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  1. Eagles Vikings (two best teams in football) Pats Broncos
  2. Football's Future Top 100 -- #6

    Russ Juilo Harrison Smith
  3. Better QB Right Now: Russell Wilson or Drew Brees

    Russ. Brees is still great but he's declined a little and Wilson has to play behind a horrible offensive line
  4. Jake Fromm vs Tua Tagovailoa

    Tua, look at the way he played in his first real game action against a top 5 defense in the national title game. Also, Fromm benefited a lot from Sony and Chubb.
  5. Predict the 53 man roster

    Darnold may not be ready, and Teddy has supposedly looked great during training camp, he should give us the best chance to win early on
  6. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Laker$ gonna be anywhere between 3-8 in the tough tightly packed West.
  7. NBA Top 60 Players: Who Is #57?

    Randle, averaged 18 ppg 9 rpg 3 apg on 56% shooting as a starter this past season