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  1. This is my last post in my very last thread. I'm done here. Happy Holidays to my friends and piss off to the rest of you.
  2. No one says it's a dead issue. Even Armstrong. He just denies he's had any conversations with the Bears about it. At this point in time that makes sense.
  3. Here, lemme educate you Mike. I know the English are educated somewhat differently and we may interpret things differently. What you bold faced there about So don't talk to me about it. Here we call that a facetious remark. Fa-see-shus. Here's what it means. fa·ce·tious /fəˈsēSHəs/ adjective 1. treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant: "a facetious remark" Now kindly go **** yourself.
  4. Yeah, they do. But good luck getting THEM to do it. This is just one of the many reasons why both Teddy and GMcC desperately need to step away and turn all football ops over to someone who can deal with Type A personalities and those driven to win at all costs. I'm sick and tired of watching another arrogant prick butt **** us twice a year and smirk while he's doing it. If that isn't enough for Teddy and GMcC to throw up their hands and make a massive change well then nothing is.
  5. I've never posted anything about hiring "nice guys". Matt Nagy is a nice guy whose team seems to like him. To me he's like ol' Ed McCaskey whom Bears players also loved but whom GSH continually called the dumbest SOB he'd ever met and he was. I loved Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan. Neither would ever be seen as "nice guys' in terms of how they coached. Neither was George Halas. It's guys like that I want to see us hire but Josh McDip isn't that kind of guy at all. He's an arrogant prick and always has been. The trouble is the McCaskeys seem to like "nice guys" so that's who they've
  6. Apparently not if that man is Matt Nagy. One huge problem I find with Nagy is there is never any consistency in when he chooses to be aggressive vs when he doesn't. His game day coaching is about as schizoid as any Bears HC I've ever seen. He's utterly unpredictable in this. The ONLY thing that is predictable is the Bears inability to respond to adjustments made by an opponent and to make any of their own. It's like they've selected a route to travel and won't alter it even when the bridge they're about to cross has been washed out. That was last night and they all drowned.
  7. Well it can be expected that the agent for the Bears HC whom they are about to fire is not about to be put in a position where a conflict of interest might be questioned which is what makes LaCanfora's Tweet all the more doubtful. Imagine having to tell your client that instead of working for him to get him placed in another coaching job you're taking a senior management position with the team who just fired him. I believe Trace Armstrong's ethics are better than that.
  8. Could not have said this better myself. Well, in facts it's pretty much what I have been saying all along. Ryan Pace’s shortcomings doom Chicago Bears in prime time by Anish Puligilla 2 hours ago Follow @casualbearsfan https://dawindycity.com/2021/12/13/chicago-bears-ryan-pace-mistakes-packers-snf/?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email The Chicago Bears lost Sunday despite scoring 30 points. It was the most energized we had seen the team all season on both sides of the ball and they pu
  9. Or we don't and decide instead on a coach who believes in making an honest commitment then sticks with it. Leopards spots don't change. They are who they are.
  10. Even playing below his former Pro Bowl level Fuller would still have been far better than anyone else we've tried. Vildor, Burns, and Crawford have all been tried at CB and Christian has played NB along with Shelley. They've all failed big time. IMHO we have the worst secondary in the NFL by far. If Pace as a GM and Desai and Townsend as DC and Secondary Coach have no better ability to judge NFL starting talent than they've show this year none of them deserve to be retained. Unfortunately unless someone accepts a higher front office position it's likely that Pace will stay for at leas
  11. Turning away from Fields for the moment who was obviously still hurting, is after all still a rookie playing in an abomination of an offense, and will make some rookie mistakes let's talk secondary for a bit. Outside of Johnson and EJax the rest of that secondary needs to be trashed save maybe DH-C who is a very good ST guy and can at least sub in the secondary without stepping on his **** most plays. How Pace could ever have believed who he had at CB and NB are guys we could be satisfied with is beyond me. FWIW Sean Desai and Deshea Townsend don't possess the same kind of skills de
  12. He's not the droid we are looking for.
  13. Or the way he crashed and burned so badly in Denver that it took Peyton Manning to resurrect what was left after that? But such things are never a worry for some in their world of being a make believe GM where reality and past history never seems to intrude. They prefer to keep the blinds closed and the curtains drawn. Realities can be such a distraction. 😆
  14. I fear Urban Meyer has reached the pinnacle of "The Peter Principle". He has finally risen to the level of his own incompetence.
  15. The McCaskey family remind me of hard core alcoholics who keep doing the same things but expect different results. Without some "earth shattering" change it's unlikely any cure will work for very long which is what I've been saying for years. If Trace Armstrong isn't a prospect to take charge of the Bears football ops then keep searching for another like him. The rumor may have some legs or knowing LaCanfora it may be nothing but his own thoughts creating the rumor. Tough to say right now. But if Armstrong has been solicited for his interest in the position and declined this is pr
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