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  1. Steeler forum fantasy football

    i need to make a trade for a real good te or wr or just give up caring because i have been so close to not caring for a long time....lol i have sony michele back from inhury and mccoy finally lighting it up on the trading block..........
  2. Draft Prospects 2019

    several long responses. tomlin should not be allowed to have any say when it comes to dbs. his 'expertise' in the secondary is a real head scratcher. there is no way you can say these arent tomlins picks we cant blame the position coach for the 3rd round athletes that tomlin is selecting in the first couple rounds
  3. Steeler forum fantasy football

    that sucks
  4. Draft Prospects 2019

    lets not talk of drafting any dbs in the first round or two please.
  5. ben saves tomlin

    anyone that thinks that conner was down at the 1 yard line(where they spotted the ball) and supports tomlin for not challenging it doesnt have a clue about situational football. although it was across the goal line, worst case would have been at the 6 inch line. not to challenge a potential TD in that spot is retarded. just because you F'ed up the previous challenge shouldnt make challenging another one not an option. dot give me 'they should have been able to score from the 1 any ways.' just look what happened in miami tomlin had the team prepared today (for a change) but seriously dodged a bullet. there is a reason every talking head is commenting on his screw up.its because he choked
  6. ben saves tomlin

    how you challenge an obvious short of the first down marker call but not challenge the pretty obvious td by connor is unbelievable. plenty of players had mistakes that could have contributed to the loss but the loss would have been on coaching. thank god ben finally showed up big at the right time
  7. Steeler forum fantasy football

    ok, i could use a TE. kittles/gronk ertz/ebron graham/hooper njoku/mcdonald these are the teams that have multiple TEs that might be willing to deal one. let me know if you are open to discussions.....................
  8. Steeler forum fantasy football

    what i seem to see more and more of is lots of lots of #2 wr and rb types with a couple of studs on our rosters every team in this league(mostly) has plenty of wrs that could go off any given week, but which week? i cant see someone trading away a stud for a couple of good players, hell everyone has good players on their roster.
  9. Steeler forum fantasy football

    IDK, check out team squid roster and see if anything looks decent to you. i too would have a hard time coming off gordon or hunt seeing that stud backs are tough to find
  10. Trades you want this year

    the attitude? yep, the attitude that players can say, act and tweet anything they want with no repercussions. the i wont hold anyone accountable attitude. the finesse attitude instead of toughness attitude. qb says he isnt on same page with any wr but gives qb and wr days off during the week so they like him so, last years team went 13-3 with talent but this years team with the mostly the same players plus a few better ones has no talent? the same team that had another year to gel and learn the new defense? tomlin is a good regular season coach he is not a good post season coach. his jive talking is old. i believe his players have tuned him out.
  11. Trades you want this year

    trade tomlin. attitude is holding this team back more than talent or scheme
  12. whether its talent or coaching or both, i think its time for tomlin to go. tomlin has had plenty of time to build 'his team' and 'his team isnt getting it done come playoff time. but who am i? most fans are happy with never being below 500. most are happy with being competitive every season. most like to say we only had 3 coaches in X years and most fans are afraid of change. ill take my chances of a new HC that i can get excited about compared to keeping the known product that excels in the regular season but fails in the post season.
  13. somebody should be held accountable for drafting those defensive players then..........
  14. salvation for 2018

    i really dont think colbert decided to go for athletes with potential over football players with the picks. it is well know tomlin likes these types for HIS secondary
  15. so all the blown assignments, miscommunication, missed tackles and playing 2 defenses on the same play is because of lack of talent? those alone can be attributed to our loss and tie