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  1. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Well Ron Rivera did say we need playmakers around Dwayne Haskins look good to me you should apply to be our next GM
  2. When Derrius guice get hurt again and Adrian Peterson get burnout let's see who all change they're their mind about a new running back he is better than who we have right now but only if the price is right
  3. Looking at our current running back age and injury history I would like to bring in Melvin Gordon I'm just about through will derrius guice welfare injuries they do just can't stay healthy but like Vic Beasley will be available bring him in an outside linebacker and tight end Greg Olsen FS Tre Boston cb James bradberry and a good offensive tackle if Dallas do not resign wide receiver Cooper then get him draft Chase Young we could have a pretty good chain and maybe challenge for the division title with a record of 10 and 6 is not out of the question
  4. add running back Melvin Gordon to this list considering our current running back age and injury history and keep Jonathan Allen if quarterback improve we could have a real good team every challenge for the division
  5. What do we do with Alex Smith

    Cut him save 12 million and be done with it focus on free agents trade Brandon scherff and Trent Williams if you don't want to play for his current contract trade Ryan kerrigan maybe pick up a2nd and two 3rd in all
  6. What Should We Do At RB?

    I read an article Pepsi Washington trade Trent Williams to the Jets for Le'Veon Bell Bell contract give him 21 million this year that will hurt I would like to have bail but we can't handle that contract maybe redo his contract
  7. Bill Belichick... What!?

    Fake news
  8. Why trade Jonathan Allen why move sweat to end he need to stay at outside linebacker keep Allen at defensive end Allen is the best
  9. Cam Newton anyone

    Cam Newton can help Dwayne Haskins to be a pro bowl quarterback on the field and off the field and with the 7th pick we could get a wide receiver or a offensive lineman I still be better off than we were last year just a thought not really what I want to happen just to see what you guys think
  10. Cam Newton anyone

    Ron Rivera is bringing in a lot of here's former coaches and medical staff would you support a trade for Cam Newton our first round pick for a Cam Newton and their Carolina first round pick clear the salary cap by releasing some players and trading some Cam Newton where help Dwayne Haskins out to be a franchise quarterback just a thought pick up their cornerback Bradbury and they're free safety In the free agents maybe we can have a 10 and 6 team next year what three free agents will you bring in what is your thoughts on this please be gentle
  11. Hooper and Cooper and Byron jones sound good to me we can do that we have the money to pay with 50ms in cuts coming and 40m coming January 1 that 90m
  12. Amari Cooper may be a free agent would you sign him he's 25 years old will be a great boost to our offense and wide receiver corps find a tight end maybe the one in Atlanta things are now looking up maybe a 6 year 70 million get it done let's do this thing
  13. Name changes, what would you accept?

    I remember when Kurt cousin was with the team he get under center or drop back and say rhino rhino so the Washington rhinos sound good to me what do everyone else think
  14. Williams to Browns Rumor

    Mr. Allen why are you trying to hurt this team yo why are you being paid to hurt the team you are making millions make the trade 31 year old players will not last much longer, get draft picks and get younger kerrigan and Williams should be on the trading block as a package deal pick up are 1st and 3rd
  15. Williams to Browns Rumor

    A 4 is better than nothing make it happen