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  1. Cosmi doesn't have the core strength needed. Carman doesn't fit our zone scheme. He's a power Olineman. Mayfield is a great pick at #32. Maybe the best. I'd start him immediately at LT Radunz is ok at RT. Liam Eichenberg would make a great LT for us. None of these guys is reaching at #32. That is just your opinion. But let's agree to wait for the Combine and other workouts to finalize our choice
  2. With the recent Fisher injury, we need OT help fast at #32. MLB will just have to wait.
  3. I think Fisher aggravated his achilles on that long run of Hardman's down the sideline. Fisher was leading blocking for him. And he was way out front!! Leading Hardman whose pretty fast! Amazing!!
  4. Watts dropped the onside kick. Guess who shouldn't be on the "good hands squad"?????
  5. O great. Fisher, out with Achilles.......I won't speculate about the SB, but it's not good
  6. We can't seem to nail the blitz, but they're not scoring TD's either.
  7. Why wasn't that Helmet to Helmet on a defenseless runner??? CEH got blindsided
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