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  1. Saint's playoff picture - 2018

    I like this matchup. The Steelers weren’t great in that game against the Patriots. The Saints defense should get nasty, just a feeling I have I suppose. I do agree that the offense should just run, especially with Watt on the line or roaming. He was pretty good last week.
  2. Good game plan coming together. Some of those drops on offense could be concerning down the road. Also those a tighter game than I would be comfortable with; but it’s the Falcons and they always play tough. Running game is legit, TEs could work on hands. Defense looks good but also seems to get tired a little too easy for my liking. I hope this team continues to improve. I also hope they get #1 seed in playoffs so they get to stay in the warmth at home. Playing at soldier field I feel would be extremely difficult come playoff time.
  3. Saints trade for CB Eli apple

    A trade to save a Jason David situation. I can get behind that for a 4th.
  4. WR Ted Ginn Jr to Injured Reserve

    I need him now lol
  5. Week 5 GDT: Saints vs Redskins

    I’m so happy I have Kamara, Ingram AND Smith on my FT. Also... those Saints aren’t so bad ?
  6. Week 5 GDT: Saints vs Redskins

    What is up with Kickers this year?!
  7. Mark Ingram is Back!! How does he do?

    I’d love to see them just pound the rock to show Ingram and our running game is back in full force. Make a statement.
  8. Week 4 GDT - Saints at New York Blue Team

    Looks like the Giants have game planed well for Brees today!
  9. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    Test drive? More like “Ugh, this one makes lots of noise, is dirty and has way to many issues for me to enjoy the drive.”
  10. Two Bold Predictions - Not the good kind

    My take: Saints just need to find some nuts about them. Defense needs to get physical and ready for back alley fights, as well as the offensive line ready to start the fights. The Bucs are off to their start because they hit people and defense and aren’t afraid to run and take shots down field. Cleveland for all their faults are still a physical team. From what I’ve seen I like the offense, running needs to be shaped up with Oline play and fumbles. And Defense, well tackling and assignments would be nice, but for me just go out and hit somebody. I truly think the confusion on what hit plays draw what penalties are what we have seen across the league regarding defensive players, well except Mack. I remember reading this last happened in the early 90s and it took a couple weeks to even the flags from officials down. It’s a balancing act. Not an excuse but rather an observation. The Saints should be fine. Brees I feel will go out like Elway, as all legends should.
  11. Why Teddy and the Saints make sense short & long-term:

    I had a feeling Teddy would make his way to us. When we pulled the trigger for him I was happy, still am. Teddy can be great and has a great opportunity to go to NO and bring his skill set with him.
  12. Two games is a hell of a knee jerk reaction. Have to give the guy some time.
  13. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    I don’t plan on it. Lots of experiences ensued. Divorce, having my 2 yr old son live with my while I went back to college, finished and worked two jobs to get where I’m at now. It’s been a ride, but I’ve always watched and thought I should get back on here lol
  14. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    Hometown: Lake Charles, LACurrently living: Cedar Rapids, IA High School: Prairie High School College: KirkwoodOccupation: ManufacturingMajor: Criminal JusticeAge: 30Sports Interests: New Orleans Saints, Padres, 76ers/CavaliersHobbies: Video games, firearms, reading, sports Favorite Current Saint: BreesFavorite All-Time Saint: McAllister/Fujita /Shockey What can I say, I'm back by popular demand.