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  1. There were a lot of arguments between fans over whether he held the ball too long back then. He has always had that tendency in my opinion. I feel like in 2010, after the second concussion in the Lions game, he was better at getting it out, but I could be wrong.
  2. That is so our dogs can get us back if we don't come home.
  3. I have to disagree with profootball talk on this one, but I guess I disagree with them so much that is not shocking. I read that Mahommes has 140 million guaranteed against injury. I think this contract makes a lot of sense to the player as it is.
  4. If there are no fans at the opener in Minneapolis, will they still blow that damn horn? It would be nice if I didn't have to hear that this year.
  5. I use an ax on the big roots, a long handle cutter on the smaller ones. Sawz-all sounds like a nice improvement. I will have to try that. I hate it when my wife has a stump to dig out- I go through a long period while working on it where I keep thinking it isn't coming out, but when it finally starts to move it becomes exciting, and when it finally comes out it gives a great feeling of accomplishment.
  6. Funny that we are talking about Dillon in WR thread, and Mims in the Dillon thread. Go figure.
  7. The QB play was awful. The senior Anthony Brown was ok, but only played 6 games- the sophomore Grossel was awful. They had a second huge back like Dillon and so that became their gameplan. They said during one game that teams had to prepare differently for BC's offense because it was like a totally different sport. Dillon did average 15 yds per reception, so its not like he was a dud when they did throw to him.
  8. I don't see Williams as the big, inside the tackles, wear down a defense type of back. Williams and Dillon are different kinds of runners. What makes you think Dillon can't catch?
  9. No, not a lie. The statements were that he was unlikely to be cut based solely on where he was drafted, and that he was athletic, but most thought he was fighting for a job and not doing well.
  10. Though he certainly doesn't carry the health concerns that Lacy had with the foot coming out. I will not go so far to say piss poor receiver. He was in a piss poor pass offense, especially after Grossel took over for Brown at QB, so to be fair, his pass receiving ability is unknown at this point. I agree on North/South runner, but that gives Lafleur options he didn't have.
  11. I am disappointed that the salary cap expenditure for the two QB's never showed up in your post.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I agree. Wolf Sr. was really the guy with the eye for QB's it seems to me. Favre, Hasselback, had Warner in camp. Peterson may not have been anything more than a back-up but was a clear contributor in other ways per the reporting. I agree Ted didn't have the eye necessarily either. He had Vince Young and some other guy for an entire camp before he figured out they couldn't play. He cycled a bunch of rejects through as backups, though I wonder if that is because he didn't value the backup position the way Ron Wolf did. It isn't like Gute was finding a bunc
  13. Aaron's motion needed a lot of work coming out too. QB picks are tough, and I don't have a lot of faith in Gute's QB evaluations, but I am hoping that he proves me wrong on this one.
  14. Jimmy G may not be Mahommes, but he isn't a bad QB. They can win a lot of games with him, and not every team gets to have a future HOF QB. I just think they took a big risk by reducing their draft to 2 high picks and 3 late round picks. If those even one of those two high picks bust, they they got worse this off season, in my opinion. It just appears to me that Gute thinks he had a pretty good base in a team that went 13-3, and went out to get the guys he felt would best further the cause of the team with depth at key positions where adequate depth was in question. Clearly, back u
  15. And that whole post ignores the question of whether the 49ers actually got better for 2020 or just stayed the same. They lost 2 players that were important to their 2019 run, and replaced them with rookies who despite their high draft placement are not guaranteed to be successful, especially not at the level of veterans that have been able to earn those large contracts The Packers drafting of Love is controversial at best, but your presumed ability to see the future is just nonsense.
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