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  1. Leadership for our two young stud RBs?
  2. I stand with progressives. Replace Paw Patrol with PawgPatrol.
  3. Well, maybe. He should be quicker, faster and stronger at the point of contact which will help him shed blockers better and keep up with routes better. This might be what he needed to be a very good LB.
  4. He started this way before his fifth year option was declined. He has always been a workout warrior but wasn’t able to get more lean. They had to adjust his sleep and diet and it worked.
  5. Considering he plays a lot like Jamie Collins, I’d say he’s a pretty good fit.
  6. Is Zack Baun actually gonna fall to us???
  7. Sounds like a real all pro, back in the 90’s
  8. Idk why y’all like AJ so much. These QBs are getting too fast for DEs like him.
  9. How do we pass on Xavier McKinney if he’s there?
  10. No trade. Unfortunate.
  11. Someone said we’ve been here 10-15 years and I started weeping.
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