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  1. Going game by game: AFC East Bills 9-7* Patriots 7-9 Jets 6-10 Dolphins 6-10 AFC North Steelers 12-4* Ravens 11-5* Browns 10-6* Bengals 9-7 AFC South Colts 12-4 * Texans 7-9 Titans 6-10 Jags 3-13 AFC West Chiefs 14-2* Broncos 9-7* Raiders 7-9 Chargers 5-11 NFC East Giants 9-7 * Eagles 8-8 * Cowboys 7-9 Redskins 4-12 NFC North Packers 10-6 * Vikings 8-8 Lions 8-8 Bears 5-11 NFC South Saints 13-3 * Bucs 11-5 * Falcons 5-11 Panthers 2-14 NFC West Seahawks 11-5 * Niners 10-6 * Cardinals 7-9 Rams 5-11
  2. Walter Cheripinsky- of walterfootball.com - I've been following this site for about ten years and their bold rankings and principles really changed the way I've drafted teams and not being afraid to reach for different players. So many great finishes in fantasy football from reading this material through the years. These guys are also NFL draft experts so reading about NFL draft talent has helped in understanding and projecting real life and fantasy football. Phil Steele- More of a non fantasy football guy but he's the first one that really emphasized how targets matter in fantasy football and his importance on turnover differential and other metrics have helped me figure out the surprise & bust teams of the year. Warren Sharp- I just read his book for the first time this weekend and it's been a fascinating read so far. This guy really understands how coaching and play calling can really propel and bury a team. Evan Silva- While I like to monitor the ESPN rankings to get a feel of where everyone else will be drafting guys, I also monitor Evan Silva's fantasy rankings. Silva is a smart consistent mind and while he's not too bold as some of my other favorite reads, I like having a feel of his rankings to know how early and late some of the smarter drafters might take some sleepers and breakouts off the board.
  3. Former: Marino- Maybe the greatest QB to never win a ring Moss- Came close twice. Disappointed he never won one. Current: Fitzgerald- It's a shame he's played on a lot of bad teams in his career Daniel Jones (Not a Giants fan or even a Daniel Jones fan but I think he's gotten a lot of undeserved criticism. Not his fault he was heavily overdrafted. I would love to see him work out and stick it to the haters)
  4. A few divisions are too tough to break up because of division rivalries. The NFC North is too historic and the NFC East has some of the most popular rivalries. Whether you like them nor not, Dallas/Texans or Dallas/Tennessee will never hold a torch to Dallas/Giants or Dallas/Redskins etc. Seattle moves back to the AFC West and brings SF. Moving Oakland or SF was a tough call. Seattle's best rival since being in the NFC has been SF and both get to have SB rematches against Denver. Moving Oakland away from KC & Denver was tough but between regular season vs LAC and preseason vs ARZ, they've had some heated matchups. Another tough call was Indy or Balt for the AFC East. Although it's not historic, PIT/BAL has been a great rivalry for over a decade. NE/INDY also was a long time rivalry. Moving Miami to one of the south divisions was incredibly easy as they've been irrelevant for quite awhile. Albeit there's been a few seasons where ATL/NO/CAR have been competitive together, there's no historic rivalries so breaking them up was no issue to group some of the south teams geographically together. I almost put Atlanta in the Gulf Of Mexico division but liked the proximity of ATL/CAR/JAX matchups and felt TB could be interchangeable between the two. AFC East- NE, NYJ, BUF, INDY AFC North- PIT, CLE, CIN, BAL AFC South- CAR, ATL, JAX, MIA AFC West- KC, DEN, SEA, SF NFC East- DAL, PHI, NYG, WASH NFC North- GB, CHI, MIN, DET NFC South- HOU, NO, TEN, TB NFC West- OAK LAR, LAC, ARZ
  5. NE. The Giants had a good shot at advancing vs 3 seed Philly the previous year and going to Chicago against the Bears. I'm not sure any die hard Pats fan saw that '01 season coming.
  6. Overrated Houston- Besides Fuller, the team was completely healthy last year. While their defense is still great on the edge and at LB, they suffered some hits in the secondary. They also didn't do enough to address the running game and offensive line and not sure they can maintain the ridiculous +13 turnover ratio. Dallas- They won 10 games and were 9-3 in touchdown or less. They did this in a down division with two teams dealing with QB injuries and the other having one of the worst QB situations in the NFL. Things will be tougher this year with a first place schedule and a healthier Eagles team. LA Rams- I can see their win total regressing where they're still good enough to make the playoffs but 12 or 13 wins will be tough. SF and AZ won't have Mullens and Rosen starting. They didn't really play a lot of tough teams on the road last season. This year they'll get the likes of Pitt, Clev, Car just to name a few. They also lost a few key contributors on their line and still concerns about Gurley. Underrated San Francisco- This team has nowhere to go up after injuries all over the place last year. People forget how trendy of a sleeper they were at this time last year. Jacksonville- The Jags dealt with too many injuries last year but besides Telvin Smith, the team will start fresh. Fournette is completely refreshed and will be the key to smash mouth football they want to do. The defense will be back to near elite. Also they now have a smart clutch QB in Foles who doesn't have to do alot in this system. Carolina- The Panthers fell apart last year due to injuries especially at the QB spot. Newton is way ahead of schedule and what he looks like in September will remain to be seen. The defense also looks to be in the best shape it's been since that '15 season. Denver- This team is intriguing. QB has been a problem since Manning retired. Although Flacco isn't Drew Brees, he's still the best they've had since Manning. If he stays healthy this team will be competitive. Even if he doesn't stay healthy, there's still some promise in Lock but there's a lot to like all around the roster. Royce Freeman is now in a running system that he'll do better in. The defense could go back to being a top 5 unit. Von and Chubb will be a force. It's also possible that there will be much better all around coaching since Kubiak was around.
  7. I wouldn't be shocked if they win the AFC North. They had a stretch since the end of November where they dropped 4 out of 5 games by a touchdown or less during the AB lockeroom turmoil and Conner being out. If they take a few of those games, they probably win the North. This year will be different. The offense should be more balanced, the defense has improved and the distractions from last year are gone (Bell-holdout, AB).
  8. This is a great question. I'd go with the Steelers. I feel like they're playing with house money with AB and Bell gone and everyone propping up Cleveland. Conner, Juju, Vance etc should be enough. What's been unnoticed is how much improved the defense here. Green Bay sort of did the same thing but looking at both conferences I like Pitts group of playmakers better than GBs and the AFC seems much easier to come out of. I can't picture NE and KC topping the years they've had and Cleveland and Indy are less experienced for this stage. The NFC still has so many teams that could come out of the conference.
  9. Best Offense Eagles- Stud QB with big game experienced receivers and TEs. Howard is no slouch. Some talented rookies and a top 5 OL that might be the most experienced in the league. Best Defense Bills- I think they're a sleeper to be the Bears of this year. So much talent here.
  10. 1. Colts- When he was taking the Colts to the playoffs, Brady & Manning were his big obstacles in the AFC. Now in '18, he has a much better team, 41 year old Brady Rivers and a bunch of QBs making their first playoff appearance and also Luck is playing his best football. 2. Bears- This has felt like a special team all year. This is an elite defense and one of the best Bears offenses I can even remember. 3. Ravens- I was going to say Texans but I can't see Bill O'Brien outcoaching the other guy in key spots. I'll go with the guy who might be the 2nd best big game coach in the AFC in Harbaugh. This reminds me when Tim Tebow made the playoffs and beat PIttsburgh except Jackson is a better passer and the Ravens have 100x better defense.
  11. Those were some bad supporting casts Luck had from 12-14. His playoff losses were to 2 Super Bowl championship teams and another to the Pats with TY Hilton leaving the game early. You could put an average starting QB (Andy Dalton) on these teams and they'd struggle to crack six regular season wins. This Colts team is much better and Luck is currently playing out of his mind.
  12. Quickly clicked on Chargers/Ravens but Then I realized the Ravens are very prone to fumbles, rookie QB in playoff game. If this game goes in a certain way, I can see a Chargers blowout however this could play out many ways. I'm going SEA/DAL. I think this will be decided in the last minute.
  13. This exercise seems a little bit tougher this year. All of these teams still have a bright outlook next season. A few will have much tougher roads: Chicago- The defense is for real but their takeaway/giveaway stats are dominant. Look how these aren't swinging in Jacksonville's favor this year. Also they've only played four games all year against teams still in playoff contention. Trubisky has a nice future and is the answer but hasn't proved to be a good road QB. Next year they'll have a first place schedule facing the Saints & Rams. They're also at risk of losing some of their staff including Fangio if he lands a HC gig. NE- Tom Brady will be 42, Gronk's future is in question and there's been talk about coaching personnel looking elsewhere for opportunities. With Darnold and Allen taking some steps forward in the AFC East, things might be tougher for NE. However we've been saying this for a few years now. Texans- I believe Houston can shore up its issues at offensive line and in their secondary through the offseason but this is more of a competition thing in the AFC South. Houston benefited from the other three teams having bad starts to the season. It wasn't long ago that Houston was winning this division by default with journeymen qbs but it also wasn't that long ago that Luck won a few division titles. Houston's also tied for 2nd in takeaway/giveaway ratios this season which will be tough to sustain next year. This is going to be a more competitive division next year. New Orleans- They're still a playoff team next year but Atlanta & Carolina should rebound. Their rosters are too good to expect more regression. Seattle- This is more of an NFC West factor that SF is expected to rebound back and be one of the top sleeper teams heading into the '19 season. Between SEA, SF, and the Rams, this will be a competitive division. Teams due to rebound Atlanta- One of the best rosters in the NFL. Their offense is loaded and their defense will be healthy. Philly- Another team with one of the best rosters in the NFL. They should have better luck with injuries. SF- This is an obvious one. Dead last in TO differential. Lost their starting QB and RB by the end of Week 3. They have to work on that defense in the offseason. Bills- This was the worst team on paper heading into the '18 season mainly because of the offense. McDermott has them playing hard week to week. I think with some improvements on offense, this D (I think they could be top 5 in '19) will be the reason why they surprise in '19.
  14. On paper, the Colts win today at home and Pitt loses at NO. Indy controls its destiny and beats a Gabbert-led Titans in Week 17 and takes the 6 seed. Baltimore takes care of business and holds off Cleveland in Week 17. In this day, these Week 17 games are crazy. Who would've thought at this time last year the Titans & Bills would grab the last two spots?
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