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  1. Must be a toxic atmosphere at NY Jets......... I hope this is no reflection on how L Niang is progressing post injury.
  2. A full 16 game season is now in jeopardy. Players are retiring at an unusually high rate. They want no part of "the season of Covid". It will be interesting to see which teams play to "judge and grade their talent", as "preseason-like". Let's face it, some teams are simply in the throes of an overhaul. Some teams, whether you like or not, will "play" for a high draft slot. They'll have an easier time to get away with this, with a reduced schedule in all likelihood. Some teams have a reasonable shot at riches. They'll play hard for as many games they can play. And get into the "playoffs". This will be a season full of surprises. I just hope the NFL plays enough games to call it a season.
  3. I think everyone knows which side their bread is buttered. Chiefs had to get their major pieces signed. Stay and play and win another SB . Think "team-friendly"
  4. So many good players are requesting trades. And players from good teams too (Mostert, SF) CJ is going to make good money staying here and winning another SB. If we play this year. Don't play the whiners game.
  5. Kansas City is so blessed to have PM II. Now for a long time. And PM II is happy to be here. I hope this fairy tale will continue for years to come, you know: "And they played happily ever after"........
  6. Hearing Covid is present in 19/32 teams. No football at all if the NFL teams can't get a handle on this.
  7. Thanks onejayhawk I was close. What a great scene. If you love playing cards, what a great movie
  8. If this is true, some team should cough up a low 1st rd. pick and get him. But they won't
  9. If i'm John Malkovich weighing in on this i'd say "give that man his money"..........(Rounders)
  10. When u gotta say Mahomes or Jones gets the biggest money, for the longest time, who does anybody pick?? Duh....
  11. Watson, Jackson in the first 3 games. That's a tough start to a season for any team
  12. CB's are among the smallest players on a team. They take a pounding. I'd think 1 of them and an Olineman would make it on Sundays
  13. Very hard to predict here. We don't even know if the NFL plays 16 game season. I'm fearful that minimal training camps lead to many more injuries. More pulled hamstrings, groin pulls, calf injuries, torn achilles, etc. These will hit good players who overexert themselves who haven't had sufficient low energy warm ups to get their bodies into shape. I hope i'm wrong.
  14. I liked what I've seen of Fortson. Certainly no lack of effort here. I thot he was going to make the team last season.
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