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  1. Gonna Nix A Deal, But Need Dues Paid

    Honestly I was hungover and pressed the wrong button
  2. Getting ready for the playoffs

    Broncos D for the playoff stretch
  3. Trade advice

    .5 ppr league been offered mixon for Mack and josh Gordon- do it ?
  4. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Pick one flex out of: drake, Mike Williams, m. Davis, Allison and callaway 0.4 ppr 0.2 for a first down
  5. Adonis Alexander

    We met with Alexander. this could get interesting, I think I’d still prefer Beal but Alexander would be a welcome addition
  6. Adonis Alexander

    Beal too he could be an interesting option too here. Better than Alexander at this point
  7. Adonis Alexander

    Good spot! Maybe that’ll impact their thinking too as we’re already down some picks. Not until July usually so hopefully one of the young guys flashes something during otas at cb
  8. Adonis Alexander

    Only been a handful in the last 12 years, and they seem to have about a 30-50% success rate, out of this List. From 07 onwards I’d take Gaither, Brent (rip), Gordon and Pryor, although Pryor didn’t do much for the raiders. Most seem to be one contract players where they’re drafted, but I’m not sure that’s much different to your standard 3-7th round pick
  9. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    Todd Haley was trash with the chiefs as a HC. He wasn’t helped by having Scott Pioli as his GM, but he wasn’t able to put together a decent gameplan on either side of the ball and it wasn’t for a lack of talent.
  10. Conley is someone I think will be much much improved this year. I like jones but he seems to be the easy pick here. i do not rate Mixon
  11. It has to be Pat Mahommes for the Chiefs or we’re in for a looooong season. but I’d also love KPass to step up and become a legit 2nd option to Houston off the edge. He’s got the tools so stranger things have happened
  12. Easy to say Watkins, but I’m looking forward to seeing how we use Dorian O’Daniel and him playing with Fuller again.
  13. Great move, wish more teams would do stuff like this. It’s not of a lot of cost for the franchise but means a lot to the players and their family. Even just so they can go out on their terms(of sorts)
  14. I’d love him for the Chiefs in the 4th. anyone got a realistic spot for him or supplemental drafts are just too hard to judge ?
  15. Adonis Alexander

    Always been impressed with the depth charts and your general knowledge of the less sexy elements of our rosters (bubble players, cap etc) so just wanted to say thanks for all that work! hopefully a few more longtime lurkers will perk up and Get us debating things and falling out in no time!