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  1. Someone said we’ve been here 10-15 years and I started weeping.
  2. slay traded

    You can even go as far as Baltimore and Pitt back in their prime days. They year in and year out had elite defenses and really good offenses but never had anybody on their team get a market setting contract extension outside of QB.
  3. slay traded

    This kind of goes against my bitterness of trading Slay, but the teams that are consistently top of the league rarely do keep their great/elite players unless they take paycuts to stay.
  4. slay traded

    The worst thing about this trade is... it’s reminding me a lot of how Chip Kelly ran the Eagles when he got there.
  5. slay traded

    This. As a leader, you gotta learn perception is reality. If your intent was a joke and the other person/people don’t take it as a joke, it wasn’t a joke. Plus, reading the quote, I don’t see how you could say that jokingly. Just a weird joke to say.
  6. slay traded

    14 hours later and I’m still bitter.
  7. slay traded

    And do what with that 10M? Use it in more guys like Big V?
  8. slay traded

    I’m absolutely annoyed by this. Actually the best CB we’ve had in YEARS. I would have coddled to him. We need him more than he needs us. Win or lose, Slay is an elite player with a great personality that will end up in the Pro bowl.
  9. Lions released Rick Wagner.

    I don’t think there’s anybody from the 2010 nfl draft that’s worth a big contract anymore.
  10. Lions released Rick Wagner.

    Real stats. 957 snaps. 3 sacks. 5 penalties. pretty elite stats.
  11. Lions released Rick Wagner.

    Based on? His 4% sack rate? Him being part of nobody able to stop Henry in the run game? Explain please.
  12. Lions released Rick Wagner.

    You also said he’s average.
  13. Lions released Rick Wagner.

    Healthy tackles tend to play longer. Injured tackles don’t. Shall we remind you of what happened to Jake Long? You’re being a Sparty hater right now. Saying he’s average while giving no evidence or facts on why you think that. Here’s the facts.... every source says he’s top 5 at his position. The titans board (who would know more about him than you) love him. Ever since he showed up to Tennessee, they have had a strong run game and quarterbacks that have been able to stay on their feet.
  14. Lions will go after Byron Jones

    Also, what kind of message does it send that we’ll spend big money on FAs but won’t to resign our own? Pay all the money to get players to leave their teams and come to Detroit but expect the ones that have been here that are equally as good, if not better, to play at a discount?
  15. Lions will go after Byron Jones

    I don’t think it would take a market setting deal to keep Slay. Top tier money, probably. But he’s a top tier player and homegrown. Is he unhappy and want out right now? Hell yeah. Losing does that to you but go all out this offseason and win games next year and he’ll be happy all over again.