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  1. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    They can help each other with their luggage.
  2. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    Yah, Jah Reid was a name I kept hearing in a negative context. I thought we'd got rid of him. He keeps turning up like a bad penny.
  3. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    much to be glad for when you win big.. PMII continues to impress. Marvelous pocket presence. Seems to have developed a rapport with D.Harris. Then I watched Bray and realize just how poor his development's progressed. Hunt looks good. Nice hands. Spiller actually impressed tonite. West benefits from a poor Cincy defense that overplayed 50yd. worth to West's credit. I don't count that. But yeah, West is feeling the heat as cutdown time approaches. D.Thomas sparkled and I haven't said that in long time. Caught 3/4 passes. Defense looked tough with few exceptions. Can we please stop trying to play/justify P.Gaines? What is this? Does he have locker room magic or something? Because I don't see much good translating to the field. Eligwe sparkled. 2TFL and a sack. He flew in from nowhere for that sack (ala DJ). Bausby looked decent (although he got burned on one long pass for a no-TD call) TK at end? This guy is tough. The poor RT got stood up and pushed back nearly every play. When TK figures things out, oh boy. Lots of good film for the coaches to digest. Cut down won't be easy.
  4. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    Am hoping for an injury free game. After that, I want to see how our new players perform. Can the Oline start jelling? Who's stepping up at WR?
  5. 2017 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Yeah, TK needs to work from outside the tackles. He could be tough when he gets leverage. His height worries me for his knees. I hope they've fit him for some protection.
  6. KC vs 49rs Game Day Thread

    PMII looked quite good for his first taste of NFL action. Obviously he's absorbing his teaching. What impressed me last night was his ability to "feel" the pocket pressure and escape. I don't think you can teach this. Great QB's just seem to have this ability. It's a definite plus if PMII can continue to demonstrate this.
  7. KC vs 49rs Game Day Thread

    Very pleased to see DJ as well. If he can stay healthy, his experience is a definite plus.
  8. D.J. Alexander Traded for Kevin Pierre-Louis

    I'll believe my lying eyes. With 1 ILB worthy of playing and none with coverage ability, KC tried to find anyone to stop short and medium depth passing over the middle - usually TE territory. KC failed miserably and exited the playoffs right on time as usual.
  9. D.J. Alexander Traded for Kevin Pierre-Louis

    I like the trade. KPL is stronger, faster than DJA. A previous poster (seattle?) mentioned KPL can cover TE's. If so, this is a win, win deal for the Chiefs. They get a ST replacement who can do what DJA could not - cover the TE. The Chiefs defense was attacked relentlessly over the middle with the TE. Maybe this will slow down.