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  1. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    Completely agree. People need to relax, at least until Darnold is back. This season will ultimately be judged on his development. I’m not losing sleep over over games started by Luke Faulk.
  2. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    So many things wrong here .. Will Tru even see the field Sunday? I sure hope not. Harriston was one of the only bright spots Monday night so I'd expect he gets the nod again. Tru wouldn't shut out AB in his prime, he is currently a shell of his "prime". I can't even begin to understand any fan who's critical of Jamal Adams. There isn't a single person in the organization who works harder or cares more than Adams. The dude is everything you dream of for the face of your franchise both on and off the field. Jamal Adams is literally one of the only things about this team that isn't a problem, and to say otherwise is simply nonsensical. Is he frustrated? Sure, and I don't blame him. Adams plays with more passion and love for the game than pretty much anyone I've ever watched, he's an exceptional leader.
  3. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Is this some personal vendetta against Bell or something? You watch either of the Jets first two games? Bells been great considering what he's had to work with. Consistently making the first guy miss, extending plays, and more often than not picking up a few yards when the play should've been blown up behind the LOS. Look at what the Browns just did to our OL and seriously tell me if that 3.4 yards a pop is on Bell. Luke Faulk was also our QB, so there's that. You can't watch Bell and not see how talented he is. He benefitted from a great OL in Pittsburgh, sure, so do most of the leagues best RBs.
  4. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Who's under center next week? Bell should rest the 4th
  5. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    All that matters is how they play with Darnold. LeVeon won't remember any of this if Sam comes back and lights it up
  6. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    DT now out
  7. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    at least that might be entertaining
  8. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Yup. We're down our starting QB,WR,TE,DL, and 3 LBs for a team who isn't overly talented and top heavy (no depth) to begin with. Browns obviously have the talent, but this game shouldn't this close given the circumstances
  9. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    love the stadium going nuts for that
  10. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I've been critical of Gase but this is all on the OL
  11. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    "We gotta help our defense out a little bit, no doubt" Haha is that a joke
  12. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Was literally just typing this. Dude is all ball and clearly leaves it all out there Edit: Couldn't ask for a better guy off the field/in the locker room
  13. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Jenkins out, can't catch break
  14. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Tru get benched ?
  15. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Fair enough