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  1. Blessuan Austin

    Three sacks alone should be enough to earn any player a grade higher than "Back up" which I believe is anywhere from 60-69.
  2. Blessuan Austin

    I try to like PFF, and they put out stuff like this lol. What idiot watched that tape and came away thinking Jamaal played like a "back up"?
  3. Blessuan Austin

    I'm not sure what you're referencing but according to CBS his benching Sunday was a "Coach's decision". Seeing as he practiced all week and didn't appear on the final injury report, in all likelihood, he was benched for Maurice Canady. I'm all for letting these guys play, but at this point, Arthur Maulet // Bless Austin seem to be the "next guys up". I find it highly unlikely that some combination of Maulet/Austin/Canady/Harriston prove to be capable/adequate starters for us going forward. My hope is that Austin solidifies himself over the next six games and we resign Poole + add competition to fill the last starting spot. You do realize we have one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL? Not sure why we'd feel good rolling out the same group next season, doesn't mean we have be big spenders at CB, but reinforcements seem obvious.
  4. Blessuan Austin

    Yes he was - Full participate all week and wasn't even listed on the final injury report. The reality is we all liked and overrated (Myself included) Harriston because he had a few good games and we were all desperately looking for someone to step up. He was very bad against Miami and awful vs. the Giants which led to his subsequent benching. Maybe he gets another shot, we'll see, but I don't think he's in our long term plans. I've been impressed with Austin but I certainly haven't penciled the guy in as a starter without seeing how he finishes the season.
  5. Blessuan Austin

    Unless we see some type of crazy development from Harriston, there is no way he should be penciled in as a starter heading into camp - He was a healthy scratch last week with virtually zero competition on our depth chart - I think he's going to be viewed as a camp body fighting for a roster spot, nothing more. Austin is interesting because even if he does keep this up, his injury history is far too glaring to ignore. At the very least, we should look to bring in a viable replacement as injury insurance. I'd look for Douglas to prioritize depth/competition at CB similar to what the Eagles (Unsuccessfully) have done. Poole has been great, lock him up.
  6. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    These announcers trying so hard to make Haskins look good.
  7. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    I’ve said it before but Q simply doesn’t look the part right now. He needs find the weight room this offseason.
  8. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Happy Griffin is playing well but most of that is the result of poor/blown coverage. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves ..
  9. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Redskins: Hold my beer
  10. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Great play design on the TD to get Sam moving with two quick hitting options. Throwing Crowder in motion was a nice wrinkle.
  11. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Complimentary football is great, circumstances still matter. Not sure what you mean by “Blinder tho?”. I’d say just about everyone watching this game was critical of that decision.
  12. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    You can’t honestly be defending a draw on 3 and 11 from midfield? Lol take the blinders off..
  13. Week 11. Jets vs Native Americans

    Adam Gase, the innovator. Good coaches play to players strengths, I won’t get over how poorly Bell is used in this offense.