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  1. What happened to Nick Perry, btw
  2. How is that not grounding. Ball didn’t even make to the line of scrimmage, no receiver around.
  3. If you guys wanna feel optimistic about this week...strictly watch the 2nd half of the packers-bears game. pettine’s adjustments were awesome, and Rodgers was calling the plays in the spread/offense they were using during the 2nd half.
  4. Bold Predictions

    42-13 over the Bears week 1... Josh Jackson 6+ interceptions on the season... Kenny Clark 7+ sacks on the season... J'Mon Moore becomes the clear cut 2nd outside WR on the team (behind Davante) before the season is over... Oren Burks becomes more impactful on our team than Blake Martinez before the end of the year...
  5. Packers Roster Cuts

  6. Packers Roster Cuts

    Here’s my two cents on the roster cuts: The roster construction, in general, seems a bit wonky. But, from a talent standpoint, I’m not upset about any of the cuts. surprised? Perhaps... I was probably most surprised by Marwin Evans. I thought he would be very valuable on STs and I still liked his ceiling as a sub package player on D/possible reserve...but he got cut for someone, Raven Greene, who could possibly be that Sub Package player out of the gate. So I understand it. I was completely in aggreance about Amichia and Biegel and Yancey, three recent mid round draft picks. Amichia- I never noticed Amichia in a positive light in two preseasons Yancey-I appreciated Yancey and his time working to improve. He just didn’t bring the type of slot presence perhaps the coaches were hoping for this preseason. Biegel- I didn’t like Biegels college tape from an athletic standpoint, I didn’t see him being able to beat NFL players...and he failed miserably at doing so this preseason. I am am now excited to watch Crawford and Light. I didn’t watch any game tape or anything on these two players from college or the preseason...so now I’ll have to do some homework. I never even gave these two guys a legitimate chance to make the squad. Sorry fellas. Theres gotta be a move or two coming before week one...it’d be pretty surprising to go into week 1 with 12 pass catching options and only 2 running options.
  7. Packers Roster Cuts

    If anyone would have posted this 53 man roster in the predictions thread...we all would have laughed at it. that being said, I’d be surprised if at least a couple moves aren’t made tomorrow.
  8. What number will Mack wear with the Packers?
  9. Well...let’s get there sooner. How’s your day going, Norm?
  10. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    QB- Rodgers/Hundley RB- Williams/Mays/Montgomery FB- Rip TE- Graham/Lewis/Kendricks OL- Bakh/Taylor/Linsley/McCray/Bulaga Spriggs/Patrick/Pankey WR- Adams/Cobb/Allison/Moore/MVS EQ/Davis DL- Daniels/Clark/Wilk Lowry/Adams/Looney OLB- Perry/Matthews/Mack Gilbert/Biegel/Donnerson ILB- Martinez/Morrison/Burks/Thomas CB- Tramon/King/Jaire/Jackson/House S- Haha/Brice/Jones/Whitehead/Evans P- Scott K- Crosby LS- Triner (Aaron Jones SUSP//Kum and Murph on IR) ((Kizer was included in a trade for Mack with a 2019 1st and 4th round pick)) PS: Greene, Boyle, Yancey, Day, Martini, Odom, Tonyan, amongst others. n8ghee for GM.
  11. Only 12 more pages and Mack officially becomes a Green Bay Packer.
  12. Stock Up, Stock Down for OAK

    The offense wasn’t sucessful...how could he not receive some blame? Fact of the matter remains...he did his QBs no favors out there against a stacked deck.
  13. Stock Up, Stock Down for OAK

    For me: stock up: Jackson and Jaire. Great to see the rooks make some plays. Jaire did get burned by amari on the opening play, but his recovery speed was excellent and he seemed to shrug off the play. Which is important. stock down: Mike Mcarthy...in a game where you need to get some solid qb evaluation, he does the QBs zero favors. Hodgepodge backup olineman against the raiders number one D and he calls mostly 5-7 step drop playcalls whilst making his olineman battle one on one. What did he think was gonna happen?
  14. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    I just don’t know how you That was unbelievably funny when they actually snapped the ball. Good times.
  15. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Boyle is the best QB on this team not named Aaron Rodgers