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  1. Hey thanks! I’m always wheeling and dealing, makes things more fun! FYI I’m intrigued by your offer. I’m mulling it over
  2. Close game we got over here. Adams and gb defense vs Jones and mvs with me being up 6…
  3. Apparently I should’ve started Winston lol
  4. Might have overpayed for ty’son Williams but he’ll be a decent backup for the year I hope
  5. ^^ my bad idk why that happened. but ouch. Edwards..
  6. I know it's a stretch, but does anyone want Wayne Gallman before i drop him?
  7. im never gonna complain about more roster space
  8. First thing I thought of lol. I’m like damn it I traded him away. Only got najee
  9. Yeah the available list on espn doesn’t change until the drafts over. The draft page is updated up until pick like 6.06 or something. (I have to finish it today). Bass was picked at I think 6.02
  10. If I had more space I would’ve def traded for white 100%. But didn’t have room
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