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  1. Favorite Team: Lions Week 1 - Rams Week 2 - Browns
  2. Today is the 9 year anniversary of LionsGate2. I miss Styles.
  3. Favorite Team: Detroit Week 1 pick: Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  4. Is it just me or is this the best play calling we’ve had in recent memory?
  5. With it being a 5th and a 7th with a 6th coming back, I’m sure we were in a bidding war for him. That’s compensation you give when you’re battling other teams for something. I have no clue who he is but I’m certain he’s good enough that other teams were in the mix for him
  6. Sucks that Craig Reynolds got waived. Hopefully he clears and comes to the practice squad.
  7. Thanks. Green 1st period: 4 points. Cunningham on the bench for all of them. Green 2nd period: 5 points. Cunningham on bench for all of them. Green 3rd period: 8 points. Cunningham on the floor for 2 of them. Green 4th period: 8 points. Cunningham on the floor for all 8. so I was off. 15 of his 25 came with Cunningham on the bench if I’m reading the 4th period correctly. Rushed through that one.
  8. I watched the game. If you have the ability to rewatch, do it with this in mind. Green scored 7 points with Cade on the floor.
  9. My apologies. 3 points 2 TOs with Cade guarding him. 18 of his 25 points was with Cade on the bench.
  10. Jalen scored 3 points with two TO’s with Cade in the game. Everything Jalen did was with Cade on the bench.
  11. I’m not buying the Pistons shopping the number 1 pick until it actually happens. And Jackson Jobe is a total stud. If he played in the majors right now, he’d have the best slider in the league.
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