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  1. Don't think I've seen Mac Jones throw the ball more than 5yds in the air. How much of that is on Mcdaniels?
  2. Too conservative. I get it, but you can't play scared there
  3. Most fans feel the staff has some personal vendetta against him, more apparent -- he reportedly doesn't know the playbook well enough. Seems like a disciplinary response to a lack of diligence on Mims part. Weird situation. Talent is there, mentally not sure.
  4. Hope MetLife is a mad house, as it should be.
  5. I think you’re reading way to far into any commentary, which again, only seems extensive because he was the topic of discussion in most all press conferences — moreover, in no way did it feel like the coaching staff was raving about Mims. Obviously they supported him to deflect any bs cut rumors, but he was clearly buried on the depth chart all off-season. Was he not? For the exact reason Saleh explained — if you’re not one of the top 3, you’re required to know each spot. Disagree with the reasoning, sure, but it was obviously something that was explained to Mims. Something that Berrios/S
  6. What exactly aren’t you buying? I feel it’s blatantly clear Mims isn’t playing because he hasn’t learned all three spots — as stated directly by the HC. The staff has in no way ‘raved’ about Mims anymore than others. Obviously they’re going to publicly encourage the kid (like with anyone else on the roster), but their actions are a far more decisive indication of what’s going on behind the scenes — he’s been running with backups all off-season, and it’s clearly not a talent issue. I don’t get what the conspiracy is here. Mims was told to learn all 3 spots, he didn’t and is being ‘dis
  7. With you on the first part. Mims is too talented for the latter sentiment here. He’s likely to produce when given his shot, at least relative to other guys ‘ahead of him’ — the issue is clearly a disregard for a prerequisite established by the coaching staff. That’s entirely on Mims and there’s zero reason he should be playing if he can’t adhere to a standard met by everyone else in the WR room.
  8. Pretty much where I'm at re Mims. There's no vendetta here, the kid simply hasn't done his job. I'm just as excited to see him play as the next guy -- not at the expense of rewarding indolence or skewing standards on the basis of talent.
  9. I want to see Mims as bad as the next guy — the kid knowingly had all summer to learn the offense. If that’s what’s keeping him sidelined, I’m good with it. Can’t change the standard to favor indolence. Hopefully he grows up quick.
  10. Q was nonexistent Sunday, but can we relax with the hyperboles. The guy is 300 pounds & has been sidelined for months. It’s going to take time for the big fella to get moving again. Not an excuse, just pragmatic.
  11. Zach Wilson in the second half: 14-21, 174 yards, 2TDs, 8 YPA All while under distress and following a dismal first half. He was clearly the lifeblood of the offense, as opposed to just playing his part. That stood out from the rookie and you can bet it won over the respect of the looker room, regardless of the outcome.
  12. I've always been a big Sam guy, still am to a certain extent -- yesterday didn't do him any favors, regardless of what the box score shows. Sam missed a handful of wide open reads, playing within a clean pocket and throwing to a far superior supporting cast relative to our secondary. He wasn't bad by any means, but he didn't elevate that offense, he played his role. Wilson, comparatively, took a beating, remained poised & still looked like our best player in the second half. That deep ball to Moore was 'special', he just couldn't come down with it. Also, from what I understand,
  13. 100% but it goes to show the skill set was always there to be more than a one trick pony. Not like we had any great long ball QBs during his tenure.
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