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  1. It would seem to me to be a priority as far as scouring some PS rosters to see if there's someone available who fits much as we did by nabbing that NT from Pitt. There are more experienced vets on some of these PS now. Anyway, fixing this and trying to get Leno to actually engage his man when he run blocks instead of simply getting in his way or flopping to trip him up is another priority that needs to be addressed.
  2. Let's admit it. This is now the current elephant in the room and it may be impacting ARob's play and if not it's surely impacting his attitude at the moment. He chose the Bears and an inexperienced QB over GB and Aaron Rodger and agreed to a $14 mil APY deal after coming off an ACL injury. Although the injury may have had some impact on his getting back to full speed in 2018 he proved his worth as a #1 WR in 2019 despite the struggles by Mitch and the offense in general. There have been several games where in fact he basically was the offense. While I don't see any argument about his talent or status as a #1 WR I do recognize the conundrum the Bears have with offering an extension based on 2020 cap money. Unless the NFL owners agree to some kind of "fix" that spreads that reduction out over several years the 2021 cap may be significantly lower which will handicap all 32 teams as far as contracts go. If the two sides can't come to an agreement Pace then has to decide whether or not to tag ARob at a cost of $18 mil which would be even more difficult to deal with cap wise than a longer term deal with a much lower cap hit in 2021. In addition to the money could it also be an issue over the length of the deal? As the article state a 3 year deal creates the need to negotiate yet another contract at age 30 when his production may have begun to decline. Of course if only 3 years are guaranteed and the dead cap hit isn't to great any deal ARob gets now may only last another 3 seasons anyway. Such is life in the NFL for a WR. While the length of the deal being asked vs offered has not been mentioned dollars figures have been with ARob at around $18 mil APY and the Bears at $15-$16 mil APY. Earlier this year I thought they would have resolved this by now and the fact they haven't causes some concern based somewhat on how the situation with Mitch works out. If he succeeds as the #1 QB this year we'll need to either extend or re-sign him as well although the amount is pretty uncertain at the moment. All things considered this was not a good time to have a pandemic impact NFL revenues and the cap. Some tough decisions may have to be made.
  3. Here's what some NFL executives think of Allen Robinson's contract situation Bryan Perez https://bearswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/25/heres-what-some-nfl-executives-think-of-allen-robinsons-contract-situation/ Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson has a contract problem. At least, he and most Bears fans think he does. General manager Ryan Pace has expressed his desire to re-sign Robinson to a contract extension — A-Rob is playing on the final year of the three-year, $42 million deal he signed in 2018. It’s just taking a lot longer than anyone imagined it would. With each passing week comes a fluctuation in Robinson’s expected price tag. It’s unlikely his salary demands will go down, even if his production isn’t great. As other wide receivers ink new deals (and skill players, in general, get rewarded with new contracts), Robinson will take notice and want his piece of the pie. And think about it: as we get closer to the end of the season, Robinson gets closer to unrestricted free agency. If the Bears want to use the franchise tag on him next offseason, it’ll come at a cost of $18 million, a bump in pay by $4 million for Robinson. While a one-year deal isn’t optimal for a player with an ACL injury in his history, it at least gives Robinson some leverage in negotiations. The Athletic’s Mike Sando recently surveyed NFL executives about Robinson’s contract situation and what a new deal could look like for the 27-year-old wideout. “Robinson and (Kenny) Golladay are 27 — if they sign a three-year deal, they might not get another big deal at 30,” an exec told Sando. “They probably need to be looking at a five-year deal and try to get the first three years guaranteed.” The biggest complication in Robinson’s contract talks is the reduction coming in next year’s salary cap. The novel coronavirus has taken its toll on NFL revenue and the salary cap is expected to shrink to $175 million. Essentially, there will be less money to go around. “On a $175 million cap, the market is the same as when Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Davante Adams and those guys did their deals,” another exec told Sando. “The problem is, all these other guys are $17-18-19 million, so that is the number guys are shooting for now (with a cap similar to the 2018 version).”
  4. But you have to admit it does get quite hot there and so we do it for you instead. LOL Didn't mean it as an insult. It's just a nickname for it we "Yankees" use. 😉
  5. Unless somehow Kmet could handle TE as well as Harris has I wouldn't move Harris. He been a major difference maker at TE as a blocker and he can run routes and catch. There are pure FBs out there languishing on someone's PS. Just go get one. CP does have the basic instincts of a RB. He just needs more carries and some attention paid to how to run the gaps and lane in a zone scheme correctly. A guy whose 6'2"/238lbs and can run like he can should have been converted to RB long ago. I'd also like to see how he can handle some screen passes instead of Cohen.
  6. NYG Game. Giants have a much better DL. Lawrence is another Akiem Hicks. Tough to block and keep from messing up plays. Leno was slightly better with an emphasis on maybe an inch or two not by yards. He still doesn't stick his man hard and stay engaged. There were runs where his man slips his block to make or contribute to a tackle. They may have gone for positive yardage but could have gained more if Leno blocked like Ifedi and Massie do. Daniels had his hands full with Lawrence as would have 90% of the other LGs in the NFL but with the Giant NT constantly holding and tugging on Whitehair that only made matters worse. Nagy and Whitehair both have to get in the officials face over that. Where's the ghost of Halas when ya' need him. He'd have chewed their *** big time. Now that we actually have a "Y" TE who can block (Harris looks very good) I agree it's time to ditch a fringe guy like Holtz. The guys seems to need a road amp to figure out who to block. He's worse than Leno. Either move Nall into a FB role or go pluck a FB off someone's PS. Holtz has to go and give his roster spot to someone else. More questionable decision making by Mitch this game than last and of course this week his WR didn't help him out with the same clutch catches they made against the Lions. I think after he dropped that TB ball Miller just didn't get his head back in the game. He needs to develop a short memory and just go out and make up for it the rest of the game. He didn't and once again his immaturity showed. One more week like this one and he'll start losing even more snaps. ARob had a bad game too but that's rare. How much his contract issue had to do with that who can say. We just know he ain't happy about being lowballed and strung out with delays in negotiations while watching Cohen get his extension. Sounds like they're only $2-$3 mil APY apart and in this case I'm gonna take ARob's side. Based on other deal $18 mil APY isn't out of line. If Pace is holding firm at $15 or $16 mil he's lowballing IMHO. Stop phuc'n around and get the deal done. A little easier to see now how some poor decisions and failed pass attempts impacted the offense in the 2nd half. IMHO I'd say part Mitch, part the WRs, and part Nagy but nothing that tells me none of it can't be fixed. Too many 3rd and long plays hurt. The Giants just sat back in 8 man zone coverage leaving nothing but shorter stuff open. Seems to me this is where Mooney's speed could really help break that up. He should be the 3rd and long go to guy. Good routes, good hands, and speed. One last comment. Now that I've seen that pick by EJ over and over again.....what a horrible call. He played the ball all the way with as much right to a pick as the TE had to a catch. Not shocked the official admitted he blew it but damn. Maybe we need to go back to appeals and reviews on PI and OPI calls. That was a knee jerk call that under review IMHO should have been reversed. EJ timing was perfect. The contact came just as he was hauling the pass in. Poorly officiated game on many counts.
  7. Gonna comment on one at a time with due thanks given to brother dll2000 for posting the game review. Lions game first. Charles Leno is a terrible run blocker especially on the move. But.....we've known this all along. His technique is pathetic. Can Castillo "fix him"? Dunno. No one has yet but that doesn't mean he shouldn't try starting with telling him to **** can that "Walrus crap" and start getting his hands on his guy and ride him out of the play like he's supposed to do. If he's wasn't at least an average pass blocker he'd be sitting. His run blocking is actually painful to watch. Massie looks good again. The rest of the OL and Harris as the "Y" TE are getting it down. Daniels is rounding back to form and Ifedi looks like a born OG. How did the Seahawks miss that? Only saw that one play where Holtz completely blew his assignment but it was major. He cost us what could have been a big run. Keep running that play and either make certain Holtz knows who his man is our find someone else who knows his blocking assignment. Tarik Cohen looks much better running behind this scheme. He's got good vision, he takes the correct gap, and now having added 15lbs can be more effective running inside. Montgomery is a perfect #1 RB for this scheme. Good vision, good quickness and decision making, and lots of tenacity. Run game looks much better. I can also see where Mitch has improved. He's now where he should've been a year ago so it's obvious "Flip" has been a good addition as his QB guru. We can also see his athleticism and ability to escape, throw accurately on the move, and use his arm strength to fit throws into tight windows. So maybe there's finally light both at the end of the tunnel and turning on inside his brain. We'll see. Still can't help but thinking that had we kept Cutler for at least another year or Glennon not been such a total failure things may have been different. With as little starting experience as Mitch had in college he badly needed a year to just sit and learn. He also needed QB coaches not named Loggains or Ragone. We drafted a kid who needed both the right HC and patience coupled with constant quality coaching and he didn't get it. Now there may be a chance he'll finally succeed as expected.
  8. And I am. I get that we couldn't keep both Kwit and DT and which one had to be a tough decision. On their best days DT was still the better of the two but also the riskier pick based on his age and injury history. Kwit's Achilles Heel was his coverage (even though he did improve on it) which has always been one of DT strengths. I would have opted to keep Kwit for his run play and blitzing and subbed for him with another DB on some passing downs just as we're doing now. DT's leadership role as an "X Factor" can't be denied but at what point does it fail to outweigh other concerns? This is a guy whose missed an entire season worth of games due to injuries both in Chicago and previously in Denver. He's also bounced back but that gets harder to do at 30 than at 25. And.....at what point should we realistically expect Roquan Smith to take over that leadership role? Leadership was listed among his strong points prior to his being drafted. So we rolled the dice and they came up DT which I can accept but losing KP-L over $3 mil for one year and looking to two extremely inexperienced bargain basement backups I do not. Not when KP-L is also a very good ST coverage guy. This is where I feel Pace phuc'd up.
  9. Fair enough. "Average Mitch" inconsistencies and all would be more accurate. And, week over week I did think he may have been a bit better against NY but then I haven't watched any game tape yet.
  10. Poor baby......Well, I'm not from there and yup, I'm a yankee born and raised "cracker". 😛
  11. A few things to tackle here. If an opponent is constantly committing penalties like holding on our OL and the absolutely criminal muggings Mack was getting Nagy needs to get in the face of the officials and make some noise. If it continues the Bears should send tape and a complaint to the league office. You're right in saying that if we keep permitting it they're gonna keep doing it week after week after week. Other than that one GIF I posted showing how the zone blocking opened up a nice run for Montgomery I haven't seen what you have. On that specific play Leno did what was expected and kept Lawrence from making a play before Montgomery was able to accelerate into the secondary. If he needs to show better then it's up to Castillo to single him out and handle that. Walrus technique? WTF is that? I can appreciate why ARob might have been a little miffed over his contract. It should have been taken care of long ago. If he's at $18 mil APY he's not exactly over valuing himself based on what others have gotten. If all the Bears are offering is $15-$16 mil they're lowballing a bit and need to be more realistic. Hometown discounts are a thing of the past especially for guys who we didn't even draft. I don't expect ARob's funk to continue long term provided Pace gets involved in aggressively ,trying to extend his deal.
  12. I expect they're doing more than just crossing their fingers. With $13 mil plus guaranteed they have a lot of cash and cap riding on DT snapping out of it and playing like his old self. He's always been a great cover and pursuit LB who depends on his speed and his range. The real question is can he do it any longer. Pace should be concerned. It's a little too late to revisit this now but I have to question Pace's thinking on this. I can understand that it came down to either keeping Kwit or DT for the same money and opting to stick with DT for his leadership and his experience what I don't get is why we let KP-L leave over a $3 mil one year deal with just half that guaranteed. Not after he also stepped in and played as well as he did. Nothing Iggy has done so far has convinced anyone he's starting caliber material and Josh Woods is a converted college Safety whose another unknown quantity. It just seems that if we were gonna stick with a 30 year old ILB with an injury history and lots of miles on him keeping a vet backup with starting experience was smarter.
  13. Brad Biggs: Danny Trevathan doesn't have an injury to explain poor showing. Bears have to hope veteran LB can recharge soon. Brad Biggs, Chicago Tribune Wed, September 23, 2020, 6:38 PM MDT https://www.yahoo.com/news/brad-biggs-danny-trevathan-doesnt-003800056.html CHICAGO — The Chicago Bears gave Danny Trevathan a day of rest Wednesday, three days after his playing time took a significant cut, but they didn’t list an injury for the inside linebacker that would explain something hampering his performance the last two weeks. Trevathan was held out of the full-pads afternoon practice at Halas Hall. He walked onto the field as the stretching period began and fist-bumped coach Matt Nagy before the two had a brief conversation and things got rolling. Tight end Jimmy Graham and wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. also were given veterans days off, as they received last week. Nagy didn’t address anything regarding Trevathan during his Zoom call with media, which took place 90 minutes before practice, but the film from wins over the Detroit Lions and New York Giants says it all. Trevathan hasn’t been able to move, has been a liability in coverage and has struggled to disengage from blocks. If Trevathan continues to struggle, it’s worth wondering if the Bears would turn to 2018 fourth-round pick Joel Iyiegbuniwe, who has yet to start an NFL game. Trevathan has missed 17 games over the previous four seasons with the Bears because of injuries, but he has not appeared on the injury report this season. The Bears broke from tradition and removed Trevathan in sub packages during Sunday’s 17-13 win over the Giants at Soldier Field, replacing him with safety Deon Bush. He was on the field for 31 of the 65 defensive plays, a steep decline for a player who has been a three-down linebacker for most of his nine-year career. It’s likely the Bears will rely heavily on their sub packages Sunday against quarterback Matt Ryan and the pass-happy Atlanta Falcons. Trevathan took ownership of his poor play in the opening win in Detroit, saying he was responsible for covering running back D’Andre Swift on the play when Swift got wide open on a corner route and dropped what would have been a game-winning touchdown pass in the end zone. “Danny had him man to man,” inside linebackers coach Mark DeLeone said last week. “He’s got to do a better job of his leverage there and staying outside that route.” Trevathan was trailing — by a good margin — when trying to cover the Giants’ Dion Lewis out of the backfield Sunday, and there have been too many plays in which it looked like something was wrong with him or he simply didn’t have the range, change of direction and athletic explosion that has defined his career. It’s almost more alarming that he has not appeared on the injury report with a lower-body injury that might explain his struggle to move. The Bears have to be crossing their fingers that a day off will allow him to recharge and he isn’t broken down. “I didn’t play the way I wanted to,” Trevathan said last Friday. “That’s why you have next-game mentality.” It has to be troubling for the coaching staff and front office after the Bears paid the 30-year-old Trevathan before free agency opened in March, re-signing him to a three-year contract worth $21.75 million with $13.625 million guaranteed. Teams usually proceed with caution when it comes to paying players past 30 on a third contract, and despite Trevathan’s injury history, the Bears elected to retain him while allowing Nick Kwiatkoski to sign a similar but slightly less expensive contract with the Las Vegas Raiders. Kevin Pierre-Louis also departed in free agency, signing with Washington. “Trevathan didn’t look very good last year before he was injured,” said the personnel director for another NFC club. “I would have been more interested in either of the other guys (Kwiatkoski and Pierre-Louis) first.” The Bears have valued Trevathan for the intangibles he brings to the locker room and huddle, one of the reasons they targeted him in 2016 after he won a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos. That goes a long way and can’t be overlooked, but there comes a point when a player isn’t performing well that others aren’t going to follow him. “I have all the confidence in the world in my guy Danny,” fellow inside linebacker Roquan Smith said after practice Wednesday. “Class act on and off the field. Still have a lot of respect for that guy, knowing that (he) shows up to work each and every day and busts his tail. So, excited for the guy and the year he’s going to have.” “He’s such a great leader,” general manager Ryan Pace said in March at the scouting combine. “He’s such a good player. Obviously, when he was hurt last year, that hurt our defense for a multitude of reasons. He’s an important part of what we’re doing.” The contract the Bears gave Trevathan stands out among inside linebackers in the 30-and-over club. The Seattle Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner ($18 million), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Lavonte David ($10.05 million), the Lions’ Jamie Collins ($10 million), the New Orleans Saints’ Demario Davis ($9 million) and the New England Patriots’ Dont’a Hightower ($8.875 million) are the only linebackers who play exclusively or semi-regularly on the inside earning more annually than Trevathan. The Bears would assume a cap hit of $13.45 million if they cut Trevathan after this season, and while it’s premature to dwell too long on that ominous thought, he has to look better soon. Iyiegbuniwe has bided his time as a core special teams player, and from a developmental perspective, the third season is often when mid-round picks prove they are either worthy of a greater role or destined to a career as a reserve. The Bears also have Josh Woods in reserve at the position, and he was at practice after missing the Lions game for personal reasons. Veteran Devante Boyd could be activated from the practice squad again this week. ——— ©2020 Chicago Tribune
  14. As good an OL Coach as HH is I never understood why he was the wrong OL Coach as much as I do now after having watched more highlights of run plays. Daniels and Whithair handle quickness well (remember how Daniels handled Aaron Donald as a rookie) but size and strength coupled with some quickness can overwhelm them so any blocking scheme needs to address that with pulls and traps those two can make while on the move. Whitehair is especially effective at setting up combo blocks he can then shed and attack the second level LB and SS. Daniels is bigger and stronger but he still relies on quickness and finesse. Ifedi is more the "road grader" type when he needs to be but still fairly athletic for his size. This is a key in any zone scheme. The idea is to use quick OL to create a wall with a gap behind it the RB must quickly identify and take that route without hesitation. In the GIF posted in the OP we can see just how well this works when executed well. Massie and Ifedi have to clear their guys out to create the running lane. Leno's quickness allows him to prevent Lawrence from scraping downline to make a stop and Daniels and Whitehair simply extend the "wall" Ifedi and Massie created into the second level and Montgomery wastes no time getting through it for a big gain. It was actually Leno's quickness and ability hamper Lawrence that helped the play succeed. If he doesn't get position and hamper Lawrence then Lawrence gets to the gap and takes Montgomery down after a short gain. This is where Leno can often make an impact as a run blocker. He's 300+ lbs of just get in someone's way. That was a really well executed play by everyone.
  15. On the road in Hotlanta concerns me. I would think the "Dirty Birds" would be more than a 3 pt. favorite at home. They're strength is their passing game and we have great pass rushers and a top shelf secondary so from that perspective I like the match up but the D has to play 60 minutes of aggressive football and so far they have not. We need Mack, Quinn, and Hicks to bring pressure all game long and Jackson to patrol against giving up deep ball scores. As much as possible we have to limit the damage Ridley and Jones can do. They can score which means we have to score. Mitch and Nagy are against another spotty defense so if ever there was a game with a need to hang 30 points or more on the board this is one of those. Not a shoot out but rather 7-8 minute long productive drives in each half. Everybody on the offense needs to come focused and ready to execute an error free game. Will Mitch pull up his big boy pants and own these guys or do we get another day of "Bad Mitch"?
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