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  1. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Sutton rushes Houston when we have 2 DL. I don’t remember the last time we had both OLB rush when we had 3 DL on the field. Part of the reason this year is we are using Houston to cover up for the fact DJ(or our ILB’s) are slow to the edge. We played Houston against Pittsburgh just like last year. I still see Houston running 60yds down the sideline trailing the WR. What's with Sutton? If DJ can't do the job, get someone in there who will. Or do we have a roster full of backups that aren't worthy and are ineffective? We had 10 draft picks last draft. Where are the players we need? And why isn't Tahoh playing? He's had time to digest the defense. Put him in some plays. I see some of what Sutton can do to change things up and I don't like "excuses".
  2. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Not in B.Sutton's defense. Houston apparently is only allowed to play pass coverage. I'd like to see some Tanoh K. He needs to get his feet wet and our Dline can use him, sy least for a few plays. Bailey has a bad knee. Our rushing D is pathetic.
  3. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Sorensen still sucks. Another blown tackle.
  4. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Qtr 4.............time for magic
  5. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Kelce..........invisible man.
  6. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Chiefs ball........who wants to win????????????
  7. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    no offense...........no defense.......= recipe for disaster.
  8. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Houston not rushing.......this is stupid. I still hate Sutton
  9. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    First downs........Pitt/13...........KC/0
  10. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Bell, 8yds/carry
  11. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Sorensen was soooooooooooo weak on that TD
  12. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Man, that was too easy against us.
  13. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    No ability to stop Bell .............they're killing us up the middle. Where's Logan? DJ? anybody?
  14. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Bell....Chief killer
  15. Chiefs vs Steelers GDT

    Pierre-Louis........good play