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  1. Blows my mind we’re still talking about drafting a qb
  2. Draft Patrick Surtain.
  3. If it happens, it won’t be this year. We still don’t have the cap for it
  4. Buddy, it’s only $5M a year increase. That’s not going to break anything and not going to hinder us from signing a good player. It was either restructure him or be forced to restructure someone else because as of right now, we’re above the cap and don’t even have the money to sign draft picks let alone any needed mid season transactions. This was the only option. He’s our QB. He’s who the FO and coaching staff is banking on leading us to the next level whether you like him or not. We can now sign our draft picks and some other cheap role players so we have a full roster.
  5. That’s not how it works, though. If every year, there are a list of people eligible that are more hall of fame worthy, then that person will continue to sit out. Calvin got in because he has the resume and film to be in the argument as best WR of all time. Clay is barely considered a top 50 LB. Your whole “feel good” excuse doesn’t work for me.
  6. That’s besides the point. I can’t think of a better QB draft class than what 04 had, and the 4th best QB from that class (that was the 5th selected QB) was Matt Schaub. The only way I’m taking a QB 7th overall and 3 other QBs all but guaranteed to go in front is if I’m reassured by God himself that this will go down as the best quarterback draft class of all time, and I’m sorry, but a group of QBs containing Fields, Wilson and Lance as rounding out the top 4 is not ever going to be considered that. And I’m not going to risk a #7 on the 4th picked quarterback when I have a recent number one ove
  7. I’d be ok drafting Pitts. It’s not about the position. It’s about playmakers. We wouldn’t be asking him to get his hand in the fort and block DEs. He’s a mismatch and a TE than can catch 60 balls for 800 yards and 8-10 TDs a year. He’s not comparable to Eric Ebron. He’s a WR in a TEs body who has measurables off the charts.
  8. And if we were at #7 last year looking for a QB like this year, we’d be stuck with Jordan Love. You pulling that trigger?
  9. When you’re a bad team, and you lose a lot of games, finding your next qb is easy. It’s what these bad teams do with these QBs is what makes or breaks them. They surround him with an inconsistent culture. They don’t properly give him the weapons to succeed. They hold him back with bad coaching. Why take a QB when we have one at least good enough to make the playoffs and win a playoff game when we don’t know how good Campbell and co is going to be at developing and also when we don’t have much talent on the roster to help that QB develop? Were acting as if Goff is a lost cause. He’s
  10. There are 4 top ten QBs in this draft but there’s only one “great” QB prospect and he’s going number 1 overall. There may be a second in the bunch that turns out to be something special. But out of the four QBs, there’s only going to be one that falls to us. I’m not rolling the dice on a QB that 6 other teams valued 3 better than.
  11. There’s a number of guys I take at 7. QB isn’t one of them. If Wilson is still there at 7, it’s because his knee exploded pre draft.
  12. Lions lose, QBs fault. Rams win, it’s it spite of the QB.
  13. You call Stafford a bum but want to draft a QB this year that’s not Trevor Lawrence? face palm yourself at high speed please.
  14. Just because you don’t trust him doesn’t mean the FO don’t trust him. And when you take a QB in the top ten and intend on sitting him, you don’t do it for two years. You do it for one at most. If we’re drafting in the top ten next year, then yeah. Consider a QB. But if Goff leads us to a record good enough to be middle of the draft or better, then you keep him long term due to what he did with the state of this roster. Give him a chance to succeed. You’re not doing that drafting a QB top ten when 1. There’s nothing a single WR on the roster with starting experience and 2. before he even plays
  15. My point is, we have someone that has the potential and pedigree to lead this team long term. You don’t replace that right off the bat. You give him the tools help him succeed. If it doesn’t work out, then you still have the tools to help the next person succeed.
  16. Don’t you get cap relief on veteran contracts?
  17. I’m the exact opposite. We are practically forced into Goff playing at least the next two years. I’m not ok with taking our #7 and using it on somebody to sit for two years. If Goff sucks, we’ll have a high draft pick next year and the year after when there’s still really good QBs coming out in 22 and 23. If Goff is good to great, then we wasted a #7 on someone we never ended up needing as the guy who’s going to be our future is already under contract for the next four years and is only 26. Like yeah, Goff has shown signs of sucking but he can turn it around under new guidance so we have t
  18. It’s weird that the WR coach hasn’t been announced yet. I’m thinking there’s a bit of fire to the Antwaan Randle El rumors.
  19. This. She’s had to delete several posts on her Instagram. She speaks out of place too much. She’s too vocal for someone who was born and hit a gold mine along the way. I 100% believe she’s the reason Matt wants out. She’s the type to chirp in his ear “you’re better than this baby. Take me to a beach to live on. It’s too cold here”
  20. There’s a number of people I’ll take at 7, honestly. Not sure I’m interested in a tackle that high just to stick him on the right side where we’re locked into paying someone a lot of money right now for that position, though. I do like Ja’Marr Chase. I like Caleb Farley. I like Patrick Surtain. I like Micah Parsons. Hell, y’all are gonna crucify me but I even like Kyle Pitts.
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