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  1. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    Allen is a plus in run blocking. He's a minus in pass blocking. Can the Center help him? Let Erving go, I guess. He can't remember the snap count anyway.
  2. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    I've already seen him take out an End below the knees. The guy was 2x taller than him. He also stood in well against a Pitt blitz. Yes, play him.
  3. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    Yes, but I consider this an anomaly. Game was delayed for lightning storms. Footing was poor too.
  4. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    No.25 running well again. Also stood in there and protected the QB on the TD pass to Mecole Hardman. I enjoyed watching him "try" to pass block.
  5. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    Halftime. On the Steelers TD drive, Daniel Sorensen had the ball carrier, then just let him go. I can't stand this BS from DS. Please let's not suffer another season with his miserable, pathetic tackling.
  6. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    She needs to shave her armpits, LOL.
  7. The KC Chiefs Training Camp Thread

    He seems hungry to impress so he can play with this high powered offense. And who wouldn't. What defense wants to try and stop us? "Ok Marla, now lefty", uuuuuuhhhhhhhoooooooooo A League of their Own (Marla Hooch at high school tryout).
  8. Chiefs vs. Bengals Preseason GDT

    When I do fantasy TE drafting there's really nobody after Kelce and Ertz. Chiefs fans are just spoiled. Again, I was happy with what I saw in Bell and Yelder. Let's keep watching. Best players will get the latest cut.
  9. Chiefs vs. Bengals Preseason GDT

    Litton was sharp passing. Lots of catches all around. I'm happy with the TE play. Didn't watch for blocking here, but Bell, Yelder looked comfortable catching, running. RB25 won't bowl anyone over, but he's a quick, fast, scamper back. It's a nice complement to Hyde. For the most part, our young guys are looking to keep pace with the fast tempo,
  10. Chiefs vs. Bengals Preseason GDT

    It's the open middle of the field 10 yds downfield again. This must be addressed.
  11. The KC Chiefs Training Camp Thread

    Cincy OLine is hurting. 1st draft pick is out. It'll be interesting to see how our revamped defense does. I expect us to dominate.
  12. The KC Chiefs Training Camp Thread

    Ex Chiefs player Mitch Morse concussed again. He needs to retire now before becoming a vegatable. Quite sad. I liked Mitch. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27294492/bills-high-priced-c-morse-concussion-protocol
  13. The KC Chiefs Training Camp Thread

    I sure hope so. He was a high target of mine for that draft. Last season just didn't seem right for him.
  14. Around The League V.2

    Don't you guys think Hill is going to be on his best behavior now? Really, he can afford to pay someone to simply video everything wherever he goes now. I would. And if Hill is smart, he dumps that girlfriend pronto. She's nothing but trouble.
  15. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    I think Wylie has played quite well. Is K McK ready? Preseason will help define. Yes and thank goodness for the changes.