I'm hoping that McCullers gets on the field this week and can simply eat up some blockers with his size. Just clog the "A" gaps on either side and allow the others guys to do the clean up work.
  3. Some of it might be expected due to the way camps were conducted and a lack of tune up games but other stuff is not quite as expected like DT's obvious regression.
  4. That was my only point simply because I'm not a mind reader. I responded correctly to what was said. But it was you I quoted not him. It's also ancient history for me now. I've resolved it for myself.
  5. Elway had an interesting career to say the least. And for the rest of my days I will always wonder how much differently Cutler's career may have turned out had Shanahan not been fired and Cutler played under him in Denver. To Shanny he was his Elway v2.0. As for the rest I dunno. I can enjoy football without a need to talk about it every day. Analyzing current events is fun at times whereas analyzing events 6 months or more in the future without the proper data not so much. It's tough to do that these day even for an old investment analyst like me. Too much guesswork is never good.
  6. Can't argue with that but it's often his failure to correctly diagnose what type of coverage he's likely to see post snap that often causes him to make poor decisions or hold the ball too long while trying to figure out what he's facing. This was an issue Nagy emphasized a need for Mitch to overcome in the offseason and he hasn't been able to do it. Zone coverages still give him trouble. And yeah, he's still far too dependent on locking onto ARob and willing to go to him even when he's well covered.
  7. Yup. I am serious and his greatest success came at the end of his career. His greatest strength tactically was his ability scramble and improvise. He had three fast undersized WRs who could also scramble around and get open when he got chased from the pocket who would often bail him out. Earlier in his career when very good teams could force him to play from the pocket they could beat him. So here's a PM for you as a friend because I just want you to know what's happening. And of course you may already have seen it and what got a thread closed. Lemme wrap this up by t
  8. If Mitch is not actually a bust (as a starter), I'll be absolutely stunned. He's mentally weak. He completely freaks out (at times), on the field. And his deep accuracy is ****. He's maybe a backup going forward. Maybe. I'd attribute it to two things Heinz. 1) He's not matured mentally in ways that are required of an NFL QB. 2) He's a poor fit for any offense that currently requires precise pre-snap decisions based on his ability to diagnose coverages correctly. How his career goes from here I can't say but IMHO he's gonna have to "grow up" some. I like the guy but e
  9. This is what I believe some here are over looking. If were gonna bother to play "what if" games at least make them realistic. We already traded up for Mitch and Pace took all kinds of media and fan heat for that even before Mitch through a single pass. So how likely is it Pace would give up far more draft booty or picks and a key player to trade up 20 picks or even 10 picks? I'd say it's about as likely as an 90 degree heat wave hitting Chicago in January. Provided Foles proves he can operate the offense efficiently enough to keep us competitive, in the playoffs, and at least in t
  10. I think you've nailed it about as good as it can be nailed. Whether under Fox and Loggains or under Nagy and his OCs Mitch can often look like a champ when he's forced to improvise like his 45 yard scramble or that TD pass to Mooney. It's when he forced to play from the pocket, read the coverages, make the correct read, then deliver an accurate throw then he falls short at times and that has to be really annoying to a scheme oriented HC like Nagy. He's never 100% sure what play to call he believes Mitch will succeed with. That's gotta be frustrating. This is year four and he still
  11. So there you have it. I would not sell the farm to trade up for a player who may well be the #1 overall pick and that assumes the pick is even being shopped. Personally I don't even understand why this should even be a topic of conversation right now. It's not like we're 0-3 and seem destined for another 3 win season where it might actually be possible to trade up to #1 overall or even be #1 overall. We might as well be discussing hosting the next SB in Chicago.
  12. Pace is always kicking tires if only to see whose available and what kind of shape they're in. It's a good thing but I never put more stock in it than that.
  13. I've read we brought in a half dozen or so DL as well. It's likely Pierce will be added to the game roster this week if he shows enough in practice. I'm also expecting McCullers to be added and get some snaps. But I'd also keep kicking tires looking for help of the kind we've gotten from Nick Williams and KP-L in the past. Wish we still had both.
  14. I guess the answer to the question asked in the title is maybe. Seems we need both a young OT and a young QB. Our biggest problem may be where we might draft. If we're picking somewhere in the low to mid 20s the top two or three prospects at both positions are likely to be gone and now that we finally have a full compliment of draft picks again do we want to give up a kings ransom in picks to move up to get a top ten pick in order to get a #2 or a #3 prospect at either position. It's really far too early to know so other than saying OT and QB appear to be our two biggest needs I ha
  15. Guess it all depends on which scribe and which stories you read or believe and had Cleveland drafted Mitch and we took Mahomes the fate Mitch has experienced might not be all that much different but at least he'd have failed there and not here. What you say makes more sense to me because I never though Watson was the right guy to draft. He's more the type we typically avoid. I was on the Trubisky train primarily because I couldn't see Pace drafting another "gunslinger" type and I was also sold on the idea that Glennon could at least come closer to what we expect from Foles now ther
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