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  1. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    Respect to dude for walking away from the game he loves for completely valid reasons. There's a life beyond football, and all the money in the world wouldn't be worth if if you have to live your entire life in pain. Also, the fans in attendance are complete schmucks and deplorable human beings.
  2. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    My goodness, tell me this guy isn't the spitting image of Eli Manning. It's like the Giants cloned him in a lab and replaced Eli's derpy genes with Peytons.
  3. Watching Brown and Boykin last night got me thinking, when's the last time we had two wide receivers with swagger? Steve Smith is probably the last guy I can recall, but obviously he was up there in age when he became a Raven. I'm loving the look of our receiving corps on so many levels this year. Now it's just a question of how well we'll utilize them when the real games start.
  4. I don't think either should make the team, tbh.
  5. I blame @diamondbull424 for this.
  6. How much would Justin Tucker cost in a trade?

    1st or bust. We've seen what it's like around the league, it's not easy to find a quality kicker, let alone an elite one like Tucker. Throw in the fact that he accounts for a significant part of our scoring and it would be hard to part with him for anything else. With that said, no team is going to trade that for him and we're unlikely to ever put his name out there in trade talks, so it's all a moot point.
  7. https://twitter.com/NYPost_Schwartz/status/1163865589405933569?s=2
  8. MMA Thread

    Great, great card. A lot of expected outcomes (at least for me). What I found the most funny though was how many telling details came out of the embedded series. For example, DC meets Stipe in the hotel lobby and shakes his hand and walks away to his room. In his room he starts talking about the handshake to his friends and mentions just how much stronger it felt and he legitimately seemed concerned that Stipe has gotten a lot more powerful compared to their last fight. Crazy how you can pick up on little things like that just by watching behind the scenes features. In another episode, Pettis is training kicks and tells the camera he expects Nate to throw strictly punches and he expects it to be a war on the feet. However, every time you see Diaz training in the series, he's doing exactly what he did Saturday - pressuring his opponents and grappling on the ground.

    Favorite Team: Ravens Week 1 pick: Philadelphia I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your Edits"
  10. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Just finished Dororo over the weekend. Was a very well done anime. My only complaints are that I kind of wish the final fight was a little more epic and the big bads down the stretch weren't all that impressive, but it was still a satisfying conclusion and a very well put together story. The way they ended, it seems like they could do a second season, but from what I understand the source material isn't there to make it work. Would highly recommend it to anyone who has Amazon Prime (or just wants to watch a refreshing shonen with some epic sword action). Next anime I'm going to try and watch when I get some time is Demon Slayer. Have heard a ton of good things so far.
  12. Demarcus Cousins tears ACL

    This sucks so bad. Dude has been nothing but an upstanding individual since leaving Sacramento, and his career has been derailed by major injuries at every stop he's had since then. I feel for him, dude is probably suffering both physically and mentally in a way most of us couldn't ever imagine. It's one thing to have a year long recovery once, but again immediately after? That's just heartbreaking. Wish dude all the best and hope somehow, magically, he can return to a somewhat decent level of play so that he can at least earn a decent payday before his career is through.
  13. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    I don't get where the disconnect is coming from. So, we all agree he is what he is and he's far outperformed his draft slot. And I don't think anyone in their right mind has said they want to pay him anywhere close to $18M/year when his contract expires. So, what exactly are you guys arguing here? He's not worth his hypothetical future contract? Certainly not, but I figured that was pretty much a given.
  14. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    I really don't get the complaints about Judon. He's a fifth round draft pick, being paid as such, and has far exceeded his draft slot from a production standpoint. He is what he is, a competent NFL starter. He gets you around 6-7 sacks a season, does a decent job setting the edge, and is a fierce competitor who makes some boneheaded mistakes from time-to-time. We all know given the premium on his position, chances are a team massively overpays him in free agency next year. Meaning we are most likely going to let him walk in exchange for a compensatory pick. So, assuming we're all on the same page there, what's the issue? If he proves to be better than his previous years production, that's great. If he proves to be the same player he's always been, that is fine as well. What has he done to warrant lofty expectations like being a "true #1 edge rusher"? That was a role that was thrust upon him by the coaching staff because the other players on the roster have not proven to be better. And he's certainly not being paid like a "true #1 edge rusher", so again, what's there to complain about?