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  1. AFC West FA

    Yes, injury prone. But he's got the blood-lines. Getting SD early might help KC only in that MP won't be as used to playing with new teammates and knowing their habits.
  2. AFC West FA

    Mike Pouncey to the Chargers. This will help their Oline. Another reason for us to find a competent edge rusher.
  3. Chiefs resignings?

    I liked KPL. No lack of hustle with this guy. Fine tackler. Struggled with coverages I assume.
  4. johnathan hankins DL FA

    Really? I tend to think Sutton is not fond of D linemen. But we still could use edge rushing, and improved Safety play too.
  5. Chiefs are spending like riverboat gamblers. Where do they get $25 million/yr. to spend on only 2 players? KC needs help all over the defense and have no first round DP. I'd rather have seen all that money spread around a bit more.
  6. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Really stupid. Good idea, good player, Extremely poor money management. Let's just become poor/destitute again....sssshhhhheeeessshhh.
  7. KC FA tracker

    Sutton doesn't like to use big men/DT's. He likes a lightweight defense with DB's that get pushed all over the field.
  8. Ron Parker gone as well!

    The point is/was Parker is a lousy safety and should (is) be dropped immediately for the team's sake for reasons now and in the future. Like can't tackle and can't cover deep.
  9. Releases - who may be of interest?

    Yeah, if we'd let B.Logan go, why pick up Wilkerson? They're both potentially cost prohibitive? Would like either one tho. Is MW healthy? If he is maybe he just wants to play for a competitor. I could live with that.
  10. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    I Thoughtful draft. You have many needs covered. And you used the top 4 picks on defense. Good job - we need it. I'd let management really pound the UDFA WR's. That's one position that guys slip thru the cracks come draft weekend.
  11. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    I like your avatar. It's certainly mellow.
  12. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    I'll make it easy. Just draft all SEC players, or even just Alabama players. We would have been better off with many of our previous drafts.
  13. Ron Parker gone as well!

    I think not. Chiefs are aiming to change things up immediately. Parker was a main cog in the dismal Safety play. He was always late to cover and ranked up there with Sorensen for terrible tackling skills. Our safeties gave up the 2nd. most plays of 40+ yds/NFL, another reason why Parker is gone. Good riddance.
  14. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    If you can't/won't tackle, half of your being "gifted" is non-existant. Peters is unprofessional and selfish beyond description. I suspect Peters will be a non-starter much sooner than later. I mean really, Peters can be beat deep too - we've all seen it. And getting beat deep when you're playing 10 yds. off the ball is about as sad as you can get. The Rams will finally get tired of him eventually.
  15. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Last season proved to me that Peters is just way over-hyped. Plus Sutton wouldn't let him play press-man coverage. Sutton made him play off 8-10 yards off the LOS. My guess this is what led to the Peters/Sutton yelling on the sidelines. Peters couldn't/wouldn't focus. He tackled like a girl. That is to say he couldn't/wouldn't tackle. Peters wanted "splash" plays that would help him personally - like trying to strip the ball instead of stopping the ballcarrier. Peters will never be an elite player like Eric Berry who will do the dirty work of tackling in addition to making splash plays. KC erred by thinking they could control Peter's childlike emotional outbursts. That Peter's was out of control was known Pre-draft yet KC insisted that taking on trouble was worth a 1st. round pick. Alas, we've traded first round gold for second round silver. The Chiefs war room is as much at fault as Peters himself.