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  1. Great advice so far. Really appreciate it. Right now our little guy wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying wildly because he's hungry. And obviously we feed him and go back to bed. So the routine right now has been: -Feed him a big bottle around 9:30 pm -Get him ready for bed ~10 pm (change him, put him in his swaddle/sleep sack, read him a book, put him in his crib, turn down the lights and turn on the Hatch (white noise machine - but we play rain sounds at night)) -Let him sleep for 3-4 hours -When he wakes up, feed him another big bottle -Let him sleep
  2. Recent dad. Baby boy is 5 weeks old. As other's have said, this has been one of the most amazing yet frustrating experiences of my life lol. Definitely cherishing everyone second of it though, as I've been told multiple times, it goes by super fast. One thing I will say, in 31 years of living, I never truly understood or appreciated all my parents went through as first time parents raising me. There is just so much involved in it. And it's nearly impossible to verbalize or explain to your child, so you grow up not fully recognizing all that they did for you and how much they loved you growing
  3. Oof. We are hoping for 2 months ourselves; not sure how we would function if this went a year lol. We do have a rotation, with her being kind enough to take the weeknights since I'm back at work and she's on maternity leave until July. Been telling her to sleep more during the day, but shes one of those people that always needs something to do, productivity wise, but she's getting better at slowing down and resting when possible. Truly a blessing having a kid so far, poopy diapers and all, but man the sleep deprivation is crazy, especially early on.
  4. Lol! I can relate. But even I can sleep for more than 3 hours at a time, which is the most the baby can do at the momentšŸ˜©
  5. Didn't really see this thread around, so I thought I would create it myself as a new first time dad. I know we have a lot of dads on FF, so seems like a great a place as any to get advice. Baby boy is now 5 weeks old and he's doing great, and I've learned a lot already in that short period of time. However, one thing I'm trying to figure out is when/how to get him to sleep through the night. How long did it take to get your little ones to sleep through the night and what are some tips/tricks you would recommend for expediting this process?
  6. Pretty close starting squads, but I gave my vote to @MikeT14's team due to the bench - which I think is much better in comparison.
  7. I felt the same way until I picked up MK11. This game is legit.
  8. As far as Tyler Herro, what did you expect to happen to a kid who just recently turned 21, blew up in the national spotlight due to the NBA bubble and had an offseason in which a rap song was named after him? Kid is slumping hard right now, but the talent is still there. Just needs to get his head on straight and get back to putting in the work that lead to his performance last year.
  9. Yeah I really don't get how this is an indictment against the Ravens. Similar to Juju, in a year where the cap is reduced, there are still lingering questions related to Covid, and the cap is set to explode next season. Why would you one) want to learn a new offense and two) not want to try to maximize your production in the system you are familiar with for a bigger payday next season? I mean, outside of Golladay who is the exception and not the rule, wide receivers really didn't get paid this off-season. Why do you think Allen Robinson was so willing to sign his franchise tag? It wasn't
  10. Just finished watching Pacific Rim: The Black on Netflix. Really enjoyed it. Been craving some good anime as I wait for AoT to wrap up so I can binge it. Really good character development. Complex but easy to follow plot. Pretty good action sequences. And I didn't hate the type of animation they used (for once). Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a new series.
  11. I will watch, but with a completely different crew at the helm, I'll be curious how this shapes up. Even for all their faults in Season 7 & 8, Weiss and Benioff did an amazing job adapting the book to the screen for the better part of 6+ seasons. I'm not that familiar with the source material or the directors of this one, so will be interesting to see how this compares.
  12. In terms of the Rashod Bateman bandwagon...
  13. I personally have Mitchell at #6, with Embiid, LeBron, Jokic, Curry and Giannis over him. His performance last night was incredible, especially how we closed out in the 4th with the back-to-back ISO 3s, and those types of performances on a national stage tend to get you recognized. Long way to go, but if he and the Jazz keep this up, I think he could work his way into the top 3 by year end.
  14. I have no idea what Nash is doing as a coach. He pulled the only legitimate big they had in DeAndre for the entire 4th quarter and got absolutely destroyed on the glass and at the rim. Love him as a player, but his coaching decisions have been suspect at best.
  15. So, first it was Wilson. Now it's Mahomes. Do we just start calling Tom the reverse legend killer?
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