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  1. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    All one can really conclude is that the team felt they were better off taking the full cap hit this year rather than pushing it off untill next year.
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Abbrederis made the catch though. He had the ability to make the clean catch with the hands when called for. I just never really saw that with Janis. The point was though, Moore is not the first player we drafted with drop issues.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Janis had terrible hands. He was a body catcher, not a natural hands catcher. Even his most famous play, the hail mary for the TD, he double caught the ball. That is what kept them from having a reasonable package of plays he could run and condemned him to jet sweeps.
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I found replacing the battery will make the second hand start moving again.
  5. Depends on his results going forward. I don't see him surviving in the GOAT discussion though. I think he is very unlikely to be able to play long enough, and be healthy enough to catch Brees or Brady for many of the records. He will still hold the efficiency stats, but total yds, TD's are probably out of reach. If he wins another championship or two, he will elevate quite a bit. If he doesn't, then he will join guys like Dan Marino as a great arm talent that wasn't as successful as one would expect. Bottom line: will go down as a great physical talent with a mercurial personality that was entertaining to watch.
  6. Sure, and then it is a win for the Packers. So you think the head coach should have been fired because the refs didn't call Bennett offsides, Jordy and Aaron don't communicate, Jordy drops a TD pass, and Quarless drops a ball, and Barnett drops a pick six. Interesting take.
  7. Sorry, but Lefleur was hired to get this team back to winning with Aaron Rodgers. He has to solvethese problems or he will be out. He has to earn the right to coach in the years after Rodgers. 5 years in the NFL is forever.
  8. Tell that to Ray Rhodes. McCarthy is the only Packers coach that has completed 10 years since Curly Lambeau.
  9. One half, of one game, from 5 years ago does not define the situation.
  10. I would argue that the play selection was perhaps too aggressive, with an infatuation with shot plays that required Rodgers to hold the ball and extend the play. Funny how when Rodgers got hurt in last years opener, that when they came out and got the ball out in a timely fashion they slayed the Bears defense. It became an arrogantly stupid offense, but I am not sure conservative is true.
  11. Sure, there is no "factual" information, but this is where reality testing comes in. Do you seriously believe that Murphy made that call in front of a whole lot of people? If he didn't make it in front of a room full of people, then the source would have to either be remarkably naive, or totally unafraid of Murphy and Rodgers, because Murphy would know who the leak was. The only other option is that Murphy directly leaked it himself, which seems dubious as well. Can I prove any of that? No, but it leaves me deeply skeptical at this point. So based on that, I think it naive of fans to believe that is an accurate quote from someone who witnessed the call, and it is irresponsible of Dunne to use quotation marks as though it was an accurate accounting of the actual words used. Could it be true? Sure, but to quote it like it is fact at this point, as many fans are doing, is not justified.
  12. But that is true of a lot in this story. Leader is right when says McCarthy didn't pass on Rodgers in 2005- Mike Nolan who was coach had control of the draft and all personnel decisions did. Nolan even said he passed on him because he didn't like his attitude on the visit Rodgers had with the 49ers. McCarthy didn't have responsibility for cutting players, Thompson did, but the report indicates that there was resentment because McCarthy didn't cut someone. I could go on, but I think there is a lot in the article taken out of context to make a more interesting but less accurate story. Fans need to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism on this one.
  13. I have a hunch the Packers will seat Tyler Dunne right next to Bob McGinn on game days.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    I am hoping that Dunne has embelished a lot in this article, because if he hasn't, then just changing coaches won't fix the problem. If Rodgers is crapping on MVS for running the called route, especially when Rodgers supposedly made EQ look bad by telling EQ to run the post and then throwing it to the flag anyways, then Rodgers has just totally lost it as a team mate. It will be hard to regain trust in that locker room if that has been how he has been behaving. It says to me that he wanted to punish more than McCarthy, by making Gute look bad for cutting Nelson and going into the season with the rookies. If he was pissed at McCarthy and Gute, fine, but he shouldn't be f'ing with the rookies because the decision making wasn't their fault, and he needs them to perform going forward. Between the family stuff and the stuff in the article, I have to wonder what is going on in Rodgers' head. Hopefully the article is filled with distortion or exaggeration and things will be fine.
  15. Random Packer News & Notes

    They all do it at some level. Here is a very similar take from Tom Coughlin: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-coughlin-admits-that-the-giants-forced-him-out-as-coach/ It is totally predictable that a coach in McCarthy's position would be unhappy with the way it went down, so I don't see it as a negative that he admits to feeling that way. Getting fired is hard. I thought the interesting part of the article is what his wife said. It was pretty clear for a while that the job had worn him down and taken a toll on his health.