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  1. Thoughts on the Offseason

    I can understand that. I just think that Wilkerson is lower risk since he has a defined role, isn't on a big contract, and has a coach that knows him and handled his situation successfully before. Wilkerson has never been in a functional locker room, as the Jets have had issues for years. Just google "Jets locker room issues" and it becomes apparent that Wilkerson was a bit player in the Jets issues over his time there. I am not sure money is so much the issue with Wilkerson and his performance since he has already made 50 million, so the current issue is more about whether he loves the game and wants to play. If he doesn't and he sucks we haven't lost much. The DL room has strong leadership so if Richardson is lazy and late for meetings it shouldn't have much of an effect. I just remember Dez being a problem over ball distribution when he had a quality QB in Romo throwing to him. I don't see him being happy sitting as the 3rd option behind Adams and Graham. With a lot of young players in the WR room, I think Dez would bring an example of how not to be a professional. Thus this difference- Wilkerson was never in a functional locker room before-and his potential negative effect can be limited in the Packers system. Bryant could undermine the process of rebulding the depth in the WR room by exposing young players to the WR diva mentality. Just my opinion.
  2. Packers Sign DE Mo Wilkerson

    How a coach manages a situation makes a big difference as well. Rex Ryan says he never had a problem with Wilkerson, yet the Jets had a talk with Wilkerson about his behavior prior to him signing the big deal, so this was about more than getting a big contract and then not putting the effort in. Bowles came in and put an emphasis on discipline, whereas Rex Ryan is a bit more of a free spirit himself. I still think its possible that the issue in New York may have involved both a personality clash between Bowles and Wilkerson as well as a change in the way he was used resulting in the reduced production. I think it is possible that Pettine will be able to reset Wilkerson's attitude and get more production. We know from history that he knows how use him in the defense. If not, it is only one year on a modest contract with no dead money for next year.
  3. Thoughts on the Offseason

    Your opinion is valid, but I don't think the issue in most fans minds is his status as a former Cowboy. I think it is his attitude that most worry about.
  4. NFL News & Notes

    A lot of these guys - Schneider, Roseman, Speilman in Minnesota- they get a lot of credit for their early success. It is much easier early in a GM's stay because they take over a bad team which allows them to draft early as well as giving them cap space because they lack the top players that have to be paid large amounts. It gets hard when the team gets to the top of the league- players get big egos and demand to get paid, and the team no longer drafts where there a players with actual first round grades. Philly fans are going gaga over Roseman, but they have a cap mess. They talk about all the cap space they can clear with cuts, but then what? Have to have players to fill the spot. I am not convinced he is the wizard they think he is. It is really hard to keep a team on top.
  5. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    You're right, probably not. There are game highlights put out by SE Missouri state where one doesn't get a chance to focus on one guy and get a true sense of how he plays. A better question is whether as a fan I know enough to evaluate what I see.
  6. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    This gets back to the disconnect between Ted and Dom. Fackrell is an off the ball linebacker that Dom didn't use correctly or put him in a position to be successful. That is why i think he has a chance with Pettine, because Pettine may put him in a scheme that makes use of what he does well. Ted was too stubborn, going after what he felt was the best football player regardless of if he fit the scheme. Dom was too stubborn because he didn't change the scheme to fit the players strengths. Together they just couldn't make it work. The Fackrell pick to me is just like the Randall pick- not a bad player but not a good pick for the position they intend to fill.
  7. Wide Receiver Outlook

    I agree with his ranking as it sits right now- which is not to say that the group won't out perform the ranking. There are just too many question marks- Can Devante Adams stay healthy as the number one now that other teams will be targeting him as a way to slow Rodgers? Can Cobb stay healthy and outperform his last three years? Will Jimmy Graham's production rebound in our new system? Will Ty Montgomery be the guy from 2016 or 2017? Will Aaron Jones have a sophomore slump? Will Rodgers be able to make use of the rookies? They may be a real potent offense this year but there are too many questions until we see them play to rate them any higher.
  8. Aaron Rodgers and new contract

    I don't have a problem with him extending plays, I just wish the Packers could develop an offense that doesn't require it so often. WR's getting separation without going schoolyard and a healthy OL that can protect a bit better would help preserve our QB health.
  9. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    It will be interesting to see when Bulaga is ready to go- they are making it sound like he is having an Adrian Peterson type recovery. Hope that is true, but I am not holding my breath.
  10. Mike Pettine Defense

    I would think if Pettine stays true to his roots in Rex Ryan's philosophy, at least one OLB position will be more of a generalist, and not a pass rush specialist. Personally I think that is a good thing, getting back to having some uncertainty to the rush as opposed to Capers later years where essentially our OLB's had become undersized DE's starting from a 2 point stance. In Capers early years he had the uncertainty with zone drops, but for some reason that went away over the years. People don't believe it, but Kyler Fackrell could become a very effective piece in the new system depending on how Pettine moves forward. Hard to say for sure since we have yet to see the scheme in action.
  11. 4th most important GB Defensive player for 2018 season

    I get the connection between them with the perception of lack of effort after signing the big contract, but do you think Haynesworth had issues while on his first contract with Tennessee that maybe made hime a worse character risk? I don't think Wilkerson has shown the instability that Haynesworth showed such as when Haynesworth stomped on a players head, has he? Wilkerson may bust, but he may have just been a bad fit with Todd Bowles, while Pettine and Ryan knew how to get the effort from him. I am hoping for the later.
  12. 4th most important GB Defensive player for 2018 season

    I think it is hard to say when discussing DL. A lot depends on assignment- if they are assigned to 2 gap, the stats for sacks and tackles for loss just won't be there. If you take a natural productive 1 gapper and assign him to a two gap role he won't be happy either. My hope is that we will go with more 3 DL, 1 gap sets this year, which will allow more disruption in the run game and a better interior rush. If we do that, Wilkerson could turn back into a productive player. Not necessarily all pro, but someone who threatens enough to open up the edge for the guy there. If he can do that I would consider it a successful signing. Sort of playing in the role of Cullen Jenkins in 2010. No pro bowl, no all pro, but effective in the scheme.
  13. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    I just don't see it in Donnerson. With the little I have seen of him on the field, he doesn't look at all like the testing results and I think it is because he doesn't have the instincts. That results in play that is slow and tentative, and that was against lower level competition. I could be wrong, but I don't know that he will make the roster or even the practice squad. Note though, I have been wrong before. That being said, I feel like Pettine will go with more 3 DL sets, and I like what I saw in James Looney playing for Cal last year. I think he might be a guy who might surprise fans.
  14. NFL News & Notes

    I have a feeling that Hundley showed his ceiling last year, so I am thinking that Kizer will end up the back up. When Rodgers went down in 2010, Matt Flynn stepped in and had a reasonable game against the heavily favored Patriots. Admittedly, he had a better roster around him, but he had a much better grasp of things than Hundley showed in year three last year. Hundley will need a huge jump if he is to have a future in the NFL. While Kizer played poorly last year, he was a rookie on the worst team in the NFL. He hasn't shown his potential/ceiling yet, so I have to think he has the advantage at this point. I have to wonder if the real question is whether we keep three QB's, and if we do, is Hundley one of them.
  15. Random Packer News & Notes

    You are killing me man. How can you make me remember Ahmad Carroll. Now I have to start drinking heavily and it is only 11 AM. In defense of Carroll though, the NFL changed its approach to pass interference in 2004 and basically cracked down his style of play in college. The Packers failed to adjust their board in the limited time before the draft. If I recall correctly, Carroll was actually on the educational tape for the officials as an example of what to call. Makes for a tough transition to the NFL. Alexander shouldn't have that problem.