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  1. FWIW: I still love Sam's potential, Lawrence is just a different level prospect.
  2. Trevor Lawrence might be the only person capable of saving this franchise -- not only is he that good, but will in all likelihood lure in a great HC candidate. I have no interest in watching the tandem of Flacco & Gore today, but will be checking in periodically in hope that we don't screw this up. #PhinsUp
  3. Doubt he would've ever taken the #1 spot with Bell in the mix. Point being, his talent would've likely shined through at some point in a limited capacity, giving Pitt all the more reason to move on with no money attached.
  4. This hardly backs the narrative you're pushing. The idea that Bell cried his way off the Jets insinuates that he was some type of issue in the locker room or carried with him a selfish mentality, which couldn't be further from the truth. I can say with the utmost confidence that anyone who's followed this team will tell you the same.
  5. Hard pressed to believe they'd be paying Bell still, considering how they structured his contract offer and the emergence of Conner.
  6. When exactly did he cry about how bad it is? The guy has been remarkably optimistic & professional since joining this notoriously awful franchise. He liked a few tweets after last weeks blowout, otherwise, you're point doesn't have a leg to stand on.
  7. Right, because when Pitt offered him $10M guaranteed, I'm sure they had every intention of seeing that deal through in its entirety.
  8. I've never understood attacking a player for prioritizing financial security & generational wealth for those they care about. Let alone a guy playing the most dispensable position in football. To address your point - characterizing Bell as some petulant big name player who chased the bag & then wanted out is misinformed. The guy was nothing but a class act, who continuously praised his coaches & the organization, despite having every reason not to.
  9. Such incredible ignorance. …By the way that "idiot" just made $28M to play 18 games.
  10. Love that for Bell, he deserves better.
  11. According to Gase, Perine isn't playing because they don't want to stunt his growth... Incredible. Gore, meanwhile, is arguably the least efficient running back currently eligible & getting 9 carries to Bells 13. Whatever the thought process is there, it's maddening.
  12. I think it's far more likely that his catch % is a reflection of how he's being used: Avg depth per target this year is 9.5 yards, or about 6 yards less than it was last season. He's been given the opportunity to show he's more than a 'one trick pony' & so far he's proving Gase, Douglas and (to be fair) most of this board wrong.
  13. Most rookie QBs look good earlier, I'd pump the brakes lol. Attitude/demeanor would be a serious concern of mine, just doesn't strike me as a guy capable of leading men.
  14. There wasn't a more talented receiver to invest in though..?
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