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  1. heading to arizona friday

    we found out quick that it was too early for the swimming holes.........we would have done slide rock and grasshopper point if the water was warmer/. we did the 89a trip 3 times going back and forth to flagstaff.......unbelievable. dont worry, i was a teen in the 80's also unless the highline trail and mogollon rim are easy/moderate trails (at most,) these 4 surgery knees couldnt handle it...........lol
  2. heading to arizona friday

    plus family wedding in apache junction, went to topgolf in gilbert, meet my buddies kid for a few beers (who is doing an internship in phoenix), goldfield tourist scam,. oh, and the phoenix zoo
  3. heading to arizona friday

    thanks guys just got back hiked superstition mountains, tortilla flat, canyon lake(cold), sedona was awesome. hiked a few trails and climbed a couple vortexes, jeep tour, red river crossing swimming hole(frigid), grand canyon, couple breweries in flagstaff, hit carefree on the way back down. family needed a pic at the corner of ho and hum, awesome burgers at horny toad bar, had a quick beer at a steelers bar down the road too. beautiful area
  4. Bostic released

    why the hostility? burns was a first round pick(tomlins guy) he was a starter he finally got benched they still said they believe in him he knows the system why do you think all these rookies and players behind him last year are all of a sudden going to pass him before anyone has a chance to prove themselves? if the steelers were automatically going to give those spots to everyone else, why didnt they just cut him? i think burns sucks, but as long as he isnt costing much, i am willing to let he compete in camp
  5. Bostic released

    after haden, hilton and nelson, i think burns is in the mix with any of them and has an upper leg on all of them. this will be an area i will really be interested in. curious to see if burns has/gets his head right. he should realize that this is it for his nfl career (by all accounts)
  6. heading to arizona friday

    doing grand canyon and sedona what specifically in sedona?
  7. Bostic released

    i think switzer is a lock, along with these guys juju washington johnson moncrief i see rogers having to fight out #6 wr with the rest of the ps guys
  8. for a week vacation. flying into phoenix. staying in gilbert then up to flagstaff. what is a must see, do and eat? thanks ill check it out so when i go back for a steelers game ill have first hand experience
  9. blind optimism is rampant the day after the draft is complete(for all teams fans) all you really have to do is look back at the last 10 years of drafts and see that the steelers average around 2 starters and a couple backups per draft so i would would say bush starts this year, johnson next and ill say buggs in 2 years, throw in a couple that make the roster and a couple on ps
  10. ill give it an R for reach
  11. on a roll now. 2 picks at positions of need at value
  12. great player at the proper draft spot. i see a position change coming if he makes the roster. a career special teamer
  13. Who's your Top 5 for 4 rounds?

    maybe if it went from 6-udfa he would have made a list
  14. i thought colbert made it clear that they would re-evaluate the way they look at dbs going forward. i was expecting ball hawking/turnover types. layne looks like all our other cb draftees.............what am i missing?