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  1. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Wow. That might be one of the greatest endings to a game I have ever seen. I'm so glad Carr wasn't playing when my Ravens faced this team a few weeks ago lol. Great win Oakland.
  2. Bayless is just so useless. I get Brown keeping him in there to close games because he's a "veteran" presence who doesn't necessarily need to handle the ball, but I'd much rather roll with the rookie or trust the starter from last year (McConnell). Only move I disagree with in regards to the Sixers rotation.
  3. 2017-2018 NBA GDT V1: Winless Warriors

    Half of Twitter is wondering this, as well. Hornacek went from a once promising young coach to a complete shmuck. And the Knicks don't have Phil to blame anymore, so this is going to be good lol.
  4. Advice - Fantasy Basketball

    You have LeBron and Kawhi, that's pretty much all you need lol. Could probably stand to look for some more guard depth on your waiver wire though. Grab Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart if they're available.
  5. Black Panther

    Again, it's really just subjective. But compare MBJ's delivery of his lines in this trailer with Corey Stall in the Ant-Man trailer. It's most likely just an issue of context and editing, but Stall has much more gravitas with his delivery that lends itself to the lines feeling more impactful and setting the overall tone for his character. Didn't get quite the same feel from MBJ. Maybe others feel differently, but that's just how I personally felt hearing his lines. But again, a minor complaint with an otherwise fantastic trailer, and really does nothing to hinder my overall perception of the film.
  6. Black Panther

    That was what I meant when I said bad rap, i.e. the introductory stories heavily feature mirror villains. I can completely understand how that would become somewhat redundant, but they've all been unique enough that I've personally enjoyed them. Again, just to get back to the original point, I think MBJ will pull off a good villain in this film, just personally didn't love what I saw from the trailers.
  7. Your dream house

    My dream home, which I do plan to own one day, is one where I can park 4-5 cars comfortably without any issues and no one has move their car to take another car out. That would be amazing.
  8. Favorite Halloween Movies

    Does math....18 years old... Okay, checks out.
  9. Black Panther

    I guess it's subjective, but I thought the delivery was corny as hell for those lines, even if they are all completely out of context. Not saying the final product will be that cheesy, but that's the impression I personally got hearing his lines from the trailer. And I think a lot of Marvel villains get a bad rap. They might not all be the overpowered larger than life villains comic books fans want, but all the actors who've played them have done a fantastic job and provided a worthy adversary for an introductory story, imo.
  10. Black Panther

    I like the look from the trailers, and given his acting chops, I think he could pull it off. However, the dialogue in the trailer was not promising. Hopefully he doesn't come off as too cheesy of a villain, but I trust Marvel enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. Outside of that, trailer was amazing, as expected. Really looking forward to this. Hope it kills at the box office!
  11. Should Flacco be finished as a starting QB?

    There's a lot of things we can talk about here, and I agree that Flacco has been atrocious this year, that much is fact. However, has he had a lot of help? Not really, and I don't think anyone who has watched the games this year could place all the blame squarely on Joe's shoulders. He's simply the figurehead for a blustering storm of ineptitude on offense that ranges from the offensive coordinator on down to the skill positions and offensive line. With that said, for the people asking the ridiculously stupid question of would you have paid a quarterback who won you a Super Bowl and looked amazing doing it? Hell yes. 10 times out of 10. One championship in the span of a decade is more than 80% of the league has seen in their entire lifetimes. So get out of here with that nonsense about, was he worth the money? Clearly it was not an investment in the long term, but rather a reward for ascertaining the biggest prize in football. That's why you play the game, not for year to year stats to reminisce on. Oh, and for folks trying to draw ridiculous parallels between Flacco and quarterbacks like Watson, Dalton, Smith, etc. You honestly have no idea how dire the offensive situation is in Baltimore. All the aforementioned names have SOME type of complimentary piece or pieces that aid in the effectiveness of their respective quarterback, whether that be star receivers like Hopkins and Fuller. Or, a star tight end, multi faceted receiver and revelation at runningback (Kelce, Hill and Hunt).Or the ultimate bailout weapon in AJ Green. Not to mention every last one of them has SIGNIFICANTLY better minds calling the offensive plays for their teams, and just look how much of a drastic difference there is in Cincy after they changed coordinators. All these things matter to the QB position. There are maybe 3 or 4 guys left in the league that can elevate even the worst of teams, Flacco was never in that realm. But the situation he's currently in is easily the worst he's had during his entire time in Baltimore, and you add that to the fact that he's only getting older and coming off significant injuries, of course he's going to look horrendous. And as far as the OP, Flacco isn't done by any means. However, if the Ravens can't put the pieces around him in order for him to be successful, of course he's going to continue to not be effective. At which point, when his contract allows, the team will have to make a decision on whether to move on from him or from the coaching staff/front office.
  12. Anime and Manga Thread.

    Seen quite a few of these, and my favorite anime movie is still Sword of the Stranger. Great, great movie.
  13. Anime and Manga Thread.

    As far as Netflix anime, Seven Deadly Sins was fairly enjoyable and the second season is set to come out "soonish"
  14. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    Ah, okay. Makes sense then why I didn't recall hearing his name in the preaseason. Still, looks like Hill is set to get healthy around the same time, as well. Feel like he's earned the reps over Canady at this point.
  15. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    You know, I've been reading Canady is the favorite to take over the slot corner duties from Webb, but wasn't he vastly outplayed by Jaylen Hill in the preseason? Or am I not remembering that correctly?