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  1. Week 1- Keenan Allen Week 2 - Golden Tate Week 3 - Julio Jones Week 4 - Adam Theilen Week 5 - Michael Thomas Week 6 - Mike Evans
  2. Week 1- Keenan Allen Week 2 - Golden Tate Week 3 - Julio Jones Week 4 - Adam Theilen Week 5 - Michael Thomas
  3. WEEK 5- Saints, Bengals, Panthers, Titans, and Denver
  4. I probably should just copy VD, his worst week ties my best!
  5. Week 1- Keenan Allen (108 yards) Week 2 - Golden Tate
  6. One last crack at the final 53 before we know for real this werkend: QB (3) - Kirk, Trevor, and Kyle, but if Sloter looks good enough against our D in practice for the coaches to roll with him as our backup, I'm fine with keeping only 2. RB (5!) - Let the criticism fly, but I'm keeping Cook, Murray, Ham, Boone, AND the Roc. I don't believe either Boone or Thomas would make it to the PS and like the variety their skill sets could add to the offense. WE (5) - Theilen, Diggs, Treadwell, Coley, and Beebe. Neither Wright nor Zylstra have shown me enough to justify keeping them.
  7. All players, all teams reported minus the holdouts and injured, football is officially back in the news and in our hearts! Every fanbase is excited and optimistic, even Cleveland. For me this means the thrill of daily reports of miraculous plays, unexpected roster bubble players standing out, previous disappointments taking the next step, and home team reporters pouring copious amounts of their Team's colors' Kool-aid. I love ALL of that! However we also get the huge disappointing news of player's injuries, some more devastating than others because of my own affinity for said player, like Tedd
  8. Man I hope O'Neill lights it up, but I think the unofficial rules for the award require the winner to be drafted in the 3rd round or later. I'll go with Holton Hill.
  9. I'm not concerned about that at all. D. Sanders, P. Peterson, and others have or still play db and returned punts, not to mention Antonio Brown on the other side of the ball. Let's hope that Hughes plays a high percentage of the defensive snaps, but odds are he won't be starting early in his career. If he does start at db, the depth at corner is amazing.
  10. Sherells has been a great returner, a cool story (local kid that played at the U), and a class act on and off the field. I think it's time to move on. There are multiple backs, receivers, and dbs on the roster that are more valuable contributors at their position that have return and/or coverage experience and ability. Of course the 1st time the new punt returner fumbles I'll have to eat those words!
  11. I'm somewhere between an A and an A-. I love what they did in free agency, getting both Cousins and Richardson exceeded my expectations. I also love the compensatory draft pick projected returns for the players that moved on. Although I liked most of them, I didn't feel any were irreplaceable. Overall I think the free agency period deserves an A to an A+. The draft and crop of UDFAs drops the grade for me. I give the draft a B, good prospects and/or projects, however as the picks were made I found myself disappointed a couple times as there were players I liked better available. My preferences
  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Both my wife and mother tell me I'm handsome. My mom has dementia and my wife says it when I'm handing her money, but it is my right to believe them!
  13. This is a fun conversation, but to rank the QB's it may be beneficial to establish the criteria used. Had Favre won a SB in his two year tenure is he anointed as the greatest in Viking's history? Was Culpepper's sustained, albeit briefly sustained excellence better than 1 very good year by Brett? I watched all four gut wrenching Super Bowl losses live (on TV), and have been an obsessed fan for 50 years. To me rankings are fun to do but in no way anything more than each individual's preference. Personal favorites can be based on where they played college ball, style of play, even personality. W
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