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  1. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    It's all political. Of course Bell is going to back Jamal in this instance, as he should. A unified locker room is all that matters.
  2. Training Camp Thread

    Love this recent quote from Le'Veon: "That wasn't the best me. Everybody talked about the offensive line and everybody talked about me not getting the ball, but, damn, Le'Veon, were you at your best?" he said. "I can literally look at myself in the eye and say, 'No. No, I wasn't.'" Had every reason to complain all season - still just keeps saying the right things & holding himself accountable. Such a bull s*** narrative that he wasn't a team player during his holdout (Which unlike Jamal, was warranted). Hope to see him have a huge year.
  3. Notable Stats

    I still think this is ultimately where the game is headed (Not just against Lamar). Guys like Derwin, Adams & Simmons are going to carve out a new role on defense that will make this schematically efficient - and other will follow. It gives a DC a lot of flexibility trying defend these new age offenses that can run or pass out of virtually any look. The key is having versatile chess pieces (Adams/Derwin) who can legitimately play multiple spots effectively, so you aren't vulnerable against the run or rushing the passer. I was pulling for the Jets to sign Logan Ryan because I think his added versatility + GWs creativity would favor this progressive style.
  4. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    My opinion is that your subjective takes are constantly proven inaccurate & you just continuously pivot to the next emotionally driven argument. WHY?!? Not even trying to be controversial, you've yet to support any argument with objective reasoning. I've given you evidence that his usage doesn't align with the normalcy of his position & you've ignored it because it doesn't fit your box safety narrative. Furthermore, the game is evolving. Guys like Jamal & Derwin James are going to entirely redefine how we view and value the position IMO. Look what Tyrann Mathieu just did for the Chiefs defense. Versatility is valued now more than ever, and there simply isn't any player as versatile as Adams. That's important for defensive coordinators trying to combat this new wave of mobile QB's & air raid offenses. The cap argument is nonsense. Unfortunately, it isn't something we have to worry about right now (At all). I'm willing to listen, @KingOfTheDot made a great point relating to positional value that I had overlooked...But, not if everything you argue is fueled by a bias agenda. I can rattle off a long list of reasons & FACTS to illustrate why Jamal is so valuable. There's no point if you're going to refute it with certainty by siting INTs & subjective rhetoric, so we can agree to disagree.
  5. Kyler Murray Hype

    Sam Darnold: Hold my beer! Next season he'll have one of the best supporting casts in the league, in addition to a bright offensive coach. Is the OL great? Far from it, but it could also be a lot worse. No reason to patronize the guy, a lot of young QB's would kill for his situation.
  6. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Too far IMO. Jamal is the same guy who routinely stays after practice to greet fans & is very well liked around the league (Which doesn't happen just by being good at football). Childish & egotistical? Without question, but not to the extent of a legitimate mental disorder. Agree that AB took a turn for the worse after repeated head trauma, but he was always off to begin with. Some of the stories Ryan Clark has shared are evidence of that..I.e running around practice yelling at coaches "Don't touch me I'm the franchise"
  7. Training Camp Thread

    I get it's Frank Gore, but kind of a slight to Bell, no? Talk about a guy who's done/said all the right things in the face of adversity. Lot of respect for how Bell handled himself last season.
  8. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    This is the first positional value argument that is entirely fair. Given the right situation, where Jamal isn't confined to a specified role because of personnel deficiencies, I couldn't care less what his position is on the depth chart. It's irrelevant to his impact, which so many "traditionalist" don't want to hear.
  9. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    You've been "wrong" with nearly every single post yet instead of admitting it, you just pivot to an equally subjective thought. Appreciate the feedback, nonetheless.
  10. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Spot on.. Those using "positional value" arguments to discredit Adam's importance have no idea the impact his versatility has on a defense or just how good he is in all facets of the game. Great video
  11. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Appreciate it. Honestly not trying to go out of my way to defend Jets management, seeing as I understand they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Jamal's been my favorite player since we drafted him, mostly because I think he's an exceptional/generational talent with truly unique versatility that I find to be extremely undervalued relating to the evolution of the game. All things considered, I can't objectively act like his demands are warranted or without a hidden agenda.
  12. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    I don't think this has anything to do with paying the guy. Jamal is tired of losing & on top of that I'd imagine there are some broken relationships involved. The fact that he's willing to play elsewhere without said contract & is willing to complicate a trade further by going public with a preferred list of Super Bowl favorites speaks to the underlying cause of all this (I.e it's not just about money). Certainly not cherry picking that specifically, lol. Consider all first round defensive players drafted that could've made a case to cash in after year three: Doesn't matter if they ultimately resigned or not (Point being, they didn't get paid this early). 2013: Ezekiel Ansah, Sheldon Richardson, Xavier Rhodes 2014: Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack, CJ Mosley, Dee Ford, Aaron Donald, Anthony Barr 2015: Dante Fowler, Marcus Peters, Byron Jones, Arik Armstead 2016: Joey Bosa, Jalen Ramsey, DeForest Buckner I'm sure most of which, both publicly & privately, plead their case for a new deal...And yet, not a single one proceeded to act like Jamal when their team refused. The same can be said of offensive players who couldn't get an extension this early. The response and self victimization in effort to force a trade has been unprecedented for someone this earlier in their career (Again, correct me if I'm wrong, this is off the top of my head) ....(I know Ramsey being the exception here & yet most people mock Jaguars management + I think it was clear he would've stayed had the Jaguars met his price) FWIW: I'd give Jamal just about anything he's asking for today ($18M is reasonable IMO)...But, I don't think it's that simple.
  13. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    ....And, I completely agree? Maybe I jumped in late, but I wasn't referencing that specific quote. My point being, you can't acknowledge Jamal's contract request while simply ignoring the proceeding trade demand & overall response. Which all things considered has been unprecedented, has it not?
  14. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    The issue here, the unprecedented action, has been Jamal's over the top self victimization in effort to force a trade. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't remember a player ever throwing this type of tantrum after just three seasons because of a "rumored" contract dispute. You'd think Jamal was coming off back-to-back franchise tags the way he's acted. I'm sure most deserving players are looking for the money heading into year 4, most don't get it & none have responded to this extreme.
  15. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    The last defensive first rounder to receive an extension after three seasons was Kuechly in 2015 (Per OTC). It's not unprecedented, but it is extremely rare.