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  1. I was actually thinking about this the other day as I was reading into Staley. The way Ramsey talks about his ability to scheme around his best players and maximize their strengths - Lattimore would be a perfect target IMO. He and Q would be our version of Ramsey/Donald. Having said that, he has some serious technical issues that lead to far too many penalties, and so, not sure I'd feel comfortable handing him a massive deal without Staley in the picture. A third seems awfully cheap for a player of his talent, but as you've alluded to, Saints may be in a tough spot.
  2. The more you read into Staley, it's hard not to be impressed. Football smarts jump out, but a lot of his players (Notably Ramsey), rave about his ability to connect as a players coach. Saleh is still more along the lines of what I'm looking for in terms of leadership, charism, etc. and ultimately, brining in a culture builder is my top priority. Staley is the better coordinator IMO and seems to be revered enough by his players to make you think he too could take on that leadership role. I'm with you on Campbell, he was easily my favorite option out of the gate.
  3. Smith doesn’t do it for me - we’re in dire need of a cultural overhaul and he’s not exactly an awe inspiring presence. After years of Bowles & Gase, I can’t stand the thought of another mundane ‘leader’. Saleh is far and away my top choice at the moment, followed by Staley.
  4. Worth noting, but I feel like Saleh is better suited to be a HC. Just a hunch, nothing objective to back it up, but the guy just seems like that CEO type I want cultivated a culture here.
  5. Kinda figured Lawrence was our only hope of luring Campbell in. Too bad, would've been my top choice by a long shot. He's going to make a fanbase very happy one day.
  6. You're overthinking Sam's trade value - any leverage will be dependent on the number of suiters, that's it. If he's being trade, with or without Watson, it's abundantly clear we don't plan on starting him next season. Douglas isn't going to decided whether or not to draft a QB at 2 based on what he can get in return for Sam and everyone knows that.
  7. Unless Douglas is 100% sold on either Fields or Wilson, I'd give up the 2nd pick + Seattle's 1's. We're positioned beautifully to make a deal without mortgaging the future or at the expense of the rest of the roster - trading Sam would potentially give us two picks in each of rounds 2-4 + there's enough money to pay Watson & stay active in FA. If Douglas has either Fields or Wilson pegged as 'his guy', than I get wanting to stay the course. Otherwise, I think we're in a really rare situation where we can afford Watson, while maintaining the resources to build through the draft.
  8. By all indications, Douglas is steadfast on seeing this rebuild through. I would do it though... (assuming Douglas isn't 100% sold on either Fields or Wilson) Flip Sam for a 2 or 3, and we'd still potentially go into the draft with with six picks in rounds 2-4 + there's enough money to pay Watson & be active in FA. When you consider the alternative could mean picking up Sam's $25M option a year from now, the money become more obsolete.
  9. I think you're greatly underselling Watson here. He's 25 and already a consensus top five quarterback - a trade would be unprecedented. There are only a handful of teams total who wouldn't at least try to make an offer, even if it involved extensive cap maneuvering to get it done. I'd be shocked if he didn't return a kings ransom.
  10. Random, but here’s to hoping we stay far away from Juju - he’s an absolute 🤡. Would hate to see this locker room turn into a tick tock set. Big Ben must be losing his mind.
  11. Fair enough.. I wasn't necessarily sold on Cowher, but the fact that Lawrence was (supposedly) enough to bring a HOF coach out of retirement is telling. Point being, he could easily be the difference in swaying certain candidates from leaving their current situation - whatever that may be. If the search just revolved around current coordinators, it's less of an issue, aside from the obvious fact that Jacksonville is now more intriguing.
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