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  1. I think I know what’s happening.... prolly not tho

    Why do this for next year? This actually hurts us next year. We took off cap space for this year and added it to next and the year after.
  2. So hear me out.... We trade away Golden Tate for a 3rd, then follow it up with a Marvin Jones restructure. All in all, they added about 6m in cap space. Why? Unless a trade hasn’t been announced yet, there would have been no point in restructuring Jones’ contract to save money now.... unless Quinn wasn’t targeting a trade. Its no secret Quinn is going to use that cap space. There’s no point in hurting our cap space the next couple years just to bring in nobody. So what are we doing with that cap space? Obviously we’re not using it via trade, so are we targeting someone via FA? like... Dez Bryant??? If so, we essentially traded Golden Tate for a third and Dez. Thoughts? If you think this isn’t going to happen, why do you think Quinn cleared cap space?
  3. Bye Bye Tate

    I think they’re targeting a CB after Teez got wrecked.
  4. Golden Tate traded to Eagles

    My everything.
  5. Week 8: Seahawks @ Lions

    TD here or 100% game over.
  6. Week 8: Seahawks @ Lions

    Tabor is so trash.
  7. Week 8: Seahawks @ Lions

    Ziggy inactive again annoys me.
  8. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Were 3-3 and every major media outlet has posted headlines along the lines of “Detroit trades for Damon harrison amidst playoff push.” Youre kinda being toxic.
  9. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    6 of 7 passes and a TD was thrown at Tabor on sunday.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Read something today that Patrick Peterson is a trade possibility to Detroit. Dunno how I feel about that tbh. On one hand, it does nothing to help our main problem... inability to rush the passer and stop the run. On the other hand, it makes a strength much more stronger and also replaces the loss of Agnew. Thoughts?
  11. Week 7 GDT: Lions @ Dolphins

    Ebron is having a hell of a year ?
  12. That’s not true. Back like that is exactly where it would go. If it hit the Lions players arm, it wouldn’t kick off as fast as it did.
  13. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers

    You’re giving them 5 wins? Impressive.
  14. Week 2: Lions @ 49ers