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  1. 80% of the league uses 11 at least 55% of the time, so it's not like the Jets have been overly reliant there.
  2. Little Lafleur appreciation post.. Offensive personnel weeks 1-5: *(league ranking) 11 - 59% (19th) 12 - 36% (3rd) 10 - 0% (32nd) Since: 11 - 62% (16th) 12 - 14% (27th) 10 - 12% (1st) The biggest knock on Gase was his stubbornness, he simply refused to deviate from his 'system' even if it meant trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. For Lafleur to have completely redesigned the offense since the bye, as a first time play caller... that's damn impressive.
  3. Need some fantasy advice ... OBJ vs. Michael Carter? With everyone out I would think we ride MC, but the offense might just be so deplorable it won't matter.
  4. All the hyperbolic nit picking would cease to exist if Zach was even relatively competent today. Coaching was awful, but if not for Wilson we likely win & the rest is an afterthought.
  5. Wilson couldn't even give the Jets' D a chance*
  6. Haven't seen the team quit once this year & the defense has played well beyond expectations. Lot of criticism to go around, but Saleh isn't near the top of my list.
  7. Enough to warrant an early drink, cheers
  8. Once I lost interest in the game, the stubborn Irishmen in me couldn't resist. You're right though, I digress.
  9. Has nothing to do with how bad Zach has been, that much I agree with -- as I've expressed in my own posts.
  10. It's the same blatant troll every week, as if to prop yourself up for the Jags own glaring incompetencies. Nothing of substance, no commentary unless it's to boast about the obvious Wilson misfortune. Take a deep breath, brother. ....And yes, as I said in my previous post -- "Wilson is wildly inaccurate unless he's playing backyard football". Delusional?
  11. You're riddled with insecurities, lol
  12. Did Wilson struggle with the 'easy' stuff at BYU?
  13. Doesn't look comfortable on-script, just wildly inaccurate when he's not playing backyard football
  14. Now it's Bryce Huff in coverage? Bold strategy by Saleh & co
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