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  1. 5 ups/downs on the 2019 steelers season

    our schedule was brutally easy and got help in other games to win.
  2. Fans are at Times Very Fickle

    i pride myself in not being fickle. i always hate tomlin and never love him
  3. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    trading is just as bad as firing and worse than 'not renewing their contract'. rooneys dont care about winning. underachieving and then making excuses is good enough now. tomlin aint going anywhere unless he wants to, and why would he.? he has it made here.
  4. 5down

    i didnt realize those guys were on our coaching staff
  5. 5down

    other coaches have come and gone, but one underachiever has been the constant
  6. 5down

    tomlins 'one trick' is his rah rah stuff. cowhers players that needed that little extra shot in the arm are long gone
  7. 5down

    not sure why it isnt apparent tomlin is the one that needs to go
  8. im not buying that brown is so smart he can collaborate something like this i would think rosenhaus would lose everything if they got caught, same with the pats brown had 30+ if he just played ball as a raider. why would he do this for a lot less money? dont give me winning either. he could have stayed here and had a slim chance or he could have vetoed the raiders trade back then
  9. Final CUT

    punt and kick returns arent that big of a part of the game it use to be.......the difference form last tho middle(rankings) from middle to first is hardly noticeable during a game
  10. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    enough that he should be held accountable for instead of talking about firing butler for it remember how everyone wanted butler fired before? rooneys didnt do it because they knew tomlin was mostly running it
  11. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    i thought it was pretty well known that tomlin has been running this defense for the past few years
  12. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    a legit starter drafted in the 5th round? if the steelers could draft legit starters in the 5th round they would never have any areas of need
  13. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    lol, yet you are crapping on a player that has actually produced in a real game.............. not sure where i crapped on him. i can only assume you came to that because 1) you like him, 2) you cant show me all his other great plays all im saying is bush has not made 'a bunch' of great plays behind the line of scrimmage and you state that he has. i sorta found 1, where he assisted. maybe you can show me where to find the other ones
  14. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    i just went back and watched his first game where he was credited with 10 tackles. 1 tackle behind the los was an assist with #92 who forced the play. the other 9 all seemed to be chasing guys down after decent/good gains.
  15. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    no argument from me on that philosophy. my angle was that williams has value on this team