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  1. How does it look if you wipe out the Cleveland game? As ill prepared as we were for that game just call it basically a forfeit. I'm more interested in the last three games and the trend line. It should be rising.
  2. This is one of those games where we could shock ever ourselves or we lose by at least two scores. The latter is more likely but I'd rather see us taking a realistic shot at winning for once then to see us play to not lose.....which we will if that's the plan.
  3. There were many most all of which had disappeared 13 years later along with all of the cash in our bank accounts.
  4. Nope, not that for sure. But I can recall a few ideas I had for leaving something gift wrapped in the driveway for my ex. 😈
  5. Mooney is a real find and it's easy to see why coaches and scouts were pounding the table for the guy in the 5th round. He has some very special tools but does anyone believe a 5'11"/170-175 lb WR can hold up as a #1 catching 100 passes a year for multiple years. That's a huge risk. ARob doesn't have Mooney's speed but he has other tools. He's more like a very productive possession type WR you want as your go to guy anytime you need a must have connection to keep a drive alive. He's a guy you can throw to and trust he'll make the catch. Seems to me that along with a good receivin
  6. One of the foremost reasons I've avoided ever running for public office is that I'm far too honest to ever succeed in politics. I'm more like that kid in "The Emperor's New Clothes" who'd call out his being naked before he got more than 3 steps from his castle. I'm getting sick and tired of outright fraud being passed off as "it's only politics" or "that's just the way politics works". I'm in favor of forcing every one holding public office or running for public office to wear a red light bulb that lights each time they tell a bald faced lie. And for those who've made a lifetim
  7. Also a good indication Quinn will still be around in 2022 which if he can remain productive isn't a bad deal based on what we're paying him.
  8. LOL......yeah well good luck with that Mr. Peters. If Amazon decides against building a distribution facility in Chicago or moving a current one to a different location are you gonna demand Jeff Bezos sell the City of Chicago 50% of Amazon? The Bears are currently worth $3.5 bil. If the city has a spare $1.75 bil just laying around I can think of a hundred better ways to use that money than by buying a sports franchise. Some politicians, like little children, should be seen and not heard.
  9. And yet he's been catching 100 passes a year from the likes of Mitch Trubisky, Nick Foles, and Chase Daniels. 65% of his 2019-20 targets are receptions. Does that mean that "separation" is a highly over rated stat? Seems to me that if you throw to him he usually comes down with the ball.
  10. I think we can safely assume that both Byrd and Goodwin are fast and quick as well but it's ARob alone whose more than doubled their production so far. I can't seem to find a reason why both can't run similar routes to those Mooney is running so what's the real reason neither of them are producing much? I hear more excuses than legitimate reasons coming from Nagy all the time and I seriously question how intelligent his use of his offensive personnel is and has been throughout his tenure as HC. We've wasted a lot of money trying to supply him with players he wants yet when we get them t
  11. In his three previous seasons ARob as a total of 255 receptions for 3151 yards/12.4 ypc./17 tds. WRs who never get open don't put up those kind of numbers so I'm not certain why it's even a matter for debate. Without him we'd have had even less offense. So Nagy and Pace get this idea to sign faster "Smurf" type WRs believing that would help open up the offense. How's that worked so far? Damiere Byrd: 3 catches/19 yards/6.3 ypc (all in game one) Marquise Goodwin: 6 catches/63 yards/10.5 ypc (four of those in game one) Allen Robinson: 17 catches/181 yards/10.7 ypc/1 td (
  12. That would seem to be Nagy and he was selling real estate long ago so I guess working at a car lot would be a fit too. New or used?
  13. I'll be curious to see how this plays out over the rest of the season. Does Nagy want to succeed or only succeed in the way he would like to see it done because you can't be much more contrary than this. Since it's unlikely we'll be able to run as easily against the next four opponents it'll be interesting to see what they can dial up in the way of a passing game. To win Fields is gonna have to throw more often.
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