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  1. IIRC, he started getting frustrated (in general) with forum rules/moderation and ended up getting banned. Don't recall what really set him off, but I think he felt there was a double standard for some posters vs others.
  2. Lol it is not. Apparently Twitter has an affinity for Zack Morris avatars. Also, miss that guy, was a good poster.
  3. Baltimore Ravens (6-4) VS Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0) When: Thursday 11/26 @ 8:20 PM EST Where: Heinz Field TV: NBC Going with the theme of Thanksgiving, as horrible as it has been to watch this team in recent weeks, lets all try to give thanks for at least ONE thing that we are grateful for this season. I'll start, I'm grateful for having a team that as frustrating as they are, are still in the playoff hunt and have a chance to control their destiny down the stretch.
  4. The good news is, if the remainder of the season does play out, we are looking at either playing at the Colts/Titans or the Bills/Dolphins in the first round. Comparatively speaking, I would have a TINY bit more confidence in possibly earning a first round win in that scenario vs having to play the Chiefs or Steelers.
  5. I was playing with the ESPN playoff machine, and assuming all those other teams lose tonight. If we SOMEHOW find a way to beat the Steelers, it's going to be VERY hard for the Ravens to not win out and end up 12-4 and as the 5th or 6th seed. Which is nuts to me after a game like today. So many of those teams we are in competition with have to either play each other or the Steelers or Chiefs down the stretch, whereas we get to play some of the worst teams in the league coming up. It's going to be REALLY impressive if we manage to lose our upcoming games and end up out of the playoffs. Even though I have my doubts that the team as currently constructed will be able to make any noise in the playoffs, failing to make it given the schedule is immediate grounds for termination of the entire coaching staff, IMO. Edit: But yeah, agreed about the Covid situation. Remainder of the schedule could all be moot if things shutdown prematurely.
  6. The sad thing is, analysts like Romo can see that from a handful of games and explicitly call it out. Why the hell does our front office continue to fail at evaluating WRs that fit both our scheme and our quarterback?
  7. Teammate? Hell no. Granted I never played at a professional level, but the teams I did play on in HS and in rec league, we didn't acknowledge clowns who wanted to be disrespectful outside the game. We did the same thing as Harbs, except usually it would be after we crushed them on the field. Gtfo here with that holier than thou bs after a game like that.
  8. Disagree, after the stunt they pulled, I'd do the same thing. 100% with Harbs there.
  9. Trash @ss, anti clutch, garbage @ss team!!!! Might not even make the playoffs at this point w/ the way the Browns & Dolphins are playing. Just WOW.
  10. If our WRs can't get going against TEN, all hope is lost. I need Hollywood to come out with something to prove tomorrow. I'm talking AT LEAST 100 yards and a score.
  11. I like Oubre off the bench for them, but as a starter? I don't know about that, and it entirely depends on what they are giving up for him. Curry/Mannion Lee/Poole Wiggins/Oubre Draymond/Paschall Wiseman/Looney/Chriss If Wiseman lives up to his draft status, you're looking at maybe a top 4 seed in the West?
  12. Surprisingly, the Lions have produced some really entertaining games this season (of the handful I've seen). Combination of their defense being inept enough to allow opposing offenses to get going, but their offense being competent enough to score JUST enough points to make up for the defense.
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