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  1. RFA Cameron Meredith visiting with Ravens

    Dude was a beast in fantasy a couple years ago, so he has that going for him. Would definitely love to have him in Baltimore, but given what they currently have in their receiving corps, I think Chicago matches just about any offer he gets.
  2. Isn't that the essentially the second part of my statement you left out of the quote?
  3. Eagles sign Mike Wallace to a one-year deal

    Dang, only 2.5M? That's a steal. He should be able to fill that Torrey Smith role quite easily. And with Jeffery, Agholor and Ertz pulling coverage from his side, he should be able to get over the top with much more ease than he did in Baltimore. Just a question of how many targets he'll see in Philly, but I have to imagine he'll be good for a few chunk plays from game to game. Good deal.
  4. If only the new forum allowed for sig quotes like the old one.... As for the topic at hand. I tend to side with @diamondbull424 here. As horrible as he has been, he's still a former first round pick who deserves to at least play out the remainder of his contract. The cap savings from cutting him wouldn't really allow us to sign any notable free agents that are left on the market, so unless he completely falls flat on his face in training camp and gets out played by all the other receivers on the roster, what's the harm in keeping him?
  5. Eh, home DeRozan and road DeRozan are two separate beasts. If Raptors can lockup home court, then I wouldn't be so quick to write them off. Not saying I think they'll be able to beat a Cavs team at full health, but it should at least be a more competitive series than in previous years.
  6. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    Well, as long as he's not asking for Ryan Grant money, I think we can find a way to pass him...
  7. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    Ravens get in on this. Now!
  8. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    Ah, I see it on spotrac now. His later years seem much more in line with I thought he would get.
  9. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    Wait, Lee is only getting 4.75M?! Dude was a beast for them last year with ARob out. As a Ravens fan I'd MUCH rather have him at that price than Crabtree. Either he must have really wanted to stay in Jacksonville or teams are really sleeping on the guy.
  10. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Eh, I liked it for what it was. It wasn't perfect and certainly wasn't on par with the other Harry Potter films, but I thought it was relatively enjoyable if not entirely cohesive. Not blown away by the new trailer or anything, but I think I'll still end up seeing it in theaters.
  11. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    Well, I would personally never stay in Baltimore for a bachelor party, but that's just me. Especially because DC is literally 45 minutes down the street, and seems like it would be a much more lively atmosphere for one, but I guess that's just personal preference. With that said, @paraven hit the nail on the head. Fells Point is where you want to go if you just care about bar hopping (not clubbing). You can park in the Thames Street garage for fairly cheap and just walk to all the bars in the area. In addition to the one's already named, you could also check out Bond Street Social, The Rockwell, Rye. All are pretty good. Outside of bar hopping, I'm not sure what else there is to do in the area. There's a ton of good food/restaurants around there, but that's about it.
  12. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    As a UMBC alumni who never attended a basketball game because they were so terrible, I am at a loss for words. This is FREAKING AMAZING!!! UMBC! UMBC! UMBC! We're all retrievers today!!!
  13. Ravens to sign FA WR John Brown

    That was sort of the case in Arizona his first few years on the team; didn't seem to stop him much from consistently making big plays. My biggest concern is his health. If he truly has found a way to manage his sickle cell, then we could have a really productive player on our hands. Hopefully he can manage to stay healthy this season. With that said, Chris Moore looked like a decent deep threat this past season, albeit in a limited sample size. And it appears we're still in negotiations with Wallace to have him return. I figure he's the fallback if we don't find any other receivers on the market that we like.
  14. I mean, I think we can all agree this is shady, at a minimum. However, good luck trying to prove any type of scheming on the part of the Ravens. Grant can take this to the players union if he so desires, but only way I see that happening is if the only contract he can get after this is one at a significant discount compared to what the Ravens had offered.
  15. Mock Draft Central/Prospect to Pick Predictions

    Lol I knew there was something funny there, but I hadn't heard anything definitive on him recently. Hopefully UMD doesn't suck as hard as they did last year. But yeah, their draft rankings are sketchy at best.