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  1. Season Predictions

    My prediction is 80/20 we'll actually have a 16 game season. However those odds could change rapidly if players begin to come down sick in camp. Also, if the NFL permits players to opt out of the season we won't even be certain of what rosters will look like 'til that happens.
  2. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    Man, some of you guys amaze me with your pessimism about the offseason. Existing contracts had Pace pretty cap strapped bit IMHO he did OK on a cheap beer budget. He found the kind of core type players you can win with if they can play up to expectations and the expectations are that or journeyman level guys with a lot of previous experience. We needed better blocking and guys like Ifedi and Harris have been able to hang around the NFL and play a ton of games. Ifedi was a former 1st round pick and a starter for 4 years so he's not with some degree of ability. Let's at least see if he can handle RG at a higher level than RT. Harris has also played a lot of NFL football in KC where was primarily a blocking TE to Kelce's receiving TE. Neither one of these guys has ever missed a lot of time due to injuries and they came at a budget price. Like him or not Jimmy Graham is still a productive TE who can be plugged in day one at "U" TE and just go to work. We don't have the time to see if someone else develops quickly enough to do more than he can or deal with players with chronic injury issues or psychological problems. We spent a whole lot money and a 2nd round pick on two of those. If Graham can give us 50-55 catches for 600 yards or so and a handful of TDs we're getting what we paid for. Foles was the best choice for two reasons. 1) They obviously haven't given up on Mitch yet, and 2) He knows the basics of the offense. A third might be he is affordable. I might have preferred Andy Dalton initially but I think it's pretty clear by now Andy Dalton didn't prefer to come to Chicago to compete with Mitch. His name was on the list but for whatever reason or reasons we couldn't get a deal done that worked. Foles was more than willing to come to Chicago and reworked his contract to make it happen. He's the push and pressure on Mitch the both Pace and Nagy obviously wanted but also a guy who can step in and win if Mitch fails again. He's also not the type to pout or cop an attitude if he does end up #2. We don't have the best QB in the NFCN but we may well have the best two QBs in the NFCN if a starter goes down.
  3. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I'm right there with you. He has one thing to his credit and had it when he arrived and that was terrific college production. The kid is a born pass catcher. Shaheen has pretty much worn me out but obviously Pace wants him to have one last shot at breaking into a TE rotation. I would not be pleased if they kept him over continuing to work on developing Horsted. Maybe Shaheen has a chance if he shows he can handle the "Y" spot for now but so far he hasn't exactly shown the kind of physical traits you see in really good "U" TEs.
  4. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I'm thinking along those same lines. Graham, Kmet, and Harris are the locks. Holtz gives Nagy a "Grabowski" type combination TE/FB/HB who has 15 games under his belt now. His main competition is probably Braunecker. I like what I saw from Horstead as a receiver but he's kind of a mystery man based on his speed. I'm sure the Bears know what it is but based on his pre-draft numbers we're somewhat in the dark. He's been reported to have run some 4.5s and other sources have posted high 4.7s. So which is most accurate because something like a 4.77 posted in one scouting report makes him somewhat questionable as a "U" type TE. A slimmed down Shaheen may be given one more shot at taking a backup "Y" or "U" role. He surely couldn't stay healthy and effective at 277 lbs but they list him at a slimmed down 257lbs now so they may want to see if he can finally step up and play at this level. Word is they won't be bringing 90 players to camp this years so some of those fringe TEs will be left off the camp roster in favor of other positions.
  5. Best/Worst Bears games you've ever attended

    Haven't seen tons of them in person but I did get to see both Butkus and Sayers play in the flesh in GB and Walter Payton and the roots of the '85 Bears defense several times. Most disappointing was a late game loss to the Broncos around 1986-87. Lost by a FG. The defense just couldn't stop Elway that night.
  6. This could create an even crazier wild card season depending on how many players do opt-out and who they are.
  7. NFL, NFLPA in talks about possible player opt-outs over coronavirus concerns Alyssa Barbieri 4 hours ago There have been a number of obstacles that NFL teams like the Chicago Bears have dealt with over the last several months with the coronavirus pandemic. While there have been some challenges — including an entirely virtual offseason — things are on track for the start of the 2020 season. Still, one of the obvious concerns is player health, and NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported that the NFL and NFLPA are currently discussing potential player opt-outs with coronavirus cases on the rise. Pelissero said that the league and union believe player opt-outs will be available, but that they’ll need to be communicated by a certain date. My understanding is both the union and the league intend to have an opt-out for players who have either a pre-existing condition, family (members) with pre-existing conditions, just general concerns over COVID-19, would not want to play this season,” Pelissero said. “General managers were told on a call earlier this week there would be a specific date by which players would need to opt-out. That date is still to be determined.” With training camp set to begin in just a few weeks, the NFL and NFLPA need to act quick when it comes to details of any potential opt-outs ahead of the 2020 season.
  8. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    Agreed. I'm not as down on Cohen as a few others I either but if Nagy can't find a way to use him more productively in the offense his chances of being extended or re-signed may be pretty slim. He's getting $2.1 mil this year so IMHO he needs to more than just be an a dangerous PR but a somewhat ineffective offensive role player to earn another contract here.
  9. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    Looking out across the playing field of CB/NB prospects I'd say Pace has done a pretty good job of acquiring some talent all of whom can potentially compete for a roster spot at RCB and NB as well as being top shelf ST guys. Let's also keep in mind that due to restructuring Kyle Fullers cap hit increases to $20 mil in 2021 so any decline in his play may see him becoming a potential cap cut after this season. So it looks to me like Pace also has an eye on future needs by stocking up on CB talent and seeing who rises to the challenge.
  10. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    My two cents. It has been said and demonstrated in multiple posts here just how poorly our TEs blocked last year and it's negative impact on our run game. Harris, whom Pace jumped on very quickly on he was released, was signed to resolve that problem. While his primary role will be that of a blocking "Y" TE, something he has done well in a similar offense in KC over 5 seasons, he's not exactly inept as receiver. During the past three seasons he's averaged 15 catches per year/11.9 ypc, and scored 7 TDs making him a decent red zone threat. Thirty of his 45 catches have also gone for 1st downs. A 66.67 conversion rate. So while his record as a receiver shows some limitations it doesn't show that he's ineffective and a dead tip off to run plays when he's in the lineup. Time will tell but he looks to me like a pretty crafty pick up on Paces part.
  11. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    Haha, well my Mama didn't raise a dummy. I like odds that are hugely in my favor. It's also why as an investor for my own account I liked bottom fishing. A CPA friend of mine and I used to scour the market for near hopeless causes where the only real downside is they'd cease to exist at all. We had some minor successes that made us a few hundred bucks on each of them but the one biggie at least for us was a stock selling for $.75 (that's cents LOL) but looking at it's financials they had cash enough to survive. So we each bought 1000 shares which for me at that time supporting four kids was a reach. When it recovered to $5 a share the institutions began to buy it again and we eventually got out at about $14 a share. It topped out a couple of bucks higher then dropped like a rock back to $6 when people dumped it to take their profit. So we took our wives out for a $100 dinner, I kept a couple of grand to keep playing stock options with (that was more my thing) and the rest went into a mutual fund for some college expenses. We never found another flyer quite like that one but that's OK. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. I love brother Heinz but I'll be more than happy to take $20 off him if he wants to take my bet. LOL
  12. Most intriguing position or roster battles

    I'm gonna go with whoever gets to run out on the field to retrieve the kicking tee after a kickoff. Sprinters speed with obviously be a deciding factor.
  13. Pace's Three Major Upgrades

    I guess we're now debating whether or not Foles is a major upgrade over Mitch. The only way to answer that is with two more questions. Which Mitch? Which Foles? Foles is better than 2019 Mitch without question but what will 2020 Mitch be like. The Bears still believe in his upside at least for now which tells me he has a good shot at being the #1 out of the gate in the position of it's his job to lose. Of course if he comes to camp as ill prepared as he was last year he'll lose it there before the season even begins. There are those who believe very strongly that Nick Foles was signed to be the #1. I'm not one of them. I believe it's more like he was signed as a hedge against Mitch failing again to become a true #1. But in the end I think only the 2020 season can possibly provide an answer.....or not.
  14. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    Random Thought: Anyone here celebrate the 4th with a fifth and if so how's yer head today? It's 12:15 and they're still shooting off fireworks outside my window. Last night it went on until 2:00 AM. I'm all for having fun but if anyone reads about a mass murder in Englewood, CO you can all say you know me and that will make you celebrities too.
  15. Nick Foles Will Start/Jonathan Wood Analysis

    Ya' know Heinz. It's kind of useless to debate whether or not Mitch will be re=signed or not at this point in time. We have no idea at all what this year holds beyond an educated guess which will vary depending on both one's opinion and their level of NFL education. We have at least one frequent poster here who has an elementary school level knowledge of football yet believes he's a PhD. What you say "is likely to happen" is based on your own logic and personal opinion which doesn't necessarily agree with my own. I'm not gonna guess at "likely scenarios" before camp or before I've even seen them play one down of regular season football. Right now I'm accepting the party line that they are equals in an open competition for the #1 spot. Beyond that I have no predictions but I might have a bet I'd be willing to lay. I'd lay $20 on neither of them playing all 16 games. Why? Because Mitch likes to run and Foles can't run. That tells me both are gonna take some shots and there's a good likelihood that one of those shots will result in an injury severe enough to either cause the #2 to come in or to start a game or two while the other heals. So IMHO we may not have the best QB in the NFCN but we may well have the best two QBs in the NFCN. You wanna take that bet?