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  1. Well. That was a really fun game to watch, besides Aikmans passive aggressive shots at Rodgers and his constant whining whenever things went away from the panthers. rodgers played really well again, even tho his box score is far from impressive. I would have liked to have seen more touches for Jones. Adams was impressive. doesnt feel like we are an 8-2 team, feels more like a 6-4 team...but I’m happy either way. bye week depression is coming. Think I’ll try to find a lady to spend some quality time with next weekend, if you know what I mean. Peace ****ers.
  2. Getting awfully tired of Aikman agreeing with everything that goes against the packers.
  3. Great play call there by MLF. Panthers had no clue that one was coming!
  4. 2019 for ya...gotta celebrate after EVERYTHING you do in life.
  5. MVS doesn’t have the nuts to attack the ball. Or to play nearly as confidently as he needs to. Hopefully his nuts drop soon.
  6. Pettine got aggressive on the last three play calls...run blitz, tight man coverage while rushing five, and then man coverage with 8 in the box. Made me hard.
  7. Well, looks like Kickoff coverage is fixed
  8. There's no doubt that this season has so far been a detriment on Blake Martinez's financial future.
  9. Good. I'd be pissed too, the staff is not currently putting their players in a position to succeed.
  10. Im surprised we havent heard of the players revolting. They have to be unhappy.
  11. Thank Pettine. Starting with the Philly game hes decided on a passive version of deploying his defense. Blows my mind hes stuck with it. I do not get it.
  12. Im expecting a game similar to the Raiders game...where we win, but our defense mostly plays like trash.