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  1. I mean, this shouldn't really surprise anyone though. Wirfs was always a much safer pick, he was always perceived as the more pro-ready prospect. Taking Becton had everything to do with his unparalleled potential, given his uncanny size & athleticism. I don't think anyone expected him to be as polished/dominate as he was so early on -- he's just scratching the surface. I think he proved beyond reasonable doubt that he's capable of living up to said potential. Give me Becton > Wirfs going forward without hesitation (love Wirfs too).
  2. … But "Would" is (Wrong reference) -- "If they trade him, it would be the Jets"
  3. And you've rushed to the rescue to defend said hypothetical Jags fan? You trigger easily. Nothing was intended as criticism. Choosing that specific comment was my fault. Good day.
  4. lol I made an observation. Not everything is meant to be confrontational.
  5. In what way? I never once disagreed with anything you've responded with. I never argued the Jets "fit that bill" or weren't objectively bad.
  6. Possibly on the payroll..? Seems to be propped up league wide as the go to guy in Houston.
  7. I use the term lightly. Having read the Jaguars forum the past few months, I'm sure if the roles were reversed here you'd all be selling us on how bright your future is & why Watson could work in Duval. I find the newfound irony funny. Again, never said the Jets fit that bill.
  8. Wasn't directed at you specifically (could've been worded differently). I've seen a bunch of similar commentary in unrelated threads.. And no, which is why I agreed with SF/Miami.
  9. As are the Jags. Did I hit a nerve? Never said it was controversial, conversely, I agreed.
  10. Jaguars fans are funny. I used peep the sub forum to hear your thoughts on Fields/Wilson. Tons of optimism/excitement surrounding the future of the team (without Lawrence). Now the tables have turned, the Jets are sitting where you once were (with more draft capital + a highly sought after HC), and so many of you are quick to throw shade any shot you get lol. I would agree though with SF/Miami, not so much Denver.
  11. Meanwhile, McClain said the other day if Watson is traded it'll be the Jets. Could just be trying to conjure up more picks from other teams on behalf of Houston, who knows. I don't think any of it matters. IF the Jets are steadfast on acquiring Watson, no one can beat their offer. The Texans aren't taking significantly less to appease Deshaun, and given everything we've heard, he's not blocking a trade at this point.
  12. Plenty of downside & recent memory to substantiate such. I just view Watson as someone with the attitude & mentality to thrive in a high stakes environment and certainly not someone who would be intimidated by it (which is often the problem). As for the marketing piece, believe it or not, Odell still rakes in the most money off endorsements (roughly $29M annually) and practically all of which originated when he was with the Giants -- even crazier, Eli is sixth on the list. I don't think it's a misnomer, rather neither team has had a star worthy of such regard.
  13. This isn't exactly an indictment against the Jets? I'm sure most of what's being 'reported' is fabricated, but it was also his agent who provided much of that smoke: "Posting on his Instagram story, the car saleman says he wants Watson to join the Eagles. But Mulugheta says they need the car to turn “Jet green.” I think there's likely validity to both sides. Obviously the Texans have a vested interest in pumping the Jets/Miami hype, and from what I've read about Watson, I don't think it's a stretch to think he'd openly embrace NYC/South Beach. More notably -- he likely recognizes that
  14. Every indication would point to the contrary -- there's a lot of smoke & most has originated from Watsons camp. The Jets aren't positioned to "suck" moving forward. My assumption is that Watson, while recognizing this from a football perspective, also realizes the potential glory that winning in NYC would bestow. His persona extends far beyond just football & what he could accomplish here from a brand/marketing standpoint would be unparalleled. I think that's incredibly enticing for someone of his stature. Coupled with the fact he reportedly believes in Saleh, it's hard to imagine
  15. I think this is your best shot at building towards sustainable success in a post-Watson era. I just can't imagine trying to sell a fanbase on another teams recycled goods (Darnold, Tua, Carr, etc.) -- so unless Caserio is enamored with Fields/Wilson, tear it to the ground & rejuvenate the roster/culture with young talent. Watson just had an All-pro caliber season and only managed four wins -- to throw a lesser quarterback in the mix and expect newfound development + a quick rebuild would be foolish IMO. Texans could feasibly get 5-6 FRP from the Jets by trading down from #2, especiall
  16. I mean, he’s on the verge of eclipsing the 50,000 mark. When it’s all said & done he’ll be in the HOF and rightfully so. One of the most under appreciated players of the past decade!
  17. I can’t contemplate how any Rams fan is mad here - you went from a sub par guy (Goff) to a a future HOFer. Enjoy. Next few years are bright for both LA teams
  18. Rams to the moon. Stafford in Mcvay’s system? Miles better than Goff
  19. That’s assuming we trade 5 1’s including the #2? I think Watson will cost more than expected, but that’s a stretch ..
  20. The alternative to Watson likely being Fields/Wilson + two late (SEA) firsts and some change.. If that's the case, it's a no brainer to me.
  21. You're either greatly undervaluing the #2 pick or overestimating the amount of teams capable of driving up the price - assuming the Jets offered #2, #23 and a first next year, who can beat that aside from the Dolphins over the next two drafts? I can see throwing in an additional second, but how exactly do you foresee the price getting to a point where the Jets would be forced to eviscerate their next two drafts? As for the latter, it's taken completely out of context, but sure. The Texans haven't had nearly the amount of cap space the Jets are set to have, so to compare apples-to-apples
  22. Where are you getting this from? Assuming it would cost the Jets in the neighborhood of #2 + two additional 1s - there's still plenty of draft capital left over. Moreover, should we just ignore the impact Watson would have on prospective free agents? The Jets will have roughly $70M to spend in an offseason where an unprecedented amount of teams will be strapped for cash. This idea that any trade will result in the Jets mortgaging the future is simply misinformed.
  23. Agreed. Tua/Darnold aren't moving the needle for me if I'm the Texans. I just don't think you can attempt to sell your fanbase on another teams recycled goods here. Either tear it to the ground, stock pile picks & commit to a full rebuild or put yourself in a position to draft the next Watson. I get Tua is a year removed from being the fifth pick, but he hasn't done himself any favors. This league moves fast
  24. I’d pump the brakes. With that in mind, I think it’s 3 1’s at an absolute minimum (likely more)... and it would be 100% worth it.
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