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  1. Sad news about Isaac, wish him the best in his recovery. So far the bubble games have been pretty enjoyable to watch, despite the lack of defense being played. Wonder how much a lack of fans contributes to that? Also, I know Dallas is missing a handful of guys, but they just don't look the same these first two games. Luka and KP are doing their thing, but the rest of the team just looks so underwhelming. Was hoping they could be a legitimate threat in the playoffs, but right now that doesn't seem likely.
  2. This just made me realize FF has been here for over a decade and I've been here for 13 years. Crazy.
  3. That's awesome. Also, sadly, the kind of stuff that cements the fact that these guys (Wink and Roman) will be leaving for head coaching positions sooner rather than later. Damn we've had a remarkable run of coordinators come through Baltimore, especially defensively.
  4. Wonder if some of the names they've been throwing out like Cousins or Jamal Crawford actually get picked up? Could be really good fits on the right team.
  5. Apparently some portion of the players are considering withdrawing from participation in Orlando. Haven't seen any names, and it doesn't sound like it's anyone important on contending teams, but curious how this could potentially impact the playoffs. Without any real "home field advantage", we could see a lot of surprises/upsets. Kind of low key excited for this.
  6. Didn't realize we picked him up as an UDFA. Literally mocked him to us with the last pick of the draft in virtually every single mock I did this offseason. Easily my favorite tight end prospect in a largely underwhelming class. Think he has a great chance to stick around as our 3rd TE.
  7. Not my favorite pick in the world, but that's more so based on his volume numbers and the fact that he really only has one year of production. Quite the gamble for the first round, imo. He could end up being a giant steal or he could end up being a very average player who had the season of a lifetime his last year of college. Wish him the best of luck now that he's a Raven, but I'll remain skeptical until proven otherwise.
  8. The fact that JK Dobbins isn't valued as the best RB in this draft class is mind boggling to me. ....not that I want him on the Ravens or anything lol.
  9. I can live with reaching on a position of need, even if I'm not a huge fan of the player relative to draft position. However, I will lose my mind if we draft another RB, specifically someone like DeAndre Swift.
  10. First two episodes are sooo good! Learning a ton of things about MJ/The Bulls that I was too young to realize when Jordan was actually playing during my childhood. Also, damn was Scottie underpaid!
  11. What's everyone's thoughts on Troy Dye? The closer we get to the draft, the less enamored I become with Murray and Queen, especially in the 1st/2nd round. If Dye can be had in the late 3rd/4th, I think he'd be a perfect fit for our rotation at ILB. With Clark having the green dot, Dye's primary responsibility would just be to be the homing missile he is, darting from sideline to sideline and occasionally being asked to rush the passer.
  12. Probably a pipe dream, but boy does this draft look gorgeous. Just hand us that #1 defense ranking before the season even begins lol.
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