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  1. Trade him for a 2nd round draft pick or two Kansas City for Tyreek Hill
  2. That way we will give Trent Williams the new team he wants and a deep threat we need now that no charges will be filed against tyreek Hill we could get one of the top five deep threats in the game I know I will be drug through the mud for mentioning this but let's go bombs away
  3. I have just bought my delete done messed up t-shirt don't let me down Dwayne Haskins
  4. I have just bought my the league done messed up t-shirt I hope I haven't done messed up don't let me down Dwayne Haskins
  5. May 7th is a Significant Date

    That would help out no the back side 😁
  6. Brown to the Eagles

    Thank you
  7. Brown to the Eagles

    Can we get a comp pick for this
  8. Doctson - Not Picking up the Option

    Good riddance to bad rubbish Josh doctson couldn't catch a cold in Washington the only thing he can catch is injuries
  9. What’s your first 3 rounds

    Sounds good sign me up 100% with the running backs we have we're going to have a real good team the quarterback position good running back good offensive line good defensive line great linebacker good defensive back okay that might be good enough to clinched a wild-card spot someone send the vp's this just maybe they need help hey mr. Snyder please please please give us something to cheer for you do this and just maybe butts will come back in the seat I know mine will 😉
  10. I would trade Josh Norman and a second-round draft pick would it be good enough what do you think we work some player's contract and cut one of the tight ends
  11. Draft Week

    How would you feel Redskins trade for Jalen Ramsey and what price would you pay
  12. The quarterback and wide receiver we have now it's like warm beer and cold pizza no thank you you do nothing and nothing will happen the fans are not happy when Bruce Allen came I thought of Shakespeare said something wicked this way comes 
  13. Hey mister Snyder you want to make a big splash do it by trade for Josh Rosen the fans are hungry for a Young quarterback if you want to put butts back in the seats feed us we are hungry and waiting
  14. Hey mister Daniel Snyder you say you want to make a big splash make a big splash back getting Josh Rosen here's your chance to make an impression this may be your chance your fan base is leaving they may not come back you want to increase ticket sales give the fans something to cheer for we need a quarterback Josh Rosen we need a wide receiver first round pick I hope you read this before it's too late fans of hungry and waiting for you to feed them