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  1. Rumors and this new league trend.

    I suspect Russian interference in the NFL Rumor Mill.
  2. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    But that's not the point or the purpose behind a benching. The purpose is to make a statement to Mitch that despite his lofty draft status he's still auditioning for the role of franchise QB and that he hasn't passed his audition yet. Plus it only needs to happen IF by the London game he's not shown any farther signs of progressing as he needs to. My point is that from all appearances this is not yet a SB caliber team and it won't be until the offense can catch up with the defense. Given those three opponents a Chase Daniel executing well may win or lose just as easily as a Mitch Trubisky whose still not executing well. If our best is only around .500 after 11 games where in the hell are we going anyway? We'd need to win out and go 11-5 to even have a shot at the NFCN crown unless you expect both Minny and GB to tank that is. Two things happen regardless of the outcome W/L wise. 1) Mitch is being reminded that he not only can be benched but that if he does not improve he will see some significant competition for his job in 2020 when I believe we'll have a better chance at winning a championship. 2) He gets to watch Daniel executing the offense as Nagy has designed it. Maybe some mental reps will help, or not. But he also comes back with 5 games left and a shot at saving the season by winning out with 3 NFCN games on the road vs 2 at home. I'm all for developing Mitch but I'm also all for a Plan B in the event it doesn't happen and Plan B should be another vet QB more capable than Daniel as his competition in 2020. We can only wait so long for this anticipated development to begin taking place before bringing in someone else who'll also need to learn this offense during the offseason and in OTAs. Maybe it sounds a little severe but then so do many things NE does but it's also why they win SB as often as they do and we don't.
  3. Bears Roster Moves

    Spence signed with Washington and IMHO Shane Ray is a waste of time. I would be shocked if we got anymore from him than Irving a former UFA whose earned his way onto an NFL roster vs Ray, a former 1st round pick who played his way off one.
  4. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    Following game nine in Philly we have Detroit at home, LAR in LA, and NYG at home. IMHO that's two winnable games out of three even with Daniel at QB and if we plan to do it at all that's when it should probably happen. Daniel was able to beat the Lions last year and we should have beaten the NYG. LAR on the road would be tough but they were Mitch's worst game last season. If we're at .500 or less going into that stretch we don't have much to lose. If Mitch doesn't begin to progress and rapidly at some point I feel you have to pull his plug if only temporarily in order to let him know he will have competition for his job. It's only a warning shot across the bow this season and it may work. If not then in 2020 we'll know for certain that the warning shot didn't help and the level of competition we'll need must be better than Chase Daniel. IMHO it would be a huge mistake to let this run on like it is without significant competition.
  5. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    Ha ha, yeah something has always seemed to be missing from the mix that leads to a championship. The exception has been the '85 team but only because Mac stayed relatively healthy that year. As dominant as that defense was in ensuing years we couldn't hold onto the top without him and his backups while never lousy just were not of the same caliber as far as being able to lead and win games. 2006 was again a situation where Grossman could not do enough vs Manning for the defense to eek out a win despite Hester's opening KO return for a TD. That was a pure gift you'd seldom ever seen in any championship game. It was shocking to me that Indy actually elected to kick to him. In 2010 again we lost our starting QB in the NFC Championship game and lost only to watch GB go on to win the SB when had we beaten them in the final game of the season they would not have even qualified for the playoffs. That was another 10-3 loss where the defense did it's part but the offense failed to score. Now again we have a championship caliber defense that should be tough for any team to hang more than 20 points per game on and yet we have an offense that's struggling to score even half that. So I've stopped tearing my hair out over it. I don't have enough left in front to spare any longer.
  6. Positives

    My point JAF, although I realize I didn't state it very clearly, is that we aren't getting the expected results from the offense. Given the obvious improvement in the OL over game one (game action seems to be knocking the rust off) and the talent at skill positions it's tough to draw any other logical conclusions than Nagy and Trubisky being at the core of the problem right now. Due to his previous experience both as an OC and a Pro QB I'm willing to consider that the play calling pendulum is swinging back and forth as Nagy is searching for his happy medium of best calls for both his team and for Mitch. That part may sort itself out in time but even so I will still have my doubts that Nagy or any NFL HC should be his offenses principal play caller vs coaching the entire game. We all know that often a game will turn on very few plays just as it did for GB against us and as it did Sunday for us against Denver. I believe one of our biggest problems is when Nagy has dialed up a play that could be a major difference maker Mitch is simply not executing it well and in that sense we may have wasted a true game changer. You only get so many of those per game. I admit I don't have an exact solution to suggest but I do have to wonder once again if we're taking yet another mobile QB and forcing him into becoming too much of a disciplined pocket passer as we tried to do with Cutler? The NFL has it's types that can function well that way but it also has it's Rodgers, and Watsons, and Jacksons, and others before them whose feet were as important as their arms. Is it possible we're restricting Mitch's natural instincts as a QB by expecting him to work too much from under OC and from a set pocket and taking his legs out of the equation? Physically and athletically the kid is far better than he's shown us so far this year and his problems seem to stem from his hesitancy and lack of confidence. He's no longer progressing at the rate he's been expected to. So, is it possible his basic instincts are telling him one thing but his coaching is telling him to do something entirely different and that battle is going on inside him almost every down? That would tend to cause some inner conflicts that would show up on game days. I'll use a personal example of what I mean. I am by nature a very instinctual or intuitive musician and not at all a technical player. I use my own experience, what I hear, and what I sense intuitively is correct both instrumentally and vocally to perform but still remain within the basic structure of the song. If you ask me to do it "just so" and more technically I'm no longer working within my natural strengths and it will sound like it because I'm no longer working off my basic nature but rather against it. It may work, just not as well. So this comes back to the idea that some have suggested that Nagy needs to take the training wheels off of Mitch and allow him to use his own instincts more. Maybe the actual problem is the reverse of what some believe in that it's Nagy who must adapt his schemes and play calling around Mitch and his strengths and not Mitch who needs to better conform to Nagy's schemes. Just a thought.
  7. What we should do if Mitch is not the guy

    Interesting that Jeff Hughes and scout he spoke with honed in on something I've said after watching two games. Mitch is not processing the information he sees post snap quickly enough causing his hesitancy and both a lack of confidence and accuracy. The scout describes this in more typical NFL lingo, "the game has not slowed down for him as it should have by now". Hughes goes on to come to another of the same conclusions I have. If by game 5 against Oakland Mitch has not shown the ability to take over and run Nagy's offense as it needs to be run he and Ryan Pace will need to think very seriously about what Plan B may be and when and how to institute it. Week 6 is our Bye Week and during that week off for players they can develop a plan for the balance of the 2019 season that will lead to a plan for the 2020 season. Both should realize that we need to get ahead of this just in case Mitch does become a complete failure as a franchise QB. We need a forward thinking plan. I've already suggested that depending on our record if Mitch is still struggling by game 5 as much as he is now Nagy bench him in favor of Daniel if only to shake things up and put Mitch on notice that his starters job and his long term future in Chicago are anything but secure. In all likelihood this won't last for more than a couple of games but something needs to be done to shake the kid up and get him to focus harder on resolving his own issues. Nagy and Ragone can only do so much. The rest is on Mitch himself. He needs to get better fast. By week 9 we will have played half our season finishing with NOLA, LAC, at home and Philly away as well as having faced GB and Minny once each both at home. Where we stand than in terms of W/L and how well the offense has performed should tell us what we need to know about both Mitch's future with the Bears and also Matt Nagy's as his play caller. If we need any longer than that to figure out what we have, what we don't have, and what to do about then IMHO the problems run much deeper than they appear to right now. JMHO Three Mitch Trubisky Points Through Two Games Jeff Hughes | September 17th, 2019 The Chicago Bears defense is already top five in the relevant categories and well on their way to being one of the league’s preeminent units in 2019. The Chicago Bears offense isn’t. And the quarterback is a big reason why. Here are three points on the young quarterback’s struggles in the early going of this campaign. He’s Not Using His Legs Nobody wants to see Trubisky running the ball ten times a game and sustaining that punishment. But he certainly has had plenty of opportunities to extend plays AND drives with his legs. Expanding his pocket buys time and allows the speed on the outside to find spaces in the defense. And on third and four, sometimes it’s fine to call your own number and move the chains. Also, Trubisky always seemed to use his legs to get into the flow of a game. It pumped him up. It pumped his teammates up. It was street ball. I recommend he go back to that style and start having fun out there. It’s a game. (Just as I've said Rodgers will do when nothing else seems to be working because it's unpredictable and tougher to defend) A Scout’s Take Had a text conversation with a scout friend. Me: What did you see with Trubisky? Him: The game is not slowing down for him the way it should be. Bears better hope it does. Me: Is it correctable quickly? Him: If Nagy can’t correct it, no one can. Let’s Give it 5 Games Two games is too small a sample size. After five games, the Bears will have played two tough defenses (GB, Minny), two not-tough defenses (Washington, Oakland) and faced the altitude in Denver. If the Bears get on the flight from Heathrow and Trubisky is still a weekly liability, the Bears will have some tough decisions to make in the near future. This organization can not risk this defensive window on a quarterback who is not the guy. This is the year he must prove he is the guy. Everyone should have a good idea at the bye.
  8. Positives

    I gotta say though that one positive I can't see yet is Nagy's play calling. It may have been balanced but so are my tires and they didn't score many points either. I’m still not convinced that Matt Nagy is gonna to be consistently great NFL play caller. He had some issue with this in KC as well. As an offensive mind he’s top self creative but as far as working those plays into game situations in a timely and strategic manner he still leaves a lot to be desired. He's either too cute or not cute enough and that part lacks balance. I'm very serious when I suggest that he at least give allowing Helfrich to call plays a shot so he can take in the bigger picture and strategize through out the game. IMHO the continued screw ups with delay of game or too many men on the field penalties result from his scatter shot play calls and a lack of communication with his offense so the right "package" is on the field to match the play call. There's an old saying that a man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client and maybe the same should be said about NFL HCs who call their own offensive plays. There has to be a reason why very few do either.
  9. Positives

    Yup, as I posted prior to the game the best way to win in Denver is Sept. is to open an early lead and then eat up the clock with runs and short passes between the hashes. You do not want your defense over taxed so they're too gassed to play in the 4th Q yet that's pretty much what happened. We should have been up 13-3 at the half then played for one more score or a couple of FGs chewing up time with longer drives but so far we can't seem to sustain longer drives at all unless it's with a big play that eats up yardage but not time.
  10. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    I'd guess that's the least of their worries right now.
  11. Here's A Mild Distraction For Consideration

    Nah, I haven't been expecting as much from them as some of the hype built them up to be. Looking at the schedule I thought going 12-4 again would be a major accomplishment and that 10-6 might be more likely. As long as we don't go on an extended losing streak we should be able to hit that goal or maybe one game better. Two things are conspiring against an even better season than 2018. 1) We aren't a surprise to anyone this year and most teams will be better prepared for us especially in the NFCN as Green Bay was. 2) Mitch is not progressing as quickly as he needs to and while disappointing I'm not in the panic over it some are. Not yet anyway. I still believe we're a playoff caliber team but not a championship level team. Not until Mitch shows that he can take charge of his offense and win games on his own and IMHO we're another year away from that or maybe worse if he fails to progress completely. 2019 is kind of a que sera sera season where the teams destiny is in the hands of Nagy and Trubisky and both are still working off learners permits.
  12. Positives

    And I'm not putting all of the blame on him. As I said the entire offense isn't as far along as it needs to be right now. But Nagy and Trubisky are it's engine and they aren't even close to hitting on all cylinders yet. That's disappointing.
  13. Positives

    Yeah but Mitch is missing a lot of reads as well making some horribly poor passes. Like I said before we still have a Good QB/Bad QB deal going on without any real game to game consistency and that dates back to last year. If they're taking away his first read he has to know very quickly where he should be able to go with the ball and execute that throw and he's not doing that often enough yet. IMHO the offense and Mitch should be farther along now that anything they've shown. You can only excuse so much.
  14. Positives

    I'll just stop with pulling a win from the jaws of defeat in Denver against a HC whose quite familiar with our strengths and weaknesses. Even in a bad year not many teams win close games here when it's 90 degrees out and they play at home in the flatlands.
  15. GDT "Let's Move On" Edition: Bears & Broncos 9/15/19

    I agree. Sutton touched him but he wasn't down. The play should have continued then been reviewed. Far too many quick whistles on plays that don't require one.