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  1. things being implemented immediately, but others will need to take time 1) Should we implement 0.5 PPR? yes 2) Superflex? (I'm open to this and I have 2 ideas of how this could be implemented fairly--- 1 being a rather rapid transition and another being a slower, more methodical transition). I want to hear the ideas/opinions from other owners before I present my two approaches (I want to avoid pushing my own concepts as commish before others have a say). My overall idea (and hope) with a transition with superflex would be an attempt to increase parity (I want to push all teams towa
  2. i am good with july 27th I am not good with June 21st or June 22nd, which are already marked off, as I will be recovering from a bender of GLORIOUS PROPORTIONS!!!!
  3. CADMUS BALLOT 1) YES 2) YES 3) Fleaflicker or make a good argument. Otherwise, I'd prefer not to change 4a) Remove the Kicker Position for 2019: YES 4b) If you chose to remove the Kicker Position: Option X: YES Option Y: YES 5) YES 6a) Potential Live Draft Dates (Please Indicate YES or NO for each date) June 16th (Sunday) YES or NO June 26th (Wednesday) YES or NO July 21st (Sunday) YES or NO July 30th (Monday) YES or NO August 13th (Tuesday) YES or NO August 18
  4. I’m in for another season! ’m pro FAAB and pro live rookie draft. Also send me trade offers.
  5. Washington could be added to this list. Thinking of the future, Guice, Kirk, Sutton. Royce and Sony if he falls for you. Sony especially, as he is more of a polarizing pick.
  6. Alfred Morris RB SF (11) someone, not me, is OTC now
  7. Cool, I made my 2x picks. Unless I misunderstood. Let me know.
  8. QB Josh Rosen, if I goofed and he's not available let me know
  9. 6.04 - CombOver Protocol Chooses: TE: Austin Hooper, ATL
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