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  1. So, Bell is bigger than CEH. Bell is 6'1", 225lbs. Can the Oline make holes big enough for Bell to excel like CEH did Monday? CEH seemed great at getting "skinny" when needed.
  2. Monster run game for the Chiefs. Was it the Oline? Was it CEH? A combination of both? Chiefs racked up 245yds. on 46 carries.
  3. CEH reminds me of MJ Drew who use to play with Jacksonville. He's also 5'7" and 210lbs, named "Pocket Hercules" by teammates. Similar center of gravity. Hard to bring down. All-Pro.
  4. I hope CEH stays the lead back. He was here first. He has worked hard while being here. He's getting his NFL legs while Bell is just riding on everyone's back. Let Bell put in some work behind CEH and show us he belongs on an NFL team again. Bell's latest body of work has been quite underwhelming.
  5. Thanks, I guess. How about send Josh Jacobs over here and we'll send you Bell???
  6. Aw geez. He was what we needed up front. It's a dirty darn shame
  7. We missed Osemele, LG when he left the game. Any updates?
  8. I tip my hat to the Raiders. They came to play
  9. C. Ward looking like a Practice Squad candidate today
  10. Guess working tonite didn't make me miss much of a game.......take the "W" and go rest, boys.
  11. So glad PMII has finally found his form tonight. WR's are glad too😉
  12. mehhhhhhh. Patrick is struggling early this season. I'm blaming the Oline for that. 51/79 for 64%. Avg. completion 6.5yds. These are quite UN-Mahomes like. Patrick is running for his life. He rarely gets to set up in the pocket before being flushed.
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