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  1. I like this prediction and would only make two changes. 1) Move Stanley to the practice squad and add the versatile DT Watts. 2) Cut the redundant Abdullah and let Hughes have a final prove it year.
  2. Wow, 4 of your picks are now Vikings! Are you Spielman's neighbor?
  3. Darrisaw, Davis, and Twyman correct, you must be stoked!
  4. Surratt, Jones, and Twyman all on point, well done!!
  5. Round 1: Which prospect gets drafted first? (1) Justin Fields vs. Mac Jones vs. Trey Lance Javonte Williams vs. Michael Carter Elijah Moore vs. Rondale Moore Anthony Schwartz vs. Seth Williams Aaron Banks vs. Robert Hainsey Gregory Rousseau vs. Jaelen Phillips Daelin Hayes vs Adetokunbo Ogundeji Jay Tufele vs. Marlon Tuipulotu Baron Browning vs. Pete Werner Trill Williams vs. Andre Cisco Round 2: What round does each prospect get drafted in? (2) Davis Mills, QB, Stanford (4) Feleipe Franks, QB, Arkansas (6) Jarret Pat
  6. Absolutely yes!!! Grab the best available offensive lineman with 27, and BPA of Safety, Edge, CB, WR, LB, DT, or even o-line again at 31. Edit* Unless the brass loves Darrisaw, then just pick him.
  7. I enjoy reading the different opinions and the reasoning behind them. Without those this board could become quite dull, and those opinions that do differ from mine can help diversify my own. What doesn't add any enjoyment for me are the criticisms or statements made as point of fact that don't explain why that opinion exists. You know, like "horrible pick" or "fire Rick " without detailing why.
  8. Thank you for the insight, analysis, and superior alternative selection(s). Who IS Spielman dumb enough to select in your expert opinion?
  9. If AVT is the pick my 1st option is: Cleveland, AVT, Bradbury, Cole, O'Neil Unless someone else earns a spot in camp and preseason.
  10. I really hope that the real draft does not fall this way. Micah Parsons may be BPA, and picking him here just might be the best option. But our need for an upgrade in front of Kirk forces me to choose Tucker. If it falls this way I'm rooting for the Chargers to pick Parsons so we can get Darrisaw. Edit* If this were the actual scenario I would be hitting the phones trying to trade down.
  11. Good work wcblack, however I tend to agree with VV about Pitts. I am hoping we add a late round TE as a 3rd stringer. Why 2 corners, are you assuming Gladney will be cut or incarcerated? The precedent for domestic 1st offenders in the NFL is a short suspension, 3 or 4 games. I'm not implying that I agree with that precedent because I don't, but it is what it is.
  12. I like the new extra inning rule. Games are already plenty long as yesterday's 4 hour nine inning game demonstrated. Besides, this old coot has a tough time staying up late already!
  13. This, also neither Johnson nor Beebe have shown enough to be guaranteed a spot in my mind. If the rookies beat them out that just makes the WR depth chart stronger.
  14. Used Fanspeak with difficult setting and random big boards. Mac Jones was still on the board at 14 and the Bears offered #'s 20 in both the 1st and 2nd. I made no other trades: #1-20 - Christian Darrisaw OT VTU #2-20 - Landon Dickerson IOL Bama #3-14 - Richard LeCounte S Georgia #3-26 - Jay Tufele DT USC #4-14 - Jordan Smith Edge UAB #4-20 - Anthony Schwartz WR Auburn #4-29 - Thomas Graham Jr. CB Oregon #4-38 - Stevie Scott III RB Indiana #5-13 - Brady White QB Memphis #5-24 - Dazz Newsome WR N. Carolina #6-15 - Nick Eubanks TE Michig
  15. 8 hours ago, wcblack34 said: Taking anything other than OL/DL/QB at #14 should be cause for the immediate firing of Zimmer and Spielman. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but if the Ravens gave us Orlando Brown for Barr and we selected Micah Parsons would you still be calling for their dismissal? And what if they made that deal and Baltimore threw in their 2nd rounder and we lucked into a top edge rusher with that pick? Then is Rick the GM of the year or do you simply want a new regime?
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