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  1. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Except no INT's by PMII
  2. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Ok, so how does this work? Tyreek Hill is listed as a "game time decision" on whether or not to play. But Andy Reid has to "game plan" before Sunday. Does he have to make 2 game plans? One with Hill playing and one without him playing? Now the team has to prepare for 2 game plans? This all seems silly and destructive just so you can say deciding on Hill was a "game time decision". Or is this "game time decision" just smoke and mirrors for us fans and the media?
  3. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    I'd like to see a "comeback". How can a big man like that, who can do backflips, not dominate his position?
  4. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    I'd be surprised to see us go RB early. The OL and Defense (again) will be the focus probably. It's sad that K.Saunders hasn't worked out.
  5. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    someone needs to step up at RB. Mahomes needs to stay vertical and get his timing back.
  6. OL Stephen Wisniewski

    It's sad that Oakland Raiders figured out S.W. and took Hudson from us, but our coaches can't figure it out??
  7. Game 5: Colts at Arrowhead GDT

    And really, it's a perennial problem. New and/or more GOOD scouting is needed
  8. Game 5: Colts at Arrowhead GDT

    NE beat us last playoff by exploiting our weak interior Oline. What's frustrating is that LDT is back at RG. So I guess the C and LG is weakest?
  9. Why does our run defense suck?

    Zone defense saps the ability for the back 7 to come up and make plays. Yes we've got a new DC, new schemes, etc., but if the players can't comprehend the system or can't physically perform their responsibilities, it won't work. The 4 man DL should be sufficient to slow down the run. But our DL isn't as athletic as expected. Playing zone is a killer. QB's aren't frightened by a zone defense. And Our LB's are weak and can't plug holes and slow to assist and contain. Our DB's aren't strong to tackle/finish. (They also don't turn around to locate the ball on pass plays). Matthieu isn't what he used to be. He'll flash occasionally, but is needed to do more than that.Thornhill is still learning. His tackling skills need improvement IMO. He can close the gap at the LOS but at times seems out of control and will slide off the tackle.
  10. OL Stephen Wisniewski

    Allen can't Pass Pro. He's a run blocker only. Rodney Hudson was the answer to S.W.'s degrading skills.
  11. Game 4: Chiefs at Lions GDT

    I saw CJ get pushed around some on runs. He had to really give up ground on a couple of plays.

    So close guys. Great game by the Lions. I couldn't even tell Slay was missing. Fumblitis by both teams. "run the gauntlet" drills needed for both teams this week. Good luck the rest of the season.
  13. Game 4: Chiefs at Lions GDT

    I've seen so many big holes blown into our Dline and the LB's can't fill those gaps. The secondary is having to tackle but by then it's a 6/7yd. gain or more.
  14. Game 4: Chiefs at Lions GDT

    Good game Detroit. You gave us a scare.
  15. Game 4: Chiefs at Lions GDT

    Too close for comfort for me.