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  1. I being kinda facetious but not entirely. When you're 8-8 the entire team has to improve as a unit. The offensive positions that need the most improvement are pretty obvious. We can begin with QB. Jump over to Slot WR. Then also look for more production out of the "Y" TE position. All of the above becomes far more likely if the OL can settle in with five solid blockers who remain healthy for 17 games. On defense it's just about as simple. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. Between Quinn, Attaochu, and Gipson we need more than just good effort. And then of course
  2. The Foles trade is another example of where Ryan Pace's impatience backfired. Had he been willing to wait Dalton would have been released and he might have pursued him as a FA instead of trading for Foles. But.....I also believe the restrictions COVID placed on teams last spring and summer made in difficult on any QB transitioning to a new team. Foles isn't as bad as he seemed to be last year and might have played far better with more time to prepare and ingest the offense. There's still a chance of picking up at late 2022 pick for him if someone loses a QB or finds themselves unhappy
  3. The Bears finished 8-8 last year. Wouldn't that mean nearly all of them need to step up, rookies and vets alike?
  4. How 'bout a Triple Midol Latte Grande to kick that Monday morning rant to the curb? 😉 😆 I'm gonna leave that decision up to Nagy and his guys to make. Then I can avoid all responsibility and blame them if they're wrong. LOL Personally I don't believe keeping Dalton #1 until Fields take's it away from him is bad thinking. Mitch was never challenged to show he was better than an established vet QB. Glennon was awful right from the start. Dalton is significantly better than Glennon ever was and does present a reasonable challenge for Fields. I'd like to see Fields play as
  5. This is where the CPD and the City of Chicago have a decision to make. The preservation of the columns was a primary reason the design limited it's size and seating. So which is more important, preserving 100 year old architecture that serves no other purpose than to remind us of what once stood there, or keep the Bears on the Chicago Lakefront in a newer and more modern venue? I realize Mile High Stadium did not hold the place in history Soldier Field did/does. It was built on a former garbage dump and landfill. So no drama over preserving the old was involved. Same with McNichols A
  6. Then do what they did in Denver. Tear down SF and build a new stadium on the same spot. Empower Field at Mile High was built over the same ground the old Mile High Stadium occupied.
  7. You forgot Stan Thomas/OT......LOL
  8. What's with this anal fixation on remaining at SF as opposed to building a more modern 75k-80s stadium? If the Sox were still playing in old Comiskey Park what would their attendance be like and how about the Hawks and Bulls still playing the old "barn" as opposed to The United Center? IMHO the modernization of Halas Hall is very definitely a draw when it comes to competing with other team for FA. It's one of many elements a player would consider. As for the NFL's interest in where the Bears play and it's capacity a precedent for that dates to 1971 when all NFL team were requir
  9. I believe a lot of their content is coming from blog type authors not Pulitzer Prize winners......LOL. I think Tonga could very make the roster but what I see in his college game tends to agree with the summary. He can be as much an Akiem Hicks as he is an Eddie Goldman. As for the others Pace is always looking for the next Bryce Callahan or RRH. Some of these UDFA have traits similar to guys like that we've lost through FA. If one or two of them make the roster and another one or two the PS I'd call it a good haul.
  10. Miller was "The Man" in college. The guy they would get the ball too as much as possible but he wasn't a disciplined route runner even then. He put up some nice scores as a rookie but I also recall Mike Furrey talking about the lack of timing and precision in Miller's routes as being a reason his number wasn't called more often. I suspect Miller wants to be "The Guy" again and it won't happen with him playing in the slot while ARob is the "go to" guy. Whatever "fixing" Miller needs I believe Miller is gonna have to be the one to fix himself. Pace will probably keep the door op
  11. I'd have to look at both OTC and Spotract to verify it. IIRC there was some confusion about an actual number but if he could just be released without a major cap hit I'm sure it would have been said by now.
  12. Speed kills: Ranking the 10 fastest Bears by their 40-yard dash times Share this article Alyssa Barbieri https://bearswire.usatoday.com/lists/chicago-bears-news-fastest-players-40-times/ May 8, 2021 9:50 am As we know, speed kills in the NFL. And the Chicago Bears have made it a point to plenty more speed on offense this offseason, as evidenced by 10 offensive players on the roster that run a 4.63 40-time or better. While wide receiver Darnell Mooney was the fastest p
  13. Maybe skip the anchovy, fresh garlic, and pineapple pizza next time eh?
  14. Someone needs to run around the country leaving banana peels on the floor of every QB room in the league. LOL Quinn's guaranteed $$$ is up after 2021. If he doesn't bounce back this year my guess is we'll release him in 2022 and spread the cap hit out over 2022 and 2023.
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