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  1. OL depth isn’t bad. I just hope somehow we can swing H. Butler and D. Williams! 🙏🏼
  2. Agreed. Should have never been there and it showed. Looking back on that game years from now will just solidify that.
  3. For me it was the 2013 Post season that had me put in perspective how to be a healthy fan. Luckily the 17 and 18 Season were more fun to watch then losing sleep or stressing out during the actual games. The 18 Season was still great, making to the Superbowl would have been great but watching the Rams fail made things as close to right as can be.
  4. Is B.J. Finney is still out there in FA?
  5. I like it, I was big on him coming out in college. Blue collar hard worker, underrated signing.
  6. But he left Miami without a contract 🤔
  7. But it leaves a question as to whether or not it is a sign of Bridgewater having questions of whether or not to take a 1 year deal citing whether Payton will leave or not. I mean what what else is being talked about in this sub? 😂
  8. I’ll just leave this here. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/13/sean-paytons-status-becomes-a-factor-in-teddy-bridgewaters-decision/
  9. Maybe he didn’t want to be your buddy; Friend!
  10. I like this matchup. The Steelers weren’t great in that game against the Patriots. The Saints defense should get nasty, just a feeling I have I suppose. I do agree that the offense should just run, especially with Watt on the line or roaming. He was pretty good last week.
  11. Good game plan coming together. Some of those drops on offense could be concerning down the road. Also those a tighter game than I would be comfortable with; but it’s the Falcons and they always play tough. Running game is legit, TEs could work on hands. Defense looks good but also seems to get tired a little too easy for my liking. I hope this team continues to improve. I also hope they get #1 seed in playoffs so they get to stay in the warmth at home. Playing at soldier field I feel would be extremely difficult come playoff time.
  12. A trade to save a Jason David situation. I can get behind that for a 4th.
  13. I’m so happy I have Kamara, Ingram AND Smith on my FT. Also... those Saints aren’t so bad ?
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