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  1. The quandre diggs saga proves that Patricia is not interested in forming his scheme to his players. He played diggs out of position all year.
  2. Folks around the league are saying he was going to be the Philly DC if Schwartz were to find a HC job.
  3. Lions v Cowboys GDT

    Not being facetious at all. I’m actually intrigued by it.
  4. Lions v Cowboys GDT

    Watching Driskel actually makes me want a dual threat QB in the D.

    You confused what he said. He said this game will tell us whether we do or don’t need him. Clearly we do.
  6. Trade deadline

    I’d trade a 2nd for Chris Harris rn and keep slay.
  7. Lions VS Vikings Takeaways

    Defense played historically bad. We made Kirk fkn Cousins look like an 84 million dollar guaranteed quarterback.
  8. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    Snacks didn’t get paid.....
  9. Uhh, for one... Keenan Allen does whatever he wants with everybody. Healthy Keenan is a top 3 WR in the NFL. For two, I would heavily argue he had his way with Slay. He caught 8 passes on 15 targets and was kept out of the end zone. The week before, he caught 8 of 10 for 123 and a score. The week after, he caught 13 of 17 for 183 and two scores. I would consider his battle with Slay a victory for Slay.
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Lol this made me laugh
  11. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I didn’t know you had a sense of humor.

    Because Stafford always plays and sitting your QB is different than sitting your CB

    This is not what winners do. These guys will have two weeks to heal up. If you’re an all pro CB, your 80% is still an upgrade over reserves. Go out there and help the team win.

    I think the decision to sit slay against the top passing attack in the nfl is utterly ridiculous.