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  1. Bears Offseason Tracker

    Given that Nagy's plan appears to have White playing at the "Y" position behind ARob unless he's injured I can't see any practical way White will get 800 yards receiving. IMHO the objective should be to use him and Gabriel as deep threats and on slants they can break open for long gains. Essentially that's all of what was asked of him at WVU and it's about all that should be expected from him now. If he can't even come close to repeating his college success doing what he did well there what are the chances he learns the NFL Route Tree well enough to ever become a complete receiver? Nagy is preaching "Baby Steps" as far as guys learning the offense goes and I think they should apply that same idea with White. Keep his role simple and allow him to succeed and regain his confidence. We can worry about whether or not to bring him back later. At the moment he's no more than a #4 WR.
  2. Watson and Kamara

    IMHO if Trubisky was the only guy he wanted with his first pick all he did was insure it and insurance costs something no matter what it is you want to insure. When the dust settled and Iron Mike points out Pace was able to recoup some of that cost via other transactions without being hurt. From the get go Trubisky was the only QB I would have taken that high and also the QB I'd hoped Pace would draft. Added to that is I'm damn glad he moved on that pick when we did and weren't involved in this years QB sweepstakes. We got our guy in 2017 which allowed us to draft a defensive impact player and leader we also needed very badly this year and once again his second round picks appear to be very solid if not outright steals. No need to look back. We did very well in both drafts.
  3. Bears Trade Back Into 2nd for Anthony Miller

    I like the pick and AZ you hit the cost of making it happen spot on. We didn't give up a 2nd round pick. We borrowed one today we'll pay back a year from now. The cost (interest if you will) on that loan was a current 4th round pick we had to spare anyway. We could not have gotten a WR of Miller's caliber in round four and we couldn't wait 'til 2019 to fill the need for a slot receiver like him. He offered high value now so we borrowed to draft him. This is no different than any one of us buying an item on sale for a bargain price today and financing the purchase price on a note to be repaid in 12 months with interest paid in advance. I'm sure a lot of us have done that in our lives as well. I know I have whenever the cost savings and the value received now exceeded the cost of the interest to do it. The true cost is only the 4th round pick since it would have taken a 2nd round pick to draft Miller anyway. I hope I'm correct and I believe I am but I think Miller will end up as an equivalent to Jordan Howard in terms of what he can bring to an offense. Some believe he'll actually be the one to lead the Bears in receptions and I don't feel that's all that far off base. Not in a system like Nagy will run. Burton and Miller could very easily both prove to be "big dogs" and put to rest any concerns about their cost in terms of cap dollars or draft capital.
  4. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    AZ I've discussed this at length in two other forums and I'll be happy to do so here as well if you'll give me time. I'm away from my main base today as I have been all weekend but once I get home I'll add more detail. The short version of it is White's football IQ won't top anyone's charts. He was not known as a fast learner even at WVU which is why his use in their offensive scheme was quite limited. His speed and physical traits allowed him to dominate at that level not his clever routes and precision. Added to this if you recall is that he only attended WVU for one year. He played JUCO ball prior to that. Is it an indication that despite size and speed he simply couldn't meet the academic requirements to attend WVU without first having attended a JUCO to get his grades up? At least one person I know of who was familiar with KW's background wrote on that topic back at the time we drafted him and IMHO it's proven to be at least somewhat true. I can add more later if you like. Look, I'm not so down on the guy that I hope he fails. He's worked hard to succeed but has been snake bit by injuries. But I could also add that working hard may also be taken as an indication of lacking instincts and a football intellect. I would not call him quick on the uptake but you'll never hear anyone in the Bears organization ever come out and say that. Some reading between the lines is necessary.
  5. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    I'm basing my assumption on having watched him and knowing that he arrived without that ability. It was obvious in year two that even though he had an entire offseason to learn it he had not. We know that he had never been required to know it in college and I'll stick by my "assumption" until I see otherwise. He's a nice kid and he's worked hard but he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Let's just say he has a lot to prove. JMHO

    Ah, I suspected as much. The old DaBears Forums was set up that way as well. IIRC we selected 25 posts as the magic number. Thanks!

    Question; Where does one find the "Likes" button around here?
  8. Watson and Kamara

    Fox's inability to use all of what Cohen could do and have more plays designed to take advantage of that was just one part of his downfall. Even if he wasn't the primary receiver or ball carrier teams still had to adapt to his being out there if only as a decoy or second or third option. You don't want to give him too much space just in case he did get the ball or he could make any defense look foolish. I can recall Fox being questioned several times about why Cohen wasn't used more in the red zone and goal line packages and his poor reasoning behind that. Even our opponents were saying they were relieved by it since it took a huge element of unpredictability out of the picture. Fox had weapons he refused to use. Nagy won't make that same mistake. Cohen is like his Red Ryder air rifle on Christmas morning. LOL
  9. NFC North 2018 Thread

    It's still a rebuilding and regrouping year for us under a new HC and offensive staff with a new offense to assimilate. That takes time. That said if the over/under is 6.5 I'll bet the over.
  10. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Injuries aside THAT has also been White's biggest weakness because he really wasn't required to know that route tree in college either. He always lined up in one position on one side of the field and ran the same handful of routes from there. He was expected to win with his speed and his size. Great physical traits but way too raw for a top ten pick. Edmunds was this years White and I'm glad we didn't bite. His confidence is at a low ebb by now so if Nagy wants to get much out of him I'd forget the route tree for now as well and simply have him run those same deep routes and crossing routes he ran in college and call it a day. If he can stay on the field for 16 games and produce a bit we can decide what to do with him next spring. Maybe a one year deal to see whether he can stay healthy and keep improving.....or we let him walk.
  11. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    Three years of trying to rebuild with younger talent while still having to cater to Fox's desire for vets is not a job I would envy. Once Fox was gone, Nagy and the rest of the staff secured, and the McCaskey checkbook opened Pace hasn't wasted much time in implementing a plan I feel he would have preferred all along. JMHO
  12. Watson and Kamara

    No. Trubisky was the only QB in the 2017 I felt was the right fit in Chicago. As for Kamara we drafted Cohen and I have a feeling we haven't seen even half of what he's capable of.

    I'm a Southsider so under normal circumstances that wouldn't seem possible but I don't buy into that crap. Both are Chicago teams and I hope both do well. Unfortunately at the moment only one is. Nice to be here. A friend suggested the site and it's always good to collect as many perspectives on the Bears as I can. By nature and force of habit I'm kind of an analytical so that will probably show up at times. Sometimes the "why" is just as important as the "what". But I'm looking forward to some progress now that Fox is gone.
  14. Day 3 Draft Picks

    We've lacked younger quality depth for quite awhile which has cost us big time when starters went down. I also believe many core player come from the middle rounds although they typically begin as ST guys and backups. But I do agree our top picks have been hit and miss. For every Alshon Jeffery we have a Kevin White or a Shea McClellin to offset a Leonard Floyd. Under Angelo how many times did we re-draft the OT position and he failed to find LBs to replace Urlacher and Briggs or top shelf WRs. Pace has done far better with his mid round picks than his predecessors and it's beginning to show. We didn't have to re-draft for the Safety position or for RB because we have found starters in the middle rounds at both positions. You expect top picks to become your "impact" players at least in rounds one and two and hopefully get a third eventual starter in round three. Rounds four and five are the middle rounds where I do expect to find some core players but admittedly it can be a crap shoot so some teams stock up on those picks hoping to find a starter or at least some quality depth. So to say you miss on several to find one or two who do work out isn't wrong but how well you hit on those guys can make a huge difference. Quite a few of Pace's mid round picks are still on the roster and contributing. Some at a much higher level than others. We still lack enough impact players but hopefully a few like Floyd, Smith, and Miller will rise to that level. Others higher picks are lineman who have become difference makers albeit not guys who garner as much attention but both the OL and the DL are far more solid than they've been in awhile. The only two spots on either line where there's competition for a starting role is at DE opposite Hicks on the defense and LG on the offense and even there Bullard and Daniels appear to be the front runners going into camp. Overall it's a much better looking roster than I've seen in quite awhile.
  15. Day 3 Draft Picks

    I like our day 3 picks. Iggy has upside as a starting "Mike" ILB after Trevathan departs and could be a ST terror 'til then. He's nearly as fast as Smith. Nichols is a great 5 tech DE type with size power and athleticism. He should get a decent number of snaps this year. Fitts has all the tools you look for but is he another "brittle" type like White? Had third round grade so worth a shot in round six. Wims is White's Grim Reaper. If White can't step up Wims will replace him before the year is out. We need guys like this making the team. Biggest problem from previous era was too many misses in middle and late rounds.