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  1. Week 14 Games

    Personally, I don't want to play either. I want them upset in the playoffs before we have to play them.
  2. Allen Lazard's Future? "Best ball fighting hands I've ever seen"

    Remember though, Bernie is Bertie's dumb brother, who doesn't have Bertie's sources. Bertie Boatsman has the best sources.
  3. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Budda Baker is a safety.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    Wow, I didn't realize Jack Coan's deep ball was that good.
  5. RB Tyler Ervin

    I would feel better if LaFleur had said the guy hand "sure hands" and never drops a ball.
  6. RB Tyler Ervin

    I would take him just to secure the punt return spot. I don't like this experimentation late in the season when a muffed punt return could cost us a game. Davis was reliable as a returner in Green Bay, and I like the concept of getting a draft pick for a guy who starts the season and ends the season with us.
  7. RB Tyler Ervin

    Cut Tyler Ervin, sign Trevor Davis. At least Davis knows our system, and can be a punt return specialist.
  8. 4-7-1 to 9-3, why?

    I agree with most of what you said. I would contend that while Lowry is a "toxic asset", his contract makes him very easy to cut which makes him a "placeholder" in my mind- someone who is necessary right now because they couldn't come up with something better, but can be moved out if/when something better comes along.
  9. Glass is half full

    Do you think there is any chance he feels the need to be the hero as opposed to taking the boring game manager stuff that comes up? I mean, it can be an addicting high when you get into the groove and are making the big plays. Sometimes hard to back off and do the more boring stuff needed.
  10. Week 13 GDT: Packers at NY (Football) Giants

    I just want to see the defense hold Barkley to his yards per game average of 60.
  11. 2019 GDT Sign Up Thread

    Thank you!
  12. Glass is half full

    It is interesting that in the Raiders game he was mostly in balance with a reasonable weight shift, and had a good game. I thought that the throwing mechanics rehab program was starting to work. Lately not so much.
  13. Glass is half full

    He either doesn't see them or he feels he can't get the ball to them. I agree, that is more worrisome.
  14. Thanks. I decided to read it, and I don't really buy what he is saying about having the 4th down play called on third down so they could just get up and run it. On third down I want my guys focused on success on that play. I don't think it is necessarily wrong to call a time out and make sure you are in the play and personnel package you want. Seems like click bait/venting on his part, especially since by my definition ( the only one that counts, obviously) the same exact formation has the same players.