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  1. 2019 3 Strikes and You're Out Survivor Game

    Week 1: Seattle Week 2: Baltimore & Houston Week 3: Dallas, New England, & Minnesota
  2. 2019 NFL Pick 'em

    Tennessee at Jacksonville (8) Cincinnati at Buffalo (5) Miami at Dallas (16) Denver at Green Bay (9) Atlanta at Indianapolis (10) Baltimore at Kansas City (11) Oakland at Minnesota (14) NY Jets at New England (15) Detroit at Philadelphia (12) Carolina at Arizona (6) NY Giants at Tampa Bay (13) Houston at LAC (1) New Orleans at Seattle (4) Pittsburgh at SF 49ers (2) LAR at Cleveland (7) Chicago at Washington (3)
  3. 2019 3 Strikes and You're Out Survivor Game

    Week 1: Seattle Week 2: Baltimore & Houston
  4. 2019 NFL Pick 'em

    Tampa Bay at Carolina (12) Arizona at Baltimore (14) San Francisco at Cincinnati (5) LAC at Detroit (11) Minnesota at Green Bay (6) Jacksonville at Houston (15) New England at Miami (16) Buffalo at NY Giants (4) Seattle at Pittsburgh (3) Indianapolis at Tennessee (9) Dallas at Washington (10) Kansas City at Oakland (13) Chicago at Denver (8) New Orleans at LAR (2) Philadelphia at Atlanta (1) Cleveland at NYJets (7)
  5. 2019 3 Strikes and You're Out Survivor Game

    Week 1: Seattle
  6. Josh Doctson & Vikings reach agreement.

    Why not cut a DT? 6 is overkill.
  7. 2019 NFL Pick 'em

    Copied it in and got called outside by the wife before I edited it to show my picks. Thank you for the sage advice!
  8. 2019 NFL Pick 'em

    Thursday Green Bay at Chicago (3) Sunday Los Angeles at Carolina (11) Tennessee at Cleveland (9) Kansas City at Jacksonville (14) Baltimore at Miami (10) Atlanta at Minnesota (4) Buffalo at NY Jets (2) Washington at Philadelphia (16) Indianapolis at LAC (12) Cincinnati at Seattle (15) Detroit at Arizona (6) NY Giants at Dallas (13) San Francisco at Tampa Bay (1) Pittsburgh at New England (5) Monday Houston at New Orleans (8) Denver at Oakland (7)
  9. Top Ten Viking Receivers

    Sammy White was the first guy that I watched play (I was a little too young for Ahmad), Ahmad was drafted 4 years prior to Sammy, but they both started their Viking careers the same year, 1976. I also agree that it is too early to rank Diggs and Theilen, but at their current pace they should both crack the list.
  10. Your team’s all-time roster?

    Oops, I did this while falling asleep and without researching first. I think Winfield belongs in front of Nate Wright. I should have also included Chris Doleman, Kevin Williams, Kirk Lowdermilk, Gary Larson, Grady Alderman, Kleinsauser, Ricky Young, Jake Reed, Percy (or Cordarrelle) returning kickoffs, Sherels returning punts, etc....
  11. Your team’s all-time roster?

    QB1: Fran Tarkenton QB2: Dante Culpepper QB3: Tommy Kramer A couple guys had a good season or two (Farve, Cunningham, Keenum), but I chose based on careers as Vikings. HB1: Adrian Peterson HB2: Chuck Foreman HB3: Robert Smith - FB: Bill Boom Boom Brown WR1: Randy Moss WR2: Cris Carter WR3: Ahmad Rashad WR4: Sammy White WR5: Anthony Carter WR6: Gene Washington I could list more, been blessed at WR and Theilen and Diggs are approaching this status. TE1: Steve Jordan TE2: Kyle Rudolph TE3: Beasley LT1: Gary Zimmerman LT2: Korey Stringer - LG1: Randal McDaniel LG2: Steve Hutchinson - C1: Mick Tinglehoff C2: Matt Birk - RG1: Milt Sundae RG2: Joe Berger - RT1: Ron Yary RT2: Phil Loadholt LE1: Carl Eller LE2: Danielle Hunter - UT1: Alan Page UT2: John Randle - NT1: Pat Williams NT2: Keith Millard - RE1: Jim Marshall RE2: Jared Allen The Vikings have had an embarrassment of riches on the defensive line for years. I could have gone 4 or 5 players deep easily without much drop off. LOLB1: Anthony Barr LOLB2: Matt Blair Mirror image players in size and style. MLB1: Scott Studwell MLB2: Jeff Semein, with Kendricks nipping at his heels. - ROLB1: Roy Winston ROLB2: Ed McDaniel CB1: Xavier Rhodes CB2: Carl Lee CB3: Bobby Bryant CB4: Nate Wright (Drew Pearson pushed off!!!) CB5: Trae Waynes (hopefully) - FS1: Joey Browner FS2: Paul Krause - SS1: Harrison Smith SS2: Karl Kassulke K: Fred Cox P: Greg Coleman
  12. You guys are a tough crowd. The season is almost a third over and the Twins have the best record in baseball, largest run differential, most runs scored, and 8th best team ERA. I see no reason to fear them falling off a cliff or be in dire need of shaking up the roster. With the guys they currently have they have as good of a chance as anyone to win it all, and a better chance than most. Could they get beat in the playoffs or even miss out entirely? Sure, but thinking they must sign big name guys to assure it doesn't seem logical to me. Now if they could get Baumgartner or Kimbrell without mortgaging the future I'm all for it. But a move does not feel necessary to compete for the championship, and I would hate to lose any of their good, young players just to do so.
  13. Greatest spin move of all time, it seemed he came out of it at the same speed that he entered. During his prime he made more public appearances and signed autographs more than any player I remember. Loved the player, loved the man!
  14. The Greatest Viking? All Hail Alan Page

    I don't subscribe to "greatest Viking" rankings. Greatness is subjective based on the opinion of the person doing the ranking. Is a player great because they score touchdowns, stop their opponent from scoring, is a pillar in the community, a leader of men, forces turnovers, has charisma, or is exciting and makes splashy plays? Greatness is in the eye of the beholder, and what makes it impossible for me to separate are the different positions and roles for each player, not to mention the changes in the game over the years. As Viking fans we have been fortunate to have witnessed many players that people consider great. I rank the players as my favorites by position. QB - Fran easily, but Favre's 2009 was awfully special. RB - Adrian, Foreman, and Robert Smith. WR - Moss, Carter (2x), White, Washington, Rashad. OL - Yary, Mick, McDaniel DL - An embarrassment of riches! Page, Eller, Marshall, Doleman, Millard, Williams (2x), Jared, Randle, I could go on... LB - Blair, Studwell DB - Krause, Browner, Smith, Lee, Bryant I too was fortunate enough to have met several Viking players over the years. Chuck Foreman and Robert Smith were both polite and relatively quiet. John Randle was entertaining and funny. But I loaded groceries into Alan Page and his lovely wife's car several times in the mid-70's. They were both courteous, kind, and well spoken and made me feel like I was just as special as they. Alan Page will forever be my favorite Viking, and he and his wife two of the greatest humans I've been lucky enough to meet.