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  1. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    Christian McCaffrey is eating the Packers lunch right now.
  2. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: HOU wins 13 straight; Mirotic Bulls undefeated

    http://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/the700level/karl-anthony-towns-tried-coming-joel-embiid-instagram-and-it-was-mistake And this is why we love Joel Embiid. Dead.
  3. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    The more I think about it, the more I think it would be nice to get Flacco an older veteran at tight end. Not so much for a positional upgrade per se, but rather to have someone he can bro out with. As funny as that sounds, hear me out on this. I remember a commentator talking about how hard it gets to play further into your career in the NFL. Not because of any physical limitations, but because the lifespan of an NFL player is so short and roster shuffling is so frequent that a guy rarely ever gets to grow and develop with the same set of characters around them for their entire careers. A few years ago, you'd see Joe in parody videos or partaking in fun activities with guys like Pitta, Juice, Tucker, etc. Obviously 2 of those 3 are no longer on the team and Tucker doesn't really have any type of interaction with Joe on the field. I think a happy quarterback is a good quarterback, and having a reliable threat on the field as well as a guy Joe can build chemistry with off the field would be a huge boost for both Joe and our offense as a whole. Now what potential free agents actually seem like they'd fit the given criteria? Tyler Eifert (Assuming the back injury is fully behind him and he can pass a physical) Ryan Griffin (Assuming he gets cut) Luke Wilson (Showed a lot of promise before Graham showed up) Troy Niklas (Former second rounder that hasn't quite panned out in Arizona)
  4. RIP AIM

    AIM, the only way to communicate with all those Myspace hotties since you didn't have cellphone. RIP.
  5. GDT 2017: Week 15 - Ravens @ Browns

    Browns are obviously a lot better than when we faced them earlier in the year, but Kizer is still their QB, so.... I like our odds. Biggest thing for me is that I'm glad to see Chris Moore participate in full. He was probably our best receiver last game prior to getting injured and he seemed to be building decent chemistry with Flacco. With Jason McCourty set to likely shadow either Wallace or Maclin, I am looking forward to Moore building on his success from this past weekend.
  6. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Eh, Graham isn't quite what he used to be. His target volume in the red zone compared to the rest of the field is absolutely ridiculous. Not that he would be a bad get, but our problem isn't exactly scoring (Top 10 in red zone scoring percentage). Rather, it's actually getting to the red zone in the first place. Don't think he's quite the type of TE we need at this point in his career. If only the Travis Kelce's of the world grew on trees.
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    You keep saying this, but it's not going to happen
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    As a returner? Probably. However, I think he could also be our 2nd or 3rd receiving option depending on whether or not we retain Wallace and the status of Perriman. Maclin//White/Moore/(Rookie/FA) Find an actual receiving tight end to replace Watson and those are a pretty nice set of targets for Joe, imo. Edit: Wonder if a guy like Allen Robinson could be had at a discount given that he's coming off an injury?
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yeah, it certainly could use an upgrade in terms of reliable talent, but Tim White is definitely a guy I think has a lot of promise.
  10. Lets talk about Ozzie

    Come on now, that's sugar coating the hell out of this loss. Usually I'm all for being optimistic, but the manner in which we lost was pathetic and a culmination of all the faults on this team finally coming to light. They absolutely deserve to be lambasted for the way they gave that game away. If we're going to anoint these guys as some type of great defense, they better be able to hold a damn double digit lead.
  11. The Seattle vs Jacksonville Incident

  12. The Seattle vs Jacksonville Incident

    Not to the extent I saw in the video. Maybe there's 1 guy in a crowd typically, but there were multiple people throwing things and many more inciting the incident. Horrible, horrible representation of the fanbase.
  13. The Seattle vs Jacksonville Incident

    I'm more disgusted with the actions of the Jags fans. I know there are bad apples everywhere, but I've never seen such obnoxious and reprehensible behavior from a crowd sitting that low at an NFL game before. Security should find all of those fans and ensure they are banned from the stadium for life and properly prosecuted under the law, if possible.
  14. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    That's not quite what I meant with that comparison. Goff looked horrendous under Fisher as the HC and hated running his outdated scheme. Hue is actually a pretty good QB coach, he's just been given some inferior talent to work with on the Browns. The Rams had a commitment to Goff as the 1st overall pick to put the pieces around him to make it succeed. I don't think there is any type of commitment like that with Kizer, especially given what he has shown this year. And I think instant success does skew the timeline for a lot of young QBs, or I should say the lack of. However, it's one thing if the Browns had taken multiple top tier QBs in previous drafts and they failed and the Browns gave up on them without much patience. But that's not what the franchise has done. They've continuously tried to find hidden gems or use middling stop gap options and been disappointed. It's one thing to try and fail, but it's a whole 'nother to avoid trying due to the thought of potentially failing and STILL failing. Long story short, the Browns should have the #1 overall pick this year, don't screw it up by overthinking or worrying too much about the possibility of being wrong.
  15. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    That's a fair point, but personally I don't think you can go wrong with either guy (Rosen or Darnold) in this situation. However, as Jared Goff has shown, scheme and coaching play just as much a role in a young quarterbacks development as anything else. Despite what your record may be at the end of the year, as long as you keep Hue as your coach and allow him to groom whichever quarterback you take, I think they'll be in good shape.