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  1. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    That may be true, but just cuz you know the run is coming, doesn't always mean you're gonna stop it. They can bring in blocking TEs to sucker in the D & then use the play action to throw the ball. Having a player of SBs abilities will allow us to open up the playbook more than it has been In previous yrs. Opposing defenses cannot just assume we are gonna throw on 2nd & 7 0r 3rd & 5 anymore with a RB like Barkley in the backfield. If Having Solder/Hernandez improves our OL even by 25% better than last yr, we will be effective in both running/passing the ball this yr. Darkwa & Gallman still managed to run for over 4.0 ypc behind our atrocious OL last yr so behind an even slightly improved OL, Barkley should be getting 4+ ypc as well.
  2. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    Giants have a couple of good blocking TEs for that. Can't remember his name at the moment, but we got a TE from Minny that blocked for AP a few yrs including his 2000yd season a few yrs ago. In this day & age, who knows how much of an emphasis on blocking they put on TEs in college. They all wanna catch passes & score TDs.
  3. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    Nope. Gettleman/Shurmer are run 1st type guys. Getting Solder in FA & Will Hernandez with the #2 pick tells me the Giants wanna go back to a smashmouth type O like we used to be under Parcells back in the 80s, early 90s & even under TC from 2004-2008 when we had Tiki/BJ/AB. Once AB left in 2012, we have been an atrocious team in the running game dept. IMO, the biggest reason we have not made the playoffs 5 of the past 6 yrs. Look at the Saints last yr, they ran the ball for over 2000+yds & 23 TDs on the ground, Brees threw a lot less than in previous yrs & had the lowest TD total (23) in yrs & they still won 11 games & should have made it to the NFC title game where they possibly could have beaten Philly & gone on to the SB.
  4. Giants' GM Jerry Reese: 'I'm the reason we're 1-6'

    The OL & lack of a top tier RB is what has really made this team miss the playoffs 5 of the past 6 yrs imo. The D can be blamed for a few losses in that time span but the reality of it is, when your O can't sustain a clock killing drive with 4 min left in the game & goes 3 & out, unless you have a top15 D, you're asking a lot of your D to hold a single score or less lead. With all the rules in the offenses favor, it's very easy for an O to get a roughing the passer call or PI on a long pass play that can then set up the other team for a GW FG or even TD to win the game. The Giants have had a putrid OL/run game ever since Bradshaw's last season with us in 2012, which was also the last time a Giants RB rushed for over 1000yds BTW. Eli had good seasons stats wise due mostly to OBJ, not cuz the OL was so good in pass pro. The slant play is their bread & butter play due to opposing defenses playing the 2 high safety to take away the deep threat from OBJ. When's the last time you saw Eli connect with OBJ on a deep bomb for a score? This team has too much talent to have gone 3-13 last yr. 2017 was just a supreme example of "Murphy's law". Every thing that could go wrong , did go wrong. I'd never seen 3 WRs go down in the same game to season ending injuries like the Giants did vs the Chargers, that right there told me, 2017 was a cursed yr. Not to mention losing 3 games in a row the way the Giants did vs Phil/TB/LA, games that if the O can sustain a run game & kill the clock, we win. With Solder & Hernandez & Barkley in the O this yr to go along with a healthy OBJ/Shep/Engram/Gallman, there is really no reason the Giants O shouldn't put up 27ppg or more. This is possibly the best Giants offense on paper anyway, that I have seen this team field in many a yr. The D has also been improved imo, especially at the LBer position, something Reese paid little mind to during his tenure.
  5. G Will Hernandez selected by Giants 2.34

    I can picture SB running behind Solder & big Will quite often this yr & for the next few yrs. After 5 long yrs, a run game in NY, all good things come to those that wait.
  6. RB Saquon Barkley selected by Giants 1.2

    74' Steelers draft had 4 future HOFers in it that contributed to all 4 of the their SBs in the 70s. Jack Lambert Lynn Swann John Stallworth Mike Webster Can't get any better than that!
  7. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    After 5 long yrs of no run game & a putrid OL, the Giants improved both this offseason with FA signings & the draft. No longer can opposing defenses play that 2 high safety on us to take away OBJ over the top, they now have to respect the run game with SB in the backfield. Of course, if they wanna play off the box, that will open up the ground game big time, they stack the box to contain SB, Eli will have OBJ, Shep, Engram & Barkley to throw to. The last few yrs, thanks to a putrid run game, the Giants bread & butter play has been the "slant" to OBJ. That ends this yr. With Solder & Hernandez manning the left side, expect the Giants to be a heavy run team to the left these next few yrs.
  8. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    In the 2011 Div rd game vs the Giants, the refs did their best to help out GB with 2 of the worst calls I've ever seen in a game. They overturned a blatant fumble on 1 play that led to a GB TD & then on a 3rd & long late in the game, they called a BS roughing the passer flag on Osi when he delivered a clean hit on AR, that led to GB's final TD, if not for those 2 calls, the Giants destroy GB 37-6 instead of 37-20. Tynes also missed an easy FG so it could have easily been 40-6. GB D that yr was dead last in yds allowed & 19th in PA, the #1 ranked O was the main reason they finished 15-1 that yr. Giants rang em up for 35 in that 3pt loss a month earlier as well. But as the saying goes, Defense wins championships.