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  1. Hey me too! Im ready for another fun season! It can’t come soon enough!
  2. Honestly I don’t think that’s a good for there.
  3. Looks like final waivers ran’ and were all locked up until the league opens up again!
  4. Thanks everyone for another fun year! Cant believe I won it without CMC all year. Busy busy year for me. Some thoughts on my moves this year: Trading for McKissic was incredibly important this year for me. That 3rd for him was worth every penny! The Gurley trade also worked incredibly well for me with Chubb being a rock star. Was worried about trading Henry away but I turned that trade into Shenault who had a rough rookie year but they get Lawrence so 😍 Trading for Gesicki was a good replacement for Henry Finally, I love James Robinson 🥰🥰
  5. Shaping up to be a crazy ending. I almost played Shenault today too.
  6. At this rate Adams is gonna get it himself since tannehill forgot how to play
  7. So I need Adams, Tannehill, and Meyers to score 47.6 to win. Never have had a SNF game with so much on the line.
  8. we will see.. ive had terrible luck this year. i wouldnt doubt its a henry game and tannehill scores 13 and adams only 14 or something
  9. All the snow im seeing at GB right now is making me scared
  10. Those are my best two point getters so i need to be in a winnable situation going into tonight to have a shot
  11. I'm not fairly confident. Mckissic having a dud so far isn't good news
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