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  1. After Herb Dean (rightly) got so much **** for a late stoppage last week, I just want to mention how good his stoppage was in the main event. He clearly went into the last round looking for any sign that Edmen wasn't right, and as soon as that showed he wasted no time in stopping it. I feel like Edmen made a big mistake (probably a sign of inexperience) at the end of the second round. Seemed to me like with a few seconds left he was like "okay the round's almost over, I can relax", and ended up taking some huge gnp from Brunson who fought to the bell. Think that's what really damaged him and lead to the stoppage. Impressive performance from Brunson, who's on a nice little run now. Think a fight with Till next makes sense, or perhaps the winner of Akhmedov/Weidman.
  2. This is your scheduled reminder that Vicente Luque is the most exciting, most underrated fighter in the ufc. This guy should be appointment viewing. Every time he fights it's guaranteed to be exciting. I really want them to match him up with a known guy - someone like Cerrone, Dos Anjos, Woodley etc - so he can get a signature win over someone people actually know. Diaz, like he said, would be great, but no way in hell Diaz comes back to take that fight.
  3. Also, Chimaev... holy hell. That guy is a gdamn animal. This guy is going to be a freaking problem at 170
  4. I had Till edging it, but honestly rounds 3-5 were so close, it wasn't a bad call either way. Whittaker had more volume, but a lot of that was to the leg, while I think Till had the more impactful shots when he landed. Plus Till was better defensively - making Whittaker miss more and defending takedowns - which I don't think is factored into decisions enough. Again, nothing wrong with the decision though. Just glad neither guy took a heavy loss, and both can move forward in the division.
  5. I know right, same here. Man really snuck under the radar. He's fighting at 252, against Rogerio Bontorin (16-2, 2-1 in the UFC with a loss last fight to Ray Borg). Hoping he'll land on the scene with the same impact Jiri did when he debuted. The good thing about Rizin is that, being a pretty shallow pool of fighters, eventually you get to the point where you've fought everyone and you need something new (UFC). Would love it if Asakura and Horiguchi came over to the UFC as well. That would be a dream.
  6. Pantoja's a savage. He keeps getting better, and he's always got that base of top-level BJJ. I think he's going to end up with a title shot before everything's said and done. He could have gotten the decision today and it wouldn't have been a robbery. Askarov is so good too, though. Technically superb all-round. Finished every single fight before the UFC. He could easily be next in line now - I'd say it's a tossup between him and Brandon Moreno for the next title shot. A lot of interesting matchups in line at flyweight now. Helps that Figgy (I'm not going to try and spell it rn) is a really exciting champ. But then we've got Askarov, Moreno, Alex Perez (won his last fight via leg kicks), Pantoja, Kara-France coming up. Also Manel Kape (Rizin champ, just knocked out Kai Asakura in his last fight) coming to the UFC. A bunch of fun fighters and fresh names.
  7. Agreed. Like him as a dude, but honestly I find him kinda bad as a commentator. I always feel like his mouth is ahead of his brain when he's talking. Just doesn't seem to be cut out for the job. His technical advice is off a lot of the time too, especially in the grappling. DC & Cruz are great. Felder I didn't like before, but I think he's getting better. Bisping is just kinda crappy
  8. I'd agree with those odds. Think Joe is in this fight 100%, but Deveison showed in the last fight he should be favored.
  9. Not a fan of Jay Park's work as Zombie's ghost writer. Think he needs to get slapped by Ortega again
  10. tbh I did have Max winning 3-2... but I thought it was so close you can't really fault the judges calling it either way. Would have to go back and watch the third round again, thought that was the tossup round from memory. Both Volk and Max are amazing though. Great adjustment from Max coming into the 2nd fight, and similarly great adjustment from Volkanovski after the first two rounds. Think they're both a league ahead of the competition right now at 145. Hopefully we see Max dip his feet at 155 again though, so many fun matchups for him there.
  11. Holloway left with some decisions to make as to where he goes from here... which has me thinking Max vs Tony happening next could be a very real possibility. Get fk hype
  12. Amazing fight. Thought it was pretty clear 29-28 to Rose. Strong comeback by Jessica in the third, but Rose is tough as hell
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