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  1. Well, does pettine adjust or just stick with the same scheme?
  2. Not according to the teams press release
  3. So no Dexter Williams or Tim Williams on the Practice Squad... I wonder if we plan on bringing either back after our IR moves.
  4. Too long didn’t read. i was really down on Pettines performance anyways tho, so there’s a decent chance I’d at least somewhat agree with you.
  5. How is it disingenuous? It’s an extension of his current contract. Makes sense to me. its not rocket science.
  6. I liked him too. Reminded me of a less gifted Greg Jennings.
  7. Well. That was a really fun game to watch, besides Aikmans passive aggressive shots at Rodgers and his constant whining whenever things went away from the panthers. rodgers played really well again, even tho his box score is far from impressive. I would have liked to have seen more touches for Jones. Adams was impressive. doesnt feel like we are an 8-2 team, feels more like a 6-4 team...but I’m happy either way. bye week depression is coming. Think I’ll try to find a lady to spend some quality time with next weekend, if you know what I mean. Peace ****ers.
  8. Getting awfully tired of Aikman agreeing with everything that goes against the packers.
  9. Great play call there by MLF. Panthers had no clue that one was coming!
  10. MVS doesn’t have the nuts to attack the ball. Or to play nearly as confidently as he needs to. Hopefully his nuts drop soon.
  11. Pettine got aggressive on the last three play calls...run blitz, tight man coverage while rushing five, and then man coverage with 8 in the box. Made me hard.
  12. There's no doubt that this season has so far been a detriment on Blake Martinez's financial future.
  13. Good. I'd be pissed too, the staff is not currently putting their players in a position to succeed.
  14. Im surprised we havent heard of the players revolting. They have to be unhappy.
  15. Thank Pettine. Starting with the Philly game hes decided on a passive version of deploying his defense. Blows my mind hes stuck with it. I do not get it.
  16. Im expecting a game similar to the Raiders game...where we win, but our defense mostly plays like trash.
  17. Im gettin tired of Pettine's scheme the last number of weeks. Seems like most of the time we have 5 or 6 in the box (only rushing 3 or 4), while dropping 5 or 6 into a large cushion man coverage or a deeper zone coverage. Most of the time we dont have all of the gaps filled in the run game with so few players in the box, and Blake Martinez is most certainly not good enough to handle the run game and multiple gaps by himself. Most of the time the QB has enough time to go through his reads and wait for one of his options to run through an unoccupied zone. The funny thing about this style of defense is that its supposed to prevent the longer big chunk plays, that has not been the case. Our defense's strengths lie in our big powerful edge rushers, and our uber athletic secondary. I wish we would go back to playing a more aggressive style of defense, where we can actually dictate things. Id like to see every one up or near the line, except one deep safety, and a strong side safety about ten yards back. Id have our outside corners man up near the line as well. Id then utilize our stout edge guys to squeeze the pocket and our interior to collapse pockets forcing the ball to be released in about half the time as usual by bringing 5 nearly every play. If we get beat over the top from time to time, so be it. At least it wouldnt be a 12 play 8 minute drive that gasses our defense and has our offense lose their rhythm. I have no idea what the numbers are, but weve given up a ton of points per drive over the last 5 games or so as well as tons of long sustained drives and still a high average on yards per play. The prevent style of defense needs to go. Pettine has been a major disappointment so far this season.
  18. Our defense has been so bad for the last 5 or so weeks. Its been painful to watch. I dont know how to fix it, but Pettine better figure out something over the last 7 weeks of the season.
  19. Not a single play MLF has called has come easily. Most dog**** performance of his career.
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