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  1. NFL to have QB's wear special colored jersey's next season.

    Add Trevor Siemian to the list......
  2. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    Chargers have Gordon, Hunter and Allen to match Hunt, Kelce and Hill. Chargers have the better defense. Chiefs will be hard pressed to win this one even at home. If Sutton plays our corners off 10yds again, Rivers will kill us. Chiefs gotta play more close man coverage.
  3. The KC Chiefs Roster Analysis (short version)

    Love their Chiefs history, but we need the cap space and their roster spots to improve. A coaching spot may be consideration.
  4. The KC Chiefs Roster Analysis (short version)

    This group needs serious attention. The only keeper with expectation of improvement is maybe Murray. You're optimistic about Berry too. Lose 1 step or 2? But if anyone can come all the way back, it's Berry. This is a sad group overall.
  5. NFL to have QB's wear special colored jersey's next season.

    Vince said that when QB's made maybe $1000/gm and the NFL wasn't near as popular or making so much $$$. Rule protection for today's QB's apparently haven't gone far enough. Today's NFL teams are so fast and so bulked up, they'd have pounded yesteryear's teams.
  6. NFL to have QB's wear special colored jersey's next season.

    Yes, I missed one.......Josh McGowan, NYJ broken hand Sunday.
  7. Raiders v Chiefs

    Nelson played close man to start the game and looked like he belonged there.
  8. NFL to have QB's wear special colored jersey's next season.

    Yes, I hope they consider - my idea..........teaser headline.
  9. Well, they may have to consider something this drastic. Starting QB's are going down everywhere in 2017. Add Carson Wentz to the growing list. NFL attendance could suffer if teams continually lose their best QB's to the injury list. And the NFL likes to make money. Why do I want to purchase season tickets if my team's QB can't be expected to play week-in, week-out. Team investment in QB's is at an all-time high. I'm sure teams would like a little more protection on their investments. It's hard to attain a playoff spot if your best QB goes down. It's hard to win in the playoffs without your best QB. Carson Wentz is the latest tragedy. The list of injured QB's grows larger each week: Wentz, A.Rodgers, S.Bradford, M.Mariota, A.Luck, T. Taylor, N.Peterman, Deshaun Watson, Matt Moore, Tom Savage, Carson Palmer, Ryan Tannehill, Teddy Bridgewater.....did I miss a team? Defense players are just too big now. The physics of mpss/inertia can't be ignored. I know, not getting to hit the QB makes 'em candyasses. But something's' gotta give and right now it's the longevity of the NFL QB. Maybe it's time to consider the dreaded red/yellow jersey and flag football for the QB's
  10. Raiders v Chiefs

    Well, KC proved they can win WITHOUT Marcus Peters.
  11. Raiders v Chiefs

    Penalties are destroying us again.
  12. Raiders v Chiefs

    Alex sux so why not
  13. Raiders v Chiefs

    they're stacking the box against Hunt
  14. Raiders v Chiefs

    Sorensen sucks again..........blown coverage, blown tackle attempt. Oakland TD
  15. Raiders v Chiefs

    Parker........dreadful defense