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  1. Assessment of the 2018 Green Bay Packers

    Graham is 8th in yards, and 10th in receptions for a tight end this year. He's a bit pricey, but it would be hard to replace the production at tight end.
  2. Week 10: Miami WontWins @ Green Bay GDT

    A bit of deception in the graph since the x axis doesn't start at zero, making it look like a bigger difference. I expect better than that from Nate Silver's group. But yeah, the Packers are having trouble adjusting to the run first identity, Rodgers reputation makes teams play pass against us, and we should just keep gashing them on the ground until the defenses adjust.
  3. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    Fair enough. I personally feel the inexperience issue is bigger than fans want to admit.
  4. NFL News & Notes

    I see where you are coming from. If, however, you are Brian Gutekunst, and you have an aging WR corps with Cobb and Nelson done soon, needing to be replaced, and other holes on the team which all thing combined are going to lead to some misery for a bit, do you choose to do it now in your first year, or put it off until later when the honeymoon is over? Gute has incentive to play the rookies, see what he has, and improve on it next year. His clock is running.
  5. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    I agree whole heartedly with this part. Does your first paragraph not answer the question of where to lay the blame? Is it not on the decision making process of the front office from 2014 to 2017, and not the coach?
  6. NFL News & Notes

    There is a certain amount of truth in this. There are historical examples. There were many who thought Charles Woodson was worn out after his initial stay in Oakland. There were some who thought Randy Moss had lost his stuff after his stay in Oakland. Oakland has been a place where careers goto die. Some, however, can recover if the disease is treated early enough.
  7. NFL News & Notes

    The bolded part is better than me. I say it and nobody is listening, LOL. I think we still can be in it, but I think we are going to have to do it on the backs of MVS and EQ developing, and Rodgers admitting that running the ball can help him get the passing game where he wants it. I just don't see the Raiders releasing Jordy so he can Martellus Bennett them.
  8. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    I think it is one thing when playing a contested game, and another when playing a team like the Dolphins. Against the 49ers Adams had 16 targets out of 46 attempts which put him up at 35%, which was appropriate because the game was in question and we needed to lean on him. Against the Patriots he had 9 targets out of 43 attempts for 21%. I put this on double coverage with Gilmore following him. The point I am making is better teams will scheme to take him out of the game. The way around that is develop your younger receivers so the defense has to think about them. You don't get there by giving Adams 35% to 53% of the targets, which is what 10 to 15 would have been. The true path to failure is to go one dimensional like that. The number of targets needs to be evaluated in the context of the number of plays in the game, and the game situation.
  9. NFL News & Notes

    I would be willing to guess that is one reason the team moved on from Jordy. My belief is the team made a conscious decision to go into the season with the less experienced talent as part of a longer term plan, and was willing to accept the natural consequences for the offense of doing that. Like I have said, this is a building year folks.
  10. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    You still are not answering the question. This whole part of the thread is based off the comment that Adams should have had more targets yesterday. The question has been, and still is, why would should Adams have gotten more targets yesterday? My contention is he shouldn't have. All you are doing is throwing thoughtless snark without any analysis. Answer the question you have been asked, now for the third time. I am waiting.
  11. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    The guy who needs more connection with Rodgers if we intend to be successful later this season is EQ. Again, why on earth would you need target Adams more in a game like yesterday? Pad his stats? Get him hit more often and banged up on a short week? You don't get a second win out of that game if you score more points.
  12. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    No, but why target Adams more in a game you win by 3 scores?
  13. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    Adams had 25% of the targets yesterday, so it is not like they ignored him. If you take the premise that Adams and Graham need more targets in a game like yesterday, and MM starts calling those plays more than he did yesterday making your offense all about those guys and those plays, what are you going to do when teams do what New England did and work to take Adams out of the game? The team needs to get targets the rookies so the can develop. At some level, in a game like yesterday, Adams should get less use, and they rookies more use so you have more experience to use when the games are tougher. Despite Rodgers continuing comments, a team can't have sustained success when it is all about one guy.
  14. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    That is the part that fascinates me about the mind set of Packer fans.. Payton has gone 7-9 in four of the last six seasons and fans think of him as one of the best, while McCarthy has had much better success and he sucks. I just don't buy the Rodgers is much better than Brees argument. The current NFL record book doesn't support that. Doesn't make sense.
  15. Mike Pettine Defense

    More important to the context was Cooper Cupp being out. It will be interesting to see how they finish the season offensively now that they have lost one of their top receivers, which will make Cooks job harder. Still, it was a good performance by the defense in LA, and a performance that showed we can play with anybody if we get our **** together.