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  1. Caldwell fired

    I’m just saying what he said.
  2. Caldwell fired

    A friend of mine close to the organization told me that Patricia signed at 3pm today.
  3. Season over?

    Josh McDaniels is the obvious next head coach for the Lions.
  4. Marvin Lewis future/ Possible Replacement?

    He compensated the low spending situation with gathering high talent players with a troubled history that nobody else wants. Sure, he gets them to play for him but what good is that trait when you are going to be with an organization like the Lions who brings in high character players? Let’s be real... he’s not coaching a scrub team every year. His teams are always very talented and always underperform.
  5. Season over?

    That doesn’t change the fact that the Vikings are headed towards a 13-3 season. What seemed to be the case ten weeks ago didn’t end up being the case. Detroit would have needed a magical season to win the division with how good the Viking are and have been. The fact that everyone was saying Detroit is in the drivers seat ten weeks ago was perception. Reality ended up being totally different.
  6. Marvin Lewis future/ Possible Replacement?

    If I didn’t know better, one would think you’re talking about Jim Caldwell.
  7. Season over?

    Regardless of who the Vikings lost, they are 11-3 and likely to finish 13-3. That hardly make our division there for the taking. Even if we would have swept Minny, that still makes them 12-4. Explain how the Lions should have easily won the division given these facts? We should have gone 14-2 because Minny lost their first and second string quarterbacks? How does that even matter outside of the two games that we’ve played against them? It’s not like the Vikings dangled a carrot in the form of the division crown and we let it slip away. It was never in our grasp to begin with, with how good they played this year.
  8. Gameday Thread: Detroit vs Chicago

    So.... we played tonight, huh? Smh
  9. @MathMan and I were the real winners.
  10. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    Good try Mane.
  11. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    RIP Lions Forum
  12. Week 11: Lions @ Bears

    This forum is dead.
  13. LFFKL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Is anybody able to edit their lineups? This league isn't even showing up in my app.