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  1. Good look at the intensity of our next HC.
  2. Ok assuming it’s Dan Campbell... what coordinators would you like to see? I think it’s pretty important that we get coordinators with HC experience. It’s no secret that the players love plying for the guy, but how would recently fired HC’s work with him? Potential OC’s: Anthony Lynn, Adam Gase, Jay Gruden, Dirk Koetter Potential DC’s: Steve Wilks..... idk who else is out there tbh.
  3. I honestly hope at this point that Bev is the head coach going into next year. Finding the perfect coach is such a timing thing that I want to continue Bev as interim until we are able to come across “that guy”. I’d hate to hire the wrong guy this year and next year the perfect one is available.
  4. Is anybody else at least a little upset that it doesn’t seem like the Lions tried to go after Urban Meyer? Like, that’s the biggest name available. Who knows if it will work out for him in the NFL or not, but if there’s anything this team needs, it’s to be on the national radar. It’s to be in a headline. Every time someone needs to be hired in this organization, it’s an under the radar, boring name. Make a damn splash! Might not work out but gahhh!!!! At least try!
  5. Let’s not pretend that he didn’t have star talent all over his team. Those Cincy teams were LOADED. Not only did they have perennial talent on both sides of the ball, but they took top tier talent at the backend of the draft every year that fell due to character concerns. They were deep, and they were loaded. Those teams should have had at bare minimum one playoff win.
  6. I pray we don’t hire Marvin Lewis. Why hire someone with an 0-7 playoff record?
  7. Urban Meyer looks like a lock to go to the Jags
  8. Imagine this... Urban Meyer as GM, Jim Harbaugh as HC. Imagine how well they would work together. 🙃
  9. It amazes me that y’all still have faith in Matt Prater. He’s kicking like he’s drunk again.
  10. Because these rich unathletic people need a players point of view.
  11. Y’all think Dan Quinn will hold out for another HC job or do you think he’ll be a DC next year?
  12. I refuse to split money with you hacks. I’ll just take over control and use all your ideas that y’all post.
  13. You still following the Sooners? You like Riley?
  14. If I had it my way, my coaching staff would consist of former players that were captains of their teams. They can relate to the players but also know the old ways of grinding the best out of their people. As a grown adult who is the best at what they do, I can’t imagine that it’s easy to respect the man telling you what to do who could never do it themselves.
  15. I’m using that as my reason as to why I’m taking Sherman’s comments with a grain of salt. He likes his coach. He’s an outspoken leader. Of course he’ll say something like that.
  16. Jets players said the same thing about Rex Ryan.
  17. Yes that is my only question about him. He’s not much of a players coach.
  18. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Bieniemy doesn’t even call the plays. I want no part of him. There’s a reason he didn’t get a job right after winning a super bowl.
  19. But yes. They s were a pair. Troubling, but entertaining.
  20. There’s too many moving parts in a college football program to use that as a meter of worthiness, imo. It is troubling that scUM fans are wanting him hung, but he’s a good football coach. and as for Garrett, I see what the Cowboys are doing now as evidence of he wasn’t the problem.
  21. Why don’t they deserve another chance? They’re both winning nfl head coaches.
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