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  1. Hill under investigation for Battery

    I'd like to see the NFL take care of this situation before training camp. I'm expecting a 4 game suspension. I can live with that.
  2. The 2019-2020 Season

    I consider KC @ Tenn. to be a trap game more than a division game with the Raiders
  3. Free Agency

    It didn't take long for New York Jets interim general manager Adam Gase to make his first trade. The team on Wednesday night agreed to send linebacker Darron Lee to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2020 sixth-round pick, a league source told ESPN's Adam Schefter. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26757725/jets-ship-lee-chiefs-gm-shake-up Sorry, didn't see the separate string posted.
  4. Free Agency

    We haven't been fairing too well with "off-field concerns" lately.
  5. Draft Grades and Reactions

    Starting Allegretti is sheer speculation at this point. Reiter is basically an unknown too. We'll see how preseason goes for him. OG is a mess. Both LG and RG. Allen is not a pass blocker. C.Erving is good only for backup help. K.McKenzie is untested and unknown. LDT is coming off torn ankle ligaments. Full recovery is closer to 2 years, not one. Hence, his abilities may be restricted this first season back from injury. Breeland at CB2 is somewhat frightening. C. Ward, O. Scandrick at CB are untested and unknown for a full season. Thornhill is listed at FS. Oh, and Kelce has no real backup. Kelce is coming off ankle surgery. His status is questionable at this time. My hope is that cut-down dates release players that our coaches can identify and sign. That and the possibility that rostered players improve and show themselves ready for starting.
  6. Draft Grades and Reactions

    After round 3, the draft is a dud. Chiefs were limited by what they gave up to get Clark. I would have liked to see us get extra picks to use on day 2 instead. Only time will tell if this would have been the best way to go. This was a good draft for defense. Chiefs needed more DB help beyond Thornhill. No real CB help and nothing to backup Kelce with. Our interior OL was wrecked by New England and I don't see any real help there either. Teams had to pick up on this. Mahomes will be on the run again this next season.
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Or, Dr. Phil
  8. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Well the deed is done. The question/choices deal with how to handle the outcome. So you don't agree with others that Tyreek Hill is going to play in the NFL in the future?
  9. Hill under investigation for Battery

    1/ OK.So we just keep Hill. He gets punished for a year. We then trade him to the highest bidder of which there will be many. Chiefs collect something for him. 2/ Or, we keep Hill. He gets punished for a year. We then cut him and he gets signed elsewhere. Chiefs collect a Compensatory Pick? 3/ Or, we keep Hill. He eventually plays again for KC and we win a Super Bowl. Which scenario works best for KC to not look too bad?

    Still looking for us to grab Jordan Brown, CB, South Dakota State.

    Sorry, but there are many. We lost our starting Center. Actually, the Patriots blew us up across the interior Oline showing we're weak there more than we thought. CB's left us a hole on one side. There was a hole at Safety next to Matthieu. Kelce is no guarantee to be healthy AND we have no real backup. T. Hill left HUGE questions yet to be answered. Sammy Watkins never came back onto the field last season. With Hunt gone, we're precarious at backup RB. We're moving to a 4-3 defense and needed to reload across the Dline. Our LB's are questionable, IMO. That's all for now.

    KC needs Dlinemen to rotate in a 4-3 defense

    Good pick. Anyone who can do backflips AND play Dline is on my team

    Chiefs might also have an inside scoop on C.J.Conrad, TE, Kentucky. I'd sit on him and grab in 6th.rd. if available tho.

    Is David Long, CB gone? I also like Jordan Brown, S.Dakota St. Never mind. Just saw Long is gone.