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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Agreed. If he keeps up this pace and Joe continues to trust him as his top receiver, it would be a relative steal if we can retain him for like 3 years/~$40M.
  2. Officially Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    I pretty much stated the two aren't correlated in my statement; reading comprehension might help there. My point was that regardless of the injury, that was still a stupid hit for any QB to take to gain 1 measly yard.
  3. Officially Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    I get that they are saying it's a non-contact injury and his knee just buckled, but watching the replay that was still such a stupid hit to take. Unless you're built like Cam Newton or Big Ben, your little skinny butt should be darting out of bounds EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  4. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    Of course it's Matt Judon doing stupid things again.
  5. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    Haha, didn't even realize that. That's awesome.
  6. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    Justin Tucker is such a weapon! We are beyond lucky to have this dude as our kicker.
  7. Captain Marvel (March 2019)

    Really like the trailer, but similar to my reservations about Kilmonger's dialogue in the Black Panther trailer, I get the same kind of feeling here with Brie Larson. She looks the part, but the few pieces of dialogue they included here give me pause. However, I'll reserve judgement on that until I watch the actual film.
  8. The Predator

    I don't know about awesome, but I guess you could say it presented a premise that seemed really promising, but it quickly went down hill from there.
  9. Bills to start Josh Allen; Peterman era over

    I get this is probably the consensus, and as noted in my previous post, I tend to agree with it. However, one thing I will say as a spectator of this past weekend's game is that he's surprisingly more mobile and elusive than I expected him to be. The porous conditions probably helped a bit in terms of alluding defenders, but in general he looked pretty good making things happen with his legs. And while the accuracy issues are valid, on initial glance, they didn't seem nearly as bad as what we saw out of a guy like Mitch Trubisky on Sunday. There's certainly promise there.
  10. Bills to start Josh Allen; Peterman era over

    I think it had more to do with not wanting to start a rookie that everyone already knew needed a lot of refinement coming into the draft on the road against one of the better defenses in the league in porous weather. That's a good way to rattle the confidence of your future QB. And AT THE TIME, Peterman at least looked half decent in the preseason and had prior experience against this same Ravens team, so in a way it made sense to throw him to the wolves instead of the guy they invested a ton of resources on. However, given the horrid ineptitude Peterman showed, he kind of forced their hand in terms of starting Allen by default in week 2. Now that's not to say I think Allen is actually good or will be good, but just pointing out that I don't think the team electing to sit him in week one is necessarily correlated to his talent level or lack thereof.
  11. Tyreek "The Cheetah" Hill

    I just came into this thread to say there is only one nickname for this man, and that's TYFREAK HILL!! Okay, I'm out.
  12. The Predator

    That's what the ending seems to imply.
  13. If we are just talking front 3, then I actually have it as: 1.Bengals 2.Ravens 3. Steelers Brandon Williams is the best player on either the Steelers or Ravens, followed by Hayward. I'd take Michael Pierce over Tuit, and the depth between Willie Henry/Brent Urban/Chris Wormley/Zach Sieler/Patrick Ricard is ways better than the depth of the Steelers.