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  1. If Patricia is still the head coach by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, then this organization doesn’t care about winning.
  2. I’m lost. Thought kicking field goals was part of special teams.
  3. Anybody else ready for a total rebuild?
  4. This game is hard to watch. Fix one problem, another one appears.
  5. They stopped them when they were fresh. How can you even blame the defense when they are on the field 90% of the game?
  6. Why does Prater suck now?
  7. Can’t even fault the defense. They haven’t had a chance to breathe.
  8. And from what I’ve seen in every game this year, there’s nothing that this line has done to not make me believe that. They’ve been way better than anticipated in both the run and the pass.
  9. It’s not a perfect system. But, there isn’t a perfect system. However, it’s the closest thing we got to advanced metrics and it’s by a company that’s solely focusing on advanced metrics. I don’t put my whole faith in it. But if they say we have THE NUMBER ONE RANKED RUN BLOCKING OL, then I’m going to at least believe that we have one of the best run blocking OLs.
  10. PFF says Colts have the best defense in the NFL, so we should be able to run and throw all over this pedestrian squad.
  11. Not possible. He lives in Kentucky. Not Bangladesh. Doesn’t qualify.
  12. So you either believe the data is wrong, and/or think there’s not a single elite run blocking OL in the nfl right now.
  13. How can it be the best starting point when the data shows we have the NFL’s best run blocking and all of us are confused as to how that’s possible based on our average running stats? A few years ago, Dallas’ OL were absolute beasts. Everyone in the world was saying that you can throw Betty white behind the OL and she’ll rush for 1000 yards. Well, this sort of proves that’s not accurate. They just had good running backs to go with their great OL.
  14. Someone on FF a year ago put together some data comparing two defenses (one was the chiefs and I think the other was the Patriots). The data showed that teams with elite secondaries and bad DL’s perform far better overall than teams with elite pass rush and poor secondaries. Patriots had an elite secondary and was among the leagues worst in QB pressures whereas the Chiefs were elite in QB pressures and sacks but had a terrible secondary. That year, the Patriots had the number one overall defense whereas the Chiefs finished 16th even though they were first in qb pressure and sacks and Patriots were second to last in pressures and sacks. There was also data backing this up as more consistent then we all thought it would be using other examples. Point is, I’m not saying that one is more important than the other. However, I think the ancient way of thinking might not be as right or accurate as we all thought. Bad running game does not mean bad OL. Bad secondary doesn’t mean bad DL. Good OL doesn’t mean good offense. Good DL doesn’t mean good defense.
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