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  1. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Dillon can catch, as opposed to Blount who's a 1 trick pony
  2. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Matt Miller, Difficult set 32: R1P32 LB ZACK BAUN WISCONSIN........................plug n play 63: R2P31 CB TERRELL BURGESS UTAH..................................S who can play CB 96: R3P32 CB AMIK ROBERTSON LOUISIANA TECH...............starting CB 138: R4P32 RB AJ DILLON BOSTON COLLEGE..............3rd. dn. RB at least 177: R5P31 DL LARRELL MURCHISON NC STATE.............................bolsters the DL
  3. Moving up your board, and down

    We have a great WR corps. Teams are chasing us, not the other way around. With only 5 picks, we have other areas to address. I liked some of your previous players like Murchison, Agim and Burgess. They address some areas of need.
  4. Moving up your board, and down

    Murchison, Agim and Burgess have been on some of my Chiefs OTC draft lists. I wouldn't be adverse to any of them. Bartch practiced well at the Senior Bowl. But he's got a big jump to make in competition and experience. He needs strength and time.
  5. FA KC

    I'll also remind you that OL Cameron Erving was released which signals the probability that KC will aquire at least one OL via the draft.
  6. FA KC

    I'd say our interior OL is urgent. Steve Wis. is gone. Cesar Ruiz should be our primary target in the draft. Don't you remember how the Patriots blew up our IOL in the 2018 AFC championship?
  7. FA KC

    Kelce is only 29. He's more than 2 years from retirement. Think of Greg Olsen. He's 35
  8. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Here's another that I like. Matt Miller, Difficult setting. Trades: Chiefs send 2/31 to Chargers for their 3/7, 4/6; Chiefs send 3/7 to Raiders for their 3/16, 3/17. 32: R1P32 C CESAR RUIZ MICHIGAN 80: R3P16 G ROBERT HUNT LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE 81: R3P17 OT EZRA CLEVELAND BOISE STATE 96: R3P32 LB DAVION TAYLOR COLORADO 112: R4P6 RB AJ DILLON BOSTON COLLEGE 138: R4P32 LB AKEEM DAVIS-GAITHER APPALACHIAN STATE 177: R5P31 S L'JARIUS SNEED ..............this guy can play CB LOUISIANA TECH
  9. TACT

    You know she doesn't swing correctly?
  10. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    matt miller, difficult setting; TRADES: our 1/32 for Denver's 2/14, 3/13; our 2/14 for Jets 2/16, 3/4 This is a trade down draft that should excite you guys wanting lots of quality players drafted. Also assuming we resign Chris Jones 48: R2P16 LB JORDYN BROOKS plug 'n play MLB or SAM TEXAS TECH 63: R2P31 CB TERRELL BURGESS can play CB or S (as he did with Utah) UTAH 68: R3P4 G ROBERT HUNT let's see which of our new OL guys wants to play OT LOUISIANA LAFAYETTE 77: R3P13 OT EZRA CLEVELAND BOISE STATE 96: R3P32 TE HARRISON BRYANT arguably the 2nd best TE in the draft; (nobody posted that Bell got signed elsewhere?) FLORIDA ATLANTIC 138: R4P32 RB AJ DILLON BOSTON COLLEGE 177: R5P31 G YASIR DURANT MISSOURI
  11. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Bleacher report, Difficult setting, NO trades Would liked to have OL somewhere, but not enough picks. Chiefs Defense should really improve. 32: R1P32 LB PATRICK QUEEN LSU 63: R2P31 S ASHTYN DAVIS CALIFORNIA 96: R3P32 CB AMIK ROBERTSON LOUISIANA TECH 138: R4P32 RB AJ DILLON BOSTON COLLEGE 177: R5P31 DL LARRELL MURCHISON NC STATE
  12. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Quite the exception indeed. We'll just have to disagree.
  13. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    He's a TE that I don't feel we need over ANY of the picks I made. At 6.00, his draft grade just doesn't scream BUY to me. Not according to NFL.com. Review a player's qualities related to his draft grade.
  14. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Willekes is ranked, just way down there. He's an FA to me. Again, we don't need a TE this year to play next year or 2. I like players who are BPA and fulfill a need sooner than later. We don't have a full slate of selections this year.
  15. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Steve, big board 3-31-2020, Difficult setting; TRADE, our 1/32 for the NY Jets 2/16, 3/4. 6 players instead of 8, but all of substantial quality. Rankings and Draft Grades courtesy of NFL.com 48: R2P16 CB JAYLON JOHNSON, 3rd. ranked, 6.43 draft grade UTAH 63: R2P31 C CESAR RUIZ, 4th ranked OL, 6.37 draft grade; to play OG MICHIGAN 68: R3P4 DL JORDAN ELLIOTT, 7th ranked, 6.36 draft grade MISSOURI 96: R3P32 LB JORDYN BROOKS, 9th ranked, 6.32 draft grade TEXAS TECH 138: R4P32 RB AJ DILLON , 7th ranked, 6.27 draft grade BOSTON COLLEGE 177: R5P31 OT YASIR DURANT , 15th ranked OL, 6.13 draft grade; to play OG/OT MISSOURI