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  1. 2019 Team Needs

    The Bucs could use a DE to replace Curry and JPP. Maybe RB and a CB.
  2. Went with Carson Wentz. Him with TB's offense would be damn near unstoppable.
  3. Space Jam 2

    Lebron will join the Monstars at halftime.
  4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Who'd win in a fight between the Indominus Rex and the Spinosaurus from JP3?
  5. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    The aliens from Space Jam.
  6. It's Been Two Years Since...

    I stopped shaving my excessive back hair.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I love those Geico commercials but that one with the parrots is annoying as hell.
  8. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I remember coming on here and seeing quite a few people saying the Bucs going 0-3 was pretty much a lock.
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    America the beautiful one big transcontinental commercial cesspool. George Carlin was the best.
  10. 🏈 Week 3: Steelers (0-1-1) @ Bucs (2-0)

    Coming into this season and out of the 3 games without Winston. This is the one that scares me the most. These guys seem to own the Bucs when they come to Tampa. I still have nightmares about the last time they came down here and they have well travelling fans. If you think seeing all those Eagle fans yesterday was bad. There are going to be a lot of black and yellow jerseys next week. I do expect this game to be similar to a Big 12 shootout and I am going with the good guys 45-42.
  11. Are the Steelers done?

    Hell no! This team always seems to get off the slow start and not to mention they play in the AFC North.
  12. 🏈 Week 2: Eagles (1-0) @ Bucs (1-0)

    Carson Wentz is starting next week. We lucked out on that one.
  13. Where should Jameis and Bell get traded too?

    Winston will NOT be traded. I am not taking anything away from Fitzpatrick. He has done a hell of job, but Tampa's play calling has improved, their O-line has played a lot better, and they might have the best WR/TE corps in the NFL. I would not be surprised if Winston (if he was playing or the next time he plays) puts up similar numbers to Fitzpatrick.
  14. Are the Rams the best team in the league?

    They're one of the best.
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Charley Caruso is hotter than a supernova.