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  1. Chandler said he's about to start his fight camp. Got to assume it's Gaethje - Hooker was just calling out Gaethje, he wouldn't be doing that if he himself was signed on to fight Chandler. Guess outside chance it's RDA? That would be about right - RDA gets thrown to another top wrestler lol
  2. Visa issues apparently. Think they're looking at rebooking it for February
  3. looks like Yan vs Sterling is off 256, something wrong on Yan's end. which is kind of a bummer, but Figgy vs Moreno and Tony vs Du Bronx is more than enough to get excited about
  4. gangsters. flyweight division keeps winning
  5. f that. I need Figgy vs Moreno. that's a wild fight
  6. was hoping to see more Figgy violence, but oh well. He's so dangerous, everywhere. In the grappling he has such an eye for the finish.
  7. Maia fought much better than we all expected, but still somewhat comfortable in the end. Mildly interested to see what Andrade can do against Valentina.
  8. 3-2 in the ufc. missed weight in 2 out of 5 fights. so her victory was simply making weight.
  9. Moreno vs Royval was such a wild one round fight. Flyweight division is dope
  10. I must be in the minority because I think Chris Rock is great as Loy
  11. Thought there was a thread for this already. Guess not. Starting one because the last episode was amazing. Feel like every season has a single episode that works amazing on its own AND as part of the season, and this was it. From what I hear, there are people who don't like season 4. Those are people I don't want in my life.
  12. Feel like Conor's been honeydicking us lately. Everyone who calls him out, he gives a long-a$$ "I accept" speech that really means nothing. Kinda funny too for a guy who's supposedly retired. I would love to see that fight though. The one that got away - I sometimes think how much different the MMA landscape would have turned out if RDA didn't break his foot. Diaz vs Conor 1 (and subsequently 2) doesn't happen. I think Conor beats RDA, then since he doesn't go down the rabbit hole of rematches with Diaz, maybe he sticks around to try and defend the 145 belt. Maybe Conor-Holloway happens at 145? idk. Fun to think about. Not sure how the fight goes today. RDA has a clear advantage in the grappling. You'd think Conor needs to land a big shot and put him away - RDA's been really durable at WW, but that might not be the same back at LW. But my gut says it would go similar to RDA-Pettis, with RDA winning by overwhelming pressure.
  13. I dunno about telling him specifically, but he's probably back up against another top contender if he does win. I forgot that, prior to the Luque fight, Wonderboy was 1-3-1 in his previous 5 fights. So while it still feels like he's an elite WW, he probably has a few wins to go before getting another title shot.
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